Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 16 – What’s the Point of Detroit Sports Talk Radio? Transcript

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Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Design Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to the Grand Designs Podcast, episode 16. I’d like to tell you how to get in touch with us. Our website is Our email is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. You can follow us on Instagram which is @granddesignspodcast and to follow us on Twitter is @granddesignspod. We’re also now on Stitcher and you can subscribe to us on both Facebook and YouTube. Today is going to be a very ironic type podcast because we are a sports, uh, primarily sports talk podcast and we’re going to be talking about sports talk radio and not always that great.

Jerry:                                     01:16                     Yes, correct. And we’re going back now to when it first started and I can remember back in the late eighties I was excited. I was excited to hear the Mitch Albom that was going to bring on a sports talk radio on the FM channel. No less. Cause that was the first time it was ever on FM. And uh, secondly, it wasn’t AM most of the sports talks if you found any, was on an am radio. And we didn’t get the reception. We weren’t that good or unless. It was two o’clock in the morning. So I was excited. I was looking forward to it. And at first it was great. Uh, the Wings were just starting to come out of their dead wing era. They’re starting to get good. They were relevant. Uh, Pistons were actually winning their championships. 88, 89, 90 a they want 89 90. So it was at the time, one to two hours every Sunday. And I thought it was pretty cool. Now a couple times you’d get the people who would call in and they would pretty much just complain about someone’s salary, how they ought to be benched or the lineup was wrong, or they should go and do this with the team. And they would cut that caller out because that was the most moronic caller who thinks they and they, these fans think they know more than the coach. And the GM president, owner, everything. Uh, so I enjoyed it, but as it evolved, it basically became like it is right now, which is what we’re talking about. What’s the point of sports talk radio today? And I’ll start it off with uh, yes, they talk about mostly scores and I’ve been at first before we started doing this podcast, before we start discussion even doing one, I didn’t listen to it as much as I used to cause it just got, I didn’t like listening to the fans complain about I pay their salary, just saying some pretty ignorant things. But then as we do on the podcast, I have to start listening and I, I want to say about six months ago pretty much stop listening to a couple shows on the Ticket 97.1 DFN. Uh, now I’m listening to it for this podcast and mainly this week because of our topic. And it was really funny that, uh, on Sunday they were talking about literally as if the host was better than the scouts out there explaining how saber metrics have improved baseball. It’s easier to watch in again coming across as if he was better for, I don’t think anyone needs to be told how a 2-0 count is different from an 0-2,

DJ:                                          03:28                     Only the most ignorant.

Jerry:                                     03:31                     Well that’s what he was going on. People don’t understand Casey Mize. This was the point. He’s an awesome rookie within the Tiger organization. He was drafted, I think number one, last year. He threw a no hitter in AA. This guy had the actual nerve to say he would’ve got crushed in the big leagues. That same outing, he would have lasted two innings here. How, where do you come off saying that? And that basically just just destroyed this kid’s accomplishment, which still even in AA throwing a no hitter is just that. It’s a no hitter. That’s awesome for him. Uh, he’s building his way up to the major leagues. The kid never said he would have pitched a no hitter in the major leagues, for this guy to come out and say that he wasn’t managing his count right. He doesn’t understand how to pitch as if this guy was the guru of baseball.

DJ:                                          04:15                     Let me get this straight. He threw a no hitter yet. He wasn’t managing his pitch count. Right. That makes sense.

Jerry:                                     04:21                     Only in the sense of if he was in the major leagues, he was doing it all wrong. He would’ve been, he wouldn’t have, he would’ve been pulled using the same tactic that he used to get the no-hitter. If he did that in the major leagues who had been pulled in the second inning because he was behind on counts. He was giving hitters, hitter counts 2-1, 2-0. I know that most people know 2-0 or 3-0 becomes a hitter’s count and a 1-2 is a pitcher’s count. I don’t think we need to hear that from a sports

DJ:                                          04:49                     Isn’t that the point of the minor leagues? You do that and you learn from your mistakes and you

Jerry:                                     04:53                     Correct and I agree, but for this guy to come out and say and basically diminish Casey Mize’ accomplishment, what’s the point? This is what talk radio is turned into.

DJ:                                          05:03                     To me that is exactly the same as preseason polls. They mean absolutely nothing they’re absolutely meaningless.

Jerry:                                     05:08                     What really got me thinking about this as the NFL draft, the NFL draft, the sports talk radio just talks and focus on mock drafts and this year is an awesome point. I don’t know how many times they wouldn’t get a mock draft and how the lines they wanted this person in that person, it went from Devin Bush to just a number of players. Now the Lions did not pick who these radio talk show host wanted and because they didn’t pick who they presume to be the talent, they are just trashing the Lions for picking it. But my point is it was a wasted talk because you don’t know until these kids go out and play and you’ve got to give these kids time to progress and grow. Not with these fans and sports radio. They already Pritchard, I’m sorry, Richard, the Lions coach,

DJ:                                          05:56                     Patricia

Jerry:                                     05:57                     Patricia, they’re telling him if he has a bad year, he’s gone this year, just two years. How can anyone come in and I would call the Lions organization toxic because they don’t know how to win and turn it around in two years? You will never find a coach that’s going to last with that thinking.

DJ:                                          06:10                     The they you’re talking about I’m assuming is sports radio

Jerry:                                     06:14                     Sports radio. Yes. They’ve said

DJ:                                          06:15                     They have no authority.

Jerry:                                     06:16                     They, no, I agree. But necessarily they will say they do, they pay them, they pay their salaries. They are the customer. So they do, I don’t agree with it, but there’s where they’re coming from when they say this, which is again, ridiculous. It’s not about sports. Interviewing, uh, the general manager, that’s what it used to be with Mitch Albom. He did a lot of interview with the guy, was a good interviewer. Uh, it also gets into it, we’re gonna talk about later of how they get sidetracked because I think Mitch Albom couldn’t do that for 24, seven period. He could do that once a week for two hours. It was a good show. Once it went 24-7, the whole format just changed. Uh, when it first came out, you were the first one to say it was for the weak minded. You just didn’t like it to begin with. And I argued with you on how it was great and blah blah blah. It has turned out to where you are completely right. I want to say a majority of the listeners are flat out, weak minded and we’ll get into how I, why I say that as we go first, first and most is their content. It’s boring and I really get disturbed frustrated when they’re doing these brackets of the best sitcom of all time and a 64 NCAA bracket. Now that either tells me they have nothing to talk about on sports and I can’t really believe they have. There’s something to talk about that they don’t have to do these ridiculous tournaments. So their content is boring scores and like the gentleman on Sunday, uh, who thinks he knows and he is a a memory recollection of who stole the most bases, who’s got the best batting average, how this player batted this. He claims to know all that stuff and that’s what they want to talk about.

DJ:                                          07:49                     Everything that is boring about sports talk radio. This goes along with my theory that you really can’t have a 24 hour sports. I don’t care if it’s a TV network or radio because eventually you come to a point where you have to talk about other things and that’s what those polls are, you’re not talking about sports

Jerry:                                     08:08                     right now and they’re not doing the polls. I think they’ve ran out of things to actually have 64 things that go against and call in. Now. It gets into politics and that’s what really personally the, you know, these guys had some critical thinking and they’re talking about maybe the proper way to look at things. Like for example, you don’t trust the government. And I don’t like anyone telling me that I have to trust the government. And they had a show where you have to trust the CDC, the telling you to get your kids innoculated cause you gotta trust them. You’ve got to do it. That’s not the format for this show. Another person..

DJ:                                          08:42                     well, a talk radio show

Jerry:                                     08:43                     sports talk radio. Another uh, another one of their calls, their hosts of the show said, we have to back a Whitmers 45 cents gas plan. Got to get the roads fixed. Got It back. It just nothing you can do, buddy. You got to suck it up and find the money. Uh, no, he’s not even thinking about when Granholm did it. There’s no critical thinking about it. It was already done. It’s just you have to, you have to do it. They’re telling me how I have to think about more money come out of my check when the goal was to keep as much as possible.

DJ:                                          09:10                     Well, my problem with that is they’re ripping out morality. I’ve said it before in this podcast that morality is a guide for our choices and actions. And the operative word there is choice. And you tell me I have to do something. You’re taking away my choice. You’re taken away morality and worse than that, you’re arrogantly replacing my morality with yours saying you have to do this.

Jerry:                                     09:32                     Correct. I completely agree with that. But there’s a problem. They can do a lot of politics and uh, one show more than others. There is one in the afternoon show kind of sticks to the sports. They rarely, rarely, they will get into a like a plane crashing or uh, the government, uh, taking a grounding all the 720’s or 747’s is that recently, mainly, just briefly, but there are others that will just focus on the topic of a politic and I just can’t figure out, cause it’s a sports talk radio. In the beginning you never would’ve heard Mitch Albom talk about this. He would have been interviewing somebody. It wouldn’t have been about politics. Matter of fact, it was to get away from the politics is why I think they brought in this one hour or two hours of sports. Or sports related cause again it was only the Wings and Pistons who were doing good. Uh, but the uh, ESPN, that’s a part of it too. When we were growing up, we got 10 minutes on 11 o’clock, six o’clock news. We didn’t get any highlights. A for West Coast, uh, baseball except for this week in baseball with Mel Allen. That’s how we caught up on all the baseball news. We never had ESPN the 24-7. But as you point out, what’s the for?

DJ:                                          10:40                     It’s for entertainment and notice that it comes first two, which means entertainment is primary, sports are second. And they reinforced that by playing things that really are not talking sports like poker. I really would not call that a sport and, and I wouldn’t necessarily call a cattle rustling, which they show a sport not in the sense of baseball, football and hockey. There’s traditional sports.

Jerry:                                     11:03                     Do you know what corn hole is?

DJ:                                          11:04                     No, I don’t.

Jerry:                                     11:04                     The game corn hole on ESPNU or ESPN3, one of the two. They have the corn hole championships. Cornhole is that where they had at two ends the box with a hole in the middle that thought beanbag.

DJ:                                          11:16                     Oh my gosh.

Jerry:                                     11:20                     The corn hole championships. That’s one of the,

DJ:                                          11:20                     That should prove to you. That’s exactly, that reinforces exactly what I’m saying.

Jerry:                                     11:24                     It kind of brings back dodge ball when they said how they uh, it’s on Ochoa ESPN8 the Ochoco for obscured sports, which is the truth that that’s what it’s turned into.

DJ:                                          11:32                     Well, remember when they didn’t, a couple a few years ago they even showed wiffleball.

Jerry:                                     11:37                     Yes. It’s gotten to where it’s like all sports are now, but it goes back to the entertainment. It’s not sports, it’s entertainment, sports network period. End of story there just to entertain you f

DJ:                                          11:47                     sports programing.

Jerry:                                     11:48                     As a matter of fact, it’s a, it’s gone down to where the people are leaving the cable and the ESPN had to just cut back on a budget because a, they’ve seen a lot of lost revenue because of the streamers is basically what’s taking their money away.

DJ:                                          12:00                     Well, I also think it’s because they lack interesting sports. Those ones we’re talking about right now, that’s what’s driving their customers away. Had they put on sports that the customers were interested in, they’d still have those. Even with the streaming, they’d still have those people watching because they did not do proper programming. It’s, that’s what drove them away.

Jerry:                                     12:20                     Correct. Now you to go back to the Mitch Albom Show. Yes. They were started in 1998 and it came to a, I think in 2003 or 2013 maybe not sure.

DJ:                                          12:31                     Wait a minute, didn’t Mitch Albom start in like 1987 on WLLZ?

Jerry:                                     12:37                     ’88 LLZ you are correct. Um, night. I was thinking 98 or 97 was the Wings first came around when the championship, that’s when it really exploded and the sports talk kind of went to where for the first time they had 105.1 and WDFN going head to head. There’s an article written by a Jeff Moss back in 2013 basically comparing 105 to 97.1 the only reason I bring this article up and I’ll just read one quote from it is back in the beginning, stony was a Mike Stone was Mitch’s producer. He took calls. I’m not sure exactly what, he was not really in the show. You hear them once in awhile. I think to the end of that show he came out and we discuss it. You just said earlier, he basically said if you live in Detroit you have to root for Detroit sports. And he’s backing was in Philadelphia, he was a huge Philadelphia. I mean he still likes to Flyers cause it was his hometown. Uh, the Broadway bullies, he loved them so he still likes them. But because he moved to Detroit, he roots for Detroit now. It just irked me so much that I could not listen to the lost all respect for him because he’s telling me, this is back in ’88 when it first started, maybe in the 90s at the end of the Mitch Albom era that I had to like the Lions, which means for the next 30 some years I would have to be in misery because it was his rule and I had to only because I lived in these geographical boundaries, I lost respect, did not listen to him from that point on when he got his own show, whenever I hear him, the radios turned. And matter of fact, I don’t listen to the morning show. I cannot comment on what they talk about cause I programming. It just doesn’t come out of my radio. I will not listen. So I don’t know what he talks.

DJ:                                          14:19                     Well, my question to him then based on that saying, I have the root for the Detroit area sports because I live here

Jerry:                                     14:25                     Because you live here

DJ:                                          14:26                     Based on what standard of value? Because it’s not a moral standard of value because, once again, if I have, if I’m a moral standard would be I have choice.

Jerry:                                     14:34                     I don’t think he brought his moral standards,

DJ:                                          14:36                     But he doesn’t understand that. That’s so far above their head.

Jerry:                                     14:38                     He got pretty heated with his passion about how you had to, and I don’t know if it was just his job was being in Detroit because his job has been sports ever since he’s been here and he does live here. I get it, but that just, it turned me off.

DJ:                                          14:51                     But the passion, here’s the problem with sports talk radio. It’s so nonintellectual you’re talking about passion. That’s emotion. That’s, that’s not what they should be talking, not what should be brought out is it should be an intellectual endeavor and that is why I don’t like sports talk radio in Detroit or just in general because it lacks an intellectualism.

Jerry:                                     15:13                     Now at the time when he said this, I wanted to basically call and just say, well, what right do you have to tell me who I have to root for.? And I couldn’t say this then, but I can say it now. Do you understand that you wanted me to root for a team for 30 years of misery for at the potential of one year of glory if they ever do in the Superbowl? Talking the Lions. So I have to be miserable like you for 30 years because you liked the Lions because it’s your job. Again, I just lost respect. I just decided, you know something not going to complain. I’m just not going to listen to the guy. And when I heard he had his own show shows done, now there’s cohort Jamie Samuelson, listen, I liked that guy he was on with Jamie and Wojo, i listened to the Wojo and Jamie show for a long time ago. And I’m like, whoa. Joe Was Stoney never listened to Wojo ans Stony cause of Mike Stone. So again, I can’t comment on the morning show. The midday show hall ever her a Carson Anderson. I do. That’s my favorite of all the shows, the ones I listened to. And that’s probably the one at lunch I’ll listen to uh, Gator’s entertaining. It’s more of he’s kind of funny uh, Doug Karsch, he’s the one that goes into the political part that I just, dude, leave…Your sports, your Michigan sideline broadcaster. You’re talking about sports. Keep it there. Do not tell me I have to back a 45 cents tax. That I already paid years ago with Granholm and I don’t want to call in to bring that point up to you cause you will hang up on me. And that’s why I don’t call it in the sports talk. They just, when you prove them wrong, they hang up, they want to talk to you off the air you go. You’re on a time delay there. It’s wasting your breath. Now to go in there and be a guest and talk about this. I would enjoy that because I would have pointed out to Mr Karsch, you’re forgetting what Ms Granholm she did just that. And where’s the money? The roads get fixed. So why are you advocating, and again that I have to, in your words, trust the government.

DJ:                                          16:55                     I can’t believe I don’t remember his name. Van Allen or something. Who is that guy who used to blow people up on their radio show? He was the, he was on Detroit local TV and then he had a radio show.

Jerry:                                     17:07                     I can’t think of his name. Yeah, he didn’t last very long.

DJ:                                          17:09                     He didn’t do politics. He did just sports and he would cut people off even though he doesn’t agree with on sports.

Jerry:                                     17:14                     Yes, no, no. That’s exactly where,

DJ:                                          17:16                     what was his name?

Jerry:                                     17:17                     Yeah, it may come to me before we end our hope podcast and if I remember it for the next podcast, I will bring it up. But I know you’re talking

DJ:                                          17:23                     Earl Van Right

Jerry:                                     17:23                     Yes, that’s him. Yes. Van Allen. That’s what I was thinking. It was the van. You were right, but yes, you are correct. He would just blow you up because you didn’t agree with him, so I didn’t listen to his show. Once I seen that happening, I was done.

DJ:                                          17:36                     He did it to me once.

Jerry:                                     17:37                     Really?

DJ:                                          17:38                     Remember. I called that out.

Jerry:                                     17:39                     That’s right.

DJ:                                          17:39                     Dan Marino,

Jerry:                                     17:40                     right

DJ:                                          17:40                     and his pragmatic little fake spike.

Jerry:                                     17:42                     Oh, we disagreed on that and at that time, and yet he disagreed with, he disagree with you, but he didn’t have to blow you up. He could have listened. So from that point on, I realized if I were to call in and said, are you nuts? Trusted government? What’s that? What’s wrong with you? Are you out of it? Just the button would have been pushed. And I wanted literally ask him, what is wrong with you that I have to trust the government? And he says that, right? We’ve got to trust him. Right? Uh, you won’t even trust the sports team, your coach, your GM, yet you’ll trust the government because if they have basically said they have no faith and they’ve come a long way, these guys are, the Lions have, they’re really not running the organization properly. They’re not winning other organizations. So again, that’s where Gator can be funny. He is entertaining and of all of them, he applies the most critical thinking. I haven’t really heard of him say anything ridiculous of anyone yet that I just want to turn it off. So I, I do enjoy listening to their show. The afternoon show and it brings it right into today’s, uh, topic about sports radio and why these guys are even allowed to even talk. Um, if anyone hasn’t heard by the time you hear this podcast, Michigan’s coach John Beilein has left for the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I say to John, congratulations. Good for you. That’s awesome. As a Michigan fan of basketball, that hurts now it only hurts cause he did a good job. That doesn’t mean the next guy coming in will not do a good job. We have to wait and see. So the just condemn. The program would say it’s, it’s not gonna work as wrong to be pissed, is the word, at John Beilein for leaving. Now they also said to back them up, maybe it’s not John Beilein fault, it’s Michigan’s fault because they wouldn’t let them be bigger than Jim Harbaugh. And that’s where if I would have been driving, I would have gotten into an accident.

DJ:                                          19:24                     Who wouldn’t have let them been bigger than Jim Harbaugh? The fans, the athletic director?

Jerry:                                     19:30                     The fans, he brought the director’s name. I don’t know his name again, I’ll think of it, um, by the end of the show. But yes, the athletic director for not matching or he, he, they wouldn’t, the athletic director wouldn’t allow Beilein to be better than that. That was Jeff Rieger who started saying, and I just laughed. I laughed. That was part of, he was filling in for Karsch today

DJ:                                          19:51                     So, he wants to force popularity because that’s basically cause Harbaugh is more popular. Therefore, he’s pushing down Beilein

Jerry:                                     19:55                     Basically, he’s pissed. Beilein left because now he thinks the program’s done. Beelines gone. The program done, which is ridiculous. First of all, Beilein is 66. NBA life is much better. I am waiting to hear the contract or what he got, but he was making four and a half million in Michigan. I’m sure he’s going to get seven Gilbert, the Cleveland owner opened up that pocket book to get him there. He’s good. It’s a comfortable, normal recruiting. He could literally do a five year deal, be 71 years old and retire with his wife.

DJ:                                          20:23                     See, that’s the reason why I think he left, and I read this on my Twitter feed today, that he left because he was sick of the recruiting. He was sick of the having a good guy. And then having a bolt in one year.

Jerry:                                     20:32                     He has made it clear that the NBA was a goal. So what I looked at rigor and anyone in Michigan, even if you would’ve said it will make you bigger than Harbaugh, he wasn’t staying. He was going to the NBA. Now it gets into the afternoon where Mr Valenti wants to say, do you think anyone is going to come here and bigger than Harbaugh? And his proof was Keller Peria, Kentucky, Roy Williams at North Carolina. Uh, Mike, I have a hard time saying this guy’s name, Krzyzewski at Duke. Uh, hello. None of those schools you even mentioned has a football program to compete. Now if Kentucky or any of those North Carolina or Duke had a good football program, Calipari wouldn’t have got his money either. Which I Krzyzewski, I got it right, or Roy Williams. Those are basketball powerhouses, so he was implying that because (with) Beilein, Harbaugh wouldn’t let him be the big dog. It was Harbaugh was being…and Harbaugh has nothing to do with it and I will say this right now, Beilein has taken Michigan to the championship. I want to say two of the last three years. Had he won those two, he would’ve been bigger than Harbaugh.

DJ:                                          21:41                     I don’t know. I think just like, I don’t think you can happen in Texas Tech. I don’t think it happened in Notre Dame. Maybe not even Florida State. No,

Jerry:                                     21:52                     not Texas tech, Texas.

DJ:                                          21:54                     Okay, Texas

Jerry:                                     21:55                     This is where I’m going to agree that maybe, I don’t know if I want to put Michigan in that category because yes, you are correct. If their basketball coach, I think that Shaka Smart, if he wins three titles in the row, Texas, they are not being bigger than the Texas football program. I’m sorry. It’s just not going to

DJ:                                          22:09                     Alabama

Jerry:                                     22:10                     now. That one right there though. Saban has done seven championships. I think he has who’s going to come in and beat that? He’s done it.

DJ:                                          22:17                     This is my point that there are certain programs that no matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to top football

Jerry:                                     22:22                     If Saban was to retire and they tank it like they did with after bear Bryant left in the basketball program somehow starts winning. That guy’s going to be popular. It’s not the football coach dictating I’m the Alpha Dog.

DJ:                                          22:34                     No, it’s the program. I mean it’s the football program. It’s so dominant no matter who comes in. I have a hard time topping it.

Jerry:                                     22:40                     It’s the alumni loving the sport so much and the fans

DJ:                                          22:43                     That too.

Jerry:                                     22:43                     Okay. I, I’m not quite there with Texas. Yes. I’m not quite there with Michigan. Yeah, it’s a good program. It’s football school. Yes. I completely agree. But I really think if Beilein would’ve won those two or three national championships, I’ve heard, I based this on, I’ve heard Michigan fans starting to turn on Harbaugh, which I don’t, I don’t get, yes, he hasn’t won a Big 10, hasn’t beat Ohio state. That hurts no one more than me. But I see improvement compared to where he came from. That will come down the road. So seeing and hearing these people turn on Harbaugh. I would believe that a Beilein won, they would’ve gave him the attention

DJ:                                          23:20                     They would attention. But now just to give Harbaugh his chance, if he turns around and starts winning the Big 10, wins, and the national championship that we would go right back up in his favor.

Jerry:                                     23:27                     That’s where I’ll, there’s where Texas comes in, if Harbaugh was to win a couple of championships, there’s no basketball coming in that’s going to take it over and be bigger than Michigan football. I would agree. However, one of his options that he brought up was Juwan Howard is coming in as a new coach and this guy, he’s beloved, if he came here and won national championships and Harbaugh doesn’t, uh, he’s going to compete for the big dog. He’s one of those loud Fab five guys. So he’s going to, he’s come, he’s eccentric. He is not this shy person. He will bring his ego to the program if he was to get the job. So, I would disagree with it there. But what I found to be funny is of all these coaches that he used as an example, he didn’t use Izzo, he didn’t say Izzo also top dog

DJ:                                          24:06                     Because he doesn’t want to put down D’Antonio.

Jerry:                                     24:08                     He realizes that he was to say Izzo is the top dog, he just lashed at his football program. Now he’s been given D’Antonio a little bit of hell, but I will say only because D’Antonio, he didn’t fire his staff. He rearranged them, give them new positions and yeah, Valenti went off on him. Had Harbaugh done that. And he did say Harbaugh, he even fired his Uh, he put a bullet between the eyes of his best man at his wedding but he fired him. It’s about winning. So he brought that up with Harbaugh, but had Harbaugh, just readjusted, he would of went full out, full metal jacket. Not this he little bit passive anger. That’s what it was. Passive anger at D’Antonio but he’s a Spartan. I realize that, no matter what, he’s going to paint it that way. And today confirmed it because he didn’t have all the basketball programs that are powerhouses. And I’ve heard him bring up Izzo, I don’t know how many times about I could be wrong, 11 final fours and that could be 10. It could be nine. He’s been to a lot. I’ll give him credit there, but it’s only won one. That means he’s 1-10. If there were 11 appearances, but yet he’s a great coach. Great basketball coach. Why did he bring up Izzo with Calipari? Krzyzewski, Roy Williams? Why wasn’t that brought up?

DJ:                                          25:14                     This goes into what? It’s not intellectual. It was emotional. He was, he was riding on his emotions.

Jerry:                                     25:19                     Correct. I basically heard him say that Harbaugh, basically the fans, the atmosphere would never let Beilein become bigger. And that’s not what he implied. He implied that Jim Harbaugh would not let Beilein ever because Harbaugh was the Alpha Dog. That’s what he, that’s what he implied. He didn’t come on and say that I listen, I listen very carefully on the way to the podcast. I also heard him come out. I don’t know the headline. I haven’t, uh, I didn’t read it. Uh, DFN came out and put a headline out. But what he said and he was not happy. He wanted to take it down, reword it. They took them out of context. He did not like what was coming back at him. Which brings me to the point, why are you doing this? Why are you, hey, good luck. Congratulations. Good luck to Michigan and other under coaching Um, search. There’s no need to get angry, especially the, as the callers who call in. And one was pretty dumb. Um, sometimes entertainment purposes, the Valenti can be funny cause the guy called up and said the Michigan should hire Patino. You know Pitino is.

DJ:                                          26:26                     Yeah, of course.

Jerry:                                     26:27                     He’s on hireable. He was correct when he said that for

DJ:                                          26:30                     He’s with like Kentucky now

Jerry:                                     26:33                     No, he was with Louisville,

DJ:                                          26:34                     Louisville. That’s right

Jerry:                                     26:36                     got caught in an event that he don’t want to talk about, you know, not really being faithful to your wife, but that’s not, he now just got recently fired for that, uh, agents scam with the Nike or Adidas paying players. He was let go. He’s suing the school for it, but because of that, he’s considered crooked. He’s not going to get it. You could have came here years ago to de Michigan, but not now, so that color, that was pretty ridiculous. Another caller called them and just as ridiculous Harbaugh’s going to influence the head basketball coach, they bring in, you know, you know he’s going to bring is? Tom Cream. Do you know Tom Cream is?

DJ:                                          27:09                     Who?

Jerry:                                     27:09                     Used to be the Indiana coach? Harbaugh’s brother-in-law?

DJ:                                          27:12                     Yes.

Jerry:                                     27:13                     So Harbaugh keep him down. He’ll know his place.

DJ:                                          27:17                     Well, if he put a bullet through the eyes like you said of his best man. Why? That doesn’t make sense.

Jerry:                                     27:22                     That’s my whole point is look, a Michigan State fan does not like Harbaugh. The threat is there. Oh, they loved the fact he hasn’t been a big 10 championship, but they also are very nervous that could end soon. Well, he has changed the program and they know it.

DJ:                                          27:37                     Some predominant popular Michigan State guy came back to Michigan State. Would he treat him like he treats Harbaugh? The only guy I can think of right now, even though he’s in baseball Kirk Gibson, what if he came back and coached football? He did play football at State. Would he treat him like he’s treating Harbaugh?

Jerry:                                     27:55                     At times, I like to give Mr. Valenti can be, I don’t want to say objective, but he can very be direct and honest and that’s what sometimes I like about him where he loses that directness when it comes to Michigan State and Michigan, like this whole Harbaugh and Beilein thing. Ridiculous.

DJ:                                          28:10                     Well, that’s why I brought up Kirk Gibson and Michigan State

Jerry:                                     28:12                     if Izzo was to leave, now this is going back, if Izzo was going to go to the NBA. They would not be tearing him up. They would be wishing him good luck and they surely would not be saying that this was a much higher than D’Antonio. It just wouldn’t, it just, it’s not the case. Why didn’t he bring it up today? Because he didn’t want to point out the fact that his football program is not to the level. You don’t want to admit that your basketball program may basically means if you’re basketball program is number one, your football program is crap because football is big dog come College football season, everyone flocks to it. The NCAA basketball is huge, but football is much bigger. So he made a mistake, but not bringing up Izzo just a crucial mistake because Izzo is a top ranked coach now.

DJ:                                          28:54                     I think he knew what he was doing

Jerry:                                     28:55                     Years ago when, uh, the Lebron James was at Cleveland. I don’t think it was a first it was in the first run. He went there, Izzo was up for the Cleveland job now. It wasn’t Mr Valenti, it was a Mr Caputo who just gave this lecture. How Izzo can’t leave. He owes Michigan state. He had to stay a, how dare Cleveland take him away. Here we go again. Why can’t he do a better life? He doesn’t have to stay at Michigan because you like the school so much and you fear the program stinking after he leaves. That’s what it was about. Anybody else, It was good luck. You know, he’s earned it. Not Izzo. Izzo Head to stay. Now Izzo ended up, did turn it down and he did stay. Um, I’m not going to say it’s a mistake because it’s his life. He gets to choose what he wants to do and Izzo likes it, but they don’t realize by talking about Harbaugh and Beilein and leaving out Izzo, they’ve made a big omission about their football program yet they want to brag about it. How great, how great it is, how good it is.

DJ:                                          29:51                     Every, every single program has ups and downs. You mentioned Alabama. Look at Michigan. Should we have then

Jerry:                                     29:58                     it’s all cycles.

DJ:                                          30:00                     been mad when Lloyd Carr retired. Say, no, he has to stay from Michigan because look, it’s 20/20 hindsight. But look what happened after he left and how the program went down. So based on that argument, we should have mad at Lloyd Carr say, no, you had to stay.

Jerry:                                     30:12                     And that’s where they’re coming from because of what happened to the program. And you’ve got Rich Rod and then, um, God, I can’t believe I forgot the guy has a Rich Rod.

DJ:                                          30:20                     Brady Hoke

Jerry:                                     30:20                     Yeah. He was just as horrible. Both those guys took Michigan to their lowest points. And that’s why people think like right now oi Harbaugh was to jump back into the NFL. Oh my God. The people on suicide watch at Michigan because automatic is going to go, it’s going to go down, it’s going to go bed. Not even giving the next coach (that) would come in to chance.

DJ:                                          30:36                     That might be true, but it could also go up and it’s, it’s a pendulum. It’s a cycle. I’ll come back around.

Jerry:                                     30:42                     Correct. And I think that it’s like it’s a cycle with Ohio state. Yeah. They won the last 10 before that, Michigan had their streaks and when oh god I don’t know what year it was when, uh, uh, Ohio State was favored. I mean, every year Michigan seemed to beat them. Now, I just couldn’t believe they always beating them when Ohio state should have one. That’s kind of swung now. Ohio States always beating Michigan. Now, I will say it’s going to be different now that are Urban Liar has left. So I think that’s a whole different thing now with the new coach

DJ:                                          31:08                     Do you mean UM?

Jerry:                                     31:09                     Correct you. Yeah, you went with a whole different story there. Uh, so the afternoon show, it can get a little bit intense. And again, I’d love to call in, but if they don’t agree with you, they won’t even let you on and you’ll just, you won’t be exploded, but you’ll be hung up on or he just won’t be able to do it. Take the tolerance of you cause you’re not thinking along his lines. You’re not agreeing with him. Evening Show was Bogey and Wojo rarely listened to them. It’s only because I’m not in the car or I don’t listen to sports talk when I met in the house. Uh, Wojo I’ve heard from other shows he’s been on in each just more funny. He could be a comedian, on his own, just how he talks about things and, and he’s a Harbaugh junkie. Uh, and Valenti just, uh, rides him for never ever bashing Harbaugh in an article. Just calls him the Messiah. You, you worship the Messiah, Valenti geodes him on the air, tell the truth. Write a bad article, write a bad article about Harbaugh come on. Again, all those reponse(s) are always comical and funny. That’s why I like, I enjoy listening to Wojo when I can, uh, Mr Bogey. He’s, he’s brand new. I really can’t comment because I don’t really listen much. I even know much about him. Now. The fill ins are all really different. They, again, they just fill in. So I’d like today it was Riger. Um, The only thing I don’t like about Mr Riger, It’s his job. He’s a writer. I get it. But they have to ask questions. And recently, Brad Asumus Is, you know who Brad Asumus is?

DJ:                                          32:33                     The former Tiger coach.

Jerry:                                     32:35                     Correct. Just came back to the, uh, he’s managing the Anaheim angels now. Or is it Los Angeles Angels?

DJ:                                          32:40                     Los Angeles.

Jerry:                                     32:41                     Uh, well the Angels came to town and he had to ask about, was the downfall of the Tigers, Do you think it was your fault? Why would you do that? It’s in the past. Are you just opening wounds of poor guy

DJ:                                          32:51                     Because he believes in Gotcha journalism. That’s what that, that’s a form of that is

Jerry:                                     32:55                     and, but Brad Ausmus was, yeah, go ahead and blame me. It was awesome response. Yeah. Let them keep blaming me. Dude, What’s your problem? He enjoys it. Enjoys it so much. And there’s another example. I, if I blame anybody for this current, this past basketball season, uh, Michigan was doing great. Like I think 20-0, 19-0 and Michigan State lost two huge players. They’re one and two on their team. When those teams, when those guys went down, this guy on the radio trolled the state fans, how it was in the bag, Michigan was gonna win. They’re going to trounce them, wasn’t going to be closed. Beilein up on is smoking a cigar because these two guys are gone. What happened?

DJ:                                          33:33                     They came back from injury eventually.

Jerry:                                     33:35                     No, they didn’t come back from injury. They at the tournament, these guys came back. He never came back. No. No. Even with these players gone state beat the crap out of Michigan and he became quiet. So the whole point of this outline and our topic today is why would you do that? Why would you even bring up the fact and troll these fans when the game has been played yet? Like it’s automatic in the bag. What is the point? And then when it goes the other way, we don’t even talk about it. There’s no accountability. Don’t want to bring up how you were complete. I can’t say the radio want to keep our podcast clean, but I’ll say jerk for even saying those things when the game was even played yet, it goes back to the NFL draft why they even have in mock drafts, why they even criticizing. You can’t criticize the pics until at least three, four years down the road. Then you can say it was a good picker that you can’t say it right now and not to mention what it does for these kids when the giants are guilty of this too, but more so in Detroit because they’re just lashing at Quinn and Patricia for the picks. Why?

DJ:                                          34:37                     Because they don’t understand the reasoning behind it. If they did, maybe they wouldn’t lash.

Jerry:                                     34:41                     And here’s the other point, Quinn and they champ. It’s like Stafford that they’ve turned on Stafford. And there is another reason why I don’t like sports radio. They’ve turned on Matt Stafford when he came in. Oh my God, they’re talking about Stafford like you’re talking about, uh, who’s the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns right now. Just got drafted I can’t remember his name. Good quarterback. Cocky. Great attitude

DJ:                                          35:07                     Baker

Jerry:                                     35:08                     Baker Mayfield. Thank you. Baker Mayfield but cocky. They’re talking about Stafford, how great he was. He separated shoulder in a Cleveland game. He stayed in the game and they just love Matt Stafford. Well, they haven’t won a Superbowl and they’ve now Stafford’s done, even these, uh, radio hosts are saying they would keep the faith in Stafford. They would deal with these callers saying, you know, literally you’re an idiot and you don’t know what talking about your calling in. You know what Stanford goes through. He works hard, he practices, but this year they said, no, we’re off the bandwagon. He’s done. He bring us to the promised land. Now I would, I don’t think Matthew Stafford a cares or listens, but what’s the point of saying something like that? This guy, if I have to root for the home team because I live here,

DJ:                                          35:51                     well then you should have room for Stafford.

Jerry:                                     35:52                     Doesn’t that applied to, yeah, you have to root for Stafford and now it’s a completely 360 now and they are trashing (Stafford), I mean it’s the point. I didn’t want to hear the Lions talk because these fans and these, I want to call them Djs with these hosts have no clue about the comments of what they’re doing. The negativity and negativity as much stronger than positivity. It just grows like cancer at a much quicker rate and their negative plant, that’s all they are flat out negative because, we discussed other episodes, they are jealous that these guys are making money that they, because they pay a ticket, they get to say the lineup, pull them, not pay their salary. When I want to ask them, like we talked a little bit about these a gentleman and what they do, well, they’re not going to like this, but yet they do the same things and to these players and don’t I pay their salaries by buying the products of their advertisers. So if I pay their salaries, like they say, I feel the call theater shown say you should be candy, you’re horrible. I’ll never get on. They’ll cut me off. They will know that that on the radio, but my point being is they would never allow me to do that. No Fan would let me come into their shop assembly line and say, you know I bought a GM car. You suck. You’re out. And what are they paying you? 30 bucks an hour. Why isn’t it 10? that wouldn’t be allowed.

DJ:                                          37:15                     If they were logically consistent. They would, but they’re not

Jerry:                                     37:17                     They wouldn’t be. No. It would become in if I came in and did that because I bought using their logic. I bought the product, so I’m paying their salary so I can fire you. I can say, you don’t get that money. No. Then we got the union to protect him and there’s, you know, you know, you can’t do that. You can’t come in here, so why doesn’t apply? There’s was a little bit of hypocrisy with the fans and these hosts that they’re not holding themselves accountable to what they say and even talk about. And I was a little bit, some of the topics, I don’t know if I want to talk about it. They just go into like the politics. I don’t understand sports talk, it’s sports related. If you cannot find a sports related topic in a major city of Detroit, um, sports radio should not be 24/7. There’s your answer. You’ve got to go back to the Mitch Albom days, whatever limit it. But if you’re going to talk about politics, I’m because of this podcast, I now have to listen. I was done listening to any of that before we got into doing this, but um, podcasts and made me what made the thing about it was the complete lunatic on these… In the radio of sports. And what they’re saying that made us want to come and talk about sports ethics. Doing the right thing. Discipline when no one’s looking. Uh, most of these fans and these, uh, DJ’s, that host will tell you that if you don’t get caught, you cheat. You’re okay. Well, principals,

DJ:                                          38:42                     a lot of my problem with…see you, you are a glutton for punishment. The reason I can’t, I just cannot stand sports talk radio is because it’s so mind numbingly boring.

Jerry:                                     38:54                     I’m going to agree with you now. I didn’t in the beginning, but now, but I do now because it’s our content. Some of these things these guys say and do, it’s not ethical and we’ve talked about sports ethics, not the home runs, not who hit .472 since Ted Williams or Babe Ruth’s home runs or Barry Bonds being juiced would even talk about that. It’s the ethics of the sports and how it goes into our culture. Saying that if I pay your ticket, I get to, I want to go buy a hamburger today. The hamburgers burnt, so, I’m going to fire that person. But what I wanted to bring up is if you went to McDonald’s and you got to crap Burger, would you go back?

DJ:                                          39:30                     I wouldn’t. They probably would. If you have to be a Lions fan, based on that logical consistency than I have to go back.

Jerry:                                     39:36                     Correct and based on no. If the product is bad guys, stop watching, stop going. They don’t have to. Martha Ford does not have to do anything for you as a fan or as a citizen of Detroit. It’s her team. She could literally, if she wanted to like the Kansas City Royals, just sit back and I don’t care if they don’t win a game. As long as I’m making my profit margin, I don’t. It’s her business to run

DJ:                                          40:04                     Based on that, the fans do have some power. They have the power to not show up, not pay, and then she would be forced.

Jerry:                                     40:10                     That’s the problem. I completely agree. A, we were talking about this at work. I love to bring in this one person who, and I couldn’t argue with her, I was bringing up, the only way you’re going to basically send a message to the lines is an empty stadium. Now back in the day, that would have been the case. You can’t say that now because I think the Fords and even worse teams could say, I don’t care about a full of stadium because I still get the TV from the NFL every year. Guaranteed,

DJ:                                          40:37                     But you would eventually lose that or at least some of that. If you had such low viewership,

Jerry:                                     40:42                     Here is what? Viewership but not, not actually fans in the stadium. Okay.

DJ:                                          40:46                     Both.

Jerry:                                     40:46                     But here’s why that’ll never happen. They will always fill the stadium because of this person who I work with. She just wanted, she never been to Lion game. She just, just to go to experience. It didn’t matter. They’ve been losing for their whole entire, her whole entire life. No, that could bring up no show signs of improving what so ever of a wanting to, even win. It didn’t matter to her, it was just to go to the game wear her jacket and be a fan says hey that she went so it didn’t matter about winning and losing those people will fill up that stadium. Now. I used to know a person, this was kind of funny that he was, you know, pretty well off and I wouldn’t say 1% or, but he had season tickets to the Lions back in the Silverdome. He took me to do a game and this is when I actually started catching on. He, uh, he’s giving me the binoculars. He goes, look across. He had some nice seats. We right across from William Clay Ford’s suite, like, yeah, William Clay Ford, what’s the problem with that? Well, what do you see as the problem? And I didn’t get it. And I go, what? I don’t say anything. The Guy Looks happy as hell. Yeah. That’s the problem. This is the Thanksgiving Day game. At the time there were like 3-10 because we’re 3-10. He’s smiling. He’s laughing

DJ:                                          41:51                     because the seats were filled

Jerry:                                     41:51                     Do you know why? Yeah, because he’s putting out a bad, can you imagine if Ford and he even said this and they put out a bad car, a bad product, and they didn’t sell anymore. He wouldn’t be laughing. But if the people came back and buying more car that kept breaking, he, these smiling the very next year he canceled his season tickets. He just couldn’t take it because he basically was realizing that William Clay Ford was an awesome businessman. It didn’t matter. I mean the guy was loyal to a fault. He stayed with his coaches, you know, as long as they could take us. He didn’t care. He was making his money and it was uh, enjoyment or just to have the team. So therefore it was his do wat he wants, he could do that, just to wrap it up, Mrs. Ford Right now, she can run her team and these fans have no say if you think you have a say, go into McDonald’s have a bad hamburger and then go back and say, I want that person fired. I bought this hamburger, I pay her salary. If you will not do that, then you can’t do it for the Lions or any team for that matter. Stop being jealous of the salary. Just enjoyed as what It’s worth. Winning or losing. Yay. Don’t let it ruin your life. But that being said though, if you have any of the opposite points that you want to bring to our attention, if you think we are out of line here about sports talk radio and that you enjoy the, uh, 97.1’s lineup, please email us. Instagram us, get ahold of us. Uh, we would also love to invite you in to be all guests on our show totalk about it. So please get ahold of us.

DJ:                                          43:16                     Well, just to put a little fine point on this, it’s sports talk radio that really we’re talking about today and it’s how they’re a nonintellectual endeavor. And there’s my biggest problem with it and is that’s why I can’t listen to it anymore.

Jerry:                                     43:29                     I know you’re tying it up and I agree, but back when Mitch Albom did it, it had a little bit more of that. It wasn’t like it is today. So I’ll agree with you. It is not intellectual and that’s my problem with it where I only listen to it because of this podcast. Otherwise, you’re right, it is numbing and I didn’t listen to it. But for this, I have to,

DJ:                                          43:45                     and I can’t even do that. So good for you. I can’t even listen to it cause I can’t take it. Anyways, you’ve been listening. Well, let’s tell you how to get ahold of us. Our website again is GrandDesigns, Email us at GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Um, and then Twitter is @granddesignspod, Instagram is @garnddesignspodcast. Um, I’m DJ Grand. You’ve been listening to my brother Jerry Grand. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

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