Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 7 – Equality in Sports Transcript

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This is Grand Designs podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

[00:00:34] DJ: Welcome to the episode 7 of the Grand Designs Podcast. My name is DJ Grand and I’m here with my partner Jerry Grand.

Jerry: Hello again.

DJ: Before we get started. I need to tell you how to get in touch with us. There’s always our email at You can get in touch with us at our website at and there you can also leave us some feedback telling [00:01:04] us any advice, you can give us bad or good criticism. We need to hear it all to make us better. You can also at Instagram, that’s @granddesignspodcast and on Twitter, it’s @greatdesignspod. Today, we’re going to be talking about equality in sports. But before we start, I need to lay down what equality actually means. In a free society, equality can only mean equality before the law because no one can be equal at all times. [00:01:34] You can’t have everyone equal. In fact, I can be a better runner, someone can be a better fielder and you can go on and on and on. The only true equality is that the local graveyard, where everyone is equally dead. So, that being said we’re going to talk about equality and sports and just start off its transgenders in sports.

Jerry: Well, most recently. We had a wrestler and I think it was Colorado who wasn’t a transgender [00:02:04] of the first one this was a state championship where the male forfeited the final championship match because he was wrestling a girl. It was against his religious beliefs and how he was raised. The girl, she took it personally because she basically said I’m offended because he’s thinking me about girl wrestler, when I’m a wrestler. So, she took it personally that he did not want to wrestle her like she was a male wrestler. So, he forfeited the match and he’s kind of catching [00:02:34] some grief that he just didn’t want to take her on and I kind of see where he’s coming from because even if he wins, does he win?

DJ: Well, I get your point. He’s going to hear it both ways no matter what.

Jerry: If he loses

DJ: They’ll say all you couldn’t beat a girl, if he wins, they’ll say you beat a girl.

Jerry: Exactly, that’s my whole point.

DJ: However, I don’t think she you can’t separate it. She is a girl wrestler. I mean that’s a fact that’s an existential fact. She’s a female wrestler.

Jerry: Correct. I don’t [00:03:04] think she helped the cause any because like you had brought up the transgender wrestlers or not wrestlers, the sprinters who dominate the girls Championship. Andrea Yearwood, a seventeen-year-old biological male who identifies as a female and Terry Miller who also transgendered easily took first and second in their state championship matches. Now again, was that an equal competition to where both these guys I know legally on the birth certificate says, [00:03:34] they’re girls. They’re not girls.

DJ: Well, the problem is they actually took two spots for legitimate females because they are better and you can say it’s because they were born male, but either way they were better and they took two spots of two biological females and one of them actually spoke up. Her name was, her last name was Soule and she basically said,” I fully support and happy with these athletes [00:04:04] for being true to themselves. They should have the right to express themselves in school, but athletes have always had an extra rule to keep the competition fair,” and honestly, it’s not fair. It’s not fair to the biological females. It’s about it’s a level. I think it’s okay to go from female to male because the male competition is going to sound sexist, but I don’t mean it that way. The male competition is fiercer. It’s more competitive, it’s harder if they can do that the female go up to the male, great [00:04:34] go for it. I think that’s great. But going from a male body, which is more dominant than the female body biologically speaking. I think that’s where it becomes wrong. I think that becomes an unfair advantage, not to the transgenders but to the biological females.

Jerry: So, how do you achieve equality in that situation? Because that’s what they’re looking for equality in sports. Really equality throughout the entire world politics, equal pay. We’re going [00:05:04] to get into that with the NCAA, not the NCAA the U.S. Women’s soccer team how they want equal pay as the men’s team it just, it’s not going to happen. We’ll going to do why later but getting back to the wrestler, one of the transgenders that had wrestled and won his match the girl he beat basically has said this guy was stronger than any girl ever

DJ: That was different then the wrestling you brought up before

Jerry: correct

DJ: it doesn’t happen in Texas,

Jerry: Correct, that was separate

DJ: it was all because of a technicality in the Texas rules that says you [00:05:34] have to wrestle by what is on your birth certificate

Jerry: Correct

DJ: they had already transferred

Jerry: but why bring it up though is because she had said she had never felt something so strong before and she didn’t really think it was fair that she had to go against this guy. Well, she’s contradicting the first girl who said I’m a wrestler not a girl wrestler because this girl said, hey, I’m a girl. I’m not a guy I had to go against the guy. So, they’re both going against (each other) they’re saying the exact opposite because one wanted to wrestle a boy, but in the other one had to wrestle a transgender who is [00:06:04] a boy and she didn’t want it, no

DJ: well as far as that Texas one goes, the transgender who became a female. He, uh, she wanted to wrestle boys. She actually said it because of my body, I want to wrestle boys. They wouldn’t let her. Because of what’s on her birth certificate, she had to wrestle against girls

Jerry: and she would be in that if that case was to go through should be a girl wrestling boys, right? Even though she’s a boy, she’d be [00:06:34] labeled as a boy or a girl in the boys’ league and that’s not what the case is and that’s why they wouldn’t let it happen because here you got now what is labeled as a girl really competing and being these boys. Do you follow me? It’s not a girl. It’s a boy

DJ: it can be so, so confusing.

Jerry: Well, it’s kind of confusing now, but again, the confusing part is you got two female saying the exact opposite when one who wants to wrestle a boy and she feels insulted that he looks at her as a girl wrestler when [00:07:04] this transgender really put it to the other girl and she wanted nothing to do with males. I’m a girl wrestler. They’re saying the exact opposite. Basically, what they’re saying is, it’s not what you are. It’s not a fair equal level of competition.

Ryan: You mind if I chime in real quick?

Jerry: please

DJ: Ryan, please, go ahead.

Ryan: I just wanted to say that there’s this weird thing that they’re doing with all that stuff where they have, you know, actually people transitioning into the other sex and then there’s like identifying and [00:07:34] that’s the thing that kind of like, I don’t really get too much because it seems like if especially you’re competing in a sport or something if you just identify as the opposite, you know, if it’s a boy to a girl, girl to boy, whatever. Unless you’re like fully transitioning. Like chemically, you know with hormones and all this stuff. It’s like there might be a better argument there. But if you’re just like no, I feel like a girl or I feel like a boy and I want to do this sport. You know, it’s just really weird in [00:08:04] that.

DJ: You’re absolutely right. What if Tiger Woods put a wig on

Ryan: I’m not just saying I feel like a girl.

DJ: Yeah. Okay, you’re right and then went down to play in the LPGA and had to drive from the shorter tee, you know,

Ryan: yeah

DJ: I totally agree with you, you know, I still think because of bone structure because of biological starting point that the transgenders have in a way it’s not fair. I don’t want to call it cheating but I don’t think it’s fair. However, you do bring up a good point. But as far [00:08:34] as Texas goes, they only allow you to compete as a transgender if you are going through transgender therapy, if you are taking a low dose of testosterone,

Ryan: Yeah

DJ: But that is still steroids. I mean

Ryan: Yeah, yeah

DJ: It’s still not fair. It’s not equal because the girls that they’re going against aren’t taking those steroids. They can’t have those steroids.

Ryan: Yeah,

DJ: Even if it is a low dose it’s still some steroids

Jerry: But there was a movie made it a while ago about just what you’re talking about or a black athlete couldn’t make it in the pros and [00:09:04] he went into the women’s league and just he dressed as a lady he got off,

Ryan: Oh yeah, I forgot about that

Jerry: but it looks like that. I don’t know if it was a comedy. I don’t know I forget the film or actual title, but he just he was a star of the league and he was MVP of the league, but he wasn’t a girl he was he made it look like to everybody the commissioner the fans that he was a lady and he dominated, he was a star. So yes, you’re correct. It’s cheating.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah

Jerry: because he couldn’t compete and that’s the whole point. He even said that I can’t do it here. I can’t make in the NBA and then he got this [00:09:34] idea where, hey, I could go against the girl. Someone had said he had cheekbones and he gave me the idea and he went took it and he got busted at the end broke a lot of hearts and stuff. But I just thought about that when you were asking that question because that’s the kind of what it’s like,

Ryan: yeah, that’s good point.

Jerry: Now, getting back to what you were saying about the female, the football player, the safety. What was the college she was accepted to? Southern Georgia or Georgia Southern?

DJ:  I think was in Missouri.

Jerry: Okay well, that could be,

DJ: Hold on, I got it right here. A Missouri University signed [00:10:04] a female defensive back to play college football making her the first female non-kicker to sign a letter of intent for the sport

Jerry: Now

DJ: According to ESPN.

Jerry: That’s one of your situations where it’s going the other way where she’s coming in. Okay,

DJ: She’s going from the lower to the higher. It’s when you go from the higher, the male’s, the men’s to the lower. There’s where…I wouldn’t call it cheating but I see it is as unfair.

Jerry: I’m interested to see how she would fare but at 5’3” 138 lbs., the NFL combine just concluded today or over the weekend, a receiver 6’4” 240 lbs., [00:10:34] ran a 4.33. I can’t see her guarding him and it look it’d be entertainment. There’s the problem becomes entertainment because now we’re going to want to be seeing if these girls want to volunteer to, that I can play, they’re going to get just lit up and destroyed

DJ: Or…

 and it’s going to come to where they want to people want to actually see that like in the days of the Romans it was death.

DJ: That could happen or the men could end up holding back not wanting it, because they know it’s a female they’re not going to hit as hard. They’re going to hold back a little bit. I’m not saying all of them will [00:11:04] but it’s a very good possibility

Jerry: You’ll get that one

DJ: They could get hurt doing that

Jerry: I hate to use a name

Ryan: It just take one guy,

Jerry: You’ll get that one guy, that’s just going to want to light her up, you know, and then, especially, when they’re playing and she goes to pick it off and you how they can be vulnerable and he sees that she’s I mean, it’s not going to be pretty I just don’t think, she can handle it, but I just kind of feeling that would not be a good. It’s kind of like a locomotive going against a little Volkswagen. It’s not going to turn out this in a good result.

Ryan: What’s the like lightest weight? I guess, just in maybe NFL [00:11:34] or something like that? Like, I don’t know if you guys know that.

Jerry: It’s not 138.

Ryan: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, because he’s a grown-ass man. And so, it’s like it probably one. I don’t know, you know,

Jerry:  they’re not even the ones I mean 190

Ryan: Yeah

Jerry: I think 190 lbs., 180 lbs. you’re considered light and you’re not going to make it. Kyler Murray the number one, of the best quarterback the whole point before the combines. It was his…he didn’t participate this whole thing was height and weight that people thought it was 5-9. He was 5’10” and 180 and [00:12:04] he was over 200 pounds. Now, he’s the projected number one pick and now you’re getting into where she’s 138 lbs.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s like you can’t, you know, you can’t even eat that much to get even higher and all that.

Jerry: Even if she’s quick. I can’t see her even…

Ryan: She’s not going to be able to take a hit

DJ: As a defensive back, (she’s) also too short. All you have to do is throw over the top of her unless you can really have a high vertical leap.

Jerry: True, but Earl Campbell is not playing but you have some players that are like that. Earl Campbell, he [00:12:34] ran after defensive backs the one’s that didn’t want to tackle him, he ran after them to run them over. He had that mentality and I think that mentality would still be there to where they would look for her to just truck her.

DJ: Well, it’s not just in football though. Look, they’ve got divisions in both basketball and hockey. I don’t think a woman, may be in goalie, but I don’t think a woman…looks do you think a woman could take on Ryan Reeves of the Golden Knights in hockey?

Jerry: My question would be why are there that was the case? Why are there even separation? Why [00:13:04] not just all the girls and guys show up and we’ll try out and it’s equal level competition. Why is it because separated to girls, girls’ basketball, men’s basketball?

DJ: For the most are for the most part the men would out-compete them and you’d have your anomaly, your exception to the rule, absolutely. But for the most part, you’d still have all the men in one League. That’s why wouldn’t, it won’t work

Jerry: But it’s coming to that because you have these girls that, basically, I can play, I want to be treated equal and now we’ll get into a little bit about the [00:13:34] USA Women’s soccer team. They had won three of four World Cups, the men haven’t won in decades and they want the same pay as the men pay equality. It shouldn’t matter but the chance of the money coming in for the revenue of the…of the actual television and they were watched more but they didn’t get the big time Super Bowl advertisement like the men bring in so they want equal pay.

DJ: Well, the problem I have with equal pay on any level, not just in sports, [00:14:04] but even in the regular world is it’s a Marxist notion. It’s arbitrary. You think that you’re smart enough that you can decide what the right proper rate is. Even men don’t have equal pay with other men. In a free market and that’s what, time after time, I’m talking about choice and if you want choice you cannot have equal pay it just doesn’t exist. I started off by saying there’s no such thing as equality. Egalitarianism is a false notion in this context because you cannot be equal. [00:14:34] I can be a better writer than you, you can be a better singer than me. There is no such thing as equality in that context, just before the law.

Jerry: So, the women’s soccer players will never get the equal pay that they’re seeking as the men.

DJ:  I won’t say never. They could but just like when you build your brand up and that causes…it’s like Google against Yahoo! Search. Google’s brand is so great nnd Yahoo’s is little, comparatively. If Yahoo were to build theirs up, they would eventually get equal search.

Jerry: So, when they get the TV Revenue that [00:15:04] the men have

DJ: That would come when they built their brand up, but for the most part even if they are winning, it’s also a false notion that winning championships is what causes higher pay. If that was the case then every single person on the New England Patriots would have Skyrocket salaries because they’ve won the most lately.

Jerry: Lately, okay,

DJ: so, it that the championships do not guarantee pay and it doesn’t guarantee viewership. So, what guarantees the viewership is interest. The free market interests

Jerry: So, the flaw in their argument is it’s not guaranteed pay because they’ve [00:15:34] won more championships than the men have and how many whatever time periods they are using.

DJ: I think the flaw is they’re using Marxist Notions, which is its pragmatic in one, it doesn’t matter about equality because is it, you talk about fairness, is it fair to bring the men down to make it equal to the women? Is that fair to the men? I mean, that’s what you’re talking about. That’s the only way you couldn’t make it equal. You got to bring them down. Otherwise, you’re bankrupt the league.

Jerry: Well, that’s bringing down the TV for the revenue. [00:16:04] Who’s going to watch it? Not just viewership. But basically, I’ll pay three million for a minute for the men’s versus when the woman’s play, they don’t charge that much the pay’s not going to be there.

DJ: That’s based on the free market. It’s based on choice.

Jerry:  I agree

DJ: about viewers on their own choosing to view one over the other it’s not about who wins the championship. It never was. They’re running from a false premise to say that just because they win they deserve more money. It’s a false premise.

Jerry: I would agree but getting back to what we can show some examples [00:16:34] where the girls can compete, back in 2012 for name is Sam Gordon. Remember her do you know who she is?

DJ: female high school football player?

Jerry: Well, she didn’t play high school. I’m looking I got here on the internet and in a nine-year-old Peewee League. Nine years old, she had 35 touchdowns on 232 carries with a total of 1911 rushing yards. And this is mainly with all-male teams and I’ve seen the videos of her back in 2012 and yeah, she’s like a little Barry Sanders. They couldn’t catch her. They couldn’t stop her. She [00:17:04] also led the team in tackles, but as she grew up in 2015, she made her own women’s league so she could keep competing because at that point she could not compete in high school football. She realized it she wasn’t going to compete with the boys at that level even though when she was nine, she led the league

DJ: That’s a good example. Wouldn’t she be able to compete if they were truly equal?

Jerry: I mean she realized it I guess she said…

DJ: What caused her to stop? Size difference. Physiological difference

Jerry: She realized them to that when she when she grew up that it wasn’t going to she couldn’t do what she was doing at nine. [00:17:34] She wasn’t doing good until high school, but there’s an example what you were saying where it’s okay for the girls to go into the boy’s league because she could compete. She was a success and I went around my team.

DJ:  at that time, she was physically able to

Jerry: At that time, she could do it. There’s a video that went viral. I’ve heard just turned up and she got the boys. Yeah, they’re nine years old. They couldn’t tackle her. I mean she was competing at a higher level than those boys. So, she gave a good example of there are situations where the girls can compete with

DJ: there are I’m not denying, I’m not saying that a [00:18:04] girl cannot be with compete with with men or girls with boys? Absolutely they can and but it’s rare. It’s an exception to the rule but that doesn’t mean they can’t. We used to play Adult Hockey. I remember facing off against a girl, a woman and it actually took me off my game because instead of getting fierce, I’m looking up (at a face-off) and seeing mascara and it totally took me off my game, but they couldn’t do it but there’s no problem with it.

Jerry: But we also had a female goalie on our team who the other team when they seen [00:18:34] it they got all excited. They thought

DJ: Until they saw her play

Jerry: and then they realized this girl’s not that bad if she could hang. She won us some games.

DJ: Absolutely, and you can take it into martial arts. When I used to do Choi Kwang Do, the first time I went up against a woman my mind was it’s…

Jerry: Psychologically

DJ: it’s a girl I should be able to take this until she took her foot and put it right over my head. And then I realize, oh, I’m in trouble women are absolutely able to compete with men, but it’s a rarity. But, for the most part men are physically superior in [00:19:04] sports and athletics.

Jerry: So, the problem basically is, maybe problem is a bad word. It’s when the guys who want to change their gender and compete in the girl’s league. So, they’re actually taking a step down to where the girls are going to step up in the competition.

DJ: Yeah. I don’t see that as a problem when the girls go up to the guys. In fact, I think it’s great. But when you transgender and you have the right to do that not going to stop anyone from doing that if they feel comfortable doing that but I don’t think you should be able to compete going downward [00:19:34] going from male to female. What do you have a solution to?

Jerry: Oh, no, you have a good example of with the MMA.

DJ: Oh, well Fallon Fox, here’s where Ryan can step in. I mean, do you think it’s fair for a transgender to be able to fight against other women?

Ryan: No, I mean I would my opinion would be no but it’s adds a tough tricky situation because you know, a lot of people that think otherwise, so

DJ: Do they do they even in the WWE [00:20:04] is it just women in the WWE? I know that’s not technically this sport

Jerry: I haven’t watched a long time.

Ryan: Yeah there. I mean there’s a lot of women and there and

DJ: yeah, but did they go male female?

Ryan: It’s more for I would again I’m no expert on this but I think it’d be more for entertainment value and again they know what’s going to happen. So even if it is like a big guy against a woman, I mean, they’re going to know how it’s going to be all played out.

DJ: No, you’re right, it’s choreographed. I’m just wondering if it happens.

Ryan: I’m sure it does but it’s [00:20:34] definitely more entertainment value than

DJ: and is Fallon Fox the only instance you can think of in MMA where a transgender?

Ryan:  I don’t think so. That’s the only one I know of so,

Jerry: yeah, but he kind of…she hurt some girls.

DJ: Well, according to Ryan that happens even with male-to-male correct?

Ryan:  yeah. Well, you know, it’s a sport where you’re supposed to hurt people so

Jerry: I agree but

DJ: but you’re not as a male, I don’t think you’re supposed to hurt a female not in that context.

Jerry: What did he do with first opponent in the [00:21:04] was the first round?

DJ: it wasn’t it was the one of his last opponents actually,

Jerry: Sorry

DJ:  that’s alright. He broke her orbital bone.

Jerry: broke her orbital bone. Now you see now that’s just it’s a whole different meaning now when they go in there because he can do that. He’s stronger than she is. Would you agree?

DJ: Oh, absolutely.

Jerry: So, that kind of thing that that’s my point. You know.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jerry: I don’t know the names but Adam Silva against Brock Lesnar. Yeah, they break the orbital bone. That’s an achievement. But that’s just the rareness was it called a lucky punch sometimes [00:21:34] or I forget the term

Ryan: Yeah, I mean

Jerry: but that’s a different context and this guy going in and come on.

DJ: He was so lucky because of the physical advantage.

Jerry: That’s my point.

DJ: Yeah, the transgender and over the biological

Jerry: if it wasn’t lucky because he had a force that she doesn’t have

DJ: it was unfair. Unfair to the biological female

Ryan: and that’s like the things that you’re dealing with weight classes, you know, it just get kind of tricky with it and again like the you know the different kind of, you know muscle like a male and a female would [00:22:04] have you know, there is a difference with that and yeah, it’s just it’s very weird and strange when it comes to a sport like, you know, when you have to hurt someone because yeah NFL and hockey there are you know, you’re out you’re out there to be physical but you’re not out there to take people’s heads off per se, you know,

Jerry: correct?

DJ: Absolutely.

Jerry: But the MMA you pretty much are

Ryan: yeah, I mean that is

Jerry: and going into that against a male going in against a girl they do not do that the MMA as far as a male fighting a you know male [00:22:34] being a male thing a girl.

Ryan: No, not that I know of and not like, you know UFC’s or you know, like belt are some stuff like that like actual leagues and stuff. But you know, you got you obviously have to go with these people and like training though. So I wonder how that is because you know, like even like Ronda Rousey and just any other person has sparred with, you know, males and stuff so,

Jerry:  correct.

Ryan: I wonder what

Jerry: And that’s good question

Ryan: of stories happen with there because that’s just no rules, you know, [00:23:04] obviously I hope everyone would be nice but you don’t know, you know, some know I could test a girl, you know,

Jerry: Well, that’s just it it takes a little bit too far. Yeah, you know back but I could see The Spar net. That’s a good question. Yeah, but I wouldn’t think that as a promoting for the UFC fights. I have never seen a girl going against a guy

Ryan: No

Jerry: Where was just go versus geis always been weight class and gender versus gender, Boy versus boy girl boy versus girl.

Ryan: Yeah. Exactly.

Jerry: Yeah now but as far as Fallon Fox, I mean, are there any other opinions out [00:23:34] there about what he’s done? Is he retired ore still going?

DJ: Oh he I think because he lost to Ashlee Evans-Smith that kind of ruined it for him. I don’t think he was a lesser. He wasn’t ever on the title card. I don’t think so

Ryan: No, I don’t think so.

DJ: I don’t think I ever advanced that far and I think that happen because he lost but

Jerry: Was his motive  that he actually wanted to become a woman or was it because he wanted to compete knowing full well going back to my basketball movie, I wish that I could remember that title he knew he wasn’t going to succeed with the guys. So, he [00:24:04] goes and has this transgender thing happened just to compete against the girls.

DJ: Well, according to what I read, he actually felt it when he was younger, but he was in a it was a strong Christian home. He felt that he would and I think he even said that he would be thrown into the Lake of Fire according to his parents if he came out and he and so he tried even was in the Navy and then when he came out of the Navy he transitioned over and then went into MMA

Jerry: So, he already transitioned before he went into MMA

DJ; Yeah, so I’m not sure

Jerry: that’s [00:24:34] interesting.

DJ: I really like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jerry: Yeah,

DJ: that he didn’t sit there and twist his mustache and say I’m going to become

Ryan: That’s a bold move.

DJ: Exactly

Jerry: He did not do that, It just happened.

DJ: Yes. Yes.

Jerry: Okay,

DJ: but I think he should’ve disqualified himself. If you’re going to transition over than just your career should be over, too, in that

Jerry: but how do you turn at yeah, but if you transition over it and what is the levels that you are now? The same physiology or estrogen level, whatever it may be, that you are now [00:25:04] a woman and now you can compete with them because you’re on the same level. Is that possible?

DJ: Well, my only solution, maybe I’m bringing this up too early, but it’s they have to compete against other transgenders, so called cisgenders.

Jerry: So a transgender division.

DJ: Yes, you would have that that to me would be the only way you can have it fair. It couldn’t be equal because they even then they would still be some would be better than the others. But at least then it’d be fair because they’re come up with the same bone structure, the same biological starting point and then they can compete.

Jerry: And [00:25:34] the treatment the same to

DJ: absolutely I even in terms of the high school sports of sprinting of track. I think the same thing they’re going to have to. Right now. I think I read it’s like .06 percent of the population is transgender. So, the may not be enough Demand yet, but eventually they’re going to have to make their own separate division just for transgender. It’s the only way I can come up with to make it fair.

Jerry: You’re correct. As it grows, you’re correct, as it grows

Ryan: See, if he would have done that though. He would have been the Champion. He would have been the only one in the there.

DJ: Good point

Jerry: He would been the only one fighting [00:26:08] himself.

Ryan: No one fights me, you know,

Jerry: it’s a good marketing thing for him undefeated.

Ryan: Yeah, exactly.

Jerry: So, is it possible? Can we…is it possible to have this equality in sports? Look when I went through and you played Sports your whole life and we were coached we’re always told this goes into life you learn your lessons in sports and transfers to life. So, can you achieve a quality in life?  

DJ: My problem [00:26:38] is its philosophical, it’s epistemological. You cannot have concepts that are fluid. They don’t exist. According to Aristotle’s Law of identity, it is what it is and it cannot be both one thing and another, not at the same time that if that’s the Law of Identity, the law of Excluded Middle and that’s not what transgender is. It’s both it’s fluid. They even say it. They would say that the gender is a fluid. That is epistemologically flawed. And that is the [00:27:08] problem that I see. They need to tie down what they are. And even if even if they are going to say the transgender the way I tie it down is that they compete with other transgenders.

Jerry: I’m thinking about a rule in college. I’m not sure if division one has nothing to do with transgenders but has something to do with the volleyball, if there’s a men’s team you got to have a woman’s team.

DJ: That’s Title IX

Jerry: that if we’re ever going to have quality is

DJ: It was trying to. Well, since you’re going to bring that up, I don’t think they’re honest on that they want equality because [00:27:38] I did my own research on volleyball and NCAA volleyball Women’s Division 1, there are 337 teams different schools with division one volleyball

Jerry: women’s volleyball

DJ: women’s volleyball. Men’s volleyball, the total is 47 Division 1 and division 2 in division 1, they have just 22 teams. So, 22 versus 337. Where’s the equality in that and have you heard any of those that are complaining about equality [00:28:08] bring that up?

Jerry: So, if you reverse it if the men had the 337 and the women have the 25

DJ: Title IX would be enacted and be a what we got to make this all equal but because it’s the other way around and there’s it on an unbalanced in that way. That’s fine and dandy you can be unbalanced when it goes against men and pro-woman. But if you go

Jerry: we’re going to life now because it happens pretty much every day where I work at where there’s some heavy lifting involved box, but whatever shipment comes in and the women, no that’s a guy’s [00:28:38] job. That’s a man’s job. I shouldn’t have to lift. Yet they want equality

DJ: and you want to go into life.

Jerry: So, should they be required to lift that box if they want equality?

DJ: see

Jerry: isn’t that what the Title IX where we got to give the we got 50 men’s teams. We got have 50 women’s team. Well that’s different though. If we have a hundred women’s team in only two men’s team.

Ryan: I want the door held open for me at times

(All Laugh)

DJ: where where I see a huge [00:29:08] problem as it were I don’t want equality and a judge just ruled that The Selective Service registering for the armed services at 18 if it’s if since so many women are now in the armed services now women should have to start to register to

Jerry: The draft?

DJ: Yes, for the draft. I got I have a huge problem with that. I’m thinking of my girl. I know my girl is more feminine than masculine. She would not be able to make it and I know there’s no way I want that. My [00:29:38] daughter would never be able to make it.

Jerry: I have two girls also. They’re a little bit older than yours is still the same point. I would not want them to go into war nor do I want them to be captured by the enemy at any single time that see that’s going to do a whole different thing when it comes to war.

DJ: Now you’re talking about equality. I mean if we’re going to go full equality. Well then if you’re going to draft males, you have to draft females. I mean, this is my point of the separation between the women and the men in volleyball. It only goes one way. It doesn’t go both ways.

Jerry: So, it’s [00:30:08] not equal

DJ: It’s what I started this from so can’t be equal. It’s an impossibility. The only way is equality before the law. When you go in front of a judge everyone should be equal, treated equally, is what I mean by that if the lot of they broke the law they should be punished according to the law just because of the breaking the law not because they’re a man not because they’re female not because of the race not because of their gender or any of that.

Jerry: So, when they talk about equal pay it should not be judged on just the your gender [00:30:38] as your pay, it’s your achievement.

DJ: There’s so much with the Equal Pay argument it is so arrogant to think that any person whether it’s a bureaucrat or just some Joe sitting a six-pack Joe on the couch thinking that they can determine the right price the right pay because that’s determined by the free market and I mean totally free market not crony capitalism,

Jerry: which we don’t have

DJ: We don’t have it ideally. We’ve never had it. We’ve never had it we should have it because we were truly free market truly pure laissez-faire [00:31:08] capitalists, then we would we wouldn’t be having this argument because the free market would determine it but with a problem is the Socialist put a little the anti-free marketers put a little bit of correction in it and that is flawed. So, we got to correct that the government’s got to step in and that gets flawed and so we got to correct that and next thing, you know, the controls take over more than the free market. That’s the problem. We need a totally free market, laissez-faire, hands off.

Jerry: So, no matter what then the day you’re not going to achieve the equality that the others [00:31:38] want

DJ: You can’t. In a free Society, how can you have equality if you’re free?

Jerry: I think we’re going back to sports. How can you achieve equality in the sport the same question?

DJ: It’s it goes well beyond Sports. I mean like we talked about politics and culture. You can’t have free time. You can’t have freedom and equality, not as far as ability goes, not as far as pay goes. Someone may have a better house than you. Some may have a better car than you. There’s no…you cannot have that kind of [00:32:08] equality. Only before the law.

Jerry: No, I completely agree. If there was a woman out there who could hit 80 home runs in one year, she’d be playing in the major league baseball right now

DJ: absolutely

Jerry: would be paid appropriately like Bryce Harper, I think his name is who just sign that 333-million-dollar deal because he could hit home runs. It’s as if the girls could do it they would pay them.

DJ: They complain about European soccer that they are the richest teams but yet there are no female soccer teams that are equivalent. Well, it’s just like the WNBA in [00:32:38] our country they exist but they are not equal not even close not in viewership not in talent. There just aren’t equal. One day, I guess maybe if you had if you had enough of those anomalies those exceptions to the rules, maybe one team could be equal get close to being equal but it’s not possible.

Jerry: There’s also a good example in the 40s, when we when the women had their chance to for the women’s baseball league and the men couldn’t they couldn’t compete because they are often the war [00:33:08] they had it out of themselves and they struggled and when the men came back from the war it wasn’t even close. What do they do? They disbanded the girls League? Well again, they could make the money was all about money. They only really had that girl’s League was to make sure they keep the money coming in

DJ: Part of that I think was also politics because FDR

Jerry: He got involved absolutely

DJ: because he wants, he knew the

Jerry: The Pastime

DJ: the popularity of baseball at the time and they needed something to distract themselves

Jerry: Entertainment.

DJ: Yeah from what was going [00:33:38] on in the real world. So FDR stepped in and said no we’re going to have we’re going to men’s baseball and not women’s baseball but even left alone, I don’t think they would be able to compete.

Jerry: they weren’t they weren’t to cut out if a girl could throw 90 miles an hour which they didn’t in that League. She’d be just like I’ll bring out the hitter. She’d be pitching right now.

DJ: Even if one could

Jerry: She’d be pitching right now

DJ: maybe theoretically. Yeah, then I don’t see why a woman a woman could not Pitch for the New York Yankees if they had the ability the talent, I don’t see that problem. Once again that’s going from, we’ve [00:34:08] been up to man.

Jerry: Correct

DJ: not the other way down

Jerry: Correct. So, at the end of the day, you’re not going to achieve equality in sports, in life, in politics, it’s just not going to happen.

DJ: Not in a free Society. You have your choice either Freedom or control

Jerry: correct

DJ:  And they want to control it. And then what happens is that your equality is going to be everyone’s equally poor what it’s not going to be everyone’s equally rich, that Utopia that they dream about. No, we’re going to have everyone equally poor. In fact, Al Sharpton said he was talking about what [00:34:38] Martin Luther King was talking about and what you’re talking about was we’re going to have equality in every single house, which means everyone has the same car. Everyone has the same two bedrooms. Everyone has the same couch that is not a free society

Jerry: sounds like

DJ: It’s the antithesis of a free society.

Jerry: Sounds like Stalin, going back to the days of we know what’s better for you and went where no one’s when when everyone special nobody is that the how it said is pretty much poor, just disaster, food strikes at this all across the board for everyone. [00:35:08]

DJ: Well, I was disagree with Stalin on a lot of things, and your right that is him. But one thing he was right about what it compares to what’s going on today is those that are clamoring for equal pay like the women’s soccer, Stalin call them useful idiots. And that’s what they are because they don’t understand, philosophically, what they’re talking about. They’re talking about control and eventually the government is going to control them and tell them that what they have to do and they’re not going to like

Jerry: and they will not get what they what they thought their movement or what [00:35:38] they’re speaking up for will never come which is equal pay.

DJ: I don’t think so. Thanks for listening again. I like to tell you how to get in touch with us, once again. Our email is The website is You can also check out my blog on vocal media, and click on the unbalanced section and you’ll see my blog and [00:36:08] in that you can link or to go back to our website and listen to the podcast and also read the transcripts for the each podcast. You can also get in touch with us on Instagram @granddesignspodcast. And, finally, Twitter is @granddesignspod. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

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