Equality in Sports

Lately, the buzzword has been equality. The debate has ramifications well beyond just sports. For example, equal pay for women to that of what men make. In sports, it’s about equality of transgendered and biological people and just equality with biological females competing with biological males as well as equal pay. So, the question of the day is: is equality in sports even possible?

  Recently, a high school wrestler, biologically male, decided to forfeit his State championship match because he was scheduled to face a biological female. The young wrestler cited his upbringing, his religious faith and not wanting to have such contact with a member of the opposite sex. Given the hysteria surrounding the #MeToo era, who can blame him? There is the possibility, given the current political climate, that an accidental slip of the hand could land him a sexual misconduct charge and bring down the wrath of social media. Even if we take that out of the picture, the young man has every right to withdraw for any reason, including the ones that he gave. The female wrestler claimed to have been insulted because he looked at her as a female wrestler and not as a wrestler. The truth is, she is a female wrestler and conversely, he is a male wrestler. It was and should be well within his rights to forfeit the match, regardless of his reasoning.

  Moving on to the transgender issue seems a little more complex. Two transgender girls dominated the Connecticut High School indoor track girls’ 55-meter sprint. Andrea Yearwood, a 17-year-old biological male who identifies as a female came in second place with a time of 7.01 seconds. Terry miller, who is also transgender, took first place with a female state record of 6.95 seconds. All of the remaining competitors were biological females with the third-place sprinter posting a time of 7.23 seconds. The difference between the former biological males was 0.06 seconds. The difference between second place (transgender female) and third place (biological female), was 0.22 seconds. One can only wonder if the difference was because the first and second place sprinters were both born biological males. Politically correct or not, males are born different then females including bone structure, muscle structure and strength. (In the choice to be either politically correct or philosophically correct, the rational wat is to be philosophically correct path every time.) One of their female biological competitors spoke out against competing with the two transgender sprinters. Selina Soule of Connecticut’s Glastonbury High School told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, “It’s vey frustrating, because I know I have put in – some of my friends and fellow competitors have put in – so much time and effort to take our times down…but we are not physically able to be competitive against someone who is a biological male.” Soule continued, “We all know the outcome of the race before it starts; it’s demoralizing.” Let’s not forget the fact that be allowing the two transgender females to compete, two biological females lost their place to qualify. The truth is, whether anyone accepts it or not, there is a difference between those born biologically male and those born biologically female, just as there is difference between rain that is wet and fire that will burn.

  The U.S. Women’s soccer team not only demanded equal pay, after the women’s World Cup of 2015 by filing complaints targeting the US Federation for wage discrimination, they were upset for the lack of equal interest between the TV time and sponsorship between the male and female clubs. Besides the fact that demanding equal pay is, whether they are aware of it or not, a purely Marxist notion and is antithetical to free market principles, do they want to demand that more people watch their games and therefore create more interest and demand? Also, it is immoral because, like the entire socialist scheme, it removes choice from the equation and replaces it with force, i.e., we must force equal pay to women players. Without choice there is no morality. Morality ends where force begins.

  In a free society, the only legitimate concept of equality is equality before the law. Where everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation or sexual identity, is treated equally before the law. The hard truth is, you can be a better sprinter than me or I can be a better podcaster than you. If you don’t believe me, try challenging Tom Brady to a football game as a quarterback. The fact is, there is only one place where equality actually exists. In the local cemetery, where everyone is equally dead.

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