Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 18 – Sports Movies Transcript

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Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand, where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to the Grand Designs Podcast, episode 18. I’m DJ Grand. and I’m here with my brother, Jerry, as usual.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:44                     And our first official guest is Ryan Trainor.

Ryan:                                     00:48                     Yes, that’s really cool man, thank you.

DJ:                                          00:50                     In the history of the Grand Designs Podcast and the Trivia question comes up, who is the first guest, that’ll be Ryan Trainor.

Ryan:                                     00:57                     I’ll try to make it a grand episode.

DJ:                                          00:59                     There you Go, uh, let you know how to get ahold of us. You can hear us at just about anywhere you hear a podcast, now. Uh, you can follow us on Twitter @GrandDesignsPod, our Instagram is GrandDesignsPodcast. And our email is Today, hopefully, it’s a fun episode. We talking about sports movies and we’ll all go to go over our favorite sports movies. So Jerry, what’s yours?

Jerry:                                     01:23                     The top 10 correct?

DJ:                                          01:24                     Yes

Jerry:                                     01:24                     OK at number 10, “Brian’s Song.” I remember that one. Pretty emotional. I still, I still like watching it.

Ryan:                                     01:34                     Oh, okay.

Jerry:                                     01:35                     Are you comparing notes? I see, okay. All right. Number nine.

DJ:                                          01:38                     “Brian’s Song” was real sad though. I mean that was a heartbreaker.

Jerry:                                     01:41                     It’s still, it’s still kind of hard to watch at the end, but before that it was pretty cool with training camp with what they did together, how they grew. That was pretty nice.

Ryan:                                     01:48                     Is that Football? What sport?

Jerry:                                     01:50                     Yeah, football.

DJ:                                          01:51                     It’s with Brian Piccolo who ended up getting cancer and Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears. We in school actually had to read the transcript and then watch the movie and the girls are all crying at the end of the movie.

Jerry:                                     02:02                     It’s horrible. It’ll rip your heart out.

Ryan:                                     02:06                     Yeah, I’ll have to check it out.

DJ:                                          02:06                     Oh, that’s a good movie. It’s, but it’s old James Can uh, or Caan

Jerry:                                     02:12                     Caan,

DJ:                                          02:12                     He stars as a Brian Piccolo

Ryan:                                     02:16                     Was that the Eighties.

DJ:                                          02:16                     Oh, I want to say Seventies.

Jerry:                                     02:19                     Billy Dee Williams plays Gale Sayers.

Ryan:                                     02:21                     Oh wow, all right.

Jerry:                                     02:23                     He was real young back then.

Ryan:                                     02:24                     Before Star Wars

DJ:                                          02:26                     Way before Star Wars.

Jerry:                                     02:27                     I knew he was going to say that. Okay. Number nine, “CaddyShack.” That’s almost an all time classic.

Ryan:                                     02:34                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     02:34                     You know, Eight “Major League” now, Seven, I don’t know if you’ve heard of. Go on major league?

DJ:                                          02:41                     Well, well I’m not going to lash at your list. I just

Jerry:                                     02:44                     no feel free

DJ:                                          02:44                     “Major League” to me it was a crappy movie. I mean it had some funny parts, but it’s just hard for me getting through that and it’s, some of the characters are not believable. I mean,

Jerry:                                     02:57                     Well carrying the bat after he hit the home run. Some of those things. Yeah, I agree. But I thought it, yeah, those are funny, but I still enjoy watching it to this day.

Ryan:                                     03:05                     It’s a classic. I mean for a lot of people that you know, like these kinds of movies, it has to come up in conversation.

Jerry:                                     03:11                     Number seven is “Draft day.”

DJ:                                          03:13                     There’s one I never saw.

Jerry:                                     03:15                     That’s pretty awesome. Kevin Costner. It’s about the draft. The NFL draft and literally how he’s almost on the brink of getting fired and he says how he’s going to pull off these major deals. On the last day, he takes one owner, aka Detroit Lions for a sucker and actually gets like the number one pick for nothing. Turns out to be the kid was hurt. It’s really a good movie. If you want to see the ins and outs of what goes behind the scenes. They’ve had, they have Goodell. Uh, I forget the player, um, Denver Broncos linebacker. Stud of a linebacker. Oh. Can’t think of his name right now. I can see his face. I can see his picture. He’s a big time bonus playing. Anyways, he’s actually in the movie as a rookie draft pick. They actually haven’t gone through the NFL draft with Roger Goodell coming up. You know, they actually simulate the whole NFL experience. Um, Kevin Costner is the GM for the Browns.

DJ:                                          04:06                     Was this is a theatrical release?

Jerry:                                     04:08                     I don’t ever think went to the movies, but we went to a not pay per view or whatever right away.

DJ:                                          04:13                     Right to DVD?

Jerry:                                     04:14                     Yes. Right away

Ryan:                                     04:15                     With those actors. Really?

Jerry:                                     04:16                     Yep.

Ryan:                                     04:16                     I would think they would have that in theater.

Jerry:                                     04:18                     There’s even more than that. More big ones than that. I can’t offhand think of the other actors that were the other owners. Other GMS. I mean, again, big time football players. Even some head coaches. Roger Goodell was in it.

DJ:                                          04:31                     I can’t believe that got by me. I don’t remember

Ryan:                                     04:32                     I never heard of it, either.

Jerry:                                     04:34                     If you like to draft, you’ll like that movie.

Jerry:                                     04:37                     “Mystery Alaska” is number six.

Ryan:                                     04:40                     That’s the hockey one.

Jerry:                                     04:41                     Yes.

DJ:                                          04:42                     Yeah. I actually forgot about that one and it had a thought of it. It would be in my top 10 that’s a good movie.

Jerry:                                     04:47                     Yeah, it’s true. I still actually, again, it was like a “Major League.” I still, I’ll watch that. If I see this coming on, I’ll even save time and make sure I’m home just to watch that movie.

DJ:                                          04:55                     Only problem is Russell Crowe. You could tell he did not know how to skate.

Jerry:                                     04:58                     Yeah,

DJ:                                          04:58                     You can tell, he just wasn’t, he was not a skater.

Jerry:                                     05:02                     If you play hockey, you know, other than that, you’ll never know

DJ:                                          05:04                     Whenever you, whenever they filled him skating, he was gliding.

Jerry:                                     05:07                     Yes.

DJ:                                          05:07                     He was never, ever actually skating.

Jerry:                                     05:09                     Correct, he never took any strides

DJ:                                          05:11                     Yes.

Jerry:                                     05:12                     Number four, uh, no, I’m sorry, number five “61*”

Ryan:                                     05:17                     I never heard of that one either, jeez.

Jerry:                                     05:19                     That’s about a Roger Maris and the ’61 the year he hit 61 home runs and a beat Babe Ruth. But they just scared the dude scarred him for doing it, for breaking the record. They threatened him. It actually, I believe this is why he died of cancer because during that whole season, the press, literally the year before there used to play 150 games.

Ryan:                                     05:40                     OK

Jerry:                                     05:40                     This year in 1960 I believe it was 61 it may have been 61 they actually increased the league, the games to 162, so they got 12 more games this year. He’s on pace to blow it out of the water, him and Mickey Mantle and going back and forth. The writers basically say, you can’t do this. You got to put an asterisk by it. It doesn’t count. You know Babe Ruth is bigger, he hit, they’re going back to the day. So this is the commissioner saying, I remember him, Babe Ruth hit more home runs than all teams combined. It was just out to save Babe Ruth’s record. That’s all they wanted to do. And you had writers behind the scene telling them to actually put this asterisk in it. And the bad part was Roger Maris died never knowing he actually broke Babe Ruth’s record because he actually broke it after the 150 and that was a problem. The poor guy at hair coming out of his head, he actually wants to do, I’ll manager. Who was the manager of famous? It wasn’t Whitey Herzog because Whitey was the pitcher, but he went to him and said, “I don’t want to play,” and this is during the streak of of the home runs and the manager was like, “dude, you gotta play the fans coming to see you.” He’s like, I just, this is Roger Maris. “I just don’t want to go out there anymore.” It got into him that bad to where even Mickey Mantle had to take a stand and say, hey, leave him alone. And again, those guys were just going left and right.

DJ:                                          06:50                     Had there had been a Twitter in that time, he probably would have died of cancer before the season ended because he was getting so much hate mail and that really affected him. I mean Mickey Mantle was telling them, just ignore it. Just you know, let it go. But he took it to heart

Ryan:                                     07:04                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     07:06                     “That fat bastard still following me in left field” remember that quote

DJ:                                          07:10                     The Ghost

Jerry:                                     07:10                     Yeah, the Ghost is because even the New York fans now he’s playing for the Yankees and the Yankees fans really in the stands calling him a bum because there he was about to break the Babe Ruth’s record. It was horrible. If I would’ve been around that, I wouldn’t have been able to stand it. I just couldn’t believe it.

Ryan:                                     07:24                     Yeah, it sounds pretty bad.

DJ:                                          07:24                     You know, I imagine what Hank Aaron went through when he broke the record because there’s a racial thing involved there and I’ll bet you It was even worse than Roger Maris.

Jerry:                                     07:32                     It had to be. Just like Jackie Robinson breaking in probably.

DJ:                                          07:34                     Yeah, exactly.

Jerry:                                     07:36                     A number four “Slap Shot.” That’s a classic.

DJ:                                          07:40                     Oh, absolutely

Jerry:                                     07:41                     Come on, it’s a classic

DJ:                                          07:41                     Oh absolutely.

Jerry:                                     07:42                     The Hanson brothers alone when they play hockey, is worth watching it

DJ:                                          07:44                     Opening, Olgie Olgithorpe. I mean there’s so much,

Jerry:                                     07:48                     I don’t know the opening is the goalie.

DJ:                                          07:50                     The goalie, but he’s the one who was…

Jerry:                                     07:51                     Right. But on the talk show,

DJ:                                          07:53                     the two minutes, you feel bad that you’re free

Jerry:                                     07:55                     will you please “what is cross-checking? Oh, you take your stick and he cracked it right across the guy’s shin. He, he literally oof while live on TV.

DJ:                                          08:03                     It was more of a slash, too. But yeah, no, I, I agree, “Slap Shot” is an awesome movie.

Jerry:                                     08:09                     Number three is “Miracle.” That was a pretty cool movie, especially about that time and the behind the scenes. And from what I understand, it’s pretty accurate too actually. What happened? The speech is almost word for word.

DJ:                                          08:22                     Yes and no because, uh, there was a scene where, uh, they had to win against Finland in order to, uh, take the gold medal and

Jerry:                                     08:31                     they left that one out. I’m talking the one before Russia

DJ:                                          08:33                     have a hold on. The whole thing is because it was Disney made for family. Uh, when, uh, uh,

Jerry:                                     08:42                     Herb Brooks

DJ:                                          08:43                     Herb Brooks walks out, at first he tells them, you guys are gonna take this to the grave if you lose this game. And he walks out, turns around and says to the efin grave,

Jerry:                                     08:50                     to your efin grave

DJ:                                          08:52                     an f word was…

Jerry:                                     08:54                     I remember Eruzione saying that? Yes.

DJ:                                          08:56                     Yeah. Sold that. They cut that out. That wasn’t in the movie. So it was part, it was partly accurate.

Jerry:                                     09:03                     Well, I would say just getting them up to beat the Russians in that game. That speech, there was word for word. That’s what I meant.

DJ:                                          09:07                     I love Kurt Russell. I thought he was a great actor. He pulled off a great Herb Brooks. I mean, he did good. Yeah, I mean it was, it was, it was a good movie. It was, I just, I’m just saying, wasn’t as accurate as…

Jerry:                                     09:17                     Right, they even did a good job of replaying or recreating the actual goals that, remember you and I kind of watched that after it was played. And they’re almost the same. Hard to do, you know, when you’re trying to tell.

DJ:                                          09:27                     I loved the movie. I mean, got the feeling back of what was like back there watching it. Even though we’ve got it on tape delay. I think I still did that, that energy of America actually beating them, but that was something.

Jerry:                                     09:37                     The way Al Michaels announced “Do you believe in miracles” kind of dramatize it out. Number two was “North Dallas Forty” Now, you can’t start NFL season until you watched that movie first. Then they that used to be every NFL before the season. We had to watch that to open it up.

DJ:                                          09:52                     That movie has one of the funniest and greatest lines in all of movie. “That ain’t gross. Gross is when you go to kiss her Grandpa goodnight and he sticks his tongue down your throat. Now that’s gross.” That is one of the greatest lines in all of movie-dom. I still love that line.

Ryan:                                     10:06                     I never heard of this movie.

DJ:                                          10:09                     Once again, It’s another old one, but you should definitely check it out.

Ryan:                                     10:12                     What year

DJ:                                          10:12                     Well, oh, the ’70s

Jerry:                                     10:13                     okay. This is actually about uh, the Dallas Cowboys and the coach is Tom Landry and he literally treats Staubach is Mac Davis the quarterback. The tight end is who the wide receiver is in the movie. Basically, there’s this wide receivers got some skill, he can catch the ball but that, but he’s a an individualist. He’s not about the team and the coach hates that. Now this is the coach in the movie and he’s Tom, dresses like Tom Landry uses the computer against his players. No Damn one of you is better than that computer.

DJ:                                          10:45                     To me that’s philosophical. That says you as an individual, you’re not good enough. In fact, there was one play where uh, uh, the hero of the movie, that wide receiver, Nick Nolte’s character catches the game winning touchdown and he kind of tells the coach, you know, I caught the winning touchdown and Tom Landry’s characters says we let you that you catch that touchdown. The individual doesn’t matter. It’s the team that all matters and that’s the collective over the individual.

Ryan:                                     11:13                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     11:13                     There’s another one where the wide receiver Nolte is talking to Mac Davis and he was here for you. Screwed up. No, this is where you screwed up. You got the coach saying “Maxwell change the play. Elliot bakes pattern. And the touchdown was a fluke”, but the whole thing,

DJ:                                          11:26                     Yeah absolutely.

Jerry:                                     11:27                     Uh, uh, they’re playing, I think, Seattle, uh, Playing a team that is far inferior to ours.” Uh, said something else and “you laugh. You think it’s funny, you’ll do that on someone else’s football team, not mine.” I mean, he was just like Tom,

DJ:                                          11:40                     He even dresses like Tom Landry, Tom Landry used to wear this hat around. When I was a kid, Tom Landry was the biggest coach of, of, of the NFL at the time. And he dressed during game time. He dressed exactly like Tom Landry acted like time Landry. And this was written by a Dallas Cowboy, did the book was written by a Dallas Cowboy.

Jerry:                                     11:59                     Another thing though was, remember John Matuszak was in that. He actually played football for the Raiders and he’s a crazy son of a gun in this movie. He plays it to the T. The after party, the opening scene is an after party from a victory. And these guys are just going nuts and they actually say they’re actually, there’s a next week is the playoffs. And they actually say they’re partying so hard because they, they’re fearing is going to fall in their asses and uh, the Dallas or Chicago’s

DJ:                                          12:23                     in Chicago.

Jerry:                                     12:24                     So the opening scene is hilarious with Matuszak and, uh, the dollies.

DJ:                                          12:29                     I highly recommend this movie, check it out.

Jerry:                                     12:32                     yes, absolutely. The number one for me is one that I, I just, I can’t get sick of it is “Eight Men Out” only because it showed back in 1919 how the owners were cheap as hell. And the only way for the players to get back was to throw the series and always, because it started with Eddie Cicotte on the owner Comiskey who owned the White Sox. Comiskey park basically had a clause in Eddie Cicotte’s contract. When you get 30 wins, you get $10,000. he got 29 and he went up to the office and after the season, before the playoffs and Eddie Cicotte basically said, hey, now that I should back up, they approached Eddie Cicotte about throwing the series. He was like, get away from me. Sorry. Went up to see the owner and said, hey, I think I’ve earned that 10,000 you set me out three weeks just so I wouldn’t get that 30th win, which Comiskey did. Now Comiskey looks at his accountant and says, I forget his name. How many Mr. Cicotte win. He looks at it “29”. 29 is not 30, I only pay for you what you do. Like he was just Mizen so Eddie Cicotte goes and he gets $10,000 cash for throwing that world series. There are other involved in the other part, the intriguing part is Buck Weaver. He never got a dime, never participated, but he was one of the boys and he was just in on a couple of meetings. He was just there, bad, wrong place, wrong time, didn’t know what was going on in fact when he picked up, he’s like, wait, wait, what’s going on here? And then went to tell the manager, but then it went to rat on the boys cause he’s one of the boys. So he wasn’t in on it. He was like in between and he paid, he never got in. He lost everything. He was truly black labeled for the rest of his career.

DJ:                                          14:09                     The real life tragedy of the Black Sox scandal was Shoeless Joe Jackson. He was a great player and could’ve, could’ve went a long way in major leagues and ended up

Jerry:                                     14:19                     Well, him too. His is ignorance or lack of education, there of, kind of did him in because again, they just not see, again, Why I liked it. The attorneys, they themselves were so arrogant that uh, one of the players basically said, uh Oh, he basically a introduced to all the attorneys and said, this is ty Cobb, the, I forget the other guy in this. And then a Buck Weaver said, well, who’s the Babe Ruth he looks at and says that would be me. And this is what the attorney world. Now do you remember the confessions they signed? They disappeared before that you had the backer, the gangster who was back in the whole thing. His guys meet the attorneys and say they’ll do anything we tell them to do. So you had the attorneys during the whole court were in on it when they, when they got them off. That’s why it’s a great movie. It tell, and this is back in 1919 that we had this politics going on and this major league baseball is and it almost killed the sport Babe Ruth’s saved it.

DJ:                                          15:17                     With gambling, I wouldn’t doubt if the mob was involved in it too. I don’t know. It’s speculation, but I wouldn’t doubt it. But the gambling, I mean, I mean

Jerry:                                     15:23                     that’s what took it,

Ryan:                                     15:24                     Aren’t they always in it you know?

DJ:                                          15:26                     Yes,

Jerry:                                     15:26                     well again, they had a reporter who went on the train and basically sang the song about, uh, they’re all throwing ball games and the gamblers are taking their toll and it’s true. But he was calling him right out to their faces because they could, they even took it, you know, uh, when the first game they were circling the players, because I mean, in the movie you’ve seen it, right? The bottling of the short, the, uh, the, the one ground ball was just ridiculous. You knew something was up for professional player. So the whole thing, the inner going on in the politics is why that was my favorite of all time.

DJ:                                          15:53                     Tell it to Bill Buckner.

Jerry:                                     15:55                     He goes, you know that. Yeah. That, that’s a sad story is yeah. Well that’s Boston. Come on. I mean

DJ:                                          15:59                     I agree.

Jerry:                                     15:59                     He deserved.

DJ:                                          16:00                     He should have had it, is my point.

Jerry:                                     16:01                     That’s why I would say Boston doesn’t deserved the championships they’re going through right now because of what they did to him.

DJ:                                          16:06                     I agree. I agree.

Jerry:                                     16:07                     But that’s mine. If you want any, uh, honorable mentions real quick, uh, “Youngblood” and “The Longest Yard.” Oh,

DJ:                                          16:14                     I agree with those two. Well “Longest Yard” especially. Well, which version? The new one or the old one?

Jerry:                                     16:20                     The old one. I didn’t know though. The new one. I just don’t like.

DJ:                                          16:23                     The new one, it was close. The new one was close to the old one

Jerry:                                     16:26                     Yeah, well once you’ve watched the old one and you know, Burt Reynolds and the whole team, the Mean Machine. It’s a little bit of twist and nuances with Chris Rock and the new one that I just, it didn’t sit well with me. That’s all.

DJ:                                          16:35                     Okay. Well, I’ve got a lot of the same in my top ten, so let’s, although I wouldn’t have number 10 if I would have thought of “Mystery Alaska”, “Happy Gilmore” is my number 10

Jerry:                                     16:44                     you see that? That’s one. That’s one that I took out because of “Mystery Alaska.” He was on my list but then it went out.

DJ:                                          16:49                     So what I just said and what I like about “Happy Gilmore” is a hockey player going into golf,played it like hockey.

Ryan:                                     16:56                     It’s two sports going into one

DJ:                                          16:57                     Exactly.

Ryan:                                     16:58                     Very funny idea.

DJ:                                          16:59                     And I actually, this is one of the movies I liked. Adam Sandler’s acting in, usually I don’t.

Jerry:                                     17:04                     The whole trailer trash crowd following him on the golf course

Ryan:                                     17:07                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     17:07                     which you don’t see now. But

DJ:                                          17:10                     absolutely, absolutely.

Ryan:                                     17:10                     “Guns don’t kill people. I kill people” like, you know,

DJ:                                          17:16                     um, number nine for me is just a childhood memory. It’s “Bad News Bears” and the original, not that cheesy sequel. The original

Jerry:                                     17:24                     Walter Matthau.

DJ:                                          17:25                     Absolutely, yes. Tatum O’neil, I’m, I remember going to the drive-in theater, this dates me, I know, but going to that, driving the theater with my parents and watching it and we are more than once. I mean that was, that was the movie of my childhood.

Ryan:                                     17:39                     That’s a classic.

Jerry:                                     17:41                     It is.

Ryan:                                     17:41                     That’s one that gets brought up in these kinds of conversations.

DJ:                                          17:44                     Number eight, we already talked about “Miracle.” I, that’s just gives me chills when I watched that, when they win it. Number seven, the same “*61.” That’s we, we agree. Number six is Slapshot and other one (that’s the) same. Um, number five is “Brian’s Song,” which I didn’t think Jerry was going to have on his list, but apparently, he’d beat me to it, uh, four “North Dallas Forty”. But number three, “Rudy”, that movie, even though it’s a drama, that that movie to me, even though it’s Notre Dame,

Jerry:                                     18:14                     That’s why I couldn’t put it on my list.

DJ:                                          18:15                     Well, I could stop it just because of the team. But it was still a good movie and the fact that this, uh, training player, uh, not even on the team, it makes it and makes attack on that last game. And, and I mean, that was, I was an uplifting movie.

Ryan:                                     18:30                     Yeah. Oh, for sure.

Jerry:                                     18:31                     But that tackle never happened.

DJ:                                          18:32                     I don’t know. I don’t want to say that. I truly don’t know. Did it?

Jerry:                                     18:36                     No, it didn’t. It did not happen. I forget how I heard, but they talked about the actual Daniel Rudiger, the actual black-haired guy with the sideburns, the, yeah, he did play, it was the kickoff. He played one defensive play. He did not make a tackle. And they actually said, did you watch the movie? The tight end? Never. You got this three-foot munchkin. And he never even come on. You would roll. You would run after that guy.

DJ:                                          18:59                     True. But logically speaking, he could have been thinking all this guy’s nothing, I don’t have to block him and let him go

Jerry:                                     19:05                     Again, in this show. They brought that up

DJ:                                          19:07                     It’s just logic

Jerry:                                     19:07                     No, they brought that up and the guy goes, no, no, you’re a football player. You’re going to salivte, you see this little tiny guy across from you that’s just one forearm and he’s done. There is no just he did. He’s just ignored him.

DJ:                                          19:19                     It depends on your mentality If you have a thug mentality, you’re right. But if the that guy, that blocker did not have a thug mentality, he could’ve thought, I don’t need it. He’s a nobody. He’s not going to get to the quarterback, and if he does, he won’t tackle him.

Jerry:                                     19:30                     I guess what I’m saying is because of Notre Dame and that last play, that last scene, which didn’t happen, I confirmed this long after I watched it is why it wasn’t making my list. But it doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie.

DJ:                                          19:41                     Number two would have been my number one if it wasn’t for the ending “A League of Their Own.”

Jerry:                                     19:45                     That’s why I didn’t put it in cause that ending.

DJ:                                          19:46                     See the ending just ruined that for me. But everything else up until that ending. I love that movie

Ryan:                                     19:52                     Was it because of the, uh, like coming back like when they’re older and so?,

DJ:                                          19:57                     uh, she gave up to the little sister, the little Brat sister,

Ryan:                                     20:01                     Oh yeah

DJ:                                          20:01                     and I think she dropped the ball on purpose, letting her win.

Jerry:                                     20:04                     She did because if you watched the movie

Ryan:                                     20:06                     Yeah, that’s like speculation

Jerry:                                     20:08                     Oh no, no, no. Early in the season she got trucked by this girl who was just the bull

Ryan:                                     20:13                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:13                     and held onto the ball.

Ryan:                                     20:15                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:15                     Her sister is a twig,

Ryan:                                     20:17                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:17                     so it was just and only that, uh, before that she hit a single and again took her head off and Dottie realized she was crying. Once again, the whole, their whole life, it was always Dottie and she was realizing I’m doing a to her again,

DJ:                                          20:31                     see

Jerry:                                     20:31                     And she gave in.

DJ:                                          20:33                     My problem with that is she gave into a Brat, her younger sister. I look, I’m the younger of the brother here. I know what it’s like to be the younger and always in my brother’s shadow, especially with sports. I was always in his shadow, but still she gave into the Brat

Ryan:                                     20:48                     Yeah

DJ:                                          20:48                     and to me that ruined it. I mean Tom Hanks was perfect in the movie

Ryan:                                     20:52                     He was the best part of that movie.

DJ:                                          20:54                     Absolutely. Absolutely. Well Jon Lovitz was pretty damn good, too.

Ryan:                                     20:58                     Yeah, he’s great.

DJ:                                          20:58                     Oh he made me laugh a lot.

Jerry:                                     21:00                     Those two together. Yeah, but not in the same scene but in the beginning was Lovitz, and the agent, recruiting and then Hanks taking over as the coach. Absolutely. Yeah. You’re know those two carried it through

Ryan:                                     21:09                     He’s like never been that big of like a dirt bag, but you still like love him, cause Tom Hanks is such a great actor. You know what I mean? It’s like really funny to think he just did that so well.

Jerry:                                     21:19                     He did the whole thing from a, when he was going to see Harvey, he was coaching a team he thought was a big league team

Ryan:                                     21:24                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     21:24                     and getting the girls team and then when he tells them it’s a girl team, it’s all right. Get slugged. You inherited a bunch of girls

Ryan:                                     21:31                     And he’s drinking all the time.

Jerry:                                     21:31                     He doesn’t even care

Ryan:                                     21:33                     He talks to them like their men and all that, you know? It’s like, yeah,

DJ:                                          21:37                     well given the time,

Ryan:                                     21:39                     for sure.

DJ:                                          21:40                     How else would you talk to them? Especially with baseball.

Ryan:                                     21:42                     That’s why he’s acting was so good and that it’s like, that’s probably exactly what a person like that would do the, even with the war going on and stuff.

Jerry:                                     21:50                     The first time he met the team, the first game, he just came in drunk

DJ:                                          21:57                     timing his pee, absolutely

Jerry:                                     21:58                     and left. That was it.

DJ:                                          22:00                     See that there is another Madonna probably ruined that one for me and Rosie O’donnell, but still the whole cast, Gina Davis I thought was perfect as Dottie.

Ryan:                                     22:09                     Yes, she was.

DJ:                                          22:09                     I mean it was, it was good. I liked that movie except the ending

Jerry:                                     22:12                     The announcers, the radio announcers,

DJ:                                          22:15                     Oh, yeah

Jerry:                                     22:15                     “I’m sure if you could hear me, this is not a strong radio signal.”

DJ:                                          22:19                     One of the announcers were Squiggy from Lenny and Squiggy,

Jerry:                                     22:21                     That’s right, he’s the one, he’s the one. “There’s no way in this stadium, and I know if you can hear me, you’re in town cause this station doesn’t have a very strong signal.”. It’s a very weak signal.

DJ:                                          22:31                     Yes. And number one for me was CaddyShack. I loved that movie. Bill Murray was was awesome. And even, and especially with the, between him and a, um, I can’t think of his name from Saturday Night Live.

Jerry:                                     22:44                     Oh, Chevy Chase,

DJ:                                          22:45                     Yes, Chevy Chase.

Ryan:                                     22:46                     They had Rodney Dangerfield. Um,

DJ:                                          22:50                     Yes, absolutely

Jerry:                                     22:50                     If you watch behind the scenes. Those two, those two never had a scene together. They had to write one in at the end of the movie because they never had one together. So kind of think about this really weird.

DJ:                                          22:59                     Oh, the whole thing. Yeah. Smoking a doob, which was the two of them that pretty funny

Jerry:                                     23:04                     And with Bill Murray being totally Improv’d everything was Improv, which is kind of amazing.

DJ:                                          23:08                     Oh, I, one of the, I as a kid, I remember watching it and that, that uh, on the, on the, the green, when he was was cutting the flowers

Ryan:                                     23:16                     Na, na na, na na

Jerry:                                     23:16                     “and he’s about to become the 2000 champion.”

DJ:                                          23:18                     Absolutely. That was a great movie to me that there’s my number one. “A League of Their Own” would’ve been number one if it wasn’t for the ending.

Ryan:                                     23:26                     But again, in “A League of Their Own” is a little more dramatic compared to “CaddyShack.”

DJ:                                          23:29                     Yeah. But there’s comedy in it too, which is what I liked about it.

Ryan:                                     23:32                     Yeah. It was a good balance.

Jerry:                                     23:34                     Tom Hanks. Yeah, that was a comedy.

DJ:                                          23:36                     Yeah, absolutely. Um, so Ryan your turn.

Ryan:                                     23:38                     Yeah, I got a little different kind of list in. Like I said, it’s hard to uh, put it from like least, from like least to like my all time favorite. But um, I mean there is a lot of good movies based around like sports and all that. And I know we talked about before, like what is your guy’s definition of like a sports movie? Like what do you…

Jerry:                                     23:56                     Well, I guess I can give you an example and you brought this up. Okay. Diehard is not a Christmas movie. Okay.

Ryan:                                     24:04                     Oh, come on.

Jerry:                                     24:04                     It’s not,

DJ:                                          24:06                     No, it’s not. This is, it goes to what I was telling you about earlier. How just because their sports in it, it doesn’t make a sports movie like “Incredibles”, they have a track meet in that movie.

Ryan:                                     24:15                     Yeah

DJ:                                          24:15                     It’s not a sports movie. So, the setting or some one particular event doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a sports movie. But that doesn’t mean you can’t, it can’t be in your list. I’m just…

Ryan:                                     24:26                     I know. And it’s, you know, it is what it is, I just wanted to…

Jerry:                                     24:28                     Usually I guess I would find it’s the plot. Like I almost thought about “Little Giants” that almost made my list.

DJ:                                          24:34                     That would be it. That’s a sports move

Jerry:                                     24:36                     It’s basically the plot has have something to do with the…I mean it could be a horse “Secretariat”, I consider that, although some people don’t consider horse racing a sport. I still consider that a sport movie. Yeah. Or like “King Pin.”

DJ:                                          24:49                     “King Pin” would be, I would agree. It’s just like, Iuh “Color of Money” for pool. Those are, that’s a sports movie.

Ryan:                                     24:56                     This is actually pretty recent now.

Jerry:                                     24:58                     But uh, the “Color of Money”, I think that was about pool, so

DJ:                                          25:01                     I just said said that,

Jerry:                                     25:01                     oh, sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Obviously

Ryan:                                     25:04                     Christian Bale just, he had that trailer come out for his new movie and it’s about like, I’m a formula one race in and I think or something like that.

DJ:                                          25:12                     I haven’t seen it.

Jerry:                                     25:12                     Oh yes, yes, yes.

Ryan:                                     25:13                     It’s a trailer. But like, you know, I thought it was interesting, you know, I’m like that’s a sport. Not that I’m really into that, but

DJ:                                          25:19                     no, that would be

Ryan:                                     25:21                     So, yeah, the, the ones that I had are more either on the comedy side or dramatic stuff, but um, I just thought of this on the way here to, I don’t know, I forgot but I really thought “Concussion” was good. So um, I just put that 10 uh, but uh,

Jerry:                                     25:37                     That’s about the NFL. Correct? Will Smith was a doctor in it.

Ryan:                                     25:41                     Yeah, he’s the doctor that um, like basically kind of found out about CTE and he was kind of like, I forgot the, the actual football player that went crazy and like, you know, I think he killed his wife.

Jerry:                                     25:54                     Junior (Seau) Oh No, no, no. Okay. Seau was a little bit later. I know what you’re talking about you’re talking about because the NFL was putting this doctor and just putting him, just literally brutalized in the guy.

Ryan:                                     26:02                     Yeah,

Jerry:                                     26:03                     because they did not want it coming out.

DJ:                                          26:04                     Well there goes their meal ticket once they find out,

Ryan:                                     26:06                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          26:06                     We talked about this earlier. Once parents find out this is dangerous, not going to let their little kids grow up to be football players.

Jerry:                                     26:12                     Not to change the subject, but just today they want to make a law in Michigan, no tackle football until 14

Ryan:                                     26:18                     That’s crazy.

Jerry:                                     26:18                     So that movie there is exactly what

Ryan:                                     26:21                     yeah.

DJ:                                          26:21                     Worse than that. Not to change it, but Michigan also is, you can only have 30 minutes of contact right now. 30 minutes of contact per week to get ready for your,

Jerry:                                     26:31                     wow,

DJ:                                          26:32                     you’re league. When I was, when I played football as a kid, we played contact every day for an hour. So that’s five hours a week.

Ryan:                                     26:39                     That’s how you get good, I mean there really is no other way.

DJ:                                          26:41                     That’s exactly the point. These kids are not going to be able to get good by limiting it like that. And if you’re going to say you can’t tackle to, that’s going to be detrimental, too.

Jerry:                                     26:49                     Serious injuries and thinking about it in high school. They don’t know how to deal with it. And next thing you know they’re getting blasted.

DJ:                                          26:54                     I agree. I think it’s detrimental.

Ryan:                                     26:56                     Yeah this a good movie and Will Smith did a really good job, so.

Jerry:                                     26:57                     And it was, it was a good movie.

Ryan:                                     26:59                     Space Jam. That’ll be my next one. I just had to throw that in there.

Jerry:                                     27:04                     No, I got to give it to you because that was the one with the Bill Murray,

Ryan:                                     27:07                     Bill Muarry, yeah.

Jerry:                                     27:08                     “I’m going to give us a two because of the dramatic experience that we just went through all this.” Yeah. Okay. I like that. Jordan just disappeared down a hole and they’re giving themselves a two. That was awesome.

DJ:                                          27:18                     Well, I like, I, I liked that movie, the concept of them becoming little space monsters. I think that’s awesome.

Ryan:                                     27:25                     Yeah. The blended, you know, the Looney Tunes

Jerry:                                     27:27                     Bugs Bunny coming back and getting Jordan to play. That’s awesome.

DJ:                                          27:31                     But his, Bugs Bunny’s lash at Disney. What kind of Mickey Mouse Organization are they running around (here)? I thought that was great. I’m totally anti Disney, so that was perfect.

Ryan:                                     27:41                     That should be brought back again. Know, that’s, uh, I had for eight would be a “Rocky”, you know, I just, I, I’m going to have a lot of, uh, fighting stuff probably in here for obvious reasons,

DJ:                                          27:54                     “Rocky” was a great movie.

Ryan:                                     27:54                     Yeah. And that’s like, you know, especially I like the back story of like how “Rocky” was made since I was like his first movie he directed and like,

DJ:                                          28:04                     Yeah, wrote and directed

Ryan:                                     28:05                     Yeah, like just to like what do you have to go through? And you know, it’s like the boxing’s obviously not really boxing, you know, Kinda like what you said with the um, Russell Crowe skating. Like you don’t box like you do in rocky, but you know, it’s, it’s very entertaining and obviously the rest of the movies are just, you know, great too. So it’s a good series.

DJ:                                          28:22                     The underdog story I think is great.

Ryan:                                     28:23                     Exactly.

DJ:                                          28:24                     I mean, that’s, that’s what brings it into me.

Ryan:                                     28:26                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     28:26                     When I did my research, “Balboa” came up as one of the all time greats, not one of the Rocky’s, I, II, III or IV but “Balboa”.

DJ:                                          28:32                     My problem with that. And then he’s got “Creed”, he’s taken the…

Ryan:                                     28:36                     The franchise

DJ:                                          28:37                     monetary sponge and squeezing it and getting as much money as he can out of it. And to me it’s kind of riuned it.

Ryan:                                     28:42                     “Creed” was good.

Jerry:                                     28:43                     I heard it was real good.

Ryan:                                     28:45                     I didn’t see the second one, but, uh, I liked the first one.

Jerry:                                     28:47                     The second one he was fighting Drago kid.

Ryan:                                     28:48                     Yeah. Which is like, I’m like, ah, you know, it’s like the, of course that’s going to happen and you know, like everyone’s kids going to be fighting this guy now. It’s, it’s like, but you know, whatever. There, they’re still good movies I think.

DJ:                                          28:59                     Well, I don’t like to Mr. T one, that one kind of ruined it.

Ryan:                                     29:02                     Yeah, it was a little silly, but

DJ:                                          29:03                     I did like Dolf Lungren as the Russian.

Jerry:                                     29:05                     A lot of people loved number three.

Ryan:                                     29:08                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     29:08                     I don’t get it, but

DJ:                                          29:09                     I don’t. But yeah, that’s,

Ryan:                                     29:11                     I mean, they’re all kind of the same thing. It’s just like, you know, story, fight, montage and end fight, you know, it’s like that’s a “Rocky” movie in a nutshell.

Jerry:                                     29:20                     Win

Ryan:                                     29:20                     Yeah. Win, you know, but, uh, I had another one that I thought of that, um, I, it was just kind of more of a, I, it was just like a different type of movie. But, uh, do you guys ever see “Green Street Hooligans?” You ever see that?

DJ:                                          29:33                     I’ve heard of that movie, but I haven’t seen it.

Ryan:                                     29:34                     Elijah Wood was in it and uh

DJ:                                          29:37                     Really Frodo?

DJ:                                          29:38                     Yes he is. He’s like a journalist that goes over to a, I think Ireland it was, but uh, he, he goes into the whole like soccer hooligans, like lore basically. And like what those people like all the fans of that and stuff. And it’s like

Jerry:                                     29:54                     The fans, they’re crazy too.

Ryan:                                     29:57                     Yeah, It’s like the gangsters of it. Cause it’s like he gets involved with this gang and they like, or following the soccer team, I’m pretty sure it’s based off like the actual real soccer, like football players and stuff. So, but it’s just like, you know, it’s a lot of crazy just, you know, they’re fighting and killing people over…

Jerry:                                     30:15                     A soccer game

Ryan:                                     30:15                     Yeah. It’s just, but it’s real. That’s, it’s all like real stuff, you know. And uh, I thought that was a good one. Uh, so that is, uh, so my sixth one would be “Waterboy”. And now he’s, and the reason why I brought this up, cause I, I do love this movie. It’s really funny and stupid and more or less not even for the football aspect. I mean the whole rage thing is just a funny idea, you know, of him being this like water boy. And he actually loves being this like, you know, job that like no one ever wants, but he takes such pride in it and it becomes like the best football player in this state and um, actually have this t-shirt on to the mud dogs.

DJ:                                          30:55                     No kidding, I didn’t even realize that,

Ryan:                                     30:57                     uh, I go camping every year at the bunch of friends who’ve been doing it since we were like 18 and probably like a couple of years after we went camping, we just all just kept quoting this movie and we just, every year we made tee shirts for it. So, I was like, this guy’s a little more meaning to my life than actually it is. But, uh, the, the shirt right now does not help the podcast,

DJ:                                          31:18                     It’s fine, Henry Winkler, that was the first time I’m saw him acting as not Fonzie.

Ryan:                                     31:25                     He’s great, Yeah,

DJ:                                          31:25                     He was pretty good, too. And Jerry Reed, which I knew him from the uh, um, uh, what’s the, those

Jerry:                                     31:33                     those race and movies I can’t, yeah,

DJ:                                          31:35                     yeah,

Jerry:                                     31:35                     “Cannonball Run.”

Ryan:                                     31:37                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          31:38                     It wasn’t “Cannonball Run”. No,

Jerry:                                     31:39                     he was in (it) though

DJ:                                          31:40                     “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Jerry:                                     31:41                     He was in that one too,

DJ:                                          31:42                     but it was “Smokey and the Bandit” that Jerry Reed and he was kind of a jerk in “Waterboy” and

Jerry:                                     31:50                     Well, jerk coach

DJ:                                          31:50                     Yeah. All right. But I’m sorry to interrupt.

Ryan:                                     31:54                     Yeah, my next, I had “Happy Gilmore” too. That’s a, that would be my next one. I just kept kind of the uh, “Happy Gilmore” ones in order, but “Happy Gilmore” definitely was a great one. And the hockey and you know, golf thing is just, cause I, I do not like golf and this movie I can still watch this day and like, you know, it’s just so funny and entertaining.

DJ:                                          32:14                     So when turn a drive into an almost slap shot so I can totally (relate)

Ryan:                                     32:20                     and his actual uh,

Jerry:                                     32:22                     the putter was, a hockey stick

Ryan:                                     32:23                     yeah, exactly that whole thing. I’m still surprised. I never see people, well again, I don’t golf really. But as far as no one ever like brings that out just as a joke once in a while. Yeah.

DJ:                                          32:32                     Well, well, how about wearing a hockey jersey while you’re golfing?

Ryan:                                     32:34                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     32:35                     OK, All right. I did that. It doesn’t go over very well. It does not.

Ryan:                                     32:38                     Cause they’re, so serious

Jerry:                                     32:40                     I wore our Choi Kwang Do hockey jersey the first time I played when I was selling insurance and not only did the guys I was playing with the golf pro, the owner of the people inside the members, they just did not like that.

Ryan:                                     32:52                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     32:52                     Talk about, uh, I guess arrogant or stuck up like their game.

Ryan:                                     32:55                     I think that’s my biggest pet peeve of golf is like, it’s not the sport really. It’s just all of those things like got to wear a shirt. Got to. You know, it’s just, I get it, but they just take it so seriously

Jerry:                                     33:08                     and that’s exactly what it was. And that was there. I’ll just look if I have to hit the ball in the trees, went in there and threw it back out to where it would’ve went straight. I wasn’t playing for score,

Ryan:                                     33:17                     Yeah, yeah

Jerry:                                     33:18                     but they were like, that’s like a two (stroke penalty). You, you touched the ball, that’s two strokes. I’m like, dude, I don’t care if I get 20 on this hole.

Ryan:                                     33:23                     Yeah, it’s like secret service watching you.

Jerry:                                     33:25                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          33:26                     Jerry and I have had this debate where and golfers are going to hate me for this, but I don’t think golf is an athletic endeavor. Don’t get me wrong. There are athletes who play golf,

Ryan:                                     33:38                     Yeah

DJ:                                          33:38                     but if you can drink and get drunk in your game and still play, sorry, that’s not an athletic endeavor

Ryan:                                     33:46                     Yeah, but those people, you know Tiger Woods, they don’t.

DJ:                                          33:49                     No they don’t,

Ryan:                                     33:51                     Like if I went golfing, that’s what I’d be doing

DJ:                                          33:51                     but the weekend warrior who does play can do that and no, if you can do that. It’s not, it’s not a sport.

Jerry:                                     33:57                     How about you’re a real pet peeve. You can’t say anything when they’re in their backswing.

Ryan:                                     34:01                     Yeah, that’s pretty lame.

DJ:                                          34:02                     Well, let’s think about this. This is my argument with that is if you’re playing baseball, you can have them say things about your mother from, and not only that, the throwing the ball at you 95 miles an hour, it’s curving, it’s dipping, it’s sliding and anything can be said at any time

Jerry:                                     34:20                     the crowds are loud and screaming

DJ:                                          34:21                     and you have to focus and hit that ball, but you can’t stand there and swing and hit without someone saying something behind you. Once again. It’s not an athletic endeavor

Ryan:                                     34:31                     Yeah

DJ:                                          34:31                     in my book.

Ryan:                                     34:32                     No, I, I, I, I don’t really care for it at all. But “Happy Gilmore” made me care about it for a minute.

Jerry:                                     34:38                     But you got to movies with golf in it so far though.

Ryan:                                     34:40                     What’s that?

Jerry:                                     34:41                     “Space Jam” and now “Happy Gilmore”. So there’s some golf movies you got.

Ryan:                                     34:43                     Yeah, yeah, exactly. Uh, I had more of a serious movie, “Million Dollar Baby”. That was a really good one.

DJ:                                          34:50                     Boxing one

Ryan:                                     34:50                     Yeah. Boxing and you know, female boxing, which is like very different for the time. And uh, just, you know, that whole spoiler alert, you know, that gets really intense in that movie. And, um, I had “DodgeBall.” I thought that was really funny, like silly movie that I was like, I guess it’s a sports movie.

DJ:                                          35:11                     “Dodgeball” I would consider a sports

Jerry:                                     35:13                     We played it in gym class.

Ryan:                                     35:16                     Competition.

DJ:                                          35:16                     It’s more of a sport then Golf.

Ryan:                                     35:18                     Yeah, exactly. I would definitely play,

Jerry:                                     35:20                     I like to dig, dig at ESPN with ESPN8 the Ocho.

Ryan:                                     35:24                     I forgot about that.

Jerry:                                     35:26                     That right there was worth it in itself.

Ryan:                                     35:28                     Yeah. And um, I put down “The Fighter” uh, that was with Christian Bale and Mark Walberg. Uh, what Mickey?

Jerry:                                     35:35                     I read about that Mickey Rourke. Was he in that one?

DJ:                                          35:38                     He was in the wrestling movie

Jerry:                                     35:38                     “The Wrestler” Okay.

Ryan:                                     35:39                     Yeah, that’s what that was. What the boxer’s name was. Was Mickey something? I can’t remember. I should have wrote it down, but like, you know, it’s about a real fight. It’s like his brother fought Sugar Ray Leonard or something and like Christian Bale who plays his brother like was this like, you know, successful boxer at a time, but then got into drugs and all this stuff and like kind of coached his brother to be the boxer. He should have been. Cause Mark Wahlberg’s character was more like just disciplined and kind of took it more seriously, but wasn’t as good as Christian Bale, like his older brother. And it was this whole like he’s clean up after his brother cause he’s like this junkie. And he just was like, all right, good.

DJ:                                          36:21                     Living in the older brother’s shadow.

Ryan:                                     36:22                     But it, yeah. But it’s interesting because it is, you know, it was all like, you know, a true story and um, you know, it was sad and he, he won the fight obviously in the end, uh, Mark Wahlberg’s character and it was, uh, it was just a really good movie, like, and the way the acting’s like why it’s so good.

Jerry:                                     36:40                     Is that movie recent?

Ryan:                                     36:41                     It’s 2000

Jerry:                                     36:43                     That’s not too bad

DJ:                                          36:43                     I liked Bale in Batman

Jerry:                                     36:46                     and he’s a good actor.

Ryan:                                     36:47                     And that’s the thing, like, he like, he is this like messed up, you know, just drug addict that you can just, it’s just crazy how well he can fit into these roles. And I think that must’ve been close into the line of, uh, like the Batman when he was doing Batman stuff. So it’s like you get them jacked and then you get them all skinny and like strung out. It’s like those that transformed get their body. Yeah.

Jerry:                                     37:09                     Those actors, what they do to their bodies, just for the roles

Ryan:                                     37:09                     Yeah, it’s crazy

Jerry:                                     37:09                     and starving themselves. He did one where he was I think an aids patient and he really went down to a skinny as anything

Ryan:                                     37:17                     The Mechanist or the, I know you’re talking about. Yeah.

Jerry:                                     37:20                     I remember seeing him and he looked like he was on death’s door and what he did it yeah. Just for a role is, yeah. Awesome.

Ryan:                                     37:26                     Uh, I put “A League of Their Own” down to, I just grew up with that movie and again, like that is, it’s funny cause I remember watching that as a kid and you know, it is pretty family I guess, you know, like a family kind But let me think about it.

DJ:                                          37:43                     The theme behind that, his family, the whole opening was remember. She was telling as a grandma telling the boy.

Ryan:                                     37:49                     Yeah,

DJ:                                          37:50                     to go easy on the younger one, that’s a, that’s a family scene going on.

Ryan:                                     37:54                     But then it’s like the time and just the whole war thing. And again, Tom Hanks is character now I think back of my youth. I shouldn’t be watching. Like he’s, I mean he’s not like a bad, bad guy, but he’s just like, he’s such a degenerate and it’s, but he’s so funny in it. He’s so good.

DJ:                                          38:09                     Well, no, the movie could be about him because good movies are about transformative characters.

Ryan:                                     38:14                     Yeah

DJ:                                          38:14                     He’s just totally different and the end of the movie and he was at the beginning.

Ryan:                                     38:18                     Exactly, he hates where he was when he started, you know, he’s like, oh, I got roped into this thing. I thought it was going to be better. And then ended up caring about all these people and seeing what they went through and stuff.

Jerry:                                     38:27                     So he said to the one, the Commissioner “Ball Players, I got a bunch of girls.”

Ryan:                                     38:31                     Yeah, exactly.

Jerry:                                     38:31                     Then when the Madonna hits a triple yet actually looks up.

Ryan:                                     38:35                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     38:36                     Like it was some kind of feat.

Ryan:                                     38:38                     And uh, for my last one, I just did this for, you know, more of a joke, but uh, “Air Bud” is a classic.

Jerry:                                     38:46                     I’ve seen the trailers, but I’ve never seen that one.

Ryan:                                     38:47                     I think I watched it once. I just wanted to say it on the air.

DJ:                                          38:52                     Since we’re going to go there, “Necessary Roughness” there.

Jerry:                                     38:55                     That was on my list, but I just, I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it.

Ryan:                                     38:59                     Did you guys like “Goon”? I mean, I know that wouldn’t be like an all time.

DJ:                                          39:04                     It’s not, it wasn’t a bad movie. I didn’t like the theme with, especially with what happened to me and my broken neck.

Ryan:                                     39:11                     Yeah, I guess that would be a sense of area.

DJ:                                          39:13                     I don’t like the goon mentality. It, it just drives me so a, that kind of put me off on (it). That doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.

Ryan:                                     39:20                     I just know a lot of people bring that up, you know, since that one didn’t come out in theaters, I’m pretty sure it was one of those like almost like cult classic

Jerry:                                     39:28                     Because that made a lot of lists I was going through.

Ryan:                                     39:30                     Yeah. I’m saying, yeah, I didn’t think it was funny. That’s like what everyone tells me to watch it and I watched it. I was just like, it wasn’t like terrible, but I’m like,

Jerry:                                     39:39                     it wasn’t a comedy, that’s for sure

DJ:                                          39:40                     I agree,

Ryan:                                     39:41                     but, uh, you know, I just, there’s, there’s a lot of movies, you know, so, um, yeah. I had another question about what do you guys think of sports movies with like real and fake sports? Like, have you ever seen like Roller Ball? Do you remember that movie? They were like an 80’s one.

DJ:                                          40:01                     Wasn’t “rollerball.” James Caan, didn’t he do that in the 70s? That was a remake, though.

Ryan:                                     40:04                     They did a remake and like the 90s

Jerry:                                     40:06                     yeah, but isn’t that kind of a, it’s including Roller Derbies?

DJ:                                          40:09                     It’s kind of Roller Derby ish

Ryan:                                     40:11                     Yeah. Which I don’t know. I mean, I guess that’s,

DJ:                                          40:13                     I would call that a woman’s sports.

Jerry:                                     40:17                     They still play that sport. I didn’t think today they, I mean they have leagues.

Ryan:                                     40:21                     Oh yeah.

Jerry:                                     40:22                     when we played hockey. But I didn’t know that.

Ryan:                                     40:23                     They had that one with the Juno actress

DJ:                                          40:27                     Yes, I was thinking of that myself, I don’t know the name of it.

Jerry:                                     40:30                     I don’t watch Fox News in the morning. But Robin Murdoch, she’s a, one of the, uh, trap or traffic with street reporter. She’s on the scene. She tore a ligament, um, playing real women’s Roller Derby and it was elbow where she got taken out bad and her knee, she just came back from recovering from it. That’s a gruesome sport.

Ryan:                                     40:46                     It’s like NASCAR and skates and just going in that circle, fighting with people

Jerry:                                     40:50                     they’re actually, you know, that whole whip thing and the elbow. I mean,

Ryan:                                     40:54                     yeah,

DJ:                                          40:54                     I think it’s moving rugby

Ryan:                                     40:56                     pretty much that’s pretty much the best way to describe it.

Jerry:                                     40:56                     True to put it. Yep. Absolutely.

Ryan:                                     40:59                     But uh, yeah, that’s my list.

Jerry:                                     41:01                     Well, those are some pretty good movies there.

DJ:                                          41:02                     Well, one thing I want to bring up is, I can’t believe I didn’t when we were talking about Rocky is the good thing about Rocky was they actually had Tommy Morrison, an actual boxer. Um, and a good one too in the movie. See that I got to give props to Rocky for at least having a real boxer in there.

Jerry:                                     41:20                     I think that that was the reason for bringing him in because he wanted a real boxer at that time of the Rocky series.

DJ:                                          41:25                     He was just coming up, up and coming, Tom Morrison before. I mean, that was a few years before he got HIV.

Jerry:                                     41:33                     AS a matter of fact, Didn’t the guy training us, wasn’t he fighting with Morrison? Donny?

DJ:                                          41:38                     Oh yeah, he was absolutely. Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     41:40                     That’s what I thought yes,

Ryan:                                     41:42                     There’s “Raging Bull” too. That’s always a classic.

Jerry:                                     41:44                     Yeah, that’s a number one. A lot of, I just couldn’t see why

Ryan:                                     41:48                     It’s always a toss up with that and Rocky.

DJ:                                          41:49                     So I think it’s because of Martin Scorsese isn’t he the director?

Jerry:                                     41:54                     I think Rocky’s better. I think De niro played. Yeah.

DJ:                                          41:57                     That’s why I think they’re considered the classic because of those two together

Jerry:                                     42:00                     But that’s an old one too. That came out a long time ago. Correct.

DJ:                                          42:03                     You could have had “The Natural” I mean, There was a few movies that we left out. We couldn’t get them all.

Ryan:                                     42:07                     A bunch. Yeah. Yeah

Jerry:                                     42:10                     I couldn’t believe a “Talladega Nights” made one of the top 10. I just, you got to be kidding me.

Ryan:                                     42:14                     But see, that’s where you know all about projectors and like, you know, it’s, it’s like a funny movie. You know, it’s not even about the sport.

DJ:                                          42:21                     Speaking of Will Farrell, his, uh, the basketball one, uh,

Jerry:                                     42:25                     again, uh, tropical. I forget the tropical something.

DJ:                                          42:29                     I don’t remember, but that one. And then he also had the, the the ice skating figure skating one.

Ryan:                                     42:35                     “Blades of Glory”. I forgot the other one, but I remember that one.

Jerry:                                     42:39                     In each of those movies there’s only one scene that makes the whole movie.

DJ:                                          42:42                     That’s why it doesn’t belong in any top ten because of one scene.

Jerry:                                     42:45                     But they’re funny. I mean, they’ll make you laugh.

Ryan:                                     42:47                     They’re, they’re making fun of the sport, that’s like the point.

Jerry:                                     42:49                     Well, especially the figure skating one that one I got, I mean they’re, they’re actually bringing in

Ryan:                                     42:54                     “Semi-Pro”. That’s the

Jerry:                                     42:55                     “Semi-Pro” that’s it You’re right, that’s it. But they’re bringing it to male skaters into the couples and they’re basically asking fans what they think of it. And they went to the hotdog vendor who put two hot dogs in a bun. “What do you think about, what does it look like?” That right there that made the movie

DJ:                                          43:13                     Will Ferrell is funny. I’m not taking anything against him, but just the movies themselves to me weren’t that great.

Ryan:                                     43:19                     They were not

Jerry:                                     43:20                     They were terrible. But again, those two and even in a “Semi-Pro” cause Ferrell’s character got hurt. He got really hurt his neck and you probably appreciate this. The team just picked him up. The announcers are constantly getting drunk because the team sucks. And yet when they pick him up, his head just dangling and the announcers as they carry him off “the team isn’t doing a very good job of stabilizing his neck right now.” As they’re carrying him off.

DJ:                                          43:45                     Now that reminds me of a Bob Euchre from “Major League”. “Just a bit outside.” He made that movie to me. I mean if, if there’s anything good about “Major League”, it was Bob Euchre.

Ryan:                                     43:55                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     43:55                     So that’s true. He made major league.

DJ:                                          44:01                     Is, is that it? Do we have anything else?

Ryan:                                     44:03                     I, I had “The Warrior” down. Did you guys see that? And that was like one I like came out when the fighter came out and uh, that was like an MMA movie that

Jerry:                                     44:12                     I read about it.

Ryan:                                     44:14                     Tom Hardy’s in it. I forgot the other guy. But um, it was, it’s like good because it’s like two brothers and ones, like the good brother and the other ones like the bad one. But he’s like trying to be good. I don’t know. But they, uh, they’re, they’re fighting in this MMA tournament and the only thing I just never sits well with me after I, cause it’s fun. It’s a really good movie. It’s like super entertaining, action packed, but they just have this whole one fight where they fight all these people in one night and it’s like, no, that does happen. Like there are sports that do that.

DJ:                                          44:50                     A Royal Rumble?

Ryan:                                     44:50                     No, it’s like you fight and then like you win and you move on. Like Mortal Kombat almost.

DJ:                                          44:54                     Oh, OK

Ryan:                                     44:54                     It’s like in the same night. I think it was like a two-day thing, but still, it’s like, that’s not how,

Jerry:                                     45:00                     That’s brutal.

Ryan:                                     45:00                     That’s not how, that’s making it worse. And it’s like, you know, these two brothers are in the same tournament, so yeah, obviously. Or like who they’re going to obviously they ended up fighting

Jerry:                                     45:11                     I was just going to ask you, do they fight?

Ryan:                                     45:11                     And it’s, uh, I mean it’s a really, it’s a really good movie, but like, it’s, it’s just so over the top and a lot of senses you’re like, ah, Geez. That’s just not how it works, you know? But it’s still good movie though.

DJ:                                          45:23                     I had a feeling you’re going to bring up something MMA.

Ryan:                                     45:24                     I know there’s, well there’s like, so I was like I should put down “Bloodsport” I say, but I’m like those are not really like that’s like, you know what is a sports movie.

DJ:                                          45:35                     True

Ryan:                                     45:35                     Yeah. With martial arts he gets kind of weird cause then it’s like Kung Fu and all that stuff

DJ:                                          45:39                     Is “Karate Kid” a sports movie?

Ryan:                                     45:41                     I almost had that down too. Cause I’m like is it, I mean it is like a high school karate tournament or, well it’s not high school but I mean I guess that’s…

Jerry:                                     45:51                     Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai

Ryan:                                     45:52                     Yeah. Yeah. I mean the new season’s out so

DJ:                                          45:55                     Well, we could actually have a podcast on what makes a sports movie and what doesn’t.

Ryan:                                     45:59                     Yeah, that would be a good podcast.

Jerry:                                     46:01                     We could have a podcast just on “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas will be, that is really huge out there.

Ryan:                                     46:04                     You don’t listen to that one.

DJ:                                          46:07                     Well. Uh, well I want to thank everyone for listening to this, we do appreciate what listeners we do have. And please let us know any comments you want, good or bad, and tell us your top 10 if you want. Leave it, leave a comment at our email, which is Once again, Twitter is @GrandDesignsPod. Uh, Instagram is GrandDesignsPodcast and you can pick us up on anywhere you listen to a podcast now. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to? ;font-family

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