Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 3 – The Super Bowl and the Culture Transcript

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 The [00:00:36] Grand Designs podcast, I’m DJ Grand and with me as always is my brother Jerry Grand. Hello again. Today. We’re going to be talking about Super Bowl but not those who scored what touchdown or got the MVP. We’re gonna go a bit deeper [00:00:51] and how it affects the culture before we get into that. You can always get in touch with us on Twitter @Granddesignspod on Instagram its @GrandDesignpodcast and our website is So, [00:01:07] how has the Super Bowl affected our culture? Well, I’m one who believes that since it’s gotten popular at has adversely affected our culture and I can even pinpoint the moment. It happened at least the start of the popularity and that was the Immaculate [00:01:22] Reception in the 1972 playoffs between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. In fact that started the Steelers/Raiders rivalry from then on in it got progressively more popular and it got [00:01:37] away from the game. The game is no longer important and that has progressed into today. Where what’s important is having the day off, having the holiday the next day to be able to call in to work or having a party. Also, the commercials [00:01:52] became more important as well as the halftime show. If you go back to the Pittsburgh Steelers, when it started, they actually started their Dynasty in the [00:02:07] late 70s now that’s when the offense kind of changed and then it went into the 49ers in the early 80s to the middle 80s and the West Coast offense. It’s all about the offense in scoring when the league shifted to more of an offensive game. Then you [00:02:22] saw the culture and as you put it, accelerated into as it is today, so it’s all about scoring all about offense. Absolutely now with the commercials though. I think they’ve gotten worse but people a lot of people I work with just [00:02:37] watch it for the commercials. And now the gambling is legal there are more betting squares. Everybody had a good time with the squares and nothing to do with who was playing the game. It is all about the numbers that they got and how much money they could win. It was fun for them that way, the bad part is we [00:02:52] had the most call offs this whole year. Well, that’s the holiday thing. I failed to mention to the gambling has been going on for a long time, just it’s now legal but it’s always been here. I mean you always had your office pools and I forget how many prop bets [00:03:07] there were and the Super Bowl there gets more and more every single one. But as the game goes we go from zero to I’ve got 53 and now it’s more about betting, it’s other things than the game. It’s not just the game anymore. I think in the late 80s [00:03:22] the pregame show went to six hours. Before that, it was a couple hours like this Sunday games, which is another game. This is my point. It’s no longer about the game and since you brought up gambling, they were even betting on Gladys Knight and when she would say Brave the second time [00:03:37] now that’s absolutely did another prop bet just like the Gatorade color. I mean it just that that’s a ridiculous bet to who throws the first interception the first turnover. It’s endless on these prop bets and again ridiculous, but gambling how [00:03:52] much money it generates and here we go again. It’s not about the game, it has nothing to do with who’s going against each other. Although we could get into that I kind of think that the NFL would rather have the Patriots there. They are a draw even though they’re hated which is why [00:04:07] they’re a draw in that game. I think they call it a conspiracy if they are. I think they set it up. Look at what they did with what happened in the Saints game in that non-call and then even during the game last night, the Rams [00:04:22] had momentum. They got a defensive holding call against the Patriots and the very next play they get a holding call and all of a sudden momentum stopped and the Rams are out of it and I think that’s where they lost it. At that point and I think it was the refs that interfered and did that well [00:04:37] in upcoming podcasts will talk about officiating and we’re going to get more specific. There’s another reference with another league, but they were mandated to force a game seven. Now the same thing here and I can go back to the 1983 draft when the number one pick [00:04:52] was Marino, I forget what pick but the Chicago Bears offered the Oakland Raiders or vice versa trade it was to get Elway and they actually settled it then an official from the NFL went up to that office and [00:05:07] basically nixed that deal and the Bears had to go to the Raiders and say, “Well, we  we made a mistake. We thought it was all six players,” then the Raiders offered them two sets of 6. I’m sorry totaling six one was how he long the NFL literally [00:05:22] manipulated the NFL draft and they were upset with Dan Marino because he was literally the number one number two pick going into that, but he actually made a mistake before he was drafted. Number one in the usfl the LA I forget their name. He just went out there (in L.A.) [00:05:37] It was a bathing suit competition. He was a judge for a contest and accepted that you know, the whole number one press conference thing and the NFL held that against him and took his draft pick with the dolphins at number 26, rumors went out about drugs and they even interviewed my [00:05:52] information comes from Dan Marino’s agent and he kept a diary of the whole draft what was going on and even to his roommate who was a Pittsburgh Steeler Center and he said they just didn’t know what they we’re talking about. He never did drugs never ever once in his life [00:06:07] or when I was living with him in Pittsburgh. So, somehow that rumor went out there but it gets back to mandating a certain scenario the NFL literally picked where they would have said with Elway. How dare anyone say you’re not going to go to the Indianapolis Colts and then go [00:06:22] play for the Yankees that just got everybody ruffled. And again, you’re going back to the mid 80s again when everything started to take control where it really the game left. It was the NFL calling their shots on the draft, who was going to get what player. I [00:06:37] really think they called it last night. I really do with the Saints the st. Ram game that non-call, blatant non-call and right in front of the ref. Now, why would you do that? I just don’t think that’s professional. Well, there has to be a reason behind it. Now. It’s a [00:06:52] conspiracy to speculate. But if you watch that highlight in the ref looking right at it, he owed somebody some money or something was going on, you know, just like the NBA ref who got arrested when he got into gambling and he was throwing games. I [00:07:07] wouldn’t go that far but it’s possible. I don’t know. I have no evidence to say that but what I do think is this is speculation, that the NFL came down and said we want to give the Patriots the best possible chance to win maybe not actually forced them to win, but [00:07:22] they want to give them the best possible chance to win against the Rams. I think would’ve have against the Saints but again. I don’t want to get into who won the game but the Patriots defense, what was that defense was no good all year and [00:07:37] then all of a sudden, this game they show up like a little bit was what we talked about in the first time when they’re in the championship games that rookie kind of awestruck Jared Goff was from the beginning. He was he was just Starstruck. Even Todd Gurley. There’s [00:07:52] a whole other thing with him not playing but I kind of really think that the NFL kind of knew that Breese and the Saints they wouldn’t be awestruck. Well, they would have a better chance of winning and when it would have been a better game, I was thinking there watching that game. It would have been a better game with [00:08:07] the Chiefs playing the Saints because it would’ve brought the ultimate teams no either way. I think even if just the the Saints played the Patriots it would have been more competition. It wouldn’t have been a boring game like it was that last  night’s game. That was one of the most boring Super Bowls [00:08:22] that I’ve watched in my lifetime statistically, you know, we don’t talk about the stuff. But yeah, it was I mean three points and this team the Ram’s scored an average of 33 I thought the whole year. This could be another conspiracy. How’s the team scored [00:08:37] 33 points average the whole year and then the game the Super Bowl only three it’s never happened ever in the history of the Super Bowl ever. Maybe McVay the coach right? Maybe it’s because he was texting with Belichek throughout [00:08:52] the season, Belichek knew what was going down. I agree, but I would like to get back into what we’re actually talking about, when took over to where Super Bowl parties back in the 80s. Not that much. I mean it started I think maybe 83 with [00:09:07] the Redskins and Raiders then he started having the parties again the six-hour pregame shows the prop bets got worse and they were more and more every single year and next year the were more than it was this year. It’s turning into like a commercial kind of that hole. It’s a show so it [00:09:22] is our commercial and we can get into the the prices for the commercials. It’s outrageous. But it my problem with the whole thing. The theme of today is it’s no longer Football that matters. What matters is all all the glitz [00:09:37] and glamour that surrounds the game think the NFL wants to give a good product and they’re literally manipulating it. An example of that would be people say that Tom Brady’s the G.O.A.T. because the only one ti win six [00:09:52] Super Bowls. I don’t think in the 80s Tom Brady could pass for those yards. He’s passing now same thing as Matthew Stafford.  back in the 70s when the Raiders, would stick him. They would destroy the receivers, they would wipe them out. There was no pass [00:10:07] interference. I mean, it was played. It was Football. Let’s go back to the NFL Sunday diluting the rules like that the tuck rule. That was well. Now as you know, there’s a good example. At that time, Al Davis was suing the league And you gotta [00:10:22] watch the actual 30 30 and Jerry Rice. You gotta listen to Jerry Rice where he recites the rules that whole review and the rules states there will be three minutes for review. After 3 minutes, It goes back to whatever the refs called the field because it wasn’t conclusive. some of the video review, they would talk correct [00:10:37] that talk would take nine minutes. This is a one-sided but they’re all saying that Taglio who was before Goodell was up in the booth saying you call that the Tuck Rule we’ll make a new rule for it tomorrow and [00:10:52] low and behold the next day, It was called the Tuck Rule. Pragmatism rears its ugly head again. That’s exactly what that is. Bring up. Jon Gruden and John Green will take to this day that he that was stolen from him that that Super Bowl was stolen because of that game with Brady and the Tuck Rule fortunate [00:11:07] enough. Here we go with the Patriots again, they just happened to be there. But again Al Davis was suing the NFL and this goes back to he was suing the NFL back in the 80s and it was now I forget his name before Tagliboo. Wasn’t it Rozelle? It was Pete Rozelle. There you go. Thank you. He had a problem with Al Davis because they were asking Al Davis. Why don’t you draft Dan Marino and because he loved passing the ball and basically that he came out and said I had nothing [00:11:37] to do with that draft. I was all day doing litigation. We’re going back to where the rules and the [00:11:52] game are clearly manipulated to give a product to the viewers because now begins the commercials because they haven’t got the viewers of the parties what good of the commercials what were the money that they charged? Well this year the price was outrageous. It was it [00:12:07] was five and a half or five million fifty thousand for a 30-second spot. So for a full minute, it’s 10 million dollars and when you compare that to the first year 1967 $42,000. Just I mean it’s exploded [00:12:22] and that’s what’s becoming important now not who wins not even who’s the best team. It’s how much revenue and I’m a capitalist. I’m all for making money, but I think they’re just exploiting the consumer. There’s crony capitalism. I [00:12:37] think how you put it well, what would you call it? Crony capitalism? I’d call it exploiting the masses right now. I would I call the Super Bowl as a weapon of mass distraction. It’s distracting the masses from what’s important, what the government’s [00:12:52] doing and what’s going on in our culture? What most cared about was a meaningless game. Well, look at the Saints fans, they’re actually jumping off cliffs committing suicide over that game. Who was the attorney [00:13:07] that sued? It was a class action suit and one of the reasons for the suit was loss of enjoyment of life. Well, it gets worse than that. I’m talking about the distraction even the government was distracted when they go on the Senate Floor and they bring [00:13:22] up the that lack of call it’s distraction and it’s going against what’s more important even building the wall which may or may not be a good thing or the government shutdown. Is it that more important [00:13:37] or is talking about an NFL play and that’s where the distraction has gotten too far because now you got Senators taken it to the government or the government going to step in and say replay the game. Well, the Louisiana governor and I forget his name, he came out and said that he’s [00:13:52] demanding that the NFL does replay now and that’s going to open up such a can of worms with replay coming in that whole replay thing that could have turned the game last night. It could have seriously turned the game because the one [00:14:07] path for Brandin Cooks he catches the pass then he dropped it. He catches it. It’s a touchdown whole new game now, they didn’t call interference, but they want to basically give, next year, a coach what they call a pick a pass interference. Stop now you [00:14:22] go back and play that in slow motion. It look like he grabbed his arm. So with that slow motion now and it clear and evident because it’s slow motion. They can see him grab his arm the game now just changed it. But that doesn’t solve [00:14:37] the problem of the non-call because how can you throw a flag on an on call? I mean the nine refs are still going to be there. They didn’t call it that can’t throw a flag when something wasn’t called. That’s the problem and we’re going to get in this next week but the Lions are going to get killed by this and you better watch [00:14:52] you pray for because you just might get what you’re wishing for. Well, I meant by the can of worms is it’s going to slow down the game tremendously. I mean it’s worse now because of the commercials but the Super Bowl would have been so slow because they didn’t call a single defensive penalty [00:15:07] against the Patriots until the fourth quarter. That is impossible with those guys. There you go again, every play there’s a holding now. So therefore you can challenge a call and get that touchdown and you go back to the [00:15:22] Chiefs game when the Rams went ahead. Andy Reid could have thrown a flag. Challenge because there was holding on that line. Here we go. Again every single play we’re gonna have to limit how many times you can throw a flag. Well now [00:15:37] again, it’s all speculation. I think we should wait to discuss it when they really make it official and we get an order officiating that’s the can of worms part, but it is if you are not correct in your call if they don’t agree with it, or they don’t find your challenge you get fined or penalized. [00:15:52] So, it’s all who can afford it. I can if I’m a rich team and I can afford it and therefore I’ll just I can go ahead and they will all day long just like with the commercials. What was the first commercial yesterday? I missed it. When did the NFL 100? [00:16:07] Oh, no. No, no that I saw that one towards the third quarter. It was the best commercial them all. That was the NFL actually paying themselves. TVs are paying big money NFL for these contract rights and that’s how they charge [00:16:22] so much money and then they just pay that chunk for that recognition. It wasn’t well. Worth it, because it was a good commercial but it goes down to where they’re using their own medium which is why they want to basically they want to give a product and there are many showing this product to the masses. I have [00:16:37] no problems them buying the air time. I really don’t see that as a problem. I think it’s genius but it’s in the part of them using their own means to actually promote the game within a something that they did in a fun way. But what I’m saying is goes back to where they’re manipulating. They’re putting in their little [00:16:52] things in like telling the people it isn’t about the score now. It’s about the party. It’s about the prop bet. I totally agree. And I think the more controversy they have with these officials the more tension they get in the more they like it because of negative controversy. [00:17:07] Our attention is just that attention. And it gets a lot of it. Yeah, it also pisses a lot of people off. Look at this. Seriously, the whole [00:17:22] point of this podcast of them taking it too Seriously? It’s not a game anymore. Yes. Yes. Oh, but the New Orleans fans, they had a parade protesting the results and others saying the Colin Kapernek thing made the Super Bowl illegitimate which may or may not be [00:17:37] the case, but that’s going too far. They’ve got to let it go. But more important things that’s where they’re worried about literally in their life is that attorney said their loss of enjoyment of life because the Saints lost because of a call. When you can go back into it, [00:17:52] they lost the game many other ways than just that one call. But going back to the Super Bowl and the halftime show, the extravagant halftime shows because again, here we go with a changing moment. I don’t remember, back in the day it used to [00:18:07] be just a band like a College banner High School band couple songs each. Back when I was a kid, I don’t remember the half time being that important. It was just a band. Like I talked about, a high school band. It was nothing there. It wasn’t that important? It was the usual [00:18:22]. Again (the half-time) that blew up with the Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake wardrobe Fiasco. And then that’s what before that I think they had the Rolling Stones. [00:18:37] It’s not a game. It’s an elaborate halftime show now and I didn’t watch it last night, but was it good or was it bad if you watch it? I did. I’m not a Maroon 5 fan, but I think [00:18:52] we’re going to talk about Maroon 5. I think he was a coward because walked half on one side of the issue and half on the other. I’m not saying social justice isnecessarily legitimate concept. I think it’s an invalid concept. However, he’s saying I’m going to [00:19:07] go with the social justice and not have a press conference, but I’m still going to Play the game now. Now, in every instance, with every issue. There’re three sides. There’s right and wrong and there’s the middle and the middle is always evil. And I think that’s what Adam Levine did yesterday [00:19:22] was he walked the middle instead of taking a stand either way. I’m not saying which is right, which is wrong, but he should have took a stand and not played to both. There’s my problem with Maroon 5. I think they were the NFL’s third or fourth choice because people will turn them down left and right so they realize [00:19:37] that they’re in a unique situation that they can go on to. This is my point. He was trying to he was trying to Pony up to the social justice people and at the same time saying no, no, I want the notoriety. I want the popularity of playing in that gig and he was trying to [00:19:52] walk in both worlds and that was my problem with them. Pick a side. I’m not a fan of his music. That doesn’t matter. It’s I just I wish he would have picked a side. Almost the same kind of thing. Well, no because [00:20:07] he actually didn’t look I’m not saying the Kaepernick is right or wrong. What I’m saying is he should have either picked Kaepernick’s side, which is the sideof and why Cardi b. and all them didn’t show up, they refused to come. He should have picked that side because that’s what he tried to do with not [00:20:22] having the press conference. He was trying to pick that side, but then the same time saying oh no, but I’m still going to play the concert. He was walking both sides, trying to have his cake and eat it too. Yeah. Yeah and absolutely irrational and that’s the evil part. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well, [00:20:37] I don’t see how he can judge somebody based on that but that’s a different issue. Right? But unfortunately, that’s the whole entertainment thing when it comes to now the NFL and picking these halftime shows. The whole product isn’t about the game anymore. [00:20:52] It’s a half time entertainment value. It’s was a spectacle. I still can’t figure it out because the halftime kind of gives the team’s more of a time to adjust which you know in the regular season. It’s just 12 minutes they go in, look at the film’s and get back out. That’s a lot [00:21:07] more, a lot more time. Was it 45 minutes yesterday? We prefer a halftime show. Come on, that’s a little bit ridiculous. On a side note, I can’t believe that PETA wasn’t all up in arms [00:21:22] about was a Big Boi and at that fur coat he was wearing unbelievable. How come there’s no red paint thrown at him. That’s a good question. Where was PETA because anywhere else someone gets a can of paint for any kind of fur? I don’t get it. I don’t understand [00:21:37] why there’s no outrage on that. I don’t get it, but I let it go. So not saying that’s right. Not saying it should have been thrown on it, but they throw it at every other instance. The Super Bowl has turned it into [00:21:52] where it’s on the verge of an American holiday or I think it is an American holiday. It absolutely is an American holiday based on the fact that the they party so much they have to call in the next day. This tells me the answer. Monday had the number one call in sick for work. Now. It’s [00:22:07] the Super Bowl the Monday after yeah, and you have people who say that it should be a national holiday. They should not have to work after the Super Bowl. I mean, they’re listening. They’re not joking. They’re serious. They do not want to come in its [00:22:22] with pay they want to get paid. They want to watch the game party. Whatever it is get drunk hangover can’t win the next day and get their pay. Doesn’t that speak volumes? Exactly what I said, it’s a weapon of mass distraction. It’s that our whole country is distracted [00:22:37] No matter the outcome, you’re going to when you wake up the next morning, you’re still going to have to go to work no matter if you’re a Patriot fan or a Rams fan, you’re still goong to have to go to work just to feed your kids. It doesn’t matter in the wide scheme of things. Okay, it matters [00:22:52] so much to some and the Conference Championship was what two weeks ago and have the Saints come back to work yet. The fans had to. Those that earn paycheck to paycheck. They had to, they may not have liked it and felt a hangover to them but they had to [00:23:07] go back to work and it didn’t matter.  My point is it didn’t change that grueling grind that of going back, but they don’t have to do I think they still called in sick. So they are miserable and they had suicide watch. Doesn’t it say something that you’re miserable over a game. I’m a sports fan, but [00:23:22] I’m not miserable over a game. You move on again. We’re not taking it as seriously. That’s the problem fans today. You’re taking a game more serious than it should be taken. It’s just a game. It’s [00:23:37] and but they said with the NFL wants though. That doesn’t make it right. It shows exactly what they want to show. It makes it right. But can we go back to the pragmatism from our first show? That’s exactly the NFL’s doing right here, the end justifies the means and their means of the end [00:23:52] is complete popularity. When I was going up baseball was number one sport, not football. That has changed dramatically now at the same time I think was the hits and the offense that brought the popularity. But then they got the business part where they just [00:24:07] brought in like the manipulating of all the drafts the games the refs. I wouldn’t we’ll talk about that on another episode but mandating a certain team favored to go into a certain Conference Championship in the playoffs [00:24:22] because that’s a bigger draw. It’s all about the money and like I said, I’m a capitalist and I don’t mind making money, but I want to do it honestly. now, that’s with some hard work. I can’t prove it. But what I can go back as I have an interview with an ex ref who basically came out with there was a mandate and made [00:24:37] it public in the NBA never came out and disregard it. They forced a game seven for a certain series. We’ll talk about that later, my point of bring it up now is if the NBA did it, the NFL could very well. It’s no different. They all could. [00:24:52] it turns it into the WWE. Now it’s all pre-predicted and no matter what they may be athletes, but it’s not an athletic endeavor when it’s pre-planned. It’s a dance. Tt’s not an athletic endeavor and that’s the problem. It’s [00:25:07] no longer becoming the sport WWE is recognized for being athletes, even though it is just that a dance and it’s the same thing here. It’s a dance and those recognized as skilled athletes who are going out there and doing things that most people can’t do.  [00:25:22] that one Odell Beckham catch I mean that that’s not a dance. That’s what I definitely watch it for because that’s showing human achievement. I mean that’s the Pinnacle of human achievement of what the human body can do. I mean look Terry Bradshaw, [00:25:37] even though he didn’t threaten needle he thought he did and the Immaculate Reception which started it all off and that when Franco Harris came and picked it up that is what the human body can do and go back to that and the Oakland Raiders will still say that was an incomplete pass. So [00:25:52] he would it happened back then or not the notoriety because the media to the media is all up in it. It wasn’t that big back in the 70s. I mean, even though yeah, the Raiders and Tatum and John Madden, they’re still sick of the thing. I [00:26:07] watched it slow motion six different times. It was a fuzzy reception because it was 1972. But I saw Tatum hit the ball. I never ever saw the Pittsburgh Steeler receiver hit it. But from that play is when it really took off and to where they complain just like the [00:26:22] Saints are now again; the media wasn’t out there. So, it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t Nationwide. The internet wasn’t here, ESPN wasn’t out there. It would have been a big deal and I think it was a big deal because that’s what started I mean it became a big [00:26:37] deal because the immaculate reception turnover. That was the fuse. Exactly it started the Rivalry with Oakland and Pittsburgh. I mean Oakland became the bad Raiders because of that they felt like they were ripped off in that game and it was all defense and then here comes the 80s and the 49ers with [00:26:52] the West Coast offense in scoring back before that. It was all defense. So it gets into a now the NFL is literally it’s almost like they’re leading the rabbit with the carrot with the fans because they’re literally manipulating them to watch.  They want them to watch what they (the NFL) wants. [00:27:07] Well, the brands are buying it with the Patriots. I cannot disagree. I especially with with the scandals with the Spy gate with inflate gate. I kind of think that’s a part [00:27:22] of it though, but I know that’s my point. They’re making up there saying we’re sorry because they could tell he took that deflate-gate out on New England and Krafts even came out and how many times did Brady get attorneys to squatch a suspension? It was only a four-game suspension. [00:27:37] They took what three seasons that have been implemented and I think because he took Brady and how many of the media went after Goodell? You look bad, even though all the evidence was that he wanted those [00:27:52] balls deflalated. He’s a cheater. Here we go back. Why would they if they’re known cheaters? Why would they reward them instead of punishing them? Why I think it was more profitable for the NFL. I think it’s about money. Well, [00:28:07] it’s whatever will make like the most – that’s why they wanted the Patriots to have the best chance to win. I really don’t think they  WWE’d it and they choreographed it all out, but I really think they wanted the Patriots to have the best chance to win and they got that they [00:28:22] got exactly that by playing the Rams and not having that call. Right, but they had Saints they had two big Market cities in the Super Bowl and that’s what I’m getting at. They want big Market cities not the little market cities. [00:28:37] Small markets will not sell. not gonna get that many viewers won’t be that much interest. You’ve got these organizations now with the Cowboys and the Patriots and the Steelers the fans want to see those teams. I’m going back to my referee the that basically said the big Market [00:28:52] team we have to get into the next round. It was a game six and game seven was coming up with a big Market team that was behind we had to get them in the next round because they were Big Market team. Now, why would a big Market team more than a little market team? money? Absolutely. [00:29:07] So I think the NFL is engaged in the same thing that they’re not planning out but they’re saying big Market versus small Market, which the little guy is out and NFL also gives everybody an equal amount of this TV contract. So [00:29:22] the Lions even if they did not put one person in the stands, the Fords are making money off the TV contract. So, they’re spreading it out to make all the little market seems happy. I mean, it looks like a mafia you believe long ago, even though they throw [00:29:37] them a bone by saying hey, if you gave him a new stadium if you voters of the city, if you vote a new stadium we’ll give you a Super Bowl and they follow that up with Minnesota and Detroit Super Bowls then they complain because it’s cold and I’ll never do it again because they’re always in Miami or San Francisco or Arizona [00:29:52] Atlanta Dome team down south. That’s where the games are at but once again, if you go back to all the matchups their big Market. Many small markets teams do not make the Super Bowl. What does that tell you and then you look at some of these [00:30:07] calls that are made. Well, I thought the officiating was absolutely sad last night. It was so one-sided. I mean I was trying to be objective as possible. But when you’re not calling anything against the Patriots, I knew something was [00:30:22] up. In the beginning when the Rams put up a screen play blew it up clean tackle in the backfield and they call the penalty on the wrong guy the guy that they called on didn’t do anything the guy that they call the penalty and they showed the replay. He didn’t [00:30:37] do anything. It was a phantom call and that changed the whole complexion of the drive. So right there in that first quarter at first drive, I was skeptical something was a foul. [00:30:53] Oh, I agree. I agree.  it was disappointing. It was absurd disappointing to see that but at some point I think it’s happening. It’s going to go down. It’s going to take a turn for the worse. It’s not going to be always up. Well actually viewership [00:31:08] is starting to decline even last year. It’s last year, the  Super Bowl 52 to featuring the pages and the Eagles it averaged 3.4 million viewers according to Nielsen ratings and it declined 7% from 2017. [00:31:23] I think that could be because of the protests because of the Colin Kaepernick thing in last year’s game. Yeah, I think it’s even this year. But this year’s game is going to be even worse because that that was not as boring. if it’s going to go down even worse in [00:31:38] the ratings, I think the protests have a lot to do with it. A lot of people are shunning NFL because of the national anthem protest and not respecting Colin Kaepernick.  [00:31:53] They manipulate into their own little scenario. I’m not sure you can fix it over one year it’s going to take time. I think it’s a brand thing. I really think that their brand has been damaged.  They’ll correct over the next couple of whatever four, five years. [00:32:08]  Mass distraction again, they’ll forget about it and they’ll be back. For example, I would predict that New Orleans gets a Super Bowl in the next couple of years. They [00:32:23] have to. They have a coming back to it. Sounds like the hockey thing where we get 1 round in the playoffs. You’re going to get your makeup call coming very very shortly after and I really believe that the NFL because I think they are doing that for the Rams. Everything was going I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. that one penalty [00:32:38] was against the Rams and it shouldn’t have been it’s almost like the NFL was penalizing the Rams for what happened two weeks earlier for that non-call and again it’s officiating but I think they dictated it came right out from the beginning and it looked like it was out against the Rams. [00:32:53] There’s a majority of the people expect especially Patriots fans that was an awesome officiated game. They did it right and they’re blinded. It’s all about the Super Bowl and when all they care about is the color of the threads [00:33:08] of their and uniform they’re wearing because that’s what matters. Are they going to whine about this year? They’ll be off forgotten about and will be happy. Yeah. So people like there’s a prediction that I’ll make. just pay attention to next year to [00:33:23] see if the Saints win the Super Bowl. I mean it would really be funny if they got in even next couple years. I was thinking the Rams are good or they’re going to try and give the Rams a break, but you could be right. Well so we will see but I would not be surprised at the NFC is represented by the Saints next year. Well, we’ll find out next year and when that comes around and next week, we’ll be talking about the refs because I think there’s something [00:34:08] very fishy going on with the referees and the officiating all across all sports, the NFL NHL NBA and it needs to be discussed next week. Anyways, once again, you can get in touch with us at for Twitter. It’s @granddesignspod [00:34:53] for Instagram its @GrandDesignpodcast and our website is Grand Designs Podcast, who are you listening to?

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