Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 15 – Is Tyreek Hill Fit to Play in the NFL? Transcript

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DJ:                                          00:48                     Um, today we’re going to be talking about, well first let me tell you how to get ahold of us. That’s the first thing. Our website is, our email is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. You can subscribe to us on now on iTunes and Youtube, uh, where you can hear us on soundcloud and you can also now hear us on Stitcher. That’s brand new. Um, so today’s topic, we’re going to be talking about Tyreek Hill and the fallout from what his lack of discipline has caused.

Jerry:                                     01:16                     Okay, let’s go back and set this up. I want to say about a month and a half ago. It could be as far back as late February. Uh, he has his boy three year old son was hurt, broke his arm, took it into a, it, went to the hospital. He was investigated by the police. The police came back and said, we cannot charge him because neither him nor the mother of his child, he’s not married, would cooperate with police. And they came out and said neither would cooperate.

DJ:                                          01:45                     That doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. It just means he won’t be charged.

Jerry:                                     01:48                     Correct. They dropped charges. They said they could not press any charges and it was released. Yes, done deal. But a week later, which should be about now, maybe six weeks ago, his wife secretly recorded on her iPhone and it was video and recording of a conversation of him with her. And it was basically it. It says, your son, your 3 year old son is terrified of you. He, he responds, no, he respects me. That’s not respect. He cries when you come around. Why would he lie to the police? He’s three years old. And when they asked him, he said, daddy did it, and this is referring back to how he broke his arm. Uh, what do you, what do you do every time he cries? You make him open his arms up and you punch him in the chest that is not teaching a kid respect. He is terrified of you. And he ends the conversation by and by saying, and I quote, you should be terrified of me, you dumb bitch. And then it was done over. Now since that was released, it’s been reopened again and the Chiefs has told him that Kansas City Chiefs, you are not welcome at these premises until this gets rectified. And since then it has now gone. The investigation has not reopened. So first of all, he’s accused of basically child abuse. They haven’t come out officially, but they haven’t them yet. It’s under investigation again. But from what I’m picking up, when I’ve read it looks like he could be in trouble.

DJ:                                          03:07                     The question is, are any other team got to pick him up after he was released by Kansas City?

Jerry:                                     03:11                     Okay. Yes, absolutely. And I will use Kareem Hunt as as that the example, cause Kareem Hunt did something that was on tape that showed him, actually, it was kicking or punching his girlfriend and the Chief’s released him right away and the Browns picked them up right afterwards for $1 million. Now the NFL since came out and suspended him for six games. So the Browns have him for 10 games next year. The day this happened the Detroit media and fans went ballistic because Detroit never thought about bringing him to Detroit. Now in fairness to Quinn and uh, Patricia, they said they didn’t want them. They want that character. They didn’t want him in the locker room. So I applaud them for that. But the fans and the media just went off on the Lions for not getting Kareem Hunt. Now recently as of I believe this week, I will listen to 97.1 and Mike Valenti and he came out and said flat out, it does not matter about right is right and do not call me and talk about doing the right thing. This is about winning football games and bring championships period.

DJ:                                          04:11                     That is the essence of Pragmatism, principle does not matter. All that matters is winning the end justifies the means.

Jerry:                                     04:16                     I’m glad you brought up the principal because in essence he was saying in this aspect, just catch a football, score a touchdown. Principles don’t matter, but not to digress or sidetrack, but we all know what happened, the Kentucky Derby a couple of days ago and he’s a big horse fan

DJ:                                          04:31                     Horse Racing

Jerry:                                     04:31                     horse racing fan and he, today’s came out and said that he’s mad at the call based on principle. So three days ago he was saying, principles don’t matter when it comes to playing football for my town, but when it goes to my horse racing, that’s all that matters.

DJ:                                          04:47                     Now that tells me he’s not just a Pragmatist, he’s also a Relativist, it’s the principles matter relative to certain given situation.

Jerry:                                     04:54                     I bring that up because that’s where this is. I think our sports, our town, Detroit, it doesn’t matter. They will. Detroit will say, pick him up. It doesn’t matter if he broke his arm. I don’t want to get a severe child abuse, but if he could, he’s the right now, the fastest man in the NFL. And if he could win games, the fans of Detroit, get him. It doesn’t matter anymore about being a character and integrity. They came out and the fans were calling it too. They were saying I Echo your Mike. Yes, please. Bring in these guys. Stop worrying about their character.

DJ:                                          05:24                     Well, why doesn’t it matter? I mean, there’s an important question. Why is it so important to them to get someone with bad character?

Jerry:                                     05:33                     As you said before, other podcasts, I always goes back to a rush song. Desperation drives to poor to extremes. This town for the lines is so poor on winning. They’re so desperate to win that NFL title, that they’ve thrown everything out because of what’s happened over the years the playoffs, the bad luck, the draft picks have gone bad, number one picks have just gone sour Charles Rogers that now it doesn’t matter anymore. And they’re seen other teams like the Cleveland Browns improve. And at the same time pick up a guy like Kareem Hunt who, yes, lost him for six games, but he’s allowed in the NFL, so as long as he’s in the league, why can’t the Browns pick him up?

DJ:                                          06:10                     I do think that’s part of it. By also think too much emphasis is on winning. Winning becomes everythin

Jerry:                                     06:14                     100% too much.

DJ:                                          06:16                     It shouldn’t be. It should be going out there and giving your best effort. That’s the way I was raised, doing sports. You do the best you can. If you win, great, but as you don’t, that’s okay too. You did the best she could.

Jerry:                                     06:26                     My problem is when they win, they’re going to sit back and realize it’s not going to be as satisfying because they got somebody on their team that wasn’t really of honest character. The other thing is what basically all these people are saying is, if these guys don’t hurt, my sister, my wife, my daughter, that’s okay. The second they touch my family, I don’t want to playing.

DJ:                                          06:47                     Another relativist argument, but there’s, it’s always someone’s sisters, always someone’s daughter.

Jerry:                                     06:51                     That’s the point. That’s why I bring that point up. Exactly, but yet it doesn’t matter. He came out and this was months ago, this is Mike Valenti, came out and said, if you’re the GM and he hasn’t touched your family, it shouldn’t matter.

DJ:                                          07:05                     That is a weak argument

Jerry:                                     07:08                     Horrible. I would think deplorable. We now does it again, we’re going into more about, it doesn’t matter anymore. I didn’t want to hear about or other teams are bringing in. We brought before these other players who have, again today I brought up a list on the Internet of all the arrests in the NFL and it’s huge. Just humongous and that’s where there’s this culture to where the NFL players, it’s getting to where it’s almost common to have bad character or integrity and still be allowed to play in the NFL.

DJ:                                          07:35                     It proves that it has been accepted for a long time for it to be that long of a list and there’s, most of them are still playing. That means it’s an accepted. It’s ingrained in the NFL.

Jerry:                                     07:46                     There are some Kansas City fans who are upset and they want him to be allowed back into the training camps. Cause Right now it’s OTA’s until this is solved until it’s in know goes through court, which brings up Adrian, Adrian Peterson cause he was basically banned until he will through the courts and the second and got through the courts. He’s back and playing again.

DJ:                                          08:04                     I don’t, I disagree. Although there was a due process issue involved and I do think that’s why the NFL is taking their time on this A) because Kansas City has already suspended him so they think they can take their time, do their due process, do due diligence and find out if it’s actually true. Because there were the articles I read, we didn’t even know if that tape is actually authentic or not and that’s what they’re, they’re going on, that tape. Besides that fact, the NFL needs to, for their own sake, their own name, they need to make sure they get this right because if they suspend him and it turns out he wasn’t guilty, truly it was, there was an inauthentic tape, then they could be in trouble.

Jerry:                                     08:43                     That’s happened twice recently Kareem Hunt and then a Reuben Foster, uh, with the San Francisco 49’ers. He was arrested for domestic abuse or domestic violence. The 49’ers released him and the Redskins picked him up and the league went crazy. The world went crazy. How could you do that? He’s already been, you know, he’s going up for charges of domestic violence and then they got dropped because the spouse wouldn’t cooperate. So the Red Wings, the Red Wings, the Redskins are looking like they were smart and they got to really…This guy’s a good linebacker. He’s top tier. He’s top 10.

DJ:                                          09:15                     I think that’s too low of a bar because you basically said he wasn’t convicted, but she was still guilty.

Jerry:                                     09:21                     Same thing…

DJ:                                          09:21                     and if he’s guilty, that should be enough to make a team…

Jerry:                                     09:24                     That’s the sane with Kareem Hunt

DJ:                                          09:25                     Absolutely

Jerry:                                     09:25                     because I think Kansas City is doing the same thing. Now with Tyreek Hill because this guy was on tape. He lied to the Kansas City Chiefs. I never hit my girlfriend. That never happened. They got a tape of him actually kicking her, so they released him and then again the day they released him, Cleveland picks him up. So, they’re thinking he’s going to go on Roger Goodell’s exempt list. He’s out of the League forever. That didn’t happen. Now he’s on the Cleveland Browns, so should they have held him, and we’re talking on again, this guy changed the team. They’re like 10-1 and when he left they kind of went down, dropped off, and now Tyreek hill is going to be out. This is changing their winning chances.

DJ:                                          10:05                     Does that really matter? Should that really matter if it changes the team or not? We’re talking a deplorable human being, so that should…

Jerry:                                     10:12                     I think Kareem Hunt was deplorable for what he did yet he’s playing for the Cleveland Browns and they are making, like Cleveland was the big winner. They hit the Lotto and Kansas City was stupid for letting him go.

DJ:                                          10:23                     I disagree. I think Kansas City was smart. As far as I’m Tyreek hill goes, he also has a history because

Jerry:                                     10:30                     back in South Carolina. Yep.

DJ:                                          10:31                     And it was, he was accused of, uh, I’m not sure he was convicted this or not, but I’ve actually strangling that same woman. But she was pregnant with his child at the time.

Jerry:                                     10:40                     Correct. And yeah, it was dropped because the same situation, neither party would cooperate and they couldn’t press charges. That’s a common theme that every single time with him, the parties wouldn’t cooperate, they couldn’t get enough evidence. Charges were never filed.

DJ:                                          10:52                     But okay. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. That doesn’t mean we’re talking a repeat offender now. And that should tell you that right there. The second strike, especially when it comes to abuse and really of a child, you’re done, I in my book, you’re done.

Jerry:                                     11:06                     But we’re coming to a society to where if you go to the court and you get exonerated, or Adrian Peterson’s case where he pleaded no contest, he did just penalties. And now he’s back in.

DJ:                                          11:16                     Really? What about, uh, the, uh, what is it? The what movement is for the, the, the women now why am I having a, a blank?

Jerry:                                     11:26                     Me Too.

DJ:                                          11:27                     Yeah the Me Too.

Ryan:                                     11:28                     I thought of that

DJ:                                          11:28                     …movement. There is no due process there, all you have to do is be accused. You know what? You’re automatically guilty. That’s exactly opposite.

Jerry:                                     11:34                     Correct. Yeah. Correct. In the, I want to say the non sports world, correct. You just made the accusations true. That’s in the workplace now. Just the accusation you’re out. You can human resources, suspensions.

DJ:                                          11:45                     What’s the difference between the NFL and the greater society and one in the greater society and the Me Too. All you need to be is accused, but in the NFL, no, if you’re not, if you’re not, if you’re accused is if you’re acquitted, then you’re automatically ok

Jerry:                                     11:57                     Let’s say Kansas City. The fans are upset. They let Kareem Hunt Go. Okay. We already discussed what he did. The fans are upset because that took their chances away. And with him they could win the Super Bowl this year and so the Kansas City fans are just literally pissed because again, exonerated didn’t come to be true and now the browns have him. So now they’re saying, wait a minute, let you know, don’t let Tyreek Hill go. And by the way, going back to that video I saw the video it was a video on the TV. That was him. It was him. That was Tyreek Hill. I mean the, her phone was pitch. It was a video recording. It was him talking back. He respects me, but you couldn’t see her. You could hear her voice and then when he ended it with you better be afraid of me. Like you dumb, you dumb B*****, he looked right into the phone. It was him. So I don’t know about that authenticating it cause it was him. I can’t see it being fake

DJ:                                          12:50                     In a legal manner. It has to be authenticated or can’t go to court.

Jerry:                                     12:52                     Okay. And that’s why he left. That’s what well…

DJ:                                          12:54                     The prosecutor let it go because they couldn’t… Either one wasn’t cooperating and they couldn’t authenticate the tape,

Jerry:                                     13:00                     but now it’s been reopened either this, that’s after she came out and now this is the fiance who was protecting him at one point and now she’s destroying him because that got him kicked out and it has jeopardized his NFL career and if he is found guilty, yeah, he should be done.

DJ:                                          13:17                     From what I understand, she only released it to friends and then from there it got out.

Jerry:                                     13:23                     Didn’t go as planned did it?

DJ:                                          13:24                     No, it didn’t

Jerry:                                     13:24                     Because now he’s, yeah, he’s been banned from the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s a whole mess now and I think he’s done forever, but it’s going to take the league to literally ban him or else he will be back on another team.

DJ:                                          13:36                     So that brings up two separate issues. First of all, there’s something wrong with the Kansas City Chiefs. This is actually the third that we know of. You have the murder suicide. Who was it?

Jerry:                                     13:47                     Jovan Belcher

DJ:                                          13:49                     Jovan Belcher, who committed suicide after he had just murdered his woman at, he committed in the parking lot of the Kansas City Chiefs stadium. And then you’ve got, um, Kareem Hill (Hunt) and now we have

Jerry:                                     13:59                     Kareem Hunt.

DJ:                                          14:01                     Yeah. Kareem Hunt. I’m sorry. And now we have Tyreek hill.

Jerry:                                     14:03                     Well, there’s one more. They just took on. Frank Clark. Frank Clark came from Seattle. They paid him over a hundred million dollars a year. And this guy, he’s a known domestic violence. Seattle had him a 24 hour babysitter so he wouldn’t get in trouble. And Kansas City, knowingly, brought him in because the guy is a stud of a linebacker.

DJ:                                          14:19                     So they knew about him.

Jerry:                                     14:21                     They know. Yes, current…more to come.

DJ:                                          14:22                     Okay. And they did a character assessment of Tyreek Hill before they drafted him,

Jerry:                                     14:28                     They had to

DJ:                                          14:28                     They knew about him

Jerry:                                     14:30                     Absolutely

DJ:                                          14:30                     and they still keep on drafting these guys. This tells me it’s acceptable in the management. They’re Pragmatic in the management. It doesn’t matter if they’re bad or not, whatever it takes to win.

Jerry:                                     14:40                     And now you wonder why the fans just say, just win. Just we don’t care about the culture. Ownership doesn’t care. Just win us that championship.

DJ:                                          14:45                     Okay, now the second point is why does it have to be the NFL that bans them ? Why cannot all the individual teams stand on principle and say, no, we don’t want someone like that.

Jerry:                                     14:58                     Colin Kaepernick.

DJ:                                          14:58                     What’s that got to do with domestic violence?

Jerry:                                     15:00                     All 32 teams stood up on their own. We do not want this guy in a locker room. The whole national anthem, there wasn’t a collusion and yet the, the NFL was accused of collusion

DJ:                                          15:10                     but I think that’s apples and oranges.

Jerry:                                     15:12                     No, no.

DJ:                                          15:13                     Cause we’re talking about banning someone because he’s physically violent and banning another person because they protested.

Jerry:                                     15:21                     Listen, I’m telling you to hold on

DJ:                                          15:22                     I think that’s apples and oranges

Jerry:                                     15:22                     I’m telling you now, Tyreek hill was found, acquitted these charges and the NFL didn’t ban him and the 32 teams on their own. Say we don’t want that character, which they should. We don’t want that character in a locker room. The Union now comes in and fights to get him a job. Collusion. The owners are. They did it with, that’s why I brought up Colin because they did that. The union just did that with Colin and won, got him a big settlement.

DJ:                                          15:51                     Maybe

Jerry:                                     15:51                     they weren’t colluding.

DJ:                                          15:52                     It’s more…

Jerry:                                     15:54                     The owners were doing just what you said individually. We don’t want the guy they were doing…

DJ:                                          15:58                     Were they? Or did they say collusion has more than one more than one team. So…

Jerry:                                     16:02                     I think all the teams set on their own. We don’t want this guy. He is a bad, it’s a bad thing in our locker room.

DJ:                                          16:07                     I think that speculation because I don’t, we don’t know if that’s the case or not.

Jerry:                                     16:12                     But you’re asking the teams to do that.

DJ:                                          16:13                     I’m telling them they should do that. I think should say, well how come it’s okay for one or two teams and do it then? Are they colluding when they do it, when you brought up Patricia Quinn,

Jerry:                                     16:22                     It should be.

DJ:                                          16:23                     Where they colluding?

Jerry:                                     16:24                     No, but it should be like that. But when you have the union can make an accusation of, wait a minute, this guy is so talented. The fastest guy, NFL, he ain’t getting a job offer.

DJ:                                          16:31                     But he’s not getting a job offer because of his history of violence outside the field. That’s a whole different issue of him not getting a job because he protested. I truly believe that’s apples and oranges.

Jerry:                                     16:45                     All I’m saying is he wasn’t Collin Kaepernick wasn’t colluded. I mean the owners got together and said that, I think they did on their own at the union made it look like they did. They’ll do the same exact thing no matter what the topic is because their client, their player, cause they’re looking for the players and they have to represent them. They’ll get that job back.

DJ:                                          17:02                     Sorry. You would have an argument for them to do it individually when you’re saying no, it’s cause he was violent. It’s because he abused someone cause you could have that argument in court against the union because we’re not doing it on a protest. We’re not stopping him up because he stood up and said something. We’re stopping him because he was a violent person and that would, that that would hurt our culture of our team and it has.

Jerry:                                     17:24                     You know, there’s a touchy subject because they didn’t want to come on and say, we don’t want him to stand up and speak. That freedom of speech so the NFL couldn’t come out and defend themselves that way. What I’m basically telling you is with the Colin Kaepernick and the NFL did not collude. Yes. I’m assuming. I don’t think they did yet the union brought them to court and made it looked like they did. I believe they do the same thing for Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill, that no one’s given my client a job. They colluded,

DJ:                                          17:47                     but no one’s giving your client a job because of his actions of his violent action, not just a protest.

Jerry:                                     17:52                     The Union will not bring that up. My man has the fastest man. He’s got the skill and they are not hiring. One person, one team should hire him. At least one team. Why not?

DJ:                                          18:03                     Because he’s a violent person outside the field. Outside the field. That’s why not.

Jerry:                                     18:06                     They would argue. I agree with you. Okay. But they would argue and they did. Now they’re all getting together. Obviously, when you can’t give this guy a job. He’s the best on the planet and you’re not giving him a job. Obviously. I think we have a collusion, someone colluded. They got together.

DJ:                                          18:19                     I know we’re going round and round, but their arguments is we didn’t give that guy a job because he protested in the, in this case we’re talking about, we didn’t give him a job because he’s a bad person

Jerry:                                     18:30                     and I’m telling you they was

DJ:                                          18:31                     There’s two separate things there.

Jerry:                                     18:31                     They would say no, he was acquitted. That is an assumption is not a bad person. He was never convicted. The look, I’m going to say the union is slime. They’ll use whatever they can to protect their client. They’ll even get an a guy who’s an alcoholic. You can’t fire him. You got to get him rehabbed first. So this is just a, I mean this is really nothing, but it’s their job to protect those guys because of the union.

DJ:                                          18:55                     More pragmatism drips off the walls in the NFL.

Jerry:                                     18:57                     It is, but that’s my point. They would, they would argue and scream collusion and get Tyreek Hill back in the league. Because, again, I think you’re a hundred percent correct. They should. The NFL, each team, no, he’s a bad guy like the Lions did. I commend the Lions, but if all 32 teams did that for Kareem Hunt, it would have been another collusion case. But by the NFL and union,

DJ:                                          19:19                     To me a stand on principle, I would have fought that on principle. I would take that to court and you lost, you lost. I would take it to court.

Jerry:                                     19:24                     I would like to see that happen. But again, what happened right away, Cleveland pounced on him. They didn’t, didn’t even wait five minutes for the waivers to clear. They wanted him. Here we go. It had nothing to do with character and nothing to do with his off the field. He was flat out what he could do on the field and Cleveland is another town, that I think it was desperate for a win. Only they’re doing it maybe a little bit better than the Detroit, but they’re desperate. Look at, they’re bringing it, they’re bringing constant questionable Odell Beckham. They traded for him. And he’s a locker room killer. Yeah. Not on the streets, but in the locker room. It’s all about me. Another Antonio Brown. So the point is it is, it’s winning. The fans want to win. I mean, I’ve heard Detroit face bringing in Antonio Brown doesn’t matter in the locker room, he wins. He catches touchdowns. All right, so does it matter what they do off the field? Again, if the fans will overlook, if they could score a touchdown and bring the Super Bowl Trophy to Detroit, the overlook it. It’s okay.

DJ:                                          20:13                     So not only principles don’t matter, character doesn’t matter.

Jerry:                                     20:16                     In today’s society. It’s sad. But yes, because again, maybe I should start listening to other sports towns. I probably should start doing that. But this town is so desperate for Detroit Lions win they’ve won with the Pistons, the Tigers and the Red Wings probably too much. And yet they still want are so desperate for the Lions to win.

DJ:                                          20:35                     I don’t think, I think it’s the entire Detroit fan base. I don’t think it’s Lions. Tigers. I think the entire Detroit fan base is so Pragmatic and lacking in principles. And they will do anything to win.

Jerry:                                     20:45                     Maybe because of the Wings and they did what it took and they, they bought the, all those Stanley cups when they were gone. I dropped her 42 years.

DJ:                                          20:53                     Well look what they’re doing with Ken Holland. You, you were telling me earlier that they will be upset if Ken Holland goes to the Oilers and wins with them.

Jerry:                                     21:01                     If he wins the Stanley Cup. These people on 97.1 said they would be upset with him because he didn’t win the last five years here, but yet you can go to Edmonton, which is horrible and win the Stanley Cup.

DJ:                                          21:11                     Edmonton’s not horrible. They have, they have McDavid, one of the best players in the NHL.

Jerry:                                     21:14                     That’s what makes it horrible because no person wants that GM job and yet they’ve got Conner McDavid, they got Conner McDavid to the playoffs once. They, I mean they went on and on. Why it’s a bad job, which is why if, if he goes there and succeeds that he came on set, I will be pissed at him. Yet they got, they got Yzerman the golden child. That’s what they wanted,

DJ:                                          21:31                     Okay, they should be happy with that. And it’s like, to me that’s like you’re mad because your ex girlfriend went and got a better guy than you.

Jerry:                                     21:37                     That’s exactly what it is. And yet they’re coming on saying it.

DJ:                                          21:40                     This is the Detroit fans. It’s Detroit fans. That’s the problem. It’s not, it’s no longer that we got the guy we wanted, Steve Yzerman, the golden child, that’s not good enough. Ken Holland can’t go anywhere else and win,

Jerry:                                     21:52                     win and succeed.

DJ:                                          21:53                     That is so sad

Jerry:                                     21:54                     because he didn’t succeed here. He was five years here now Holland to his credit, I got to give him a lot of credit cause he came on and said, listen, I just like to be in control. I’m not in control anymore. And in the last five years we haven’t won and you know, we were used to winning here so there should be a change. He came out and like held himself to the standards of which the fans were just complaining about.

DJ:                                          22:13                     I think that’s even wrong because you can’t win all the time. I remember when they were there, the dead wings in the 80’s

Jerry:                                     22:18                     And that’s what I’m saying, and not just that

DJ:                                          22:21                     He helped (build) them and got them to win. How many cups did they win?

Jerry:                                     22:23                     They went 42 years between cups. Now there’s others longer now the Blues and Leafs, but at the time that was the longest.

DJ:                                          22:30                     Okay, so he built them, got them to win. He did something for them, but I guess it’s, it’s Janet Jackson. What have you done for me lately?

Jerry:                                     22:38                     They came out specifically said he’s been a failure since the salary cap era. He was a brilliant star before that

DJ:                                          22:45                     Really, 2008?

Jerry:                                     22:46                     I’m just telling you what they said

DJ:                                          22:47                     And then took them back to the finals in 2009 that’s a failure.

Jerry:                                     22:50                     They said the salary, the salary cap, era, he’s been a failure, which is why if he goes to Edmonton and succeeds with the Stanley Cup win with the salary cap and they came out and said, I will be pissed that’s a quote.

DJ:                                          23:03                     See, I disagree with that he’s been a failure. He wouldn’t have won the cup in 2008 taking him back in 2009 and it’s, it’s like a, it’s a pendulum and now the pendulum for the Red Wings has swung in the other direction. They don’t have the good, they haven’t had draft picks for the longest time. They were always making the playoffs, well how many? 26 years in a row?

Jerry:                                     23:22                     Yes. But

DJ:                                          23:23                     Okay, so that means their draft picks were very low and they got lower quality players and now it’s, it’s built up to that. So their team is filled with that and now that’s Ken Holland’s problem?

Jerry:                                     23:34                     In their years of pragmatism, which is with Ken Holland, whatever it takes, he would go out and bring in these free agents at training deadline and trade these draft picks away to where they couldn’t draft because he traded them away that they’re bringing that part up too. He didn’t manage his picks and he really did screw up these long contracts. What’s the, what’s the Holstrom? Is it not holds from no, no.

DJ:                                          23:54                     It was the Mule

Jerry:                                     23:55                     Franzen, Franzen that guy was, yeah, that was a bad contract. But like you said, it goes into a cycle. Right now, he Maple Leafs are good back when Detroit was good to Maple Leafs were awful. Chicago was bad for awhile. Now, Chicago was good.

DJ:                                          24:07                     Same thing with the Penguins. The Penguins were atrocious just recently and then they got Mark Andre-Fluery, Evgeni Malkin and Crosby, and now, although there were back on the way down again, but they got good again. It’s all a pendulum.

Jerry:                                     24:20                     But Detroit fags, I’ve gotten so used to winning and I’ll, I’ll call them probably one of the most arrogant fan bases only for hockey. They think they’re Montreal when they’re not even close to Montreal. When they started winning those cups, they just felt entitlement that they just keep coming. It got to the point to where even in the Stanley Cup finals, it was almost a lock, guaranteed and it was such a stunning awe when they lost, how could they even lose a game in the finals and then it started to turn around. Then it went downhill and that’s just because of that trading of the picks. The talent went down. Now they’re rebuilding. I guess my question for that is how often, how long did they give Yzerman? I think

DJ:                                          24:56                     If they’re so fickle when it, if they’d only here doesn’t produce adventure, they’re going to have to say if, if they’re consistent, they’re going to say he’s not good anymore. If I don’t think they’re going to do that cause he’s the golden child, he’ll be treated, no matter how long it is. We’ll still give him a chance. We’ll still give him a chance.

Jerry:                                     25:10                     I still think, well I think…

DJ:                                          25:11                     If he goes to another team and does it then he’s in trouble.

Jerry:                                     25:14                     Well according to, yeah, to today when Holland goes, but I think Yzerman, they just announced that he’s got Verbeek has his assistant GM and Verbeek was the one that brought the talent to the Lightning. He was a player personnel scout. So Yzerman brought his player, his guys with him. So I think he’s going to do all right. Uh, but I would think like within five years they’re not going to give him the pressure given Holland because he is the golden child. He’s going to, he’s got a card blanche. But card blank. He can do whatever he wants as long as he wants.

DJ:                                          25:38                     Well, we got off track a little bit. Let’s get back to Tyreek Hill. Should he be just suspended or should be permanently banned?

Jerry:                                     25:45                     Ah, suspended, not welcome to the team. Uh, facilities until he goes to trial and he stands, says, you know,

DJ:                                          25:50                     if he’s found guilty, should it be permanently banned?

Jerry:                                     25:52                     Now the league then take it. Yes. Take a stand and say you’re done. You’re on the exempt list, just like Ray Rice to this day, Ray rRce is on the exempt list. He cannot play in the NFL.

DJ:                                          26:01                     So of all those you listed with the felonies

Jerry:                                     26:04                     He’s the only one.

DJ:                                          26:05                     We only have one person listed. They’re standing on principle for you.

Jerry:                                     26:09                     Hold on. But why is that?

DJ:                                          26:11                     Because they accept that that sort of behavior,

Jerry:                                     26:14                     The NFL screwed up and they let the Ray Rice thing go. Like they kind of brushed it off. Then it came out and they saw and table what he actually did and it was like in their face more than just mud. And they gave that guy the death penalty because they saw the, you saw him just right hook and knock this, this lady out and drag her out of the elevator. The NFL was in trouble because they ignored that tape. The tape was out and they ignored it.

DJ:                                          26:40                     So, it only becomes bad when it’s caught on tape.

Jerry:                                     26:41                     Exactly.

DJ:                                          26:41                     It’s not caught on tape, you’re okay. So go and beat your girlfriends if you want just don’t get it, don’t have it done on tape.

Jerry:                                     26:47                     I was just going to say, if you’re going to be bad, you’re going to beat anybody. You’re gonna hit them. Make sure there’s no cameras anywhere. They brother don’t get caught and make sure there’s no nothing that come back and haunt us, so we would have to suspend you.

DJ:                                          26:59                     Because the principle is, go ahead and do it. Just don’t get caught.

Jerry:                                     27:02                     You’re coming to the point. And I would even, uh,

Ryan:                                     27:04                     that’s all bad stuff.

DJ:                                          27:04                     Yeah, absolutely

Jerry:                                     27:07                     I guess the, where it’s going and I would challenge Mike Valenti or anyone, we all know who R Kelly is and well, how much of a bad person he is. But yet if that guy could score a touchdown and catch a ball, bring them in. That’s the state we’re at right now. If R Kelly could play football and when this town would accept him with open arms, come on in. It’s all about winning now. It’s not about bringing in the right people with character and doing it the right way. It’s about doing it, winning and really not getting caught and I blame the Patriots because they’ve done so many things that that has come out with the, uh, the deflate gate, the taping of it, and they’ve gotten away with it and they’re still herald as champions. We, I think they’re proven cheaters and yet to this day, no they’re champion

DJ:                                          27:52                     Because they have that shining prize.

Jerry:                                     27:54                     Other teams see this, they want, they want that and they emulate it and it’s a character issue comes in to, I mean, Seattle, they wanted Frank Clark out. They wanted him gone. Kansas City, they’re desperate because of their, they were so close to a Super Bowl last year, their deepest was pathetic. They thought this guy would bring them over the top and he’s a good football player. On the field, but he’s not a nice person off the field. And that did not met and yes, Kansas City knew about this before they traded for him and once they traded for him, gave him a 106 million dollar contract, just loaded him with money knowing full well what kind of person he is. So there, I will tell you right now, does Kansas City care about Character? No. Until you get caught on tape then you got to go. You’re not allowed back. So now the NFL banned him? Yes. I believe they should. If he’s found guilty, he started playing football again.

DJ:                                          28:44                     Okay. Ryan, is there anyone despicable character of the MMA? UFC?

Ryan:                                     28:48                     Yeah, there’s a bunch.

DJ:                                          28:50                     I would expect it. There is more violence. Are they, are they welcome to? Do fans love them?

Ryan:                                     28:55                     I’d actually say they get a, they get penalized pretty good. I mean they had a guy, what’s his name? John Jones. He had a lot of like drug offenses and stuff like that and he’s still kind of battling with it too. And, um, you know, he was suspended and all this and he was, you know, he’s, he’s fighting now, but um, there was this one guy back in the day, he like beat his girlfriend up and it was all publicized and he’s gone now.

DJ:                                          29:20                     Maybe the difference there is it’s not a team sport. It’s individuals were talking about

Ryan:                                     29:23                     Yeah, it is a lot different than like a NFL and all that.

Jerry:                                     29:27                     How many though have been like accused of domestic violence? Havve been charged and found guilty?

Ryan:                                     29:31                     Probably a lot

Jerry:                                     29:32                     Really? Really?

Ryan:                                     29:33                     But again, you can, you can get out of that sport. You know, you’d be like a flash in the pan, you know what I mean?

Jerry:                                     29:39                     Because I haven’t heard of any. Hardly talked about really now it’s just coming to the forefront. ESPN just signed the whole UFC kind of deal.

Ryan:                                     29:46                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     29:46                     So maybe there’ll be more coming out, but I haven’t heard of any UFC fighter.

Ryan:                                     29:50                     Yeah, This is like from like a lot of history and stuff too. And I don’t know like every single one of their names, but I mean all these guys, more or less, they’re pretty crazy guys.

DJ:                                          29:58                     Do the fans embrace them after they’ve been doing these things? Because that’s the point here. The fans are a problem.

Ryan:                                     30:03                     I mean, I don’t think when it’s like domestic stuff, they’re usually against the fighter I would say, because a lot of the times they’re getting in trouble. It’s for like, you know, drugs or something like that. So it’s like they kind of still back them up because like, oh, he just has this kind of problem with whatever substance that is. But anytime I’ve seen like an article about like him, like a person hurting, you know, their significant other or whatever it may be, they usually, you know, lash out at that.

DJ:                                          30:31                     Well good. Some principal in sports somewhere.

Ryan:                                     30:34                     Yeah. So, and you know their, but yeah, it might be a lot different now with the ESPN thing. I don’t know how that’s gonna work, but

Jerry:                                     30:41                     I think they’ll have more coverage. The more articles, more headlines

Ryan:                                     30:44                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     30:44                     about when they catch a fighter that actually did it.

Ryan:                                     30:47                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     30:47                     And it’s on tape. Oh, that’s going to be frontline news.

Ryan:                                     30:50                     Yeah, for sure.

DJ:                                          30:51                     That’s all behind popularity. Once it gets so popular. It was just like the NFL right now it’s so popular that you hear about every little thing. So once MMA becomes more popular or UFC then it’s probably will be exposed easier.

Ryan:                                     31:04                     Yeah. But yeah it’s just sad though too cause sometimes it makes obviously for good, you know publicity and like makes the sport more interesting. It’s like two people hated each other and did some outside of the thing. I’ve seen that kind of push where they’re like, oh these two have like you know like when Conner McGregor threw that thing at the bus and like hurt all those fighters and stuff like that. I mean glass was getting people’s eyes and stuff and just from some feud he was having with the other guy, he, he can’t, I think he paid a lot of money to like sweep it under the rug but like that, not like I was just saw like in more or less helped them I would think.

Jerry:                                     31:42                     Now that you brought that up. That was a staged event.

Ryan:                                     31:45                     It could be be, I mean I don’t know

Jerry:                                     31:45                     how the whole thing went down cause you you’ll see promoting at the time it was, was it after the Floyd Mayweather? It was just before it.

Ryan:                                     31:53                     Yeah. Cause that was the Khabib fight.

Jerry:                                     31:54                     Oh that’s right. That’s right. Yes. Because

Ryan:                                     31:57                     He did lose it, I guess I got what he got coming.

Jerry:                                     31:58                     I still thought that was just some kind of media. You don’t kind of,

Ryan:                                     32:01                     Tt did seem like it

Jerry:                                     32:02                     Because that whole tour they went to it was all

Ryan:                                     32:04                     yeah, pretty staged

DJ:                                          32:05                     If it was staged staged That means they’re devolving into the WWE.

Ryan:                                     32:08                     Yeah. It’s, it’s very, very wrestling-esque in that sense.

Jerry:                                     32:12                     Yeah but but, but getting back to the Kansas City Chiefs though, uh yes. I believe it’s a pattern with them I think. And it’s going to be some other teams, which is why I really like Quinn and Patricia, cause they’re, they’re saying no character does matter here, which means there’s nothing on that also showed him the draft too cause they, we look, oh that’s another topic I want to talk about later on. One of our podcast is the NFL draft and the crap they got for drafting players of good moral character and it gives, came to it did not matter. There’s one, uh, Marcus Sweat. You remember a Hearst from Michigan last year? Awesome lineman. When’s the NFL combine? Had a heart problem. No one drafted went down to like the fifth round. Raiders finally got him. He’s really not doing that well. Well Marcus Sweat, same thing had a heart problem and everyone passed it on but the Redskins. But so that could cause a Redskins took him. They just gave Detroit hell and it was literally, no, this could be a medical disaster here too. We could sign this guy first round pick and then we’re being told it’s got to walk away. So I think the Lions are actually doing things for the first time ever the right way. And their fans are killing ’em. I mean killing this regime and it’s all because they haven’t won. Now, making it worse, Vegas comes out with next year’s odds on wins. They projected the Lions to win six and a half games. That’s not going go over too well with the fans. Here we go again winning and they’ve gone and said, if you would’ve brought that guy, and I’ve heard callers call in if they would’ve got this guy, I don’t care what he did in college, he’s a great defensive lineman. He’s got great linebackers and great safety. I don’t want to hear the off what we did all he can win. That’s what it boiled down to now. So they’d be brought that into the draft now that they didn’t want to hear about the bad things these guys do.

DJ:                                          33:50                     That’s pure Pragmatism. So we go back to episode one

Jerry:                                     33:52                     I think teams are going to emulate or cookie cutter the Kansas City chiefs, especially if they win and nothing gets said nothing done and it looks like they’re getting away with it. More teams, we’ll do it. A suspension again. Yes, it, I’ll suspend him until he gets due process. That’s why I was looking for give him his due process because he deserves to be going in front of his peers and you know, defend himself after that. If he’s guilty, he shouldn’t be allowed to play it again. It’s, it’s over, it’s done. But if the NFL doesn’t ban him permanently, there will be other teams that will pick him up in a heartbeat without even thinking about it and they will then justify it. It even if he was convicted and the NFL didn’t banned him, cause ray rice would have been picked up, but the NFL banned him.

DJ:                                          34:36                     I believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the court because if the team or the NFL does their due diligence to do the proper investigation and they come to the conclusion with evidence not made up that he did do this, that should be enough to say goodbye. You shouldn’t need the court to come in and say,

Jerry:                                     34:54                     sad to say this. You’re 100% correct, but I think they’ll wait. They’ll get their investigation, their results, and it doesn’t matter if the courts find him not guilty. We’re going to push these aside and he gets to play because he’s great. He’s got a skill that not many people can bring to this team.

DJ:                                          35:09                     If that’s the truth, than the NFL doesn’t care about character. They have no principles

Jerry:                                     35:13                     I don’t think the teams care about it and the Kansas City Chiefs to be, it’s a good example. I don’t think they care. They want to win. It all boils down to

DJ:                                          35:20                     This is what this what I don’t like about to sports. This is is, this is why I just get so disinterested in the scores and who hit the last home run or who going to last touchdown because of the lack of principle. It’s just, it makes me want to just go away and not do sports at all

Jerry:                                     35:35                     Our society coming to the point to where it’s all about, you know, Saints cried, it looked the NFL is doing it this because the Saints cried so much about that Uh, interference penalty. Wait until this year with this stupid new rule about the pass interference and uh, they get to challenge it. That’s going to bite. I hope it’s the Saints in the ass. It’s going to really come back and hit them because they’re going to get a good defensive play. The other team’s going to review it and it’s going to be called interference. What the Saints complained about, they’re going to get, there’s going to come full circle, but that’s the league with the state would come from society. We complain, we see it, we don’t like it, change it, especially if it helps us win. That’s my, I guess my point long as we win, that’s all that matters. Whatever it takes goes back to, we were talking about before. It’s that same philosophy or principle. It doesn’t matter if we win, it’s all copesthetic.

DJ:                                          36:23                     You’re not entitled to a victory. You’re not entitled to a championship

Jerry:                                     36:26                     and Detroit fans, we would say otherwise,

DJ:                                          36:28                     and there’s where I disagree. Anyways, you’ve been listening to the Grand Designs Podcast. Uh, just to let you know once again, how to get a hold of us or call to action are a website is Email us at GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Listen to us at Stitcher or iTunes. Watch us on Youtube and on Facebook and you can go to our website to look at the, uh, transcripts. Read along with the transcripts or read the blog.

Jerry:                                     36:59                     We would really love to hear back from you if you have the opposing viewpoint. If you think it doesn’t matter, please let us know. Write in, uh, visit our website. Email is, tell us that doesn’t matter. It’s all about winning. We’d love to hear that and we’ll talk about it.

DJ:                                          37:11                     This has been the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

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