Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 23 – Taunting Transcript

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DJ:                                          00:36                     Thank you so much for tuning in and listening to us and the Grand Designs Podcast. I’m DJ Grand and I’m here as always with my brother Jerry.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:44                     Uh, Today. Episode 23. We’re going to be doing a couple of college football things and then a Detroit Tiger baseball topic. First, it’s the Big 12 and uh, “horns down” that’s supposed to be a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty now.

Jerry:                                     00:59                     We’re going to call it taunting cause that’s really what it is. And a, basically it’s protecting the Oklahoma Sooners cause if they, and I’m sorry, not Oklahoma, Texas Longhorns, the Texas has the hook ’em horns where they take their fingers and point them upward as a, as a horn. If they do that now where it’s put facing down, I guess they started this last year. And specifically if they do a player or a fan, they will be penalized. But if the, I watched the conference, the rule set, if they mightily do it, it will be allowed. So there’s this gray area to where now it’s up to a ref to judge on the determination on whether it was mild or was in the person’s face or what was taunting. The problem is they’re only protecting Texas, they shouldn’t even be penalizing. They’re going to penalize taunting, they (have to) penalize all the taunting. And this includes from Michigan, Michigan State Western, even into the a division II and III to where they made a good tackle or a good play and they just stand over a player and the next play, they screw it up. But there’s no flags for taunting. So I don’t know why they want to say you can’t taunt a Texas player, but if you (are part of their)college, you could do it.

DJ:                                          02:07                     My problem is it should be universal. Any, even the upward Longhorn symbol should be wrong. Any hand gesture then should be wrong. They can make any rule they want and they can enforce it how they want. It’s their league. But I think there should be a little bit of universality with it. If it’s wrong in one instance, it should be wrong in every instance up and down. Um, I watched, uh, Greg Burkes, the Big 12 coordinator official. I watched his press conference. It was actually kind of boring, but when he got, he started talking about the horns down, my problem with it was he basically was lashing at the individual he wants to focus on if it takes anything away from the team and it’s an individual, then they can throw the penalty. And there’s my philosophical problem with it.

Jerry:                                     02:53                     I (saw) him speak live and he definitely mentioned that the individual is to out, there’s no place in this game for the individual. And that was his quote. So it’s a team game that that’s what he’s looking at it. But that has nothing to do with the hook ’em horns. Quite frankly, if I played for Texas and someone did that, that would just get me more motivated to go beat them because they, you know, did an opposite nasty gesture to the hook ’em horns. But if I’m doing the horns up in the air, it’s going to come back at me. So, like you said, it does go both ways. Why they’re protecting one and not the other, I can’t figure out.

DJ:                                          03:29                     Well here’s the quote from Greg Burkes quote “by rule anything prolonged and designed to bring attention to the individual rather than the team is a foul.” Well my problem with that word, if anything, I mean that means no dancing in the end zone by yourself. No, no. Although if you get a tackle and you dance afterwards, that’s bad because that would bring a prolonged designed to bring attention to the individual. That’s exactly what that is. So he’s not going to be consistent with that statement.

Jerry:                                     04:03                     When I watched that conference, they were literally focusing on the down longhorns down sign. They didn’t talk about taunting any other thing. It was just the horns going down. The player and they’re showing a Will Greer who was a quarterback for West Virginia scoring a touchdown and going (to) the fans and doing the horns down. That would have been a penalty. Cause he’s going to the fans bringing attention to himself by going to the fan or to a player. Uh, again it’s just they’re just the big horns down. If they want to get in front of them. And I’m assuming flash the middle finger, that’s going to be okay. But it’s the horns down specifically.

DJ:                                          04:41                     I really don’t think that middle finger will be okay. But that is an actual quote from that conference. He that he said about bringing attention to the individual rather the team is a foul. So, being consistent with that statement. What I said holds true. You can’t, you will not be able to celebrate any individual achievement because that brings attention to the individual and not towards the team.

Jerry:                                     05:04                     I’m pretty sure if they score a touchdown and they do the horns up, they’re not going to get penalty.

DJ:                                          05:07                     Well, the only thing I agreed with him was when he said he was trying to say it depends. And I think what he meant was the context. He said if he, if they were doing it in the sidelines with their team, it would be overlooked. But if they did it all by themselves, went to the opposing sports opposing team’s fans and then it would be considered a foul.

Jerry:                                     05:29                     Horns up?

DJ:                                          05:31                     Oh, he only mentioned the horns down.

Jerry:                                     05:33                     That’s what I mean, only horns down.

DJ:                                          05:35                     That’s what I meant by the university. It, it should go both. It should go all hand gestures then.

Jerry:                                     05:40                     I completely agree. But you can’t stop there and now it’s got to go to where if you make a nice plan in the field, you can’t stand over the guy, look at him like you’re whatever, making fun of him and taunting it was what you’re doing. That should be a penalty. All that stuff where they get up and they tap their chest and they think they’ve made the greatest play in the world again, like I said earlier, only the next screw it up and make you look like an idiot, they’re not dancing around anymore. If they’re to enforce this by the law, you know how long these games will take. Cause it’s a culture is a culture with these kids and a college or kids what they do.

DJ:                                          06:10                     To me it’s just like hockey. If they actually did hold it consistently, every single infraction called then eventually they would learn and it would stop.

Jerry:                                     06:20                     I (have to) tell you it’s made, it’s has got my interest where I want to watch the first a Texas game and more maybe not the first cause if they got the three uh, non-conference game but the first conference game, when they play Oklahoma, when they play Oklahoma State, all their rivals, I want to see those games just for the penalties because I know those kids are going to go horns down and then it’s an interpretation or they (going to) throw the flag. And what happens if in the first quarter the kid does a horns down they throw the flag but in the fourth quarter because they may change the whole game. That’s where it gets into this whole gray area where it’s going to be interpretation on the referee and it’s end of the game, last two minutes, they’re not going to call it. That changes the game.

DJ:                                          06:57                     Well, once again, Greg Burkes said his advice to those wanting to do horns down, do it in the back of their own bench area. Which ones that focuses on the team. If you do it amongst the team, with the group, the collective, it’s okay. But if you do it as an individual, then it becomes a sin.

Jerry:                                     07:13                     I’m going to again, interesting to see how they interpret that then actually officiated it.

DJ:                                          07:18                     The next topic is more Michigan related and Jim Harbaugh was on a podcast and sort of made a truth statement about Urban Meyer and somehow some way it became controversial.

Jerry:                                     07:33                     Uh, it only became controversial because the people who, I mean, everybody, even the Detroit, uh, TV announcers, uh, Harbaugh hasn’t beaten Urban Meyers, so what right to he have to say anything. That right there was doing the same exact thing that they’re accusing Jim Harbaugh of doing to Meyer.

DJ:                                          07:50                     Well, first let’s say what he said. Uh, he’s Harbaugh said Meyer had a really phenomenal record everywhere, his band, and then he followed that up by saying controversy follows him everywhere he’s been as well. Um, that’s a true statement. The, I don’t care who says that, I don’t care if you lose a hundred times to Ohio state or if you beat Ohio state a hundred times. It’s the truth. It shouldn’t matter whether you beat Ohio State or not. And in fact, the one thing I didn’t like about it was a, his daughter, uh, Urban Meyer’s daughter came to his rescue or tried to back him up and basically said what you just said that he has, he was trying to deflect from the fact that he hasn’t won, he’s 0-4 against Urban. In fact, Nikki Meyer, Urban Meyer’s daughter responded to Harbaugh’s initial comment, uh, on the podcast by questioning if Harbaugh was deflecting from his own 0-4 record versus Meyer.

Jerry:                                     08:43                     Well all those who bring up the 0-4 record are flat out just deflecting or they didn’t want to talk about that he told the truth. That there was controversy with Urban Meyer and his daughter didn’t like Harbaugh bringing that fact up. The fact that it was a truth, that controversy does follow. So because of that, they have to lash back and every single Detroit announcer had the same question. So even his daughter, Nicki, you just did the same thing that (you think) Harbaugh did to your dad. You said something negative. So why is it okay for you to point out that he’s lost all four, which we already know. I’m sure Harbaugh knows that too. Well, you’re doing it to get back at Harbaugh for what he said.

DJ:                                          09:23                     To me, Nikki was the one that was deflecting. She was deflecting from the fact that controversy does follow…

Jerry:                                     09:29                     It was the truth.

DJ:                                          09:29                     Her father and she’s deflected saying, you’re 0-4,, there is where the deflection was and so like projected.

Jerry:                                     09:37                     That’s my whole point. She, they didn’t like that was too personal even though it was the truth. How dare you. So now I’m going to go out and I’m going to bring up that you never beat him. Just, deflecting is a good word. But that’s exactly all (she) had to do. But I don’t think his record has anything to do with it. He told the truth and that’s the reason why Urban Meyer’s not coaching today because of the controversy, whether it be with Ohio state or in Florida was even worse. And he got away with it in Florida. Came out like an angel on that one.

DJ:                                          10:03                     Urban Meyer will be back. I’m hearing he’s, they’re interested in Southern California.

Jerry:                                     10:08                     I believe you. I’ve said from day one USC, but give it three years. Just like with the last controversy at Florida, it cools down. Everyone forgets about it and Bam, he’s back on the west coast coach and USC. So then we’ll just wait and see what controversy follow? Being in USC, odds are it’s going to.

DJ:                                          10:26                     The one thing I didn’t like about what Harbaugh said is the time he said it, I think it would have been better served had he said it while Urban Meyer was still the coach cause now he’s not coached against him anymore. But other than that I have no problem with what he said. It was the truth. I just think it would have looked a little better had he said it while he was still coaching, just last year.

Jerry:                                     10:45                     And I also liked in the context was he asked about him or did he just bring it up out of the blue that he wants the big 10 conference to find out that…

DJ:                                          10:52                     Well this is on the podcast.

Jerry:                                     10:53                     Oh yeah, the podcast and that podcast person must have asked him a question.

DJ:                                          10:58                     Sure.

Jerry:                                     10:59                     So that’s why he said it. So it’s not, I don’t blame Harbaugh, Harbaugh for waiting on doing it. It was asked of him, what’s he going to do?

DJ:                                          11:05                     What they brought up in the big 10 or the Michigan Media Day, they did ask him about a context and he’d just basically said there was no context. This is my opinion, period. There’s no, you guys know about it. You guys have reported on it.

Jerry:                                     11:17                     And that’s what I’ve seen the next day. You guys have all in this room reported about it and written about it and there was done. It was over with and which was true. Everybody in there knows it. But again, some people with a, I don’t know, a feelings or they don’t want to face the truth. They get real, real sensitive and all those buckeye fans because now they’re not even predicted to come in third place. That’s a real, real tough, touchy situation that Urban’s left. And now that whole mystique with Ohio State’s gone with him.

DJ:                                          11:45                     Well, I don’t trust those preseason predictions. I mean until they play the game then…

Jerry:                                     11:50                     The last couple of years I’ve had Alabama couple ever since they started this whole playoff, it’s always been Alabama and Clemson who started out number one, number two, every single year. They’ve gotten that part right.

DJ:                                          11:59                     Well, yeah, but not always, but I just say I don’t trust them. I’d rather wait until they actually play before we start looking.

Jerry:                                     12:05                     Look, I think that committee has a bias for the SEC period and the story, there’s always going to be two SEC teams and with that being said to be two SEC teams, one’s a non-champion, which means a conference champion is going to get screwed every single year.

DJ:                                          12:19                     So one last thing, they accused Harbaugh of was “poking the bear”, which, which means he was taunting. Basically. He was taunting Ohio state. The comment was poking the bear.

Jerry:                                     12:32                     How can you poke the bear that’s beating you like the last 10 times in a row? I don’t get it.

DJ:                                          12:35                     Oh, I guess. I guess the bear’s gone asleep now and they’re poking it.

Jerry:                                     12:39                     I guess.

DJ:                                          12:39                     That’s what they said. I’m not saying this, this is what…

Jerry:                                     12:42                     Had Michigan won all those games in a row, they’d be asleep and they’d be over confident. I can’t see them poking the bear. I can’t, the 62 nothing, them run the score up. Was that poking a bear? They did. They ran the score up. It’s cool. I have no problem with it and Michigan should have stopped them. But that’s exactly what they did. Was that poking the bear? No. So basically it’s an Ohio State getting a little bit too sensitive.

DJ:                                          13:05                     This is what he said “It was my opinion. I’m not into making animal analogies. So the poking the bear thing doesn’t resonate with me. There’s really nothing more to it.” They brought up the poking the bear to him accusing him of it.

Jerry:                                     13:19                     And they wanted to get him to draw something blackboard material. And that’s just not (going to) work. And even that, the Urban Meyer, uh, comments, aren’t really blackboard material, cause he’s not even, he’s not even around anymore. It’s a Brian Days team. So that, that can’t be blackboard. That you’re just Ohio state fans, media looking for something. So it can motivate the team. I don’t think it’s going to work.

DJ:                                          13:39                     Bottom line, it shouldn’t matter what his record is against Ohio state. It should matter if it’s the truth or not. And that’s what they should be focusing on instead of focusing on the fact that he lost four times to Ohio State. Is it the truth? And that should be what matters.

Jerry:                                     13:52                     I agree.

DJ:                                          13:53                     That’s too bad that no one else does or very few others do and next we’re (going to) move on to Detroit Tigers. Uh, we went to the game, uh, on Sunday and

Jerry:                                     14:06                     Yes, I’d like to thank, uh, the, the Lebowski law firm again, Lebowski law firm for inviting us out. Uh, it was a great day. It was a fun time. I enjoyed myself. Um, at the end of the game, uh, I think, uh, Nick Cassiana I’m probably saying his name wrong. Hey, had a pretty good game.

DJ:                                          14:23                     Nicholas Castellano’s that’s who it was. But he basically was lashing after hitting the winning home run, walk off home run. He lashed at Comerica Park saying that it was a joke and basically because it should’ve went farther than the first seats because, and other stadiums it would have.

Jerry:                                     14:41                     Does he know? They’ve already shortened Comerica once?

DJ:                                          14:45                     Apparently he wants it even shorter. Even more. Probably the center field is pretty far, pretty far. 420 feet, but he probably wants it more.

Jerry:                                     14:52                     Okay. Does he know what Tiger Stadium was? Dead Center field.

DJ:                                          14:57                     How do I know that?

Jerry:                                     14:59                     He doesn’t because it was four 40 so Tiger Stadium, that’s, that’s a bomb. Remember you were at Tiger Stadium.

DJ:                                          15:06                     Oh, absolutely

Jerry:                                     15:06                     It used to be a death valley, but the problem with Tiger Stadium, and then you got to hear this about Yankee stadium. It had two short left field and right field lines. I think the right field was 325. That’s a softball park. 325 for a pro. You get a pop up. On a good day, it would hit Tiger Stadium’s overhang and that’s a home run. That’s what Castellano wants. That’s Tiger stadium. But that went away long time ago. I don’t know what year, but Juan Gonzalez came to the Detroit Tigers before he came, he was a homerun heating machine, came to the Tigers and just didn’t do anything. Meaning it hit home runs that he was expected and paid for to hit. They then brought the right field and left field seats. The bullpen used to be in right field, but because they brought it in, they moved the bullpens, a left field for both teams. So again, it shorter now than it was when Comerica first opened. So I don’t know what Mr Nicholas was.

DJ:                                          16:01                     Well let’s give him the floor. His quote is “this park’s a joke. It’s to the point where how are we going to be compared to the rest of the people in the League for power numbers and OPS and slugging and all this stuff. When it got a yard out there that’s 420 feet straight across to center field, we’d get on second base, third base and opposing players looking like, how do you guys do this? We play 81 games here. I don’t want to hear it about your two. You hit that are questionable.” That was the quote.

Jerry:                                     16:32                     Well he was thinking about himself there are a lot because the whole OnBase percentage and doubles and triples and I guess maybe that’s his way of wanting out of Detroit and that could be his motive cause it, you know, they’re pretty bad this year.

DJ:                                          16:44                     And I hear he’s on the trading block too.

Jerry:                                     16:46                     Well, he’s been on the trading block for the last couple of years and they just never pulled the trigger or nobody wants him. And if he was, there’s a couple, I’m not sure. I didn’t look it up, but I know Tiger stadium (Comerica Park) isn’t the longest out there.

DJ:                                          16:59                     I did. We’ll get to that after this. However, he did actually tried to deflect from himself and he said he tried to put the issue in the perspective or Castalano tried to put the issue in the respective of Miguel Cabrera cause he would be considered by many to be one of the best hitters, if not the best of this generation. Okay. Quote, “let’s just say Miggy played his whole career in Yankee Stadium or Great American Ballpark or whatever. Him and Bonds are already the greatest hitters, period. There’s no discussion. But the fact that he’s played in Pro Player stadium, the Marlin’s ball park and then Comerica park, there’s a discussion.” So he did try and take it away from him, Castellano.

Jerry:                                     17:38                     And look what Cabrerra did he sees, okay, here’s my problem. Did anyone for the tiger’s complaint 2006 about it being too big? Did they complain in 2012? Those are two years they went through the world series. They weren’t complaining then when Maglio Dornes hit the walk off homer against the A’s to get to the world series, they weren’t complaining then.

DJ:                                          18:00                     Well, when the Kansas City Royals one recently, the world series, they weren’t home run hitters. They did it by contact hitting and so you don’t necessarily need to be home run hitters to win it all.

Jerry:                                     18:10                     I think you and I were both taught to play wasn’t power. It was about base hits.

DJ:                                          18:14                     Contact hitting, it’s what I said.

Jerry:                                     18:15                     Hit him, hit him where they’re not. All right. And I thought Castellano did that yesterday. He had a double , a ground rule double. I mean he was doing pretty good, so to complain about the, and really if you think about it, if it went to left field, I’m assuming as home went to left field, it went to the first row that cleared the entire bullpen

DJ:                                          18:31                     It was leftfield

Jerry:                                     18:32                     It’s a poke. And so

DJ:                                          18:34                     I didn’t really see it but it was a little further than the first row.

Jerry:                                     18:36                     Even the third row. It went over the bullpen. So they had seats there. Nick, your ball you just hit was now 15 rows out, is that what you want.?

DJ:                                          18:45                     Didn’t he say it was 434 feet? So yeah, it was 434 feet. Well now this was a, from what he said, there’s no reason, uh, that I hit a ball 434 feet off of Annabel Sanchez and it goes in the first row. That shouldn’t happen. Well 434 is longer than the 420 he was complaining about in center field.

Jerry:                                     19:09                     Correct. But again, that wouldn’t have been out in Tiger Stadium Dead Center. That probably would’ve been a home run in left field. Cause they had a short left field and right field. As I said earlier,

DJ:                                          19:18                     well 434 would of, it’s further…

Jerry:                                     19:20                     than that, but that was 434 I think would’ve been, cause I don’t remember the Tiger (Stadium). I know that right field was 325 he had 430

DJ:                                          19:27                     I’m talking about Comerica Park. I mean Comerica Park.

Jerry:                                     19:29                     Correct, correct. Right. But I’m saying if Nick would’ve hit that ball in Tiger stadium, it may have been in the upper deck. Is that what he wants? His upper deck home runs, so he looks like he’s powerful dude. If you hit the ball out of a long ballpark, you still powerful. I don’t get it. I don’t get what his point is.

DJ:                                          19:43                     Well, as far as the parks go, the did an article about where the most home runs go and where the least home runs go and the top five stadiums that got the most home runs hit out of Camden yards for the Orioles. Then Yankee stadium was number two. Rogers Centre of the Blue Jays was number three. Great American ballpark for the Reds was number four and Coors field was number five. Those are the top five home or home run ballparks.

Jerry:                                     20:13                     So that’s basically where nick wants to go play.

DJ:                                          20:15                     Well, the bottom five, the war, I’ll start at five and work all the way down. Five is a Kauffman Stadium with the Royals, then AT&T park with the San Francisco Giants, Wrigley Field, and the Cubs was a second from last. The penultimate one. PNC Park was the Pirates and the last one was Marlins park. They were the worst of the homeruns. I didn’t hear Comerica Park listed in any of those five. Yet, those were the worst. Those were the worst five.

Jerry:                                     20:48                     Those are the longest five.

DJ:                                          20:49                     Yeah. Those are the ones who had the least home runs. The Marlin’s had 591 uh, uh, PNC park had 654. Wrigley field has 679 and comparatively speaking, the top ones, Camden yards had 1,110 Yankee stadium in 1044 and Rogers Centre of the Blue Jays in 1010, they’re comparative. Speaking between the worst and the best in between. Then obviously was the, was a Comerica Park. He doesn’t have much gripe, too much (of an) argument.

Jerry:                                     21:18                     One of the longest parks was Kansas City, correct? Royals.

DJ:                                          21:22                     That was one of the hardest parks.

Jerry:                                     21:23                     Longest same thing, right?

DJ:                                          21:25                     They were a number five, they were of the worst.

Jerry:                                     21:28                     So Bo Jackson is famous and known all star game for hitting a monster shot in Kansas City.

DJ:                                          21:34                     But was that in Kauffman Stadium or was that a different stadium?

Jerry:                                     21:38                     It’s the same stadium they’re playing in right now.

DJ:                                          21:40                     Is it? OK

Jerry:                                     21:40                     You’ve got the same fountain, that same crown. Bo Jackson hit the crown. I mean we need his first day there. This wasn’t a game. Uh, the GM when he just came in after he left the, he played with Auburn, I believe it was, and he got disqualified from collegiate baseball and he came to the Kansas Royals. He got drafted cause they thought he was going to play football. They got drafted like in the really, really late rounds came, signed his contract, went out and took batting practice and no one’s ever hit a ball off the crown behind center field. He hit it on the all star game, he (hit the) first pitch, he just, Reagan was doing the play by play when he did it and he’s known for that. That’s a long park. He got a lot of reputation for Bo knows baseball for that hit, so Nick wants something like that. It just hit the ball. He hit one of those trucks that are the cars in center field there. You hit that, you’re going to get your recognition. That’s why I just don’t, I don’t get why he’s worried about it going in the first row. It cleared the fence, you won the game. Does it really matter?

DJ:                                          22:38                     I totally agree. In a way it’s what you were saying earlier. He was trying to bring attention to himself because maybe he wants out of Detroit. Maybe he wants to be traded.

Jerry:                                     22:48                     Well like again if he’s going to do that and pretty much how he stated it though, he can backtrack all he wants, but that first comment that I was listening to was basically all about him. He wants a longer heads, he wants to go out and he’s using the other players coming to visit. Excuse me as how do you guys do this? Why is that even brought up? That’s a conversation between him and another player. I just don’t understand why he would bring up what other players are saying about Comerica. When does he go out to other stadiums in the same way?

DJ:                                          23:15                     I think the point is that the other players were saying we don’t have to do this in our stadium why do you guys have to put up with this in your stadium?

Jerry:                                     23:22                     Toronto is not a short park either. That’s why I don’t, they just played Toronto so that I’m assuming I probably shouldn’t that he had the conversation with one of these Toronto players because it’s fresh in his mind while we bring up like a game that was weeks ago cause they had a road trip. They just came back from this their first home homestand in a while. So I don’t, I just don’t understand what the players who in a different park for if they’re in, well, again, Toronto’s, that’s a pretty big park to hit. It isn’t short. So those guys are going through the same thing. So why they would say, how do you do it? I don’t get it now on the dimensions in Toronto, but I just don’t understand.

DJ:                                          23:56                     I don’t think he was meeting specifically any one team. I think he was just bringing it up generically saying that these guys are all telling me this and you guys have have to suffer with this long ballpark.

Jerry:                                     24:07                     Miguel Cabrera is going to the hall of fame and he’s going in because he’s a great ball player, a great hitter. It doesn’t have to do with the distance of the home runs that he hit or even that amount. I mean Babe Ruth still Hank Aaron though those two there. Babe Ruth, much, much fewer games than Hank Aaron and Hank Aaron yet beat his record. Babe Ruth is still known for the home run record. Uh, the only one that really if you want to talk about someone who got screwed was Roger Maris that that guy got screwed. If you look at home runs recognition nickname, that’s why I don’t get, what Nick’s trying to get at. Does he wants 61 home runs? Does he want to beat Barry Bonds 70? Is he jealous? And San Francisco isn’t a short park either. Now the whole show is of different issue, but bonds hit those out in right field. He had a lot of into the ocean.

DJ:                                          24:52                     Well, San Francisco was listed as one of those five that were hard to hit out of, so.

Jerry:                                     24:55                     Well, there you go, so he brought up Bonds. What are you talking about? I mean, Barry and Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, those guys had to hit in those fields during that whole home run race. So I don’t get, they did it. So why can’t he? So I don’t understand what his point is. It just made him look bad. I mean, it doesn’t look good in my eyes. He’s complaining about the length of the, uh, home run distance yet it was, it’s been shortened already. Once. I would have thought it would have brought that up. I know it’s been shortened. It needs to come in a little bit further. Even bring that up because what he would have, what would he have done had he played when they first built the park?

DJ:                                          25:29                     I think that it was his point though, that he, they should bring the walls in again, a second time. It’s still too long and until someone starts complaining about it and then others start complaining about it and then two more start complaining about it, then it’ll finally come in after pressures.

Jerry:                                     25:43                     And then you’re going to hear what you heard from Tiger Stadium. It’s a softball park. You’ve got to move it back. Why do you think that they built it like they did? They got sick and tired of the Tigers being made fun of coming in here and it’s a 325 down right field line. It may have been shorter than that. May have been 325 in the left field and 315 in the right field. I remember it was a short and everyone made fun of it being a softball park, so I could see where the Tigers organization made it longer because they got a jilting from that. Just the fact that, I mean Reggie Jackson to this day is known for that all star homer and ’72.

DJ:                                          26:17                     That hit the lights on the roof.

Jerry:                                     26:18                     Yes. Because it was so short that never would have happened in Comerica. So I, again, I don’t understand the, I think it’s just for him because he wants it to be known as hitting the monsters home runs. Right now they’re all about exit velocity, the arc that it goes out all these metric saber stats now. And I think that’s what he’s trying to get into. He needs a stats because without the stats, that’s his payday. And with his payday, no team’s (going to) want him if he can’t the ball, I guess 15 rows into the stands.

DJ:                                          26:45                     Well he brought up the power numbers, the OPS and the slugging percentage and “all that stuff,” so, he is concerned about stats. That is the point he wants to stats. And then once again, that’s for himself so that he can better look better for a possible trade. I really think he wants out of Detroit.

Jerry:                                     27:03                     I think. No, I know he does. And I think he’s upset over the, uh, the, the trade rumors. But again, maybe, maybe he’s trying to insinuate a few of those trade rumors cause it is coming on the trade deadline. You’re getting the playoff push because over half the season’s gone by now maybe he just, he’s just doing it. Though my only problem is if he did say that and I’m a GM, I’m not sure I want this guy now because he’s worried about how far hits the ball and where the seats are at.

DJ:                                          27:29                     No only that he’s not loyal to the team. I mean Detroit is not good this year obviously and that that could be another factor that’s influencing his decision that because I don’t want to play on a bad team.

Jerry:                                     27:39                     And that’s a whole other thing. The opposite of it. Back in I think 2012 I think it was 12. They had a pretty formidable pitching staff with Vernlander, a Scherzer, Annabel Sanchez and Rick Porcello and the one who cheated Kenny, I forget that the lefty, but they had that, that was an, that was a knockout staff, but they didn’t win the world series. They’d lost. St Louis, smoked them, hit a lot of home runs in that very same long, long ballpark that he’s talking about. So once again, and they weren’t complaining when they went to the world series that it was too long. Nobody was nobody. Again, so, why now?

DJ:                                          28:19                     I really, bottom line, I think he was trying to get, he trying to make a name for himself so he can get traded.

Jerry:                                     28:25                     Okay. I agree. I don’t think it helped him. So he might want to try different tactic.

DJ:                                          28:29                     Well, that’s our episode for this week. I want to thank you so much for tuning in and listening to the Grand Designs Podcast. We appreciate every single listener that we get. Uh, you can get ahold of us at GrandDesigns, Our email address is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. You follow us on Twitter @GrandDesignsPod, and you can follow us on Instagram @ GrandDesignPodcast. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

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