Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 20 – Equality in Sports Revisited Transcript

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Jerry:                                     00:13                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:32                     Welcome to the Grand Design Podcast, episode 20. Uh, I’m DJ Grand and I’m with my brother Jerry.

Jerry:                                     00:49                     Greetings,

DJ:                                          00:50                     uh, today we’ll basically be revisiting an issue wee did an episode seven, we’re going to be talking about equality in sports. Uh, firstly let’s talk about dodge ball and how it’s supposedly dehumanizing.

Jerry:                                     01:02                     Yeah, that’s a little bit on the inequality. And I don’t know how in a sport you can have equality, uh, be at dodge ball or any sport because if everyone’s equal, no one’s gonna win. The score’s going to be tied. And then there’s no entertainment. And what’s the point of playing? Uh, but the dehumanizing part, I think they’re coming from, and I’m going into the Dodgeball movie, which is hilarious, where they pick on Winston. And he actually says, remember, kids pick the most smallest. I can’t quote the actor when I the worst, most whatever, unathletic kid. Uh, and pick on them, make sure the other team picks them. And then they show Winston with a pair of glasses getting just pulverized with the ball and he gets the kid who threw the ball gets, you know, congratulations. So, they’re saying that’s dehumanizing to Winston.

DJ:                                          01:43                     Well, a short sidetrack right away. I used to do that in baseball. I used to identify the worst, the weakest link out in the outfield. I’d try and hit it to the right fielder or…

Jerry:                                     01:53                     We were taught in CYO when you up to the bat to aim the bat back of the pitcher, like it was coming right back at him.

DJ:                                          01:59                     So, I kind of works in other sports too.

Jerry:                                     02:01                     Yes.

DJ:                                          02:01                     Well, anyways, as far as the, uh, to put this in context, this is from the Blaze from June 12th, 2019, “When you’re setting up an environment for students to learn and you introduced the idea that it’s okay to slam the ball at whomever you like, even if it’s with a soft ball. The intention is there,” according to Joy Butler, who is a professor of pedology and curriculum development at the University of British Columbia. She goes on, “When students think it’s okay because they’re being told it’s okay to do that. What do they learn? People say dodge ball being used as an outlet for aggression or catharsis. I suspect that this is where they’re learning it. Physical Education class should be an arena where teachers are helping students control their aggression and move on instead of expressing themselves in anger” unquote.

Jerry:                                     02:51                     The problem I have with that is I’ve always been taught, and I tell others that there’s a lot of relations to sports in life. And dodge ball, if you get knocked out, if you get slammed or you get hit in the face, it’s just the reason, you know, to get back up again and don’t quit. Just like in life, you’re going to get smacked in the face. Only in life. It’s a lot harder than dodgeball. I mean, you think about it’s a game. You get back up, winners and losers, you’re still alive. Uh, but there are some tragedies that’ll come in life that you’ve got to learn to cope with and get over. And I believe, really truly believe that playing sports teaches you that whole, it’s always said that this is life. This is not football, this is life. So she’s completely incorrect. I mean that’s just well as you would say psychobabble.

DJ:                                          03:31                     Well yeah. He goes on. And uh, in the same article he finishes out, by a annilating ones opponent and the quote “athletic and authoritative students ran the show when it comes to rules and tended to create their own teams and which allowed them to gang up on other students. The message is that it’s okay to hurt or dehumanize the other. The competition is about annihilating ones opponent. And the true definition of competition is between two evenly matched teams while kids stack their teams and they really enjoy beating up on the other team. What’s the enjoyment of that?” unquote.

Jerry:                                     04:05                     Look, I always enjoyed it at first cause I was little small growing up, uh, not getting picked. And then it was basically showing them what a mistake it was and that I was actually good. And then the next time I got picked. So you’ve got to go out there. If you really, that bothers you and you want to get picked, you’ve got to improve, you’ve got to go out and practice, you’re going to take some lumps. So again, and you can’t have no, an even team is not a good game because again, everyone’s equal. There’s not going to be a winner. I mean, I get good games. There are classic games, but that doesn’t mean both teams are even most of the time, um, the actual winner takes nothing to better team loses.

DJ:                                          04:40                     Sometimes that happens. I think they’re using the wrong term by equal. I think there wasn’t really mean is parity, which is…

Jerry:                                     04:45                     No, I agree in the NFL strives for that for, so everyone’s team has a chance to win. But at the end of the day, what they’ve been striving for parity and the Patriots winning so many, has there been parity?

DJ:                                          04:58                     Well, you can’t, in an ideal world. It would get as close to equal as possible, but that can’t always happen.

Jerry:                                     05:02                     If it was, if it was though, nobody would win.

DJ:                                          05:05                     Well from the USA Today, an article by Larry Alex Taunton. Uh, he quotes the Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Yang once said that dodgeball quote “is a systemized opportunity for bullies” unquote to target that weak. He further complained that while headshots were banned, crotch shots weren’t.

Jerry:                                     05:25                     Look that that happens pretty much every, I want to say every play, but when a plane, a safety gets hurt, cornerback, defensive cornerback in the NFL, next play, the quarterback’s going after that person. Going right after him to destroy him, to humiliate. I don’t know how many times did the announcers are bringing that up. How was it any different? And this is a professional athlete being embarrassed, not Winston.

DJ:                                          05:48                     That reminds me “The Longest Yard” when they let him through.

Jerry:                                     05:51                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          05:51                     And Burt Reynolds threw it right at him and hit him in the crotch.

Jerry:                                     05:54                     He didn’t do that again. Did he? He wasn’t the dirty part of that he was before that.

DJ:                                          05:59                     It also says, according to Fox News quote, “researchers argue that there is a hidden curriculum of dodgeball that reinforces the oppression of those perceived as weaker individuals for the exercise of violence and dominance.

Jerry:                                     06:13                     Look, dodge ball is no different than any other sport to where there’s going to be a dominance in a weaker team. And yes, the whole point is, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, we didn’t step on the juggler. We left him in the game and they came back and won the game because we didn’t want to dehumanize or embarrass’em, they didn’t put there, they didn’t take them out, they didn’t go out and destroy them.

DJ:                                          06:32                     I think, I don’t agree with them, but I think their argument is that the weak don’t have, the nonathletic weak, don’t have the same chance against the athletic type. Now I was like you, I was always the smallest in the class, but that didn’t stop me because I was also athletic and I would play the game to win and I would use the ball as a defensive mechanism. I would block with the ball, so, I don’t see how, if you played the game correctly, even the weakest, the smallest could have a chance to win.

Jerry:                                     07:00                     They’re getting into psychology now to where look at that kid wants to win and he’s competitive, he’ll go against the better talent because at the end, going against a better talent, it’ll make him a better player. He may get smacked a few times, but he’ll block the ball and eventually after a year or two he’ll be the one that’s being picked and then now he’s the one that’s dehumanizing the other team. So it’s all about practicing getting better and some people are not athletic and it takes them time to learn, but anybody wants to learn to get better that they can. And I think these guys are just arguing for the lazy way out that they didn’t want to train and they didn’t want to practice.

DJ:                                          07:34                     Um, this is true. I’m trying to think. I read somewhere that dodge ball was not even listed as one of the most violent sports. Soccer was ahead of that. I mean there were, I mean it wasn’t even a top 10 as one of the most violent sports.

Jerry:                                     07:50                     I’ve seen some very gruesome soccer injuries. So yeah, I could get that. And this is probably one bit, I don’t think dodge ball is even in the class of a contact sport. You catch the ball, you get out of the way. Cannot have a problem?

DJ:                                          08:06                     I agree. And this is sort of like making everyone wear a helmet when they ride a bike. It’s not always necessary.

Jerry:                                     08:11                     Again, no, I completely agree. And I think this is just again psychobabble about dodge ball and it being dehumanizing. It’s a game. It’s like kickball. We played kickball a lot and you can kick the ball off of someone’s face. How’s that any different? Instead you’re using your foot, you’re not throwing it.

DJ:                                          08:28                     No, I agree. The point of the game is to win and that is what it should teach them. Teach them the skills necessary to win.

Jerry:                                     08:33                     Phys Ed class, from what I remember, it was more for exercise. It wasn’t about winning or losing. Yeah, it’s natural. I don’t care how you bring up kids. Kids are going to go out there and they want to compete. They want to win. They want to be the better one in any sport. They want to impress the teacher, impress the girl. They’re going to go out there and compete and yeah, there are going to be weaker ones. And they’re going to just have to learn. And in life, I mean, how many times have you heard about the geek who was in school and got picked on is now Bill Gates in a billionaire 10 times over. So where’s the equality there?

DJ:                                          09:03                     You can’t have total equality.

Jerry:                                     09:05                     I know, but this guy wants a quality in dodge ball. Where’s the quality of business?

DJ:                                          09:10                     Well, when we were growing up, we were in different classes, but in my class at Our Lady of Grace, when there was clearly a weaker team, the actual male gym teacher played on that weaker team and he was throwing strikes. I mean, don’t, we’re talking hard strikes. So, he kind of evened up that way. So there are ways. I’ve even seen on YouTube that there were, um, students versus teacher dodgeball. And I’ve seen those teachers actually whipped the ball towards them. So…

Jerry:                                     09:38                     Even in my class, I get it. That it’s a way to take out anger.

DJ:                                          09:42                     Yeah. So our second point of a conversation about equality in sports goes to, once again, transgender competitors. This is pretty much what we talked about in Episode Seven. Um, specifically there was a transgender hurler who won the national championship and uh, her name was a CeCe Tefer of the Franklin Pierce University, a college hurdler born male, but now competing as a female who last month won NCAAs Women’s national championship, taking the 400 meter hurdles by more than a second. Tefler, formerly known as Craig, as recently as January, 2018 ran with a division two school men’s track and field team Tefler started going by the name CeCe when competing with the men before transitioning to the women’s competition and Tefler became the New Hampshire school women’s track and field champion. ESPN interviewed Tefler on “Outside the Lines” and she quoted “If anything, me competing against a CISgender females is a disadvantage. According to her quote, “My body is going through so many medical implications. It’s going through biochemistry changes. So being on hormone replacement therapy results in muscle depletion, your muscles are deteriorating. You lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get your strength, your agility. So, I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength. If I slack day, then there’s three days set behind so I have to keep up all my workouts. I can’t drink, I can’t eat unhealthy or else it’s going to impact me harder.”

Jerry:                                     11:22                     What you just read it the same regiment for any athlete who trains.

DJ:                                          11:26                     I absolutely agree and that’s exactly what I was going to say, that it has nothing to do with her transitioning, that she wouldn’t have to work just as hard. I guarantee you Michael Phelps, who now for transitioned worked just as hard if he, would have to work just as hard if he fell behind.

Jerry:                                     11:42                     With his diet, with his training, with everything that that male said applied to Michael Phelps, you know, every athlete, those (athletes), especially the world class athletes and all the major sports, those guys train in the off season, maybe two weeks off or they’ll get time with their family and their back to lifting weights, running, whatever it may be for a aerobics to get their…Basketball players want endurance. Hockey for the same thing off ice training. That’s such a ridiculous (argument),

DJ:                                          12:07                     This is also from the Blaze from June 4th, 2019. Uh, “according to the website, Totalboy Sports, which research some of Tefler’s statistics as a male competitor. Tefler was an above average male hurdler. But as women’s hurdle are lower tough learned soon dominated the competition and became the top women’s competitor in the women’s 55 meter hurdles and the 55 meters sprint. NCAA has a policy for transgender athletes for years is legal under NCAA bylaws for a biological male to compete in the woman’s division, if that male has suppressed his test testosterone levels for one year. A guidance document issued by issue and published by the NCAA, took the stance that is not accurate to assume that a male who has transitioned to become a transgender female has an unfair advantage over a biological woman saying it is important not to over generalize.” In this instance. I think the NCAA is wrong.

Jerry:                                     13:03                     Oh absolutely. Cause I was going to say, apparently even with his testosterone replacement, he still running fast like he did with the testosterone. It hasn’t really done that much. He’s still, he’s blowing these girls out. It’s like the men would.

DJ:                                          13:16                     To me, it’s not even a point about running fast. It’s a matter of he now has an unfair advantage. He still has the bone structure of a male. It doesn’t matter what less testosterones or not.

Jerry:                                     13:26                     Bone structure, psychology,

DJ:                                          13:28                     body chemistry.

Jerry:                                     13:29                     Correct.

DJ:                                          13:30                     So I think it creates an unfair advantage when a MtoF, male to female transgender, competes with biological women.

Jerry:                                     13:41                     I agree. And that kind of goes into our next one. Where a transgender weightlifter was stripped of the world record because…

DJ:                                          13:48                     Well this is from Yahoo! Sports Canada, “Mary Gregory sparked controversy earlier in May after claiming on Instagram that she had won nine out of nine events, which includes setting a new Masters Worlds Squat record, OpenWorld Bench record, Master’s World Deadlift record and Master’s World Total Record. However, RAW power lifting federation have now decided to take the titles off the American athlete in a decision that could have huge ramifications for transgender athletes.” The president of the federation, Paul Bossi, told Mail Online that “Gregory could not have been considered a female when she broke the records. It was revealed that the female lifter was actually a male in the process of becoming a transgender female” Bossi said, “the rules and the basis of separating genders for competition are based on physiological classification rather than identification. On the basis of all information presented to the board of directors for this particular case. The conclusion made is that the correct physiological classification is male.

Jerry:                                     14:51                     So, therefore the NCAA is completely wrong.

DJ:                                          14:55                     Well, absolutely, but this, this isn’t the NCAA this the Power Lifting Federation.

Jerry:                                     14:59                     That’s my point.

DJ:                                          15:00                     Yeah, I, well, I said that in the beginning.

Jerry:                                     15:02                     If RAW or if the NCAA used the RAW definition there, the, the hurdle there would have been stripped of his wouldn’t be allowed to compete. So, then, my question would be why is one, okay, the NCAA and yet the other one got stripped. That’s a complete contradiction.

DJ:                                          15:17                     Here’s what I agree with. A quote from the USA Power lifting, “Men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women. These traits, even when we do levels of testosterone do not go away while m to f, male to female, maybe weaker and less muscle than they once were. The biological benefits giving them at birth still remain over than of a female.

Jerry:                                     15:43                     Even though they’re weaker, they’re still stronger than the females. It’s not that hard. So for them, I mean I agree with RAW, they shouldn’t be allowed strip. They strip all the titles and the NCAA should read. They need to read this.

DJ:                                          15:56                     I totally agree. There was also an angry back backlash from Olympians, Great Britain Olympic swimmer, Sharon Davis tweeted “any records set by trans women’s, those born male with male biology and advantages. Should we remove when all this confusion and unfairness is sorted out”. She called it an unfair playing field.

Jerry:                                     16:16                     I wonder how they would feel if Michael Phelps went transgender and competed against the ladies.

DJ:                                          16:21                     Well, this particular Mary Gregory is complaining that the reason she got caught was because they made her take a urine test in front of someone and apparently that someone saw her penis, if that makes sense. And so she’s claimed she’s claiming that that’s the reason why it had that not happened. She never would have lost her titles.

Jerry:                                     16:42                     So, she got caught because she pees standing up.

DJ:                                          16:43                     No, she was sitting down when it happened, but

Jerry:                                     16:48                     that’s funny.

DJ:                                          16:49                     Well, that’s what she’s claiming.

Jerry:                                     16:50                     Going into our third topic, and this one is probably the most interesting, is the US women’s soccer. Now in the beginning here with the whole protests for the ladies, how they want equal pay with the men’s soccer team, they want to be compensated in every single way as the men and no, absolutely not. I would tell any of them, go try out for a men’s MLS team, which is the major league soccer team, not the Olympic team. If they can, they make it, they can compete and they get a contract. Great. But they probably won’t because there’ll be destroyed and if not hurt. So for what they’re asking for, Megan Rapinoe is one of them is complete equality which she’ll never get because to be equal, she would have to play with the men. And she’s not realizing that she can’t, she will get destroyed if she played against, look, the men’s Olympic team hasn’t been doing very well and the women’s team has, that doesn’t mean the women should play with the men that they’re better than the men.

DJ:                                          17:53                     I totally agree. I don’t, I think that will prove that they aren’t equally as far as on the soccer field, because most of the men would make the team if they were judged objectively, most men would make the team and very few female would.

Jerry:                                     18:05                     If they played a game where the men didn’t feel bad and it was all across the board competition, you think the ladies team would even stand a chance against the men’s team? And the men’s team isn’t really good. They’ll get to the men’s team would destroy the ladies team. So there’s no equality. They can’t be. What they’re asking for cannot and never will never happen.

DJ:                                          18:26                     Well, there’s also another issue I want to talk about in terms of Megan Rapinoe and that is her silent protest against President Trump and the national anthem. I have no problem with a protest with the national anthem, whether you say it or don’t say it, if you sit, stand, kneel.

Jerry:                                     18:45                     Where a hat, whatever.

DJ:                                          18:46                     It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, for decades I would not stand for the national anthem, but not for the reasons she refused to stand. Uh, according to the Blaze, again, “the star for the women’s soccer team, kept promise to ignore the celebration national anthem as an f-you to President Donald Trump.” To me that is a problem. You want a protest, protest if you want, don’t want to stand or if you want to sit, you want to kneel do it. But to do it as, as an effort of disrespect is absolutely wrong. And I said this in episode seven, I think it needs to be repeated. The point of fascism is to make the masses act as one. What are you doing when everybody in a 10,000 seat arena stands and sings the same song trying to hit the same notes? It is the masses acting as one. It is inherently a fascist endeavor and it’s for that reason I refuse to stand with the masses. It doesn’t mean I’m not patriotic. It doesn’t mean I don’t want America and I don’t care about America. It means I refuse to do anything in fascistic, uh, in a fascistic way. That to me is a philosophical reason not to stand for the national anthem. Saying you want to f you to any president. I don’t care if it’s Donald Trump or Barack Obama, that is disrespectful and is wrong.

Jerry:                                     20:10                     I was going to bring that up because when Obama won, there are a lot of people who weren’t happy about it and they were told can’t disrespect the office. Got To respect it. There were some people, some athletes that didn’t want to go the White House and they were ridiculed for not going to Obama’s White House when they won championships. Now it’s completely opposite. They’re cheered when they don’t go to Trump’s, um, parties. And these people now can say f the president, but we couldn’t say f the President when Obama was in. That wasn’t allowed. It was, no, you must honor the president. Where did that go? Where did, I want to ask Ms Rapinoe? Where did that go? How come it wasn’t f Obama but now it’s f Trump and it’s okay. Eight years ago, couldn’t do that. Why? What has changed to where she can say f Trump, but I could not say f Obama, Barack Obama.? That bothers me.

DJ:                                          20:54                     I believe what has changed is falsely or not, they are assuming that Trump is anti-gay, anti LGBQ, whatever.

Jerry:                                     21:05                     They’re just following the press and

DJ:                                          21:07                     The point is she’s doing it because she’s gay and up that…

Jerry:                                     21:12                     Correct

DJ:                                          21:12                     pisses her off and she…

Jerry:                                     21:13                     The press have railed Trump for that reason. So she’s just jumping on that bandwagon period. End of story. That’s really kind of where she’s coming from and that gets into the equal pay.

DJ:                                          21:23                     I think she, she’s continuing on, we can talk about equal pay ina second.

Jerry:                                     21:27                     She’s making…

DJ:                                          21:27                     I think she’s, no, she also did it to align herself with Colin Kaepernick when he did it. Okay, fine. I that kind of a a protest I have no problem with now she says, she continues to do it just to give a metaphorical middle finger to the president? And that is where I say it as being wrong.

Jerry:                                     21:46                     That’s what Colin Kaepernick was doing and giving them a metaphorical middle finger to Roger Goodell and all the uh, ex veterans out there that, you know.

DJ:                                          21:53                     No, I don’t think it was a metaphorical middle finger. I think he was actually trying to protest what he saw. Rightly or wrongly, he saw as inequality in America, a black oppression, whatever. I don’t really think that was strictly to Donald Trump. What Megan Rapinoe is doing is directly to Donald Trump. I think that’s the difference. And that’s why I think she’s wrong in this sense.

Jerry:                                     22:17                     I would agree with you there.

DJ:                                          22:19                     So, if we want to go back to the issue of equal pay, um, they did a, Elle, did an article about Hope Solo and they talked about the equal pay and what went down. “The 2015 world cup final was watched by a report at 25 million Americans and remains the country’s most few soccer match, a male or female. But the tournament also highlighted longstanding discrepancies between the woman’s team and the men’s. It was played on artificial turf, an undisputedly more difficult terrain, the natural grass, whereas the men’s World Cup has always been on grass. When the woman won the team’s bonus was 2 million. In 2014 when the men lost in the 16th round, there’s was 9 million.’

Jerry:                                     23:03                     I completely agree, but here we go again. This is not really a hard, they can’t, they can’t, they are not equal. They cannot compete with the men. They will get blown away. So it would justify that 9 million from not winning and the ladies only getting 2 million.

DJ:                                          23:17                     Okay, well the article continues. It was about hope Solo. “So in 2015 at Hope solo’s urging the team replaced their lawyer who long represented the players union with Nichols, known as with a pugnacious approach. Nichols then hired Jeffrey Kessler and his colleagues at Winston and Strawn as outside council.” Kessler Handled Tom Brady’s to fake deflate gate just so it’s known. “Other one of the opening moves, one, his opening moves was filing the EEOC suit according to Kessler, it is almost classic example of gender discrimination. In 2016 if women won every one of the require 20 annual exhibition games, they could make $99,000. If the men lost every one, they’d still be paid $100,000. And while top female players earn a salary similar to that of top men, in 2015, hope solo made $366,000 lower tear males could make 10 times as much as comparable to women. This claim referenced the Federation’s own finance reports which stated in 2015 generated 24 million in event revenue and 2 million more than the men. The women, um, created that generated to 24 million. So U S S F stated in response to this lawsuit filed in May that the women received guarantee salaries while the men do not, unlike the women, the men tend to have substantial professional club contracts to fall back on. The response also declares that difference in pay are based on differences in the aggregated revenue, meaning the men’s team make more money, not necessarily through events, but via sponsorships and TV rights.”

Jerry:                                     25:01                     Hundred percent, absolutely correct. And again, we’re going to go back to simply look, ladies, play the men’s team, play him. Then we’re going back to Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. But I kind of think he, he let her win, so whatever, but that if they play all, all they want the equality, like they say they’re equal and the men aren’t feeling sorry which to go and be equal now. Get, the men were feeling bad that they were killing them because the men are giving up now, so they’re not equal anymore. They will get destroyed. And then, well, that guy just said there is clearly irrelevant because they’re not equal and we’ve been about discrimination. People discriminate a hundred times a day. When they got married, they discriminated when they chose their wife, their partner, when they go get something to eat at a fast food or a restaurant, they’re discriminating between…why didn’t they pick the other restaurant. They’re just trying to see, they’re using the word discrimination. Have you point out in the wrong context and that’s the problem. They’re not equal. Sorry. As you said before, where’s the only place where you get a quality?

DJ:                                          25:53                     The local graveyard where everyone’s equally dead.

Jerry:                                     25:55                     Okay. Megan Rapinoe. That’s the, that’s the place that when you want equality, if you want it, that’s where you got to go. Sorry.

DJ:                                          26:01                     Well, it’s like you said, there’s no way that you can have total equality because earlier you brought up the results would always be a tie. If it was equal, there’d be no winners or losers, which once again we get to the participation trophies, which is the same exact, there’s the equality. That’s, that’s not the result of it.

Jerry:                                     26:16                     That’s not entertaining.

DJ:                                          26:18                     No, it’s not.

Jerry:                                     26:18                     So if all…

DJ:                                          26:19                     That’s what they want, that’s the outcome they are asking for. Whether they know it or not and may be unwittingly, but that’s what they’re asking for a tie in every single situation.

Jerry:                                     26:27                     If they want to bring the men’s pay down. Then men start tying all the time. The viewership would go down and they wouldn’t make the money they’re paying for.

DJ:                                          26:34                     It’s not just men. Every sport they want totally equality in every sport.

Jerry:                                     26:36                     It doesn’t, yeah. Women’s hockey, men’s hockey.

DJ:                                          26:38                     I’m going to get back to the Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King because I don’t think Billy Jean King may have been the best woman at the time, but Bobby Riggs wasn’t. I would like to see the best woman play the best man in any sport. I don’t care if it’s golf. I don’t care if it’s a tennis like uh, Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. Any sport.

Jerry:                                     26:59                     And compete equally.

DJ:                                          26:59                     Oh, but you really want, but you really want to see a difference. Let’s look at hockey now.

Jerry:                                     27:04                     i was just going to….

DJ:                                          27:04                     I guarantee you there’s not a single one or very few anyways, there will be able to compete with the likes of Sydney Crosby or Claude Giroux or I mean any of the, the great players.

Jerry:                                     27:13                     Watching a Nhl game than watch a women’s game and you will see how slow and literally how anti checking the women are compared to the men. It’s not equal. It can’t be, I mean when I watched the women, the Olympic women and reminds me of men’s beer leagues, you know, some of the things they do in the size, I mean the women are kind of our size, you know, there are small, so it’s not the same, but I was going to bring up the women’s hockey. They’re good players and some of those games.

DJ:                                          27:39                     I think the women are great players, but they don’t, they’re not even close to being equal to the men, not even close as far as athletic sports goes.

Jerry:                                     27:47                     And put them on skates, the men would just, even though they’re on skates to, they would just tower over them. It wouldn’t be funny. It’d be horrifying it that really happened. So again, even for Ms Rapenoe and quality, it can’t happen. What she wants just will not happen. And I think you had brought up, she’s looking for an unequal advantage for all this here she wants to gain.

DJ:                                          28:07                     Now I just want to clarify. In Our world, I think women should have the equal opportunity to have any job they want. A very wise philosopher once said that a women should be able to have any job except professional football player or Longshoreman any other job a women should be able to go after and have. I totally agree with that. But I’m, I don’t see the kind of equality they’re looking for on any sports field. It cannot happen.

Jerry:                                     28:36                     Nope. I agree. And I don’t think when the US women dominated, uh, Thailand, it was dehumanizing. They were just, most of the press countries were outraged because they were celebrating after with 7-0 and 10-0. Well that’s, look, Thailand was horrible, but stop’em.

DJ:                                          28:51                     But that’s not also I heard, I also, people complain that they didn’t let up after seven.

Jerry:                                     28:55                     Absolutely.

DJ:                                          28:56                     No, but there is a point to scoring those goals. The point is that the tie breaker is in gold differential

Jerry:                                     29:01                     in soccer…

DJ:                                          29:02                     and it matters.

Jerry:                                     29:03                     Aggregate Score, and Alexi Lalas pointed that out. I don’t know the announcer, but he, I don’t know if he was the host or he was on the Olympic Committee, but he was going out them and he said, and I quote, they should’ve given up or let taking the foot off the throat after 3-0 then you didn’t need to score 4 it was over at halftime. They didn’t need to score. Seven goals and Alexia, basically saad what do you want them want to do, rollover.? Yes.

DJ:                                          29:25                     So, that means they roll over and then Thailand catches up and they lose.

Jerry:                                     29:29                     Brought that.

DJ:                                          29:29                     That’s okay?

Jerry:                                     29:30                     I brought that up earlier.

DJ:                                          29:31                     I think that’s what their goal is.

Jerry:                                     29:32                     That’s the whole point. We let up. They came back. We gave that game to them. How many times do we hear that? We lost that game. They didn’t win the game. We lost that. We gave that game to them. You’re right. That’s what they want.

DJ:                                          29:41                     One of the classic hallmark identifications of evil is hating the good for being good, not for their vices, not for their wrongdoings about, because they’re good. And this is an example of that. They didn’t go after them cause they did. They were bad. They went after them cause they’re too good.

Jerry:                                     30:00                     Yeah. It’s almost like the Detroit fans hating Matt Stafford because he’s good and they’re not. They’re jealous that they can’t do what he does and gets paid all that money.

DJ:                                          30:09                     Uh, I don’t know about Matt Stafford. I don’t think they hit him like that.

Jerry:                                     30:12                     Oh, but they do.

DJ:                                          30:13                     Better example is how Detroit fans hate Sidney Crosby cause he is so good. That’s…

Jerry:                                     30:20                     Your right. But Detroit fans hate Matthew Stafford on that level of (Sidney Crosby). I know that sounds ridiculous, but they do cause he hasn’t taken them anywhere. That’s a different topic.

DJ:                                          30:30                     It’s not as, hate is what I would apply to Sidney Crosby.

Jerry:                                     30:31                     It’s strong.

DJ:                                          30:34                     It’s more of a genuine, deep dislike. A disappointment because he didn’t take them to the promised land.

Jerry:                                     30:40                     When I hear sports radio and they bring up the Loins, there’s nothing but, and I’m talking venom and hate coming from these callers it and it’s not pretty. You’ll get one…

DJ:                                          30:50                     Are you sure it’s not coming from a place of disappointment or coming from a place of hate? I think it’s coming from a place of disappointment..

Jerry:                                     30:53                     I think. No, I think it’s jealousy cause they can’t do what Staffod does and Stafford makes $26 million. That bothers, I go to work, I’m a Joe lunchbox. I work 40 hours. He doesn’t work 40 hours. He is getting paid. It’s a jealousy, you know? It’s almost like they want that equality. If he can make 26 million.

DJ:                                          31:11                     First of all, they can’t do it as good as Stafford.

Jerry:                                     31:14                     I completely agree.

DJ:                                          31:14                     That’s no different than saying I want, I want Bill Gates money and they can’t do what he did as good as him.

Jerry:                                     31:20                     That’s why I bring it up because the women can’t do it with the men’s soccer team can. That’s why I brought that up. But some of the fans do hate certain of their stars because it’s an envy. They can’t do it. They think they’re better. They played high school sports. You know how many times I hear a person calling, I played college ball. Like they know what they’re talking about. They have to get that out there. They have to brag about it to make a justify that they can criticize, Matt Stafford. Now when really it’s because he makes all that money. Again, it’s a jealousy but we’re kind of digressing. But there’s also, if I don’t think Ms Rapinoe understands what she wants and the result that if it came through and you have a little story that you’re going to read, basically that’s going to explain what happens when it’s all equal.

DJ:          32:01     (From This is, uh, by Kurt Vonnegut jr and it’s “Harrison Bergeron”. This can take about five or so minutes. So bear with me.

 THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Some things about living still weren’t quite right, though. April for instance, still drove people crazy by not being springtime. And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron’s fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away.

It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn’t think about it very hard. Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn’t think about anything except in short bursts. And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times. It was tuned to a government transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains.

George and Hazel were watching television. There were tears on Hazel’s cheeks, but she’d forgotten for the moment what they were about.

On the television screen were ballerinas.

A buzzer sounded in George’s head. His thoughts fled in panic, like bandits from a burglar alarm.

“That was a real pretty dance, that dance they just did,” said Hazel.

“Huh” said George.

“That dance-it was nice,” said Hazel.

“Yup,” said George. He tried to think a little about the ballerinas. They weren’t really very good-no better than anybody else would have been, anyway. They were burdened with sashweights and bags of birdshot, and their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face, would feel like something the cat drug in. George was toying with the vague notion that maybe dancers shouldn’t be handicapped. But he didn’t get very far with it before another noise in his ear radio scattered his thoughts.

George winced. So did two out of the eight ballerinas.

Hazel saw him wince. Having no mental handicap herself, she had to ask George what the latest sound had been.

“Sounded like somebody hitting a milk bottle with a ball peen hammer,” said George.

“I’d think it would be real interesting, hearing all the different sounds,” said Hazel a little envious. “All the things they think up.”

“Um,” said George.

“Only, if I was Handicapper General, you know what I would do?” said Hazel. Hazel, as a matter of fact, bore a strong resemblance to the Handicapper General, a woman named Diana Moon Glampers. “If I was Diana Moon Glampers,” said Hazel, “I’d have chimes on Sunday-just chimes. Kind of in honor of religion.”

“I could think, if it was just chimes,” said George.

“Well-maybe make ’em real loud,” said Hazel. “I think I’d make a good Handicapper General.”

“Good as anybody else,” said George.

“Who knows better then I do what normal is?” said Hazel.

“Right,” said George. He began to think glimmeringly about his abnormal son who was now in jail, about Harrison, but a twenty-one-gun salute in his head stopped that.

“Boy!” said Hazel, “that was a doozy, wasn’t it?”

It was such a doozy that George was white and trembling, and tears stood on the rims of his red eyes. Two of of the eight ballerinas had collapsed to the studio floor, were holding their temples.

“All of a sudden you look so tired,” said Hazel. “Why don’t you stretch out on the sofa, so’s you can rest your handicap bag on the pillows, honeybunch.”

She was referring to the forty-seven pounds of birdshot in a canvas bag, which was padlocked around George’s neck. “Go on and rest the bag for a little while,” she said. “I don’t care if you’re not equal to me for a while.”

George weighed the bag with his hands. “I don’t mind it,” he said. “I don’t notice it any more. It’s just a part of me.”

“You been so tired lately-kind of wore out,” said Hazel. “If there was just some way we could make a little hole in the bottom of the bag, and just take out a few of them lead balls. Just a few.”

“Two years in prison and two thousand dollars fine for every ball I took out,” said George. “I don’t call that a bargain.”

“If you could just take a few out when you came home from work,” said Hazel. “I mean-you don’t compete with anybody around here. You just set around.”

“If I tried to get away with it,” said George, “then other people’d get away with it-and pretty soon we’d be right back to the dark ages again, with everybody competing against everybody else. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”

“I’d hate it,” said Hazel.

“There you are,” said George. The minute people start cheating on laws, what do you think happens to society?”

If Hazel hadn’t been able to come up with an answer to this question, George couldn’t have supplied one. A siren was going off in his head.

“Reckon it’d fall all apart,” said Hazel.

“What would?” said George blankly.

“Society,” said Hazel uncertainly. “Wasn’t that what you just said?

“Who knows?” said George.

The television program was suddenly interrupted for a news bulletin. It wasn’t clear at first as to what the bulletin was about, since the announcer, like all announcers, had a serious speech impediment. For about half a minute, and in a state of high excitement, the announcer tried to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen.”

He finally gave up, handed the bulletin to a ballerina to read.

“That’s all right-” Hazel said of the announcer, “he tried. That’s the big thing. He tried to do the best he could with what God gave him. He should geta nice raise for trying so hard.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” said the ballerina, reading the bulletin. She must have been extraordinarily beautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous. And it was easy to see that she was the strongest and most graceful of all the dancers, for her handicap bags were as big as those worn by two-hundred pound men.

And she had to apologize at once for her voice, which was a very unfair voice for a woman to use. Her voice was a warm, luminous, timeless melody. “Excuse me-” she said, and she began again, making her voice absolutely uncompetitive.

“Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen,” she said in a grackle squawk, “has just escaped from jail, where he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. He is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.”

A police photograph of Harrison Bergeron was flashed on the screen-upside down, then sideways, upside down again, then right side up. The picture showed the full length of Harrison against a background calibrated in feet and inches. He was exactly seven feet tall.

The rest of Harrison’s appearance was Halloween and hardware. Nobody had ever born heavier handicaps. He had outgrown hindrances faster than the H-G men could think them up. Instead of a little ear radio for a mental handicap, he wore a tremendous pair of earphones, and spectacles with thick wavy lenses. The spectacles were intended to make him not only half blind, but to give him whanging headaches besides.

Scrap metal was hung all over him. Ordinarily, there was a certain symmetry, a military neatness to the handicaps issued to strong people, but Harrison looked like a walking junkyard. In the race of life, Harrison carried three hundred pounds.

And to offset his good looks, the H-G men required that he wear at all times a red rubber ball for a nose, keep his eyebrows shaved off, and cover his even white teeth with black caps at snaggle-tooth random.

“If you see this boy,” said the ballerina, “do not – I repeat, do not – try to reason with him.”

There was the shriek of a door being torn from its hinges.

Screams and barking cries of consternation came from the television set. The photograph of Harrison Bergeron on the screen jumped again and again, as though dancing to the tune of an earthquake.

George Bergeron correctly identified the earthquake, and well he might have – for many was the time his own home had danced to the same crashing tune. “My God-” said George, “that must be Harrison!”

The realization was blasted from his mind instantly by the sound of an automobile collision in his head.

When George could open his eyes again, the photograph of Harrison was gone. A living, breathing Harrison filled the screen.

Clanking, clownish, and huge, Harrison stood – in the center of the studio. The knob of the uprooted studio door was still in his hand. Ballerinas, technicians, musicians, and announcers cowered on their knees before him, expecting to die.

“I am the Emperor!” cried Harrison. “Do you hear? I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!” He stamped his foot and the studio shook.

“Even as I stand here” he bellowed, “crippled, hobbled, sickened – I am a greater ruler than any man who ever lived! Now watch me become what I can become!”

Harrison tore the straps of his handicap harness like wet tissue paper, tore straps guaranteed to support five thousand pounds.

Harrison’s scrap-iron handicaps crashed to the floor.

Harrison thrust his thumbs under the bar of the padlock that secured his head harness. The bar snapped like celery. Harrison smashed his headphones and spectacles against the wall.

He flung away his rubber-ball nose, revealed a man that would have awed Thor, the god of thunder.

“I shall now select my Empress!” he said, looking down on the cowering people. “Let the first woman who dares rise to her feet claim her mate and her throne!”

A moment passed, and then a ballerina arose, swaying like a willow.

Harrison plucked the mental handicap from her ear, snapped off her physical handicaps with marvelous delicacy. Last of all he removed her mask.

She was blindingly beautiful.

“Now-” said Harrison, taking her hand, “shall we show the people the meaning of the word dance? Music!” he commanded.

The musicians scrambled back into their chairs, and Harrison stripped them of their handicaps, too. “Play your best,” he told them, “and I’ll make you barons and dukes and earls.”

The music began. It was normal at first-cheap, silly, false. But Harrison snatched two musicians from their chairs, waved them like batons as he sang the music as he wanted it played. He slammed them back into their chairs.

The music began again and was much improved.

Harrison and his Empress merely listened to the music for a while-listened gravely, as though synchronizing their heartbeats with it.

They shifted their weights to their toes.

Harrison placed his big hands on the girls tiny waist, letting her sense the weightlessness that would soon be hers.

And then, in an explosion of joy and grace, into the air they sprang!

Not only were the laws of the land abandoned, but the law of gravity and the laws of motion as well.

They reeled, whirled, swiveled, flounced, capered, gamboled, and spun.

They leaped like deer on the moon.

The studio ceiling was thirty feet high, but each leap brought the dancers nearer to it.

It became their obvious intention to kiss the ceiling. They kissed it.

And then, neutraling gravity with love and pure will, they remained suspended in air inches below the ceiling, and they kissed each other for a long, long time.

It was then that Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, came into the studio with a double-barreled ten-gauge shotgun. She fired twice, and the Emperor and the Empress were dead before they hit the floor.

Diana Moon Glampers loaded the gun again. She aimed it at the musicians and told them they had ten seconds to get their handicaps back on.

It was then that the Bergerons’ television tube burned out.

Hazel turned to comment about the blackout to George. But George had gone out into the kitchen for a can of beer.

George came back in with the beer, paused while a handicap signal shook him up. And then he sat down again. “You been crying” he said to Hazel.

“Yup,” she said.

“What about?” he said.

“I forget,” she said. “Something real sad on television.”

“What was it?” he said.

“It’s all kind of mixed up in my mind,” said Hazel.

“Forget sad things,” said George.

“I always do,” said Hazel.

“That’s my girl,” said George. He winced. There was the sound of a rivetting gun in his head.

“Gee – I could tell that one was a doozy,” said Hazel.

“You can say that again,” said George.

“Gee-” said Hazel, “I could tell that one was a doozy.”

 There is the ultimate outcome of the equality these people are asking for.

Jerry:                                     43:25                     So yes, Ms. Rapinoe. Is that what you want? Is that what you’re looking for? Because that’s what you’re going to get when you want equality. End it at that.

DJ:                                      43:34                   This is the grand designs podcast. Let me tell you where you can get in touch with us first before we let you go. Our website is Our email is GrantDesignsPodcasts@Yahoo. Uh, you can follow us on Twitter @GrandDesignsPod. Instagram is at GrandDesignsPodcast. You can hear this podcast just about anywhere you get podcasts. Now, this is the Grand Design Podcast. Who are you listening to?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 19 – NFLPA Causing a Work Stoppage in 2020 Transcript

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Jerry: (00:20)
This is grand design podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand. Where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ: (00:36)
Welcome back to the Grand Designs Podcast, episode 19. Can’t believe that many of them. Uh, just let you know how to get ahold of us, our website is, email is You can follow us on Twitter @granddesignspod and Instagram is granddesignspodcast. Um, today should be a short podcast, but uh oh and just to introduce us, I’m DJ Grand and I’m here with my brother Jerry.

Jerry: (01:07)
Good day

DJ: (01:08)
and take once again, she’d be a short podcast. First, we’re going to talk a little bit about the NHL Officiating in the current Stanley Cup playoffs.

Jerry: (01:18)
Yeah, I think we’re going to discuss the game five of the Stanley Cup finals. When the Blues, uh, a call was not made. I personally, after watching it, I didn’t see it live, but seeing the next morning, oh, replay after repay after replay, it was not a penalty. The refs did not make a mistake in that. So this whole thing while Boston getting upset, yeah, they (didn’t) have it go their way. But the Blues also had to go their way when they played San Jose, they had a very bad penalty go against them. That was actually a penalty. It was a hand pass. Didn’t get called to shrugs. Won that game then the Blues came back at won in the series.

DJ: (01:56)
Well actually this call went against Boston. Boston guy was tripped and then Saint Louis end up scoring the goal. Perron ended up scoring the goal.

Jerry: (02:02)
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. It wasn’t even a penalty. So I, I don’t include this in a bad call cause it wasn’t a penalty. Uh, if you watch last night’s game, Marchand tripped. He took his knee, stuck it out and right into the leg of the guy against the boards and the guy went backwards. That was a trip. This play, the Boston player was skating backwards. The Saint Louis player was looking away, skating forward and they collided. It was not a penalty. Now the Saint Louis made a mistake.

DJ: (02:31)
You’re responsible for your stick. That’s the argument. And his stick did get under his skates.

Jerry: (02:36)
again. Okay. I didn’t see that part. I was looking at the leg cause they were saying it was a trip. They didn’t say anything with the stick again. Yes you are responsible. But you know we played hockey how many times that the idiot skating tripped over our stake. It wasn’t us sticking a stick in there and I’m, I’m going back to that, that this was not a penalty now. It wasn’t a penalty on the Blues, but they, the guy himself, he acted like he was going to get a penalty and it was reaction when didn’t get call was even was even worse because I think he was surprised it made it look like it was a penalty. It was in Boston. The Boston fans went nuts. Yes, I would agree that hey look, Boston had a goal the other way when they got a gift of a non call and now they’re complaining about it. But the coach, he was just, hey move on. You know, the next game. You know, fortunately it wasn’t game seven. He had a good point and now I kind of think that they’re actually going to pull this out because Saint Louis is that they’re too close to do something they’ve never done before. You could tell that, not last night. Well before that they were asking the players “did you sleep?” And for all three nights, every player on Saint Louis, “no, hardly any” there too giddy. The Cup was, they would bring out the cup was there. It was at their grasp. So they’re just too giddy about it.

DJ: (03:42)
One thing to the advantage is they are a better road team, which seems ironic, but they seem, in the playoffs, to be a better road team, but as you were saying earlier, it went for them and the San Jose series and I think I interrupted you, it went for them in SanJose

Jerry: (03:53)
It went went against them in San Jose.

DJ: (03:55)
San Jose hand passed it, That’s correct. You’re right. And went against them and

Jerry: (03:58)
Correct task and then they got the goal that lost the game

DJ: (04:01)
That’s correct.

Jerry: (04:01)
After that they said the same exact thing that Boston is saying right now. Put it aside. I remember it was game two or three put aside, they came back and one of those next two games, I think they won it in six a so they closed them out there. They didn’t let, uh, San Jose didn’t win after that. This could be the same um, case where the so called non penalty and now they’re going to lose the next two games.

DJ: (04:20)
Well here’s my problem with it is Boston’s complainant saying, I hear it all the time. “Let them play. Let them play.” So when the refs actually do let them play and don’t make the call, Boston’s up in arms. It’s a contradiction.

Jerry: (04:34)
You know they let them play last night, like Marchand, sticking that leg out. Uh, that wasn’t letting them play. But yes, seen that there’s where it gets into the home team. Look, they could cross check, how you broke your neck, and they’re going to say, let them play. Cause this, the home team, they won. The winning is so important now, but it doesn’t come with a, I don’t know if I’m gonna use this word correctly, chivalry where they don’t care about, you know, let the guy get back up again. It’s almost like UFC fighting where they just jump on and pound and pound, but it’s gone to the point to where now it’s cheating and breaking the rules is okay if you don’t get caught, if you’re not cheating, you’re not winning all those cliches. But now in our culture it’s coming out to where literally a, you didn’t make that call. How outrageous. Ah, that’s the Boston fans complaining about it when just the series before they had to go their way and they were, “you know, hey, that’s the way it is. You know, man up.” On the next game. Yeah, different story. I agree.

DJ: (05:26)
Correct. But the last thing I want to say is when you officiating say they don’t want to be the problem, they don’t want to be the cause of the outcome of the game. But sometimes a non call is going to cause the outcome of the game like this one did.

Jerry: (05:38)
That’s their mistake that they should. They should really just say, look, if it’s a penalty in the first minute, it’s a penalty in the last minute. It doesn’t matter.

DJ: (05:45)
There’s my biggest problem with NHL and hockey in general is there’s no consistency. If it’s a penalty in the beginning of the season, it should be a penalty on the playoffs too and it’s not. It’s two different seasons as far as

Jerry: (05:56)

DJ: (05:56)
penalties are called.

Jerry: (05:57)
That’s got to stop until that stops it. That’s you’re going to have these kinds of issues all the time.

DJ: (06:03)
All right. Moving onto our second topic. It’s we’re, we be talking about the NFL possible players stoppage after the current CBA runs out.

Jerry: (06:11)
Yes, before my brother gets into specific topics about it. What I will just say is to all you NFL fantasy players out there who love playing fantasy football, you looking forward to your draft, you’ve done your research. You better do a good job this year because it’s going to be your last for a while. I really believe, and you can go back and play this a year from now, that this podcast’s episode, that this strike is going to be a long one. It’s going to replicate the NHL, where they lost a whole year and the union is literally, they are coming out and they’re giving all the warning signs that it’s going to be a long strike and we can get into why it’s going to be a long strike right now.

DJ: (06:49)
Well first of all, it’s, there’s two sides of this. Anyone who on the NFL side is basically saying “No, no, we’re going to renegotiate. It isn’t, it’s not a problem”, but on the player’s association side, they’re warning their players to save that. It could be a stoppage and then they’re going to need the money.

Jerry: (07:04)
The NFL came out and said, we’re in current negotiations right now, which the contract is for the 2020 season. So yes, this is 2019 of course they’re in negotiations right now. They are so far apart. I know of one major issue. You’ve got a couple of others that it’s literally they’re out to set an agenda for this negotiation of this contract. Um, to go ahead.

DJ: (07:28)
Well, just to show how far apart they actually are. The uh, president of the NFLPA, Eric Winston, he tweeted, “any conversation with NFL owners will be a renegotiation for a new deal, not an extension. At our board meetings we told everyone to prepare for a work stoppage. Nothing has changed.” And that was March 26, 2019. They’re saying it’s probably going to stop.

Jerry: (07:55)
Yeah, I’ve heard, um, I think more DeMaurice (Smith), I don’t know his last name. He is the, uh, I think the president (Executive Director) of the Union Association and he came out and said, save your money and you tell the players now to save their money. The problem with that is you’ve got the rookies coming in next year. You’ve got the rookies coming in this year and now they’re going to save their money. And I don’t know how many times you’ve heard when it comes to money issues with the, uh, professional athletes they got Lamborghinis. Do you know the insurance costs for Lamborghini that justifies the million dollar salary. So he’s coming out and telling his constituents right now I represent you get ready for a long strike. I agree it’s going to be a long one. Now I read an article that they’re planning to literally imitate, like I said earlier, the NHL, they want to lose a whole a whole season, but they’re out for one major issue, which we’re going to get to. But I’ll let you start with the other issues first.

DJ: (08:46)
Well first or they’re looking at guaranteed contracts.

Jerry: (08:50)
Not going to happen. Uh, which sports guarantees that are contracts right now? There is one sport. I don’t know if it’s baseball or basketball that guarantees the contract, but this will not happen in the NFL because how many times does a player step on the field? Uh, and I will give a name that Detroit fans know, (Jahvid) Best on or hope it’s (Jahvid) Best, hope I’m saying his name right. He’s a running back four or five years ago, was drafted out of California. Had a great first rookie season. I mean he lit it up. They thought they had the replacement to Barry Sanders. The very next year, he blows his knee out. The NFL is not going to guarantee that contract. They’re not guaranting contracts. Not going to happen.

DJ: (09:28)
A side issue that is the franchise tag. They’re talking about redoing or at least changing some of the franchise tags.

Jerry: (09:35)
Now, that I agree with. They need that needs to be changed but that’s not, that won’t hold up this strike, that will not be the issue for the players holding out. But the franchise tag is a problem with the NFL and the players. Uh, although Kirk Cousins made a lot of money because of that franchise tag, a lot of money

DJ: (09:52)
and it also caused Le’Veon Bell to sit out for an entire season because of the franchise tag. So it goes both ways.

Jerry: (09:58)
There’s where the flaw (is) because they’re based on the top five salaries of the current contracts of your position. Le’Veon Bell was not even close to the second, third, fourth, and fifth person. So that average all those in, I agree with him. But as it all came out, he’s not getting any more money for the Jets than he would’ve (been) offered with Pittsburgh. He sat out, he did not, he did not gain anything from that.

DJ: (10:20)
Well maybe he did it on principle.

Jerry: (10:21)
The only thing he gained was leaving the team. That’s the only thing he gained. It was no financial reward for what he did. Now we’re running backs are paid different than quarterbacks. They have a different even lifespan. The average job or life that are running back, it’s like three and a half to five years and they’re out of the League quarterbacks a little bit longer and I think even offensive lineman lasts long. Defensive Line is not that long. Linebackers are not that long. They get hurt. So I get the security they’re going for.

DJ: (10:47)
The average of players in the NFL careers for years.

Jerry: (10:50)
Okay. They’re not going to get a guarantee contract because some of these contracts are for like Stafford’s contract going to pay him 26 million this year, 30 million coming up and I think that was a six year deal.

DJ: (11:00)
Well, another part of the money is rookie contracts because all of like Stanford, when he came in and they signed him to a big contract because he was, well the number one pick and now they’re talking about somehow readjusting that.

Jerry: (11:14)
They’ve already done that.

DJ: (11:15)
And they’re going to do it again.

Jerry: (11:16)
Because now it was to where it was outrageous to where you had, I’m not sure if Stafford was in this class or not, but you had rookie quarterbacks coming in never taking a snap and they are going to make more money than a veteran players based on what their projection was. Number one pick in the draft. They then uh, the NFL reclassify that where there’s rookie contracts now. It really benefits the owners and the teams because Baker Mayfield, uh, he’s under contract now for the next four years at a very dirt cheap price because the rookie contract.

DJ: (11:48)
Well, the NFL did this the teams won’t hurt themselves, which is…

Jerry: (11:51)
That’s the whole point.

DJ: (11:53)
I mean, let them hurt themselves. They did it, that they’re doing it, they’re agreeing to the contract.

Jerry: (11:57)
The owners say, yes, sign it. They can’t complain about it. That’s the problem. They have to control themselves and sometimes they can’t. It’s that old adage that uh, like for example, you had the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs who let a Kareem Hunt go and the Brown’s owner picked him up right away. So you’ve got one owner, you know, doing the right thing and then another owner is, he wants them, doesn’t matter about his character. What he did don’t care. I won a championship. So again, what other owners will pick them up? So you’ve got that owner to thinking, well, if I let them go, this guy’s going to pick them up so that that’s in the back of the head, but I can give back to the contract. They’re not getting a guaranteed contract. That is that, that won’t be the hold up either. That will not be the holdup for this contract.

DJ: (12:35)
I agree. I don’t think they’ll get it either. The next, uh, issue is reduction in broadcast revenue and the reason they’re doing, uh, looking at that it’s not because of ABC or NBC or all those big networks is because Twitter and Amazon, I think it was Amazon that got or paid it was Amazon pays 50 million and Twitter pays 10 million per season and that they’re talking about could change the dynamic of the revenue,

Jerry: (13:03)
When you say reduction in broadcasting, uh, revenue

DJ: (13:06)
they want, they want the NFL players association wants to reduction of it, that

Jerry: (13:12)
they want less money or they won’t.

DJ: (13:14)
Let me read it. This is from ESPN in 2017 television rights fees have been the largest driver of the NFL economic explosion in the past decade. But recent upheaval in the broadcast and cable industries and overall ratings dip in 2016 has prompted a fair question. Will the gravy train end? If it does, it’s unlikely to come in this, the latest window contracts with CBS, Fox, NBC and Espn will run through the 2021 season. The NFL already has begun transitioning to over the top Internet broadcast partnering first with Twitter and then with Amazon. And like I said, Amazon was 50 million and Twitter payed 10 million per season.

Jerry: (13:55)
Okay, so that’s 60 million to or ESPN, ABC, we’re paying 300 million, right?

DJ: (13:59)

Jerry: (14:00)
Okay, well that’s, the money isn’t coming in, the players are going to get less.

DJ: (14:03)
The players. Well, if the 50 million, I mean that’s, they’re getting more to, the players are going to want to dip into that.

Jerry: (14:09)
That’s not gonna happen because the others are going to make them one and they have their profit margins. So that’s not going to happen.

DJ: (14:14)
The whole point is that they, they think they’re making more money so that players want some share of that. I mean, I didn’t, uh, I think the, the players gave up, they were less than 50% of the revenue sharing. Um, last time they were 50% before and then I got just below 50% and now with this increase of more money they’re getting, they’re going to be wanting more money out of that.

Jerry: (14:33)
I heard reduction in revenue that looks like it’s going to be an increase in revenue because they’re going to get more money streaming

DJ: (14:38)
Reduction in broadcast revenue because no longer ABC, Fox.

Jerry: (14:43)
Will they make more streaming it?

DJ: (14:45)
Who knows?

Jerry: (14:45)
See that’s the whole thing. The NFLs gambling though, because the precedent hasn’t been set yet. I mean the ABC contract go through 2021 this contract is 2020 and I could see them waiting until the new contract is signed because if ABC signs a 300 million ESPN, then yeah.

DJ: (15:03)
It could also be that the Twitter and Amazon sets a new standard and Fox and all those goes up as well.

Jerry: (15:09)
So you’re going to have, you’re going to have to wait and see what happens, but okay. I really don’t. That’s, that’s a wait and see kind of thing because how do you know how much revenue is coming in the future? Now, I know. We know what ESPN is paid, we know about the streaming, but yet that’s a way the streaming is a way with the future. Cable’s going to go out the door.

DJ: (15:25)
The next is officiating and basically computer or computerized officiating.

Jerry: (15:29)
Not In football. You can’t not, not in football. Can’t do it. Baseball, yes. Football. No.

DJ: (15:34)
Well, according to the same article behind the scenes, the league has reached the possibility of placing gps like chips and footballs on goal poles and on the goal line

Jerry: (15:45)
Now, Okay, that I could see, but that’s just going having a human official on the field and then it just goes up to the booth to whatever that chip says. You know? Or if a light goes off when it crosses the goal line is a touchdown. Yeah, that I can see. I thought they meant like in baseball replacing the ump with the computer box.

DJ: (16:02)
Eventually that could happen. I mean, as it, as the technology develops, eventually that could happen. I don’t think this is the start of that,

Jerry: (16:09)
But I don’t think it’ll ever replace a human ref because you’ve got to have that ref throw that flag on holding. Now. Now you’re talking computer chips in their jerseys.

DJ: (16:17)
Not just that. Well like I said, once the technology advances, they could have the computers looking for those holdings and and maybe every, if it, if was reality, every play would get a flag.

Jerry: (16:29)

DJ: (16:29)

Jerry: (16:30)
I’ve got to say that’s got to hold off until the technology gets there. For them to even bring that up in negotiations.

DJ: (16:35)
It’s going to happen in little steps. Those, like I said, the GPS is…

Jerry: (16:38)
The first step is…

DJ: (16:38)
very well happening. Yeah.

Jerry: (16:39)
So the first step is the goal posts in the end zone. Okay.

DJ: (16:41)
Okay. Uh, uh, there’s two more issues. It’s player supply changes. Uh, there’s anecdotal revelations earlier in the decade in the decrease of Pop Warner participation, presumably a result of concussion concerns from parents. That decrease has not yet manifested at the high school level according to the latest numbers from the National Federation of State High School Association. So it will take some time to impact the NFL, but there is a problem, at least here in Michigan. Um, according to the Michigan High School Football Coach Association, the Michigan High School Athletic Association Representative Council passed a bill that prescribing the following limitations. I’m full contact practices. In season reduction from 90 minutes per week to 30 minutes, which is next to nothing. They’re not gonna be able to improve their skills whatsoever, let alone learn how to, to tackle and to get tackled. Preseason reduced from three hours per day plus scrimmages, to total of six hours per week. Thinking about that from three hours per day to six hours total per week, how are they going to be able to improve their skills…

Jerry: (17:49)
That’s three Two hour practices.

DJ: (17:50)
on the High school level?

Jerry: (17:50)
No, they won’t. Well, to make it even worse? There’s a some, I don’t know if it’s national or if it’s local, but they’re trying to outlaw tackling for the pop Warner up until…You can’t play tackle football until you’re in high school. Now that goes through, we’re in trouble because they’re going to a lot of injuries dealing with and then you’re going to get into not being able to do practice or the hours, it’s all the concussion. They’re trying to stop and I get it, but to take the physicality out of football and then they’d play flag football for Pop Warner and then when you get to high school you’re starting to hit, they’re not gonna know how to do it, how to protect themselves. They’re the training, but even these regulations will make it even harder.

DJ: (18:27)
It’s going to make it worse, they’re not going to be able to, like I already said, learn how to tackle it and how to get tackled and that is going to cause more injuries and then there will be less people wind up play football because of it.

Jerry: (18:37)
Mark Cuban said, I think a year ago the NFL will not be in existence in 20 years and I think he’s right.

DJ: (18:42)
Well this isn’t because the NFL, this is because of the high school.

Jerry: (18:45)
That’s the whole point. It’s the whole (CTE), the brain. I work with someone right now who basically if his son wants to play football, yeah. Okay. But he is not any way going to move them to that. He’s not going to suggested at matter of fact he doesn’t want him to play. And that’s just one. It’s not, I haven’t had, it was different because he wants to play a Lacrosse as that’s just, that’s just as rough. Hockey’s just as rough too. So what are you going to put them in?

DJ: (19:09)
I was just thinking the CTE problem isn’t going to carry over to the NHL too. You’re going to, they still have concussions in the NHL.

Jerry: (19:15)
But it’s gonna be the death of the NFL because they don’t want the tackling the collision. Now 10 years ago, that whole collision, the safeties coming up and going that head to head, that was the main draw of the NFL. It’s gotten to where now it’s going the opposite direction. So I think Mark Cubin was going to be right. So that’s something that’s going to be, uh, down the road. It’s going to hurt the NFL. I don’t think it’s going to hurt the, uh, if it comes up in the negotiation, it is going to be more of a development. The skills won’t be there in drafts down the road.

DJ: (19:44)
They’re planting the seeds right now because those seeds are going to grow. You’re not goin to have players.

Jerry: (19:48)
Correct, exactly.

DJ: (19:50)
The last issue that’s really going to affect the current CBA is the disempowerment of Roger Goodell.

Jerry: (19:56)
This is it. This is the one that’s going to be the backbreaker. Everything else will be settled and okay, but they,, the player’s union wants to literally make Roger Goodell powerless or the commissioner himself. Now back when Paul Tagliabue was the commissioner, there were people that were kind of voicing their opinion that he needed to come down on the players. He wasn’t being stern enough. He wasn’t being that principal to keep the players in line. You had all these offsite in, uh, off field, off site, off field issues. Uh, an owner, um, was doing things that, uh, it shouldn’t be done. So they’re literally going to Tagliabue, “you’ve got reign these players, get control”. He retires and in come’s Goodell. If you remember from day one, Goodell brought the hammer down from day one, the Tom Brady deflate gate put it over the edge to where even as Ezekiel Elliot in the domestic dispute, whatever Goodell’s pet punishment is they took to federal court, they weren’t going to accept his ruling. They want the ruling out, and again, it didn’t matter if Tom Brady was guilty. It didn’t matter if Ezekiel Elliot was guilty. It was basically the union trying to tell the NFL he’s not going to basically discipline our players.

DJ: (21:04)
That’s my problem with the union in the larger aspect, not just football, but in the large aspect union, they don’t care about justice. It look, I agree, was standing up for rights. That’s I, anyone who stands up for rights, whether it’s workers or playing football, I get that, but you’re not standing up for rights when someone beats someone. It’s on tape in an elevator and then the union defends them. That’s not standing up for rights. That’s just defended them for the sake of defending (in) my mind.

Jerry: (21:31)
Back in the 20s and early thirties when GM and even Henry Ford had those horrible working conditions that wouldn’t even fly with OSHA today. I get it. I understood completely what the union was trying to do, how they went about it was a different story, but I get the whole safety and the wage, you know these, they call them titans of industry. They were making a lot of money off and just paying these people and it wasn’t a really a living wage, so I get it back then. That isn’t the case now. Now I can tell you personally from 30 years of health care industry where the union has gotten there more than their feet wet. They’ve come in and they have no clue. This is the UAW who went into a nursing home and represented the nursing home workers. They have no clue how a nursing home, how people are taking care of. This is not making cars on the auto industry. In the auto, basically, if someone has a drinking problem, you can’t fire them. You got to rehabilitate them.

DJ: (22:27)
Once again, they don’t care about justice. That’s my biggest problem with the Union they had justice does not even in their paradigm.

Jerry: (22:34)
That came in with the health care that it wasn’t about someone who abuses a resident, can’t fire him. You’ve got to, you know. No, no, no. You have to cause other people out there who basically aren’t being, they’re being abused too, but no one’s catching them. So, the union was trying to protect these people and yet the care was going down. So it almost goes down to where the union is just trying to make a power struggle that they don’t want the NFL to discipline their players when the union themselves, they don’t want to discipline their employees.

DJ: (23:03)
They want to go to arbitration and if anyone bought Roger Goodell.

Jerry: (23:07)
But my thing is, again, and I’m going to use Ezekiel Elliot was a difficult one, but Tom Brady and the deflate gate was clearcut. They busted him. He cheated period and the union didn’t like him coming out with four games. And how long did that, did that drag on when it could have been just hey, serve your time. It’s over. That went for about two years into the courts until he actually s and he’s still served the four games. The NFL got exactly what they wanted. It just went a longer route and because of this, the union did not like how they came out with pretty much mud on their face because they didn’t do anything for Brady except the only thing that they did did the same thing for Ezekiel Elliot. They dragged out the suspension. And here’s my problem. Jerry Jones was more or less backing it because he didn’t want to see him suspended for six games. He wanted his star running back on the field. So this is an owner who basically is employing Goodell and wants Goodell to basically discipline these players. But in this aspect he’s basically, no, no, no. It’s my team, my team, my team.

DJ: (24:08)
That’s pragmatism. The end justifies the means.

Jerry: (24:09)
We’re just, we just talked about how these, these owners can’t control themselves and Jerry Jones was a classic example and he was coming out and it was set because Roger Goodell, he was almost saying he was agreeing with the union only because it was his player Ezekiel Eliot. Again, the facts of those was a domestic abuse case that never got tried. The charges were dropped but Goodell basically went to punishing him anyways even though we wasn’t found guilty in a court of law, just like currently with Tyreek Hill, that’s not being pursued criminally anymore, but Goodell is not letting him back in the league. There’s going to be some discipline there and the NFL, the union, they’ve already brought up how they want to fight that. So, the players union is going to fight for Tyreek Hill to be allowed to play.

DJ: (24:51)
Another instance where they don’t care about justice, they just care about the member.

Jerry: (24:57)
The member. Exactly that. Even though this guy did something wrong and egregious it’s okay, you can’t kick him out of the league. You can’t do it. You got to basically rehabilitate him back or as long as he understands he made a mistake and this goes back to their using the Union as Adrian Peterson as a good example. When I hear again, things aren’t going real well at that, on the other side of that, but that’s a personal matter with his children. But when it gets brought into the media and the unions using it as an negotiation ploy and that Tyreek Hill should play because Adrian Peterson is playing. Again, it just goes back to the union wanting to show their power that can protect the player no matter what they did. Right and wrong isn’t the issue. It’s we get to protect them and how dare you discipline our player. Now…

DJ: (25:42)
What’s the point of the commissioner then? If they do get their way and they end up winning, which I don’t think they will. I really don’t. I think the NFL will win on this. They’ll stand and die on this issue. However, let’s just say they do get their way. What would be the point of having a commissioner?

Jerry: (25:54)
Well, I agree, but what’s the point? If they go to arbitration and Brady is still suspended for four games, they’re gonna pull the same crap. Go to someone else now because they, what it boils down to. I’m not hearing what I want to hear so we’re going to go somewhere else. I get the whole appeal process, but what all this is saying is the union is saying we don’t like this verdict. We want to hear it from you. All right, so now they, if they were to wipe out the commissioner’s power and they go to arbitration and the arbitrator says no, suspended a whole season. Now what’s it going to be?

DJ: (26:24)
It could be a little bit of the Trump derangement syndrome. Anybody…no matter What Trump says, he’s wrong. Well, no matter what Goodell says he’s wrong, so they’re just going to fight him no matter what.

Jerry: (26:35)
Well, I think that’s where it’s going and that’s what this was going to hold up and you’re going to lose a whole season because of this one issue right here. The union wanted to take the power away from the commissioner and it won’t happen. I think the NFL, we’ll let it go. They will bring in replacements and they will also they’ii let it stretch out enough to where the players will tell the union. They’ll force them on crossing the line. I got to go back, I gotta make my money. So I think when DeMaurice, I forget his last name, the NFL, a president, the union president came on and said, save your money. NFL is in the same thing. The owners, Hey, get ready for a long strike. Get ready for bringing whatever replacements you want to call them. The scabs is the term that they use, whatever they’re going to do to bring in replacement players. They’re telling the owners now to get ready for that. And it may be a year, a year and a half before the players come back and cross the line. So, I think you’re going to have a stalemate coming up here. So again, fantasy players, people love the NFL. Enjoy this year because it’s going to be the last year for awhile.

DJ: (27:30)
Well, just to clarify, the NFLPA, President Eric Winston, he’s the one who came out and tweeted that to prepare for the work stoppage.

Jerry: (27:37)
Who’s (DeMaurice)? He’s the one that I’m always hearing talk and he’s the NFL. I thought…

DJ: (27:42)
He could be the, and the union representative (Executive Director), but

Jerry: (27:45)
That may be, it could be it because a, yeah, that could be it. But anyways, I still think it’s going to be a long drawn process is just to rid the commissioner of his powers and it will not happen. They will, the NFL make it go as long as they can with the replacements or what have you to the, the, the players will cross. But mind you, it would be like the NHL, they will lose a whole season over this.

DJ: (28:05)
Well, the NHL didn’t just lose the season, they lost a lot of popularity to it. It really hit them.

Jerry: (28:09)
I think that’s what the players, association doesn’t realize they’re flirting with. Uh, right now the NFL is king of the hill. It was baseball. Now it’s NFL. You take the NFL out for a season. Yeah, they’re gonna fall. They’re gonna go down. Just like the Nhl did I think like the NHL. But if you remembered, they kind of had a hard time coming back. Um, Versus came out of nowhere to pick them up. The ESPN kind of just (would) go away. I don’t think that’ll happen. I think at the NFL was to lose a year and come back. The, depending on how they’re going to stream it, whatever the medium might be, it’s just going to be full blown excitement.

DJ: (28:44)
So then the question then is how long do you think the NFL will go before they actually employ replacements? During work stoppage.

Jerry: (28:52)
Well, well clearly we’re dealing with the owners now and they don’t like to lose money and it’s all about making money for the owners.

DJ: (28:58)
This whole CBA is about money, this whole thing is about money.

Jerry: (29:01)
They’ve got their, they’ve got their game plan, their profit margins that, I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to give an example. Allright, we can go six games. On the seventh game, we’ve got to bring in replacements to start generating revenue. We’ve got to have a game for a ESPN is show so we can get our money for the TV rights. Now, whether it doesn’t have to be these players here, they can bring replacements in. They’re going to cross the line, you’re going to have that whole dialogue going on again where there’ll be, have the NFL players and the picket line and the bus bringing them in. You know, throwing the rocks and stuff at the bus, all that. You have college studs who couldn’t make an NFL going to get their second chance. So yeah, and I think that people are still going to buy it. It’s almost that whole high school. Rah, rah, rah, I want to root for my team. There was a Lions fan who called him the other day. Um, one of the DFN ticket guys just said, I’m done with the Lions they’ve lost my whole life. I’m just sick of it. And this guy calls it how could you? Every year, no matter what, even they’re 0-16, I come back the next year with hope. So you’ve got these delusional fans that will say they’ll take anybody in that Honolulu, blue and silver, especially if, can you imagine if Detroit the Superbowl with replacement players?

DJ: (30:09)
Well, well first of all, hope, break it down to a Rush song. “Hope is like an endless river.” And that river just keeps on flowing. So that’s why the Lions Fans keep doing it.

Jerry: (30:19)
If they have gotten the championship, if they would’ve gotten their championship. They want it so bad. But would it really be a value?

DJ: (30:25)
Well to Lions fans I think it would be. They’re pragmatic, the end justifies the means. Whatever it takes to get that glittering prize, they’ll do it. So, if replacement players do it…

Jerry: (30:32)
My whole point, if I was going to win, I want to win with my players not to the whatever second line of players. The second chance players cause every player who got cut, you don’t who’s going to be a stud? Johnny Menzel, they’re going to bring him back as a replacement player. All those, that level of player that’s in the Canadian Football League, this Xfl, that’s being started up by Vince McMahon. The other one, the AAL that just folded.

DJ: (30:56)
Yeah, all of those players going to come back. And there’s your replacing players, right there.

Jerry: (31:00)
The owners have no problem using those players. It’s a lot about making the money. And this is where I say the fan. At first I thought it was ignorant, but I’m coming to the point where they’re stupid cause they’ll keep going back no matter what the product that comes out. A Lions fan is a good example. At some point, you got to realize this organization doesn’t care about winning, it’s about money, but yet you got these people that want that champions. They’ll keep going back and pay that money to see a product that’s inferior. Yet, if you go to a restaurant and you get into your food, you go back the next night, you probably, you would hope not. But these fascists go right back and they’re all open arms knowing full well, we might not win, but I just love it. I’m going to use the mindset of high school. You got to root for your high school team. You would never root for Divine Child if you went to Bishop Borgess or Catholic central. It’s always cause you, you’re young. It’s that no matter what, no matter how bad you are, um,

DJ: (31:52)
Be true to your school.

Jerry: (31:53)
One of, yeah, be true to your school. One of the, uh, uh, ticket. We went, I forget what school, but he didn’t win a game all four years in high school football yet every year, senior year they went out there, you know, cheering there team. Hoping for that win. When the mentality goes a little bit more when we get into college. But then when you get to the NFL in the city, now you must root for the Lions. Even though they would ever put up, you know, turns, you know, every single year you must root for them. You must be loyal to your city. Now is no, it’s a business.

DJ: (32:20)
Well that’s exactly it. It’s reflection of the top down. If you look at Illitch, he cared about winning. So he brought, even with even though the Tigers didn’t win, he brought in to try to win and he won for the Red Wings. The Lions owners don’t, Fords don’t care about winning. They care about making money. They care about packing the seats.

Jerry: (32:37)
I won’t say what star, but a former long, long time Detroit Tigers Star, his wife is now in the uh, health care where I, where I work at. And he brought up why don’t know why it wasn’t a Yankee fan…

DJ: (32:47)
Why you weren’t a Tiger fan.

Jerry: (32:49)
Yeah. Why wasn’t a Tiger fan and why I was a Yankee fan? And I had to literally tell them that literally since I’ve been around, it’s been 68 and 84 tigers won two world championships. Okay, so for the remaining, what, 30 some 40 some years it just pure misery. That’s what I have because I live in Detroit. I get to just two and the rest I have to suffer. No, I want to go to where it’s a contender. They’re not going to win and be you. But they contend and they have the owner that wants to win. They’re going to pay that luxury tax. And I even brought up to him about Kansas City and he even acknowledged that Pittsburgh and Kansas City, we’re using luxury tax just to put the money in the owner’s pockets. They weren’t going back and paying the players. You See New York, will pay the luxury tax. They don’t care. They want to win. Detroit does not want to pay the luxury tax. Most clubs don’t. Now the Guy Dave Dombrowski who was the GM for the Tigers is now in Boston and they’re paying on luxury tax. What are they doing? They’re off to the best of this year. But last year they tore it up and the bad part is, do you know how many ex-Tigers are on that team? There’s quite a few. Quite a few. So the point being is yeah, it’s not just where you live but they get that high school mentality. I think they have to. With the NFL, we get back to the union holdout, owners want their money, they got their profit margins and they already know what week we are going to hold out and they will bring replacement players in and I don’t even think any (of them) worried about it cause they will get their money. The TV money’s there. Isn’t like the old days. Remember when the Pontiac Silverdome if they didn’t sell out, you didn’t watch the game.

DJ: (34:13)
Yeah the blackouts

Jerry: (34:14)
and even into Canada, you got to watch it now. That hasn’t happened anymore. If it’s half empty stadium, they still gonna televise that because the broadcasting rights have included that now there are no blackouts. They are playing such a…,

DJ: (34:28)
wait a minute, wait a minute. I don’t know if it’s still the case. I haven’t bought a package, but at least for the hockey, if you didn’t get to watch the, the local, if you had to watch it on Fox Detroit, you couldn’t watch it on the Nhl that came through with Season Ticket,

Jerry: (34:42)
no, no. Correct. No, you’re a correct. That’s absolutely correct. But back in the day, even with Fox before Direct ticket, the NFL Ticket came out. Fox could not be a blackout if the Lions didn’t sell out three quarters of the building

DJ: (34:55)
and it was like the Friday before.

Jerry: (34:57)
Correct. And that has had, that rule is gone. They could literally be an empty stadium and they’re still gonna show that game because the revenue is still coming from the TV contract. So the owners don’t care anymore. They’re going to get their money from the TV contracts. The players wanted more of that and I think the last time, they gave up less so a little bit. They’re have it out about getting less money and the owners are getting more. This is all about, again, it goes to the owners getting so much money when they’re the owner.

DJ: (35:21)
It kind of breaks down “North Dallas Forty” “when you say it’s a sport I say it’s a business…”

Jerry: (35:25)
Every single time, but if you want a Jerry Richardson now the NFL just made him sell his team but he used to play and he bought a team and I think Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, there are few players that become an owner, but they were watching their money. Not every player can do that.

DJ: (35:41)
Mario Lemieux.

Jerry: (35:42)
There you go, watching his money. I think Gretzky has a part ownership in um, the Oilers. The point being is that every player can do that.

DJ: (35:49)
Wasn’t it Arizona? I could be wrong about Gretzky. I thought he had, I don’t know.

Jerry: (35:52)
It might be, it might be the Coyotes, but he has a stake in a team like Jordan. He’s with the Wizard now with the Bulls. These guys were smart enough to save their money, but they’re not players now. They’re owners. It’s about making money. They have their profit margins and they’re going to hit that period no matter what. So at the end of the day, yes, they’re going to come back and they’re going to bring a replacement players and it’ll be a long strike. And I think the next year, halfway through those settle.

DJ: (36:17)
This is a separate issue, but I would like to have seen what would have happened if Mario Lemieux was playing and owning the Penguins, if they went on strike, what would have happened? He would, he would have that strike against himself.

Jerry: (36:26)
That would’ve been a, there’s a, a weird situation to be in. A conflict of interest if there ever was one.

DJ: (36:30)
Yes, true.

Jerry: (36:32)
But if you guys have anything, especially about the union, I know there are a lot of people out there who feel very differently about the union. So please get ahold of us.

DJ: (36:39)
It’s a pro union state.

Jerry: (36:40)
Yes. So get ahold of us. Let us hear it.

DJ: (36:42)
And get a hold of us once again at Our email is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Twitter’s is @granddesignspod and our handle for Instagram is GrandDesignsPodcast. This is the grand designs podcast. Who are you listening to?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 18 – Sports Movies Transcript

Announcer:                        00:00                     You are listening to the Podcast Detroit network. Visit for more information.

Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand, where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to the Grand Designs Podcast, episode 18. I’m DJ Grand. and I’m here with my brother, Jerry, as usual.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:44                     And our first official guest is Ryan Trainor.

Ryan:                                     00:48                     Yes, that’s really cool man, thank you.

DJ:                                          00:50                     In the history of the Grand Designs Podcast and the Trivia question comes up, who is the first guest, that’ll be Ryan Trainor.

Ryan:                                     00:57                     I’ll try to make it a grand episode.

DJ:                                          00:59                     There you Go, uh, let you know how to get ahold of us. You can hear us at just about anywhere you hear a podcast, now. Uh, you can follow us on Twitter @GrandDesignsPod, our Instagram is GrandDesignsPodcast. And our email is Today, hopefully, it’s a fun episode. We talking about sports movies and we’ll all go to go over our favorite sports movies. So Jerry, what’s yours?

Jerry:                                     01:23                     The top 10 correct?

DJ:                                          01:24                     Yes

Jerry:                                     01:24                     OK at number 10, “Brian’s Song.” I remember that one. Pretty emotional. I still, I still like watching it.

Ryan:                                     01:34                     Oh, okay.

Jerry:                                     01:35                     Are you comparing notes? I see, okay. All right. Number nine.

DJ:                                          01:38                     “Brian’s Song” was real sad though. I mean that was a heartbreaker.

Jerry:                                     01:41                     It’s still, it’s still kind of hard to watch at the end, but before that it was pretty cool with training camp with what they did together, how they grew. That was pretty nice.

Ryan:                                     01:48                     Is that Football? What sport?

Jerry:                                     01:50                     Yeah, football.

DJ:                                          01:51                     It’s with Brian Piccolo who ended up getting cancer and Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears. We in school actually had to read the transcript and then watch the movie and the girls are all crying at the end of the movie.

Jerry:                                     02:02                     It’s horrible. It’ll rip your heart out.

Ryan:                                     02:06                     Yeah, I’ll have to check it out.

DJ:                                          02:06                     Oh, that’s a good movie. It’s, but it’s old James Can uh, or Caan

Jerry:                                     02:12                     Caan,

DJ:                                          02:12                     He stars as a Brian Piccolo

Ryan:                                     02:16                     Was that the Eighties.

DJ:                                          02:16                     Oh, I want to say Seventies.

Jerry:                                     02:19                     Billy Dee Williams plays Gale Sayers.

Ryan:                                     02:21                     Oh wow, all right.

Jerry:                                     02:23                     He was real young back then.

Ryan:                                     02:24                     Before Star Wars

DJ:                                          02:26                     Way before Star Wars.

Jerry:                                     02:27                     I knew he was going to say that. Okay. Number nine, “CaddyShack.” That’s almost an all time classic.

Ryan:                                     02:34                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     02:34                     You know, Eight “Major League” now, Seven, I don’t know if you’ve heard of. Go on major league?

DJ:                                          02:41                     Well, well I’m not going to lash at your list. I just

Jerry:                                     02:44                     no feel free

DJ:                                          02:44                     “Major League” to me it was a crappy movie. I mean it had some funny parts, but it’s just hard for me getting through that and it’s, some of the characters are not believable. I mean,

Jerry:                                     02:57                     Well carrying the bat after he hit the home run. Some of those things. Yeah, I agree. But I thought it, yeah, those are funny, but I still enjoy watching it to this day.

Ryan:                                     03:05                     It’s a classic. I mean for a lot of people that you know, like these kinds of movies, it has to come up in conversation.

Jerry:                                     03:11                     Number seven is “Draft day.”

DJ:                                          03:13                     There’s one I never saw.

Jerry:                                     03:15                     That’s pretty awesome. Kevin Costner. It’s about the draft. The NFL draft and literally how he’s almost on the brink of getting fired and he says how he’s going to pull off these major deals. On the last day, he takes one owner, aka Detroit Lions for a sucker and actually gets like the number one pick for nothing. Turns out to be the kid was hurt. It’s really a good movie. If you want to see the ins and outs of what goes behind the scenes. They’ve had, they have Goodell. Uh, I forget the player, um, Denver Broncos linebacker. Stud of a linebacker. Oh. Can’t think of his name right now. I can see his face. I can see his picture. He’s a big time bonus playing. Anyways, he’s actually in the movie as a rookie draft pick. They actually haven’t gone through the NFL draft with Roger Goodell coming up. You know, they actually simulate the whole NFL experience. Um, Kevin Costner is the GM for the Browns.

DJ:                                          04:06                     Was this is a theatrical release?

Jerry:                                     04:08                     I don’t ever think went to the movies, but we went to a not pay per view or whatever right away.

DJ:                                          04:13                     Right to DVD?

Jerry:                                     04:14                     Yes. Right away

Ryan:                                     04:15                     With those actors. Really?

Jerry:                                     04:16                     Yep.

Ryan:                                     04:16                     I would think they would have that in theater.

Jerry:                                     04:18                     There’s even more than that. More big ones than that. I can’t offhand think of the other actors that were the other owners. Other GMS. I mean, again, big time football players. Even some head coaches. Roger Goodell was in it.

DJ:                                          04:31                     I can’t believe that got by me. I don’t remember

Ryan:                                     04:32                     I never heard of it, either.

Jerry:                                     04:34                     If you like to draft, you’ll like that movie.

Jerry:                                     04:37                     “Mystery Alaska” is number six.

Ryan:                                     04:40                     That’s the hockey one.

Jerry:                                     04:41                     Yes.

DJ:                                          04:42                     Yeah. I actually forgot about that one and it had a thought of it. It would be in my top 10 that’s a good movie.

Jerry:                                     04:47                     Yeah, it’s true. I still actually, again, it was like a “Major League.” I still, I’ll watch that. If I see this coming on, I’ll even save time and make sure I’m home just to watch that movie.

DJ:                                          04:55                     Only problem is Russell Crowe. You could tell he did not know how to skate.

Jerry:                                     04:58                     Yeah,

DJ:                                          04:58                     You can tell, he just wasn’t, he was not a skater.

Jerry:                                     05:02                     If you play hockey, you know, other than that, you’ll never know

DJ:                                          05:04                     Whenever you, whenever they filled him skating, he was gliding.

Jerry:                                     05:07                     Yes.

DJ:                                          05:07                     He was never, ever actually skating.

Jerry:                                     05:09                     Correct, he never took any strides

DJ:                                          05:11                     Yes.

Jerry:                                     05:12                     Number four, uh, no, I’m sorry, number five “61*”

Ryan:                                     05:17                     I never heard of that one either, jeez.

Jerry:                                     05:19                     That’s about a Roger Maris and the ’61 the year he hit 61 home runs and a beat Babe Ruth. But they just scared the dude scarred him for doing it, for breaking the record. They threatened him. It actually, I believe this is why he died of cancer because during that whole season, the press, literally the year before there used to play 150 games.

Ryan:                                     05:40                     OK

Jerry:                                     05:40                     This year in 1960 I believe it was 61 it may have been 61 they actually increased the league, the games to 162, so they got 12 more games this year. He’s on pace to blow it out of the water, him and Mickey Mantle and going back and forth. The writers basically say, you can’t do this. You got to put an asterisk by it. It doesn’t count. You know Babe Ruth is bigger, he hit, they’re going back to the day. So this is the commissioner saying, I remember him, Babe Ruth hit more home runs than all teams combined. It was just out to save Babe Ruth’s record. That’s all they wanted to do. And you had writers behind the scene telling them to actually put this asterisk in it. And the bad part was Roger Maris died never knowing he actually broke Babe Ruth’s record because he actually broke it after the 150 and that was a problem. The poor guy at hair coming out of his head, he actually wants to do, I’ll manager. Who was the manager of famous? It wasn’t Whitey Herzog because Whitey was the pitcher, but he went to him and said, “I don’t want to play,” and this is during the streak of of the home runs and the manager was like, “dude, you gotta play the fans coming to see you.” He’s like, I just, this is Roger Maris. “I just don’t want to go out there anymore.” It got into him that bad to where even Mickey Mantle had to take a stand and say, hey, leave him alone. And again, those guys were just going left and right.

DJ:                                          06:50                     Had there had been a Twitter in that time, he probably would have died of cancer before the season ended because he was getting so much hate mail and that really affected him. I mean Mickey Mantle was telling them, just ignore it. Just you know, let it go. But he took it to heart

Ryan:                                     07:04                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     07:06                     “That fat bastard still following me in left field” remember that quote

DJ:                                          07:10                     The Ghost

Jerry:                                     07:10                     Yeah, the Ghost is because even the New York fans now he’s playing for the Yankees and the Yankees fans really in the stands calling him a bum because there he was about to break the Babe Ruth’s record. It was horrible. If I would’ve been around that, I wouldn’t have been able to stand it. I just couldn’t believe it.

Ryan:                                     07:24                     Yeah, it sounds pretty bad.

DJ:                                          07:24                     You know, I imagine what Hank Aaron went through when he broke the record because there’s a racial thing involved there and I’ll bet you It was even worse than Roger Maris.

Jerry:                                     07:32                     It had to be. Just like Jackie Robinson breaking in probably.

DJ:                                          07:34                     Yeah, exactly.

Jerry:                                     07:36                     A number four “Slap Shot.” That’s a classic.

DJ:                                          07:40                     Oh, absolutely

Jerry:                                     07:41                     Come on, it’s a classic

DJ:                                          07:41                     Oh absolutely.

Jerry:                                     07:42                     The Hanson brothers alone when they play hockey, is worth watching it

DJ:                                          07:44                     Opening, Olgie Olgithorpe. I mean there’s so much,

Jerry:                                     07:48                     I don’t know the opening is the goalie.

DJ:                                          07:50                     The goalie, but he’s the one who was…

Jerry:                                     07:51                     Right. But on the talk show,

DJ:                                          07:53                     the two minutes, you feel bad that you’re free

Jerry:                                     07:55                     will you please “what is cross-checking? Oh, you take your stick and he cracked it right across the guy’s shin. He, he literally oof while live on TV.

DJ:                                          08:03                     It was more of a slash, too. But yeah, no, I, I agree, “Slap Shot” is an awesome movie.

Jerry:                                     08:09                     Number three is “Miracle.” That was a pretty cool movie, especially about that time and the behind the scenes. And from what I understand, it’s pretty accurate too actually. What happened? The speech is almost word for word.

DJ:                                          08:22                     Yes and no because, uh, there was a scene where, uh, they had to win against Finland in order to, uh, take the gold medal and

Jerry:                                     08:31                     they left that one out. I’m talking the one before Russia

DJ:                                          08:33                     have a hold on. The whole thing is because it was Disney made for family. Uh, when, uh, uh,

Jerry:                                     08:42                     Herb Brooks

DJ:                                          08:43                     Herb Brooks walks out, at first he tells them, you guys are gonna take this to the grave if you lose this game. And he walks out, turns around and says to the efin grave,

Jerry:                                     08:50                     to your efin grave

DJ:                                          08:52                     an f word was…

Jerry:                                     08:54                     I remember Eruzione saying that? Yes.

DJ:                                          08:56                     Yeah. Sold that. They cut that out. That wasn’t in the movie. So it was part, it was partly accurate.

Jerry:                                     09:03                     Well, I would say just getting them up to beat the Russians in that game. That speech, there was word for word. That’s what I meant.

DJ:                                          09:07                     I love Kurt Russell. I thought he was a great actor. He pulled off a great Herb Brooks. I mean, he did good. Yeah, I mean it was, it was, it was a good movie. It was, I just, I’m just saying, wasn’t as accurate as…

Jerry:                                     09:17                     Right, they even did a good job of replaying or recreating the actual goals that, remember you and I kind of watched that after it was played. And they’re almost the same. Hard to do, you know, when you’re trying to tell.

DJ:                                          09:27                     I loved the movie. I mean, got the feeling back of what was like back there watching it. Even though we’ve got it on tape delay. I think I still did that, that energy of America actually beating them, but that was something.

Jerry:                                     09:37                     The way Al Michaels announced “Do you believe in miracles” kind of dramatize it out. Number two was “North Dallas Forty” Now, you can’t start NFL season until you watched that movie first. Then they that used to be every NFL before the season. We had to watch that to open it up.

DJ:                                          09:52                     That movie has one of the funniest and greatest lines in all of movie. “That ain’t gross. Gross is when you go to kiss her Grandpa goodnight and he sticks his tongue down your throat. Now that’s gross.” That is one of the greatest lines in all of movie-dom. I still love that line.

Ryan:                                     10:06                     I never heard of this movie.

DJ:                                          10:09                     Once again, It’s another old one, but you should definitely check it out.

Ryan:                                     10:12                     What year

DJ:                                          10:12                     Well, oh, the ’70s

Jerry:                                     10:13                     okay. This is actually about uh, the Dallas Cowboys and the coach is Tom Landry and he literally treats Staubach is Mac Davis the quarterback. The tight end is who the wide receiver is in the movie. Basically, there’s this wide receivers got some skill, he can catch the ball but that, but he’s a an individualist. He’s not about the team and the coach hates that. Now this is the coach in the movie and he’s Tom, dresses like Tom Landry uses the computer against his players. No Damn one of you is better than that computer.

DJ:                                          10:45                     To me that’s philosophical. That says you as an individual, you’re not good enough. In fact, there was one play where uh, uh, the hero of the movie, that wide receiver, Nick Nolte’s character catches the game winning touchdown and he kind of tells the coach, you know, I caught the winning touchdown and Tom Landry’s characters says we let you that you catch that touchdown. The individual doesn’t matter. It’s the team that all matters and that’s the collective over the individual.

Ryan:                                     11:13                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     11:13                     There’s another one where the wide receiver Nolte is talking to Mac Davis and he was here for you. Screwed up. No, this is where you screwed up. You got the coach saying “Maxwell change the play. Elliot bakes pattern. And the touchdown was a fluke”, but the whole thing,

DJ:                                          11:26                     Yeah absolutely.

Jerry:                                     11:27                     Uh, uh, they’re playing, I think, Seattle, uh, Playing a team that is far inferior to ours.” Uh, said something else and “you laugh. You think it’s funny, you’ll do that on someone else’s football team, not mine.” I mean, he was just like Tom,

DJ:                                          11:40                     He even dresses like Tom Landry, Tom Landry used to wear this hat around. When I was a kid, Tom Landry was the biggest coach of, of, of the NFL at the time. And he dressed during game time. He dressed exactly like Tom Landry acted like time Landry. And this was written by a Dallas Cowboy, did the book was written by a Dallas Cowboy.

Jerry:                                     11:59                     Another thing though was, remember John Matuszak was in that. He actually played football for the Raiders and he’s a crazy son of a gun in this movie. He plays it to the T. The after party, the opening scene is an after party from a victory. And these guys are just going nuts and they actually say they’re actually, there’s a next week is the playoffs. And they actually say they’re partying so hard because they, they’re fearing is going to fall in their asses and uh, the Dallas or Chicago’s

DJ:                                          12:23                     in Chicago.

Jerry:                                     12:24                     So the opening scene is hilarious with Matuszak and, uh, the dollies.

DJ:                                          12:29                     I highly recommend this movie, check it out.

Jerry:                                     12:32                     yes, absolutely. The number one for me is one that I, I just, I can’t get sick of it is “Eight Men Out” only because it showed back in 1919 how the owners were cheap as hell. And the only way for the players to get back was to throw the series and always, because it started with Eddie Cicotte on the owner Comiskey who owned the White Sox. Comiskey park basically had a clause in Eddie Cicotte’s contract. When you get 30 wins, you get $10,000. he got 29 and he went up to the office and after the season, before the playoffs and Eddie Cicotte basically said, hey, now that I should back up, they approached Eddie Cicotte about throwing the series. He was like, get away from me. Sorry. Went up to see the owner and said, hey, I think I’ve earned that 10,000 you set me out three weeks just so I wouldn’t get that 30th win, which Comiskey did. Now Comiskey looks at his accountant and says, I forget his name. How many Mr. Cicotte win. He looks at it “29”. 29 is not 30, I only pay for you what you do. Like he was just Mizen so Eddie Cicotte goes and he gets $10,000 cash for throwing that world series. There are other involved in the other part, the intriguing part is Buck Weaver. He never got a dime, never participated, but he was one of the boys and he was just in on a couple of meetings. He was just there, bad, wrong place, wrong time, didn’t know what was going on in fact when he picked up, he’s like, wait, wait, what’s going on here? And then went to tell the manager, but then it went to rat on the boys cause he’s one of the boys. So he wasn’t in on it. He was like in between and he paid, he never got in. He lost everything. He was truly black labeled for the rest of his career.

DJ:                                          14:09                     The real life tragedy of the Black Sox scandal was Shoeless Joe Jackson. He was a great player and could’ve, could’ve went a long way in major leagues and ended up

Jerry:                                     14:19                     Well, him too. His is ignorance or lack of education, there of, kind of did him in because again, they just not see, again, Why I liked it. The attorneys, they themselves were so arrogant that uh, one of the players basically said, uh Oh, he basically a introduced to all the attorneys and said, this is ty Cobb, the, I forget the other guy in this. And then a Buck Weaver said, well, who’s the Babe Ruth he looks at and says that would be me. And this is what the attorney world. Now do you remember the confessions they signed? They disappeared before that you had the backer, the gangster who was back in the whole thing. His guys meet the attorneys and say they’ll do anything we tell them to do. So you had the attorneys during the whole court were in on it when they, when they got them off. That’s why it’s a great movie. It tell, and this is back in 1919 that we had this politics going on and this major league baseball is and it almost killed the sport Babe Ruth’s saved it.

DJ:                                          15:17                     With gambling, I wouldn’t doubt if the mob was involved in it too. I don’t know. It’s speculation, but I wouldn’t doubt it. But the gambling, I mean, I mean

Jerry:                                     15:23                     that’s what took it,

Ryan:                                     15:24                     Aren’t they always in it you know?

DJ:                                          15:26                     Yes,

Jerry:                                     15:26                     well again, they had a reporter who went on the train and basically sang the song about, uh, they’re all throwing ball games and the gamblers are taking their toll and it’s true. But he was calling him right out to their faces because they could, they even took it, you know, uh, when the first game they were circling the players, because I mean, in the movie you’ve seen it, right? The bottling of the short, the, uh, the, the one ground ball was just ridiculous. You knew something was up for professional player. So the whole thing, the inner going on in the politics is why that was my favorite of all time.

DJ:                                          15:53                     Tell it to Bill Buckner.

Jerry:                                     15:55                     He goes, you know that. Yeah. That, that’s a sad story is yeah. Well that’s Boston. Come on. I mean

DJ:                                          15:59                     I agree.

Jerry:                                     15:59                     He deserved.

DJ:                                          16:00                     He should have had it, is my point.

Jerry:                                     16:01                     That’s why I would say Boston doesn’t deserved the championships they’re going through right now because of what they did to him.

DJ:                                          16:06                     I agree. I agree.

Jerry:                                     16:07                     But that’s mine. If you want any, uh, honorable mentions real quick, uh, “Youngblood” and “The Longest Yard.” Oh,

DJ:                                          16:14                     I agree with those two. Well “Longest Yard” especially. Well, which version? The new one or the old one?

Jerry:                                     16:20                     The old one. I didn’t know though. The new one. I just don’t like.

DJ:                                          16:23                     The new one, it was close. The new one was close to the old one

Jerry:                                     16:26                     Yeah, well once you’ve watched the old one and you know, Burt Reynolds and the whole team, the Mean Machine. It’s a little bit of twist and nuances with Chris Rock and the new one that I just, it didn’t sit well with me. That’s all.

DJ:                                          16:35                     Okay. Well, I’ve got a lot of the same in my top ten, so let’s, although I wouldn’t have number 10 if I would have thought of “Mystery Alaska”, “Happy Gilmore” is my number 10

Jerry:                                     16:44                     you see that? That’s one. That’s one that I took out because of “Mystery Alaska.” He was on my list but then it went out.

DJ:                                          16:49                     So what I just said and what I like about “Happy Gilmore” is a hockey player going into golf,played it like hockey.

Ryan:                                     16:56                     It’s two sports going into one

DJ:                                          16:57                     Exactly.

Ryan:                                     16:58                     Very funny idea.

DJ:                                          16:59                     And I actually, this is one of the movies I liked. Adam Sandler’s acting in, usually I don’t.

Jerry:                                     17:04                     The whole trailer trash crowd following him on the golf course

Ryan:                                     17:07                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     17:07                     which you don’t see now. But

DJ:                                          17:10                     absolutely, absolutely.

Ryan:                                     17:10                     “Guns don’t kill people. I kill people” like, you know,

DJ:                                          17:16                     um, number nine for me is just a childhood memory. It’s “Bad News Bears” and the original, not that cheesy sequel. The original

Jerry:                                     17:24                     Walter Matthau.

DJ:                                          17:25                     Absolutely, yes. Tatum O’neil, I’m, I remember going to the drive-in theater, this dates me, I know, but going to that, driving the theater with my parents and watching it and we are more than once. I mean that was, that was the movie of my childhood.

Ryan:                                     17:39                     That’s a classic.

Jerry:                                     17:41                     It is.

Ryan:                                     17:41                     That’s one that gets brought up in these kinds of conversations.

DJ:                                          17:44                     Number eight, we already talked about “Miracle.” I, that’s just gives me chills when I watched that, when they win it. Number seven, the same “*61.” That’s we, we agree. Number six is Slapshot and other one (that’s the) same. Um, number five is “Brian’s Song,” which I didn’t think Jerry was going to have on his list, but apparently, he’d beat me to it, uh, four “North Dallas Forty”. But number three, “Rudy”, that movie, even though it’s a drama, that that movie to me, even though it’s Notre Dame,

Jerry:                                     18:14                     That’s why I couldn’t put it on my list.

DJ:                                          18:15                     Well, I could stop it just because of the team. But it was still a good movie and the fact that this, uh, training player, uh, not even on the team, it makes it and makes attack on that last game. And, and I mean, that was, I was an uplifting movie.

Ryan:                                     18:30                     Yeah. Oh, for sure.

Jerry:                                     18:31                     But that tackle never happened.

DJ:                                          18:32                     I don’t know. I don’t want to say that. I truly don’t know. Did it?

Jerry:                                     18:36                     No, it didn’t. It did not happen. I forget how I heard, but they talked about the actual Daniel Rudiger, the actual black-haired guy with the sideburns, the, yeah, he did play, it was the kickoff. He played one defensive play. He did not make a tackle. And they actually said, did you watch the movie? The tight end? Never. You got this three-foot munchkin. And he never even come on. You would roll. You would run after that guy.

DJ:                                          18:59                     True. But logically speaking, he could have been thinking all this guy’s nothing, I don’t have to block him and let him go

Jerry:                                     19:05                     Again, in this show. They brought that up

DJ:                                          19:07                     It’s just logic

Jerry:                                     19:07                     No, they brought that up and the guy goes, no, no, you’re a football player. You’re going to salivte, you see this little tiny guy across from you that’s just one forearm and he’s done. There is no just he did. He’s just ignored him.

DJ:                                          19:19                     It depends on your mentality If you have a thug mentality, you’re right. But if the that guy, that blocker did not have a thug mentality, he could’ve thought, I don’t need it. He’s a nobody. He’s not going to get to the quarterback, and if he does, he won’t tackle him.

Jerry:                                     19:30                     I guess what I’m saying is because of Notre Dame and that last play, that last scene, which didn’t happen, I confirmed this long after I watched it is why it wasn’t making my list. But it doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie.

DJ:                                          19:41                     Number two would have been my number one if it wasn’t for the ending “A League of Their Own.”

Jerry:                                     19:45                     That’s why I didn’t put it in cause that ending.

DJ:                                          19:46                     See the ending just ruined that for me. But everything else up until that ending. I love that movie

Ryan:                                     19:52                     Was it because of the, uh, like coming back like when they’re older and so?,

DJ:                                          19:57                     uh, she gave up to the little sister, the little Brat sister,

Ryan:                                     20:01                     Oh yeah

DJ:                                          20:01                     and I think she dropped the ball on purpose, letting her win.

Jerry:                                     20:04                     She did because if you watched the movie

Ryan:                                     20:06                     Yeah, that’s like speculation

Jerry:                                     20:08                     Oh no, no, no. Early in the season she got trucked by this girl who was just the bull

Ryan:                                     20:13                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:13                     and held onto the ball.

Ryan:                                     20:15                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:15                     Her sister is a twig,

Ryan:                                     20:17                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     20:17                     so it was just and only that, uh, before that she hit a single and again took her head off and Dottie realized she was crying. Once again, the whole, their whole life, it was always Dottie and she was realizing I’m doing a to her again,

DJ:                                          20:31                     see

Jerry:                                     20:31                     And she gave in.

DJ:                                          20:33                     My problem with that is she gave into a Brat, her younger sister. I look, I’m the younger of the brother here. I know what it’s like to be the younger and always in my brother’s shadow, especially with sports. I was always in his shadow, but still she gave into the Brat

Ryan:                                     20:48                     Yeah

DJ:                                          20:48                     and to me that ruined it. I mean Tom Hanks was perfect in the movie

Ryan:                                     20:52                     He was the best part of that movie.

DJ:                                          20:54                     Absolutely. Absolutely. Well Jon Lovitz was pretty damn good, too.

Ryan:                                     20:58                     Yeah, he’s great.

DJ:                                          20:58                     Oh he made me laugh a lot.

Jerry:                                     21:00                     Those two together. Yeah, but not in the same scene but in the beginning was Lovitz, and the agent, recruiting and then Hanks taking over as the coach. Absolutely. Yeah. You’re know those two carried it through

Ryan:                                     21:09                     He’s like never been that big of like a dirt bag, but you still like love him, cause Tom Hanks is such a great actor. You know what I mean? It’s like really funny to think he just did that so well.

Jerry:                                     21:19                     He did the whole thing from a, when he was going to see Harvey, he was coaching a team he thought was a big league team

Ryan:                                     21:24                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     21:24                     and getting the girls team and then when he tells them it’s a girl team, it’s all right. Get slugged. You inherited a bunch of girls

Ryan:                                     21:31                     And he’s drinking all the time.

Jerry:                                     21:31                     He doesn’t even care

Ryan:                                     21:33                     He talks to them like their men and all that, you know? It’s like, yeah,

DJ:                                          21:37                     well given the time,

Ryan:                                     21:39                     for sure.

DJ:                                          21:40                     How else would you talk to them? Especially with baseball.

Ryan:                                     21:42                     That’s why he’s acting was so good and that it’s like, that’s probably exactly what a person like that would do the, even with the war going on and stuff.

Jerry:                                     21:50                     The first time he met the team, the first game, he just came in drunk

DJ:                                          21:57                     timing his pee, absolutely

Jerry:                                     21:58                     and left. That was it.

DJ:                                          22:00                     See that there is another Madonna probably ruined that one for me and Rosie O’donnell, but still the whole cast, Gina Davis I thought was perfect as Dottie.

Ryan:                                     22:09                     Yes, she was.

DJ:                                          22:09                     I mean it was, it was good. I liked that movie except the ending

Jerry:                                     22:12                     The announcers, the radio announcers,

DJ:                                          22:15                     Oh, yeah

Jerry:                                     22:15                     “I’m sure if you could hear me, this is not a strong radio signal.”

DJ:                                          22:19                     One of the announcers were Squiggy from Lenny and Squiggy,

Jerry:                                     22:21                     That’s right, he’s the one, he’s the one. “There’s no way in this stadium, and I know if you can hear me, you’re in town cause this station doesn’t have a very strong signal.”. It’s a very weak signal.

DJ:                                          22:31                     Yes. And number one for me was CaddyShack. I loved that movie. Bill Murray was was awesome. And even, and especially with the, between him and a, um, I can’t think of his name from Saturday Night Live.

Jerry:                                     22:44                     Oh, Chevy Chase,

DJ:                                          22:45                     Yes, Chevy Chase.

Ryan:                                     22:46                     They had Rodney Dangerfield. Um,

DJ:                                          22:50                     Yes, absolutely

Jerry:                                     22:50                     If you watch behind the scenes. Those two, those two never had a scene together. They had to write one in at the end of the movie because they never had one together. So kind of think about this really weird.

DJ:                                          22:59                     Oh, the whole thing. Yeah. Smoking a doob, which was the two of them that pretty funny

Jerry:                                     23:04                     And with Bill Murray being totally Improv’d everything was Improv, which is kind of amazing.

DJ:                                          23:08                     Oh, I, one of the, I as a kid, I remember watching it and that, that uh, on the, on the, the green, when he was was cutting the flowers

Ryan:                                     23:16                     Na, na na, na na

Jerry:                                     23:16                     “and he’s about to become the 2000 champion.”

DJ:                                          23:18                     Absolutely. That was a great movie to me that there’s my number one. “A League of Their Own” would’ve been number one if it wasn’t for the ending.

Ryan:                                     23:26                     But again, in “A League of Their Own” is a little more dramatic compared to “CaddyShack.”

DJ:                                          23:29                     Yeah. But there’s comedy in it too, which is what I liked about it.

Ryan:                                     23:32                     Yeah. It was a good balance.

Jerry:                                     23:34                     Tom Hanks. Yeah, that was a comedy.

DJ:                                          23:36                     Yeah, absolutely. Um, so Ryan your turn.

Ryan:                                     23:38                     Yeah, I got a little different kind of list in. Like I said, it’s hard to uh, put it from like least, from like least to like my all time favorite. But um, I mean there is a lot of good movies based around like sports and all that. And I know we talked about before, like what is your guy’s definition of like a sports movie? Like what do you…

Jerry:                                     23:56                     Well, I guess I can give you an example and you brought this up. Okay. Diehard is not a Christmas movie. Okay.

Ryan:                                     24:04                     Oh, come on.

Jerry:                                     24:04                     It’s not,

DJ:                                          24:06                     No, it’s not. This is, it goes to what I was telling you about earlier. How just because their sports in it, it doesn’t make a sports movie like “Incredibles”, they have a track meet in that movie.

Ryan:                                     24:15                     Yeah

DJ:                                          24:15                     It’s not a sports movie. So, the setting or some one particular event doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a sports movie. But that doesn’t mean you can’t, it can’t be in your list. I’m just…

Ryan:                                     24:26                     I know. And it’s, you know, it is what it is, I just wanted to…

Jerry:                                     24:28                     Usually I guess I would find it’s the plot. Like I almost thought about “Little Giants” that almost made my list.

DJ:                                          24:34                     That would be it. That’s a sports move

Jerry:                                     24:36                     It’s basically the plot has have something to do with the…I mean it could be a horse “Secretariat”, I consider that, although some people don’t consider horse racing a sport. I still consider that a sport movie. Yeah. Or like “King Pin.”

DJ:                                          24:49                     “King Pin” would be, I would agree. It’s just like, Iuh “Color of Money” for pool. Those are, that’s a sports movie.

Ryan:                                     24:56                     This is actually pretty recent now.

Jerry:                                     24:58                     But uh, the “Color of Money”, I think that was about pool, so

DJ:                                          25:01                     I just said said that,

Jerry:                                     25:01                     oh, sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Obviously

Ryan:                                     25:04                     Christian Bale just, he had that trailer come out for his new movie and it’s about like, I’m a formula one race in and I think or something like that.

DJ:                                          25:12                     I haven’t seen it.

Jerry:                                     25:12                     Oh yes, yes, yes.

Ryan:                                     25:13                     It’s a trailer. But like, you know, I thought it was interesting, you know, I’m like that’s a sport. Not that I’m really into that, but

DJ:                                          25:19                     no, that would be

Ryan:                                     25:21                     So, yeah, the, the ones that I had are more either on the comedy side or dramatic stuff, but um, I just thought of this on the way here to, I don’t know, I forgot but I really thought “Concussion” was good. So um, I just put that 10 uh, but uh,

Jerry:                                     25:37                     That’s about the NFL. Correct? Will Smith was a doctor in it.

Ryan:                                     25:41                     Yeah, he’s the doctor that um, like basically kind of found out about CTE and he was kind of like, I forgot the, the actual football player that went crazy and like, you know, I think he killed his wife.

Jerry:                                     25:54                     Junior (Seau) Oh No, no, no. Okay. Seau was a little bit later. I know what you’re talking about you’re talking about because the NFL was putting this doctor and just putting him, just literally brutalized in the guy.

Ryan:                                     26:02                     Yeah,

Jerry:                                     26:03                     because they did not want it coming out.

DJ:                                          26:04                     Well there goes their meal ticket once they find out,

Ryan:                                     26:06                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          26:06                     We talked about this earlier. Once parents find out this is dangerous, not going to let their little kids grow up to be football players.

Jerry:                                     26:12                     Not to change the subject, but just today they want to make a law in Michigan, no tackle football until 14

Ryan:                                     26:18                     That’s crazy.

Jerry:                                     26:18                     So that movie there is exactly what

Ryan:                                     26:21                     yeah.

DJ:                                          26:21                     Worse than that. Not to change it, but Michigan also is, you can only have 30 minutes of contact right now. 30 minutes of contact per week to get ready for your,

Jerry:                                     26:31                     wow,

DJ:                                          26:32                     you’re league. When I was, when I played football as a kid, we played contact every day for an hour. So that’s five hours a week.

Ryan:                                     26:39                     That’s how you get good, I mean there really is no other way.

DJ:                                          26:41                     That’s exactly the point. These kids are not going to be able to get good by limiting it like that. And if you’re going to say you can’t tackle to, that’s going to be detrimental, too.

Jerry:                                     26:49                     Serious injuries and thinking about it in high school. They don’t know how to deal with it. And next thing you know they’re getting blasted.

DJ:                                          26:54                     I agree. I think it’s detrimental.

Ryan:                                     26:56                     Yeah this a good movie and Will Smith did a really good job, so.

Jerry:                                     26:57                     And it was, it was a good movie.

Ryan:                                     26:59                     Space Jam. That’ll be my next one. I just had to throw that in there.

Jerry:                                     27:04                     No, I got to give it to you because that was the one with the Bill Murray,

Ryan:                                     27:07                     Bill Muarry, yeah.

Jerry:                                     27:08                     “I’m going to give us a two because of the dramatic experience that we just went through all this.” Yeah. Okay. I like that. Jordan just disappeared down a hole and they’re giving themselves a two. That was awesome.

DJ:                                          27:18                     Well, I like, I, I liked that movie, the concept of them becoming little space monsters. I think that’s awesome.

Ryan:                                     27:25                     Yeah. The blended, you know, the Looney Tunes

Jerry:                                     27:27                     Bugs Bunny coming back and getting Jordan to play. That’s awesome.

DJ:                                          27:31                     But his, Bugs Bunny’s lash at Disney. What kind of Mickey Mouse Organization are they running around (here)? I thought that was great. I’m totally anti Disney, so that was perfect.

Ryan:                                     27:41                     That should be brought back again. Know, that’s, uh, I had for eight would be a “Rocky”, you know, I just, I, I’m going to have a lot of, uh, fighting stuff probably in here for obvious reasons,

DJ:                                          27:54                     “Rocky” was a great movie.

Ryan:                                     27:54                     Yeah. And that’s like, you know, especially I like the back story of like how “Rocky” was made since I was like his first movie he directed and like,

DJ:                                          28:04                     Yeah, wrote and directed

Ryan:                                     28:05                     Yeah, like just to like what do you have to go through? And you know, it’s like the boxing’s obviously not really boxing, you know, Kinda like what you said with the um, Russell Crowe skating. Like you don’t box like you do in rocky, but you know, it’s, it’s very entertaining and obviously the rest of the movies are just, you know, great too. So it’s a good series.

DJ:                                          28:22                     The underdog story I think is great.

Ryan:                                     28:23                     Exactly.

DJ:                                          28:24                     I mean, that’s, that’s what brings it into me.

Ryan:                                     28:26                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     28:26                     When I did my research, “Balboa” came up as one of the all time greats, not one of the Rocky’s, I, II, III or IV but “Balboa”.

DJ:                                          28:32                     My problem with that. And then he’s got “Creed”, he’s taken the…

Ryan:                                     28:36                     The franchise

DJ:                                          28:37                     monetary sponge and squeezing it and getting as much money as he can out of it. And to me it’s kind of riuned it.

Ryan:                                     28:42                     “Creed” was good.

Jerry:                                     28:43                     I heard it was real good.

Ryan:                                     28:45                     I didn’t see the second one, but, uh, I liked the first one.

Jerry:                                     28:47                     The second one he was fighting Drago kid.

Ryan:                                     28:48                     Yeah. Which is like, I’m like, ah, you know, it’s like the, of course that’s going to happen and you know, like everyone’s kids going to be fighting this guy now. It’s, it’s like, but you know, whatever. There, they’re still good movies I think.

DJ:                                          28:59                     Well, I don’t like to Mr. T one, that one kind of ruined it.

Ryan:                                     29:02                     Yeah, it was a little silly, but

DJ:                                          29:03                     I did like Dolf Lungren as the Russian.

Jerry:                                     29:05                     A lot of people loved number three.

Ryan:                                     29:08                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     29:08                     I don’t get it, but

DJ:                                          29:09                     I don’t. But yeah, that’s,

Ryan:                                     29:11                     I mean, they’re all kind of the same thing. It’s just like, you know, story, fight, montage and end fight, you know, it’s like that’s a “Rocky” movie in a nutshell.

Jerry:                                     29:20                     Win

Ryan:                                     29:20                     Yeah. Win, you know, but, uh, I had another one that I thought of that, um, I, it was just kind of more of a, I, it was just like a different type of movie. But, uh, do you guys ever see “Green Street Hooligans?” You ever see that?

DJ:                                          29:33                     I’ve heard of that movie, but I haven’t seen it.

Ryan:                                     29:34                     Elijah Wood was in it and uh

DJ:                                          29:37                     Really Frodo?

DJ:                                          29:38                     Yes he is. He’s like a journalist that goes over to a, I think Ireland it was, but uh, he, he goes into the whole like soccer hooligans, like lore basically. And like what those people like all the fans of that and stuff. And it’s like

Jerry:                                     29:54                     The fans, they’re crazy too.

Ryan:                                     29:57                     Yeah, It’s like the gangsters of it. Cause it’s like he gets involved with this gang and they like, or following the soccer team, I’m pretty sure it’s based off like the actual real soccer, like football players and stuff. So, but it’s just like, you know, it’s a lot of crazy just, you know, they’re fighting and killing people over…

Jerry:                                     30:15                     A soccer game

Ryan:                                     30:15                     Yeah. It’s just, but it’s real. That’s, it’s all like real stuff, you know. And uh, I thought that was a good one. Uh, so that is, uh, so my sixth one would be “Waterboy”. And now he’s, and the reason why I brought this up, cause I, I do love this movie. It’s really funny and stupid and more or less not even for the football aspect. I mean the whole rage thing is just a funny idea, you know, of him being this like water boy. And he actually loves being this like, you know, job that like no one ever wants, but he takes such pride in it and it becomes like the best football player in this state and um, actually have this t-shirt on to the mud dogs.

DJ:                                          30:55                     No kidding, I didn’t even realize that,

Ryan:                                     30:57                     uh, I go camping every year at the bunch of friends who’ve been doing it since we were like 18 and probably like a couple of years after we went camping, we just all just kept quoting this movie and we just, every year we made tee shirts for it. So, I was like, this guy’s a little more meaning to my life than actually it is. But, uh, the, the shirt right now does not help the podcast,

DJ:                                          31:18                     It’s fine, Henry Winkler, that was the first time I’m saw him acting as not Fonzie.

Ryan:                                     31:25                     He’s great, Yeah,

DJ:                                          31:25                     He was pretty good, too. And Jerry Reed, which I knew him from the uh, um, uh, what’s the, those

Jerry:                                     31:33                     those race and movies I can’t, yeah,

DJ:                                          31:35                     yeah,

Jerry:                                     31:35                     “Cannonball Run.”

Ryan:                                     31:37                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          31:38                     It wasn’t “Cannonball Run”. No,

Jerry:                                     31:39                     he was in (it) though

DJ:                                          31:40                     “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Jerry:                                     31:41                     He was in that one too,

DJ:                                          31:42                     but it was “Smokey and the Bandit” that Jerry Reed and he was kind of a jerk in “Waterboy” and

Jerry:                                     31:50                     Well, jerk coach

DJ:                                          31:50                     Yeah. All right. But I’m sorry to interrupt.

Ryan:                                     31:54                     Yeah, my next, I had “Happy Gilmore” too. That’s a, that would be my next one. I just kept kind of the uh, “Happy Gilmore” ones in order, but “Happy Gilmore” definitely was a great one. And the hockey and you know, golf thing is just, cause I, I do not like golf and this movie I can still watch this day and like, you know, it’s just so funny and entertaining.

DJ:                                          32:14                     So when turn a drive into an almost slap shot so I can totally (relate)

Ryan:                                     32:20                     and his actual uh,

Jerry:                                     32:22                     the putter was, a hockey stick

Ryan:                                     32:23                     yeah, exactly that whole thing. I’m still surprised. I never see people, well again, I don’t golf really. But as far as no one ever like brings that out just as a joke once in a while. Yeah.

DJ:                                          32:32                     Well, well, how about wearing a hockey jersey while you’re golfing?

Ryan:                                     32:34                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     32:35                     OK, All right. I did that. It doesn’t go over very well. It does not.

Ryan:                                     32:38                     Cause they’re, so serious

Jerry:                                     32:40                     I wore our Choi Kwang Do hockey jersey the first time I played when I was selling insurance and not only did the guys I was playing with the golf pro, the owner of the people inside the members, they just did not like that.

Ryan:                                     32:52                     Yeah

Jerry:                                     32:52                     Talk about, uh, I guess arrogant or stuck up like their game.

Ryan:                                     32:55                     I think that’s my biggest pet peeve of golf is like, it’s not the sport really. It’s just all of those things like got to wear a shirt. Got to. You know, it’s just, I get it, but they just take it so seriously

Jerry:                                     33:08                     and that’s exactly what it was. And that was there. I’ll just look if I have to hit the ball in the trees, went in there and threw it back out to where it would’ve went straight. I wasn’t playing for score,

Ryan:                                     33:17                     Yeah, yeah

Jerry:                                     33:18                     but they were like, that’s like a two (stroke penalty). You, you touched the ball, that’s two strokes. I’m like, dude, I don’t care if I get 20 on this hole.

Ryan:                                     33:23                     Yeah, it’s like secret service watching you.

Jerry:                                     33:25                     Yeah.

DJ:                                          33:26                     Jerry and I have had this debate where and golfers are going to hate me for this, but I don’t think golf is an athletic endeavor. Don’t get me wrong. There are athletes who play golf,

Ryan:                                     33:38                     Yeah

DJ:                                          33:38                     but if you can drink and get drunk in your game and still play, sorry, that’s not an athletic endeavor

Ryan:                                     33:46                     Yeah, but those people, you know Tiger Woods, they don’t.

DJ:                                          33:49                     No they don’t,

Ryan:                                     33:51                     Like if I went golfing, that’s what I’d be doing

DJ:                                          33:51                     but the weekend warrior who does play can do that and no, if you can do that. It’s not, it’s not a sport.

Jerry:                                     33:57                     How about you’re a real pet peeve. You can’t say anything when they’re in their backswing.

Ryan:                                     34:01                     Yeah, that’s pretty lame.

DJ:                                          34:02                     Well, let’s think about this. This is my argument with that is if you’re playing baseball, you can have them say things about your mother from, and not only that, the throwing the ball at you 95 miles an hour, it’s curving, it’s dipping, it’s sliding and anything can be said at any time

Jerry:                                     34:20                     the crowds are loud and screaming

DJ:                                          34:21                     and you have to focus and hit that ball, but you can’t stand there and swing and hit without someone saying something behind you. Once again. It’s not an athletic endeavor

Ryan:                                     34:31                     Yeah

DJ:                                          34:31                     in my book.

Ryan:                                     34:32                     No, I, I, I, I don’t really care for it at all. But “Happy Gilmore” made me care about it for a minute.

Jerry:                                     34:38                     But you got to movies with golf in it so far though.

Ryan:                                     34:40                     What’s that?

Jerry:                                     34:41                     “Space Jam” and now “Happy Gilmore”. So there’s some golf movies you got.

Ryan:                                     34:43                     Yeah, yeah, exactly. Uh, I had more of a serious movie, “Million Dollar Baby”. That was a really good one.

DJ:                                          34:50                     Boxing one

Ryan:                                     34:50                     Yeah. Boxing and you know, female boxing, which is like very different for the time. And uh, just, you know, that whole spoiler alert, you know, that gets really intense in that movie. And, um, I had “DodgeBall.” I thought that was really funny, like silly movie that I was like, I guess it’s a sports movie.

DJ:                                          35:11                     “Dodgeball” I would consider a sports

Jerry:                                     35:13                     We played it in gym class.

Ryan:                                     35:16                     Competition.

DJ:                                          35:16                     It’s more of a sport then Golf.

Ryan:                                     35:18                     Yeah, exactly. I would definitely play,

Jerry:                                     35:20                     I like to dig, dig at ESPN with ESPN8 the Ocho.

Ryan:                                     35:24                     I forgot about that.

Jerry:                                     35:26                     That right there was worth it in itself.

Ryan:                                     35:28                     Yeah. And um, I put down “The Fighter” uh, that was with Christian Bale and Mark Walberg. Uh, what Mickey?

Jerry:                                     35:35                     I read about that Mickey Rourke. Was he in that one?

DJ:                                          35:38                     He was in the wrestling movie

Jerry:                                     35:38                     “The Wrestler” Okay.

Ryan:                                     35:39                     Yeah, that’s what that was. What the boxer’s name was. Was Mickey something? I can’t remember. I should have wrote it down, but like, you know, it’s about a real fight. It’s like his brother fought Sugar Ray Leonard or something and like Christian Bale who plays his brother like was this like, you know, successful boxer at a time, but then got into drugs and all this stuff and like kind of coached his brother to be the boxer. He should have been. Cause Mark Wahlberg’s character was more like just disciplined and kind of took it more seriously, but wasn’t as good as Christian Bale, like his older brother. And it was this whole like he’s clean up after his brother cause he’s like this junkie. And he just was like, all right, good.

DJ:                                          36:21                     Living in the older brother’s shadow.

Ryan:                                     36:22                     But it, yeah. But it’s interesting because it is, you know, it was all like, you know, a true story and um, you know, it was sad and he, he won the fight obviously in the end, uh, Mark Wahlberg’s character and it was, uh, it was just a really good movie, like, and the way the acting’s like why it’s so good.

Jerry:                                     36:40                     Is that movie recent?

Ryan:                                     36:41                     It’s 2000

Jerry:                                     36:43                     That’s not too bad

DJ:                                          36:43                     I liked Bale in Batman

Jerry:                                     36:46                     and he’s a good actor.

Ryan:                                     36:47                     And that’s the thing, like, he like, he is this like messed up, you know, just drug addict that you can just, it’s just crazy how well he can fit into these roles. And I think that must’ve been close into the line of, uh, like the Batman when he was doing Batman stuff. So it’s like you get them jacked and then you get them all skinny and like strung out. It’s like those that transformed get their body. Yeah.

Jerry:                                     37:09                     Those actors, what they do to their bodies, just for the roles

Ryan:                                     37:09                     Yeah, it’s crazy

Jerry:                                     37:09                     and starving themselves. He did one where he was I think an aids patient and he really went down to a skinny as anything

Ryan:                                     37:17                     The Mechanist or the, I know you’re talking about. Yeah.

Jerry:                                     37:20                     I remember seeing him and he looked like he was on death’s door and what he did it yeah. Just for a role is, yeah. Awesome.

Ryan:                                     37:26                     Uh, I put “A League of Their Own” down to, I just grew up with that movie and again, like that is, it’s funny cause I remember watching that as a kid and you know, it is pretty family I guess, you know, like a family kind But let me think about it.

DJ:                                          37:43                     The theme behind that, his family, the whole opening was remember. She was telling as a grandma telling the boy.

Ryan:                                     37:49                     Yeah,

DJ:                                          37:50                     to go easy on the younger one, that’s a, that’s a family scene going on.

Ryan:                                     37:54                     But then it’s like the time and just the whole war thing. And again, Tom Hanks is character now I think back of my youth. I shouldn’t be watching. Like he’s, I mean he’s not like a bad, bad guy, but he’s just like, he’s such a degenerate and it’s, but he’s so funny in it. He’s so good.

DJ:                                          38:09                     Well, no, the movie could be about him because good movies are about transformative characters.

Ryan:                                     38:14                     Yeah

DJ:                                          38:14                     He’s just totally different and the end of the movie and he was at the beginning.

Ryan:                                     38:18                     Exactly, he hates where he was when he started, you know, he’s like, oh, I got roped into this thing. I thought it was going to be better. And then ended up caring about all these people and seeing what they went through and stuff.

Jerry:                                     38:27                     So he said to the one, the Commissioner “Ball Players, I got a bunch of girls.”

Ryan:                                     38:31                     Yeah, exactly.

Jerry:                                     38:31                     Then when the Madonna hits a triple yet actually looks up.

Ryan:                                     38:35                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     38:36                     Like it was some kind of feat.

Ryan:                                     38:38                     And uh, for my last one, I just did this for, you know, more of a joke, but uh, “Air Bud” is a classic.

Jerry:                                     38:46                     I’ve seen the trailers, but I’ve never seen that one.

Ryan:                                     38:47                     I think I watched it once. I just wanted to say it on the air.

DJ:                                          38:52                     Since we’re going to go there, “Necessary Roughness” there.

Jerry:                                     38:55                     That was on my list, but I just, I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it.

Ryan:                                     38:59                     Did you guys like “Goon”? I mean, I know that wouldn’t be like an all time.

DJ:                                          39:04                     It’s not, it wasn’t a bad movie. I didn’t like the theme with, especially with what happened to me and my broken neck.

Ryan:                                     39:11                     Yeah, I guess that would be a sense of area.

DJ:                                          39:13                     I don’t like the goon mentality. It, it just drives me so a, that kind of put me off on (it). That doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.

Ryan:                                     39:20                     I just know a lot of people bring that up, you know, since that one didn’t come out in theaters, I’m pretty sure it was one of those like almost like cult classic

Jerry:                                     39:28                     Because that made a lot of lists I was going through.

Ryan:                                     39:30                     Yeah. I’m saying, yeah, I didn’t think it was funny. That’s like what everyone tells me to watch it and I watched it. I was just like, it wasn’t like terrible, but I’m like,

Jerry:                                     39:39                     it wasn’t a comedy, that’s for sure

DJ:                                          39:40                     I agree,

Ryan:                                     39:41                     but, uh, you know, I just, there’s, there’s a lot of movies, you know, so, um, yeah. I had another question about what do you guys think of sports movies with like real and fake sports? Like, have you ever seen like Roller Ball? Do you remember that movie? They were like an 80’s one.

DJ:                                          40:01                     Wasn’t “rollerball.” James Caan, didn’t he do that in the 70s? That was a remake, though.

Ryan:                                     40:04                     They did a remake and like the 90s

Jerry:                                     40:06                     yeah, but isn’t that kind of a, it’s including Roller Derbies?

DJ:                                          40:09                     It’s kind of Roller Derby ish

Ryan:                                     40:11                     Yeah. Which I don’t know. I mean, I guess that’s,

DJ:                                          40:13                     I would call that a woman’s sports.

Jerry:                                     40:17                     They still play that sport. I didn’t think today they, I mean they have leagues.

Ryan:                                     40:21                     Oh yeah.

Jerry:                                     40:22                     when we played hockey. But I didn’t know that.

Ryan:                                     40:23                     They had that one with the Juno actress

DJ:                                          40:27                     Yes, I was thinking of that myself, I don’t know the name of it.

Jerry:                                     40:30                     I don’t watch Fox News in the morning. But Robin Murdoch, she’s a, one of the, uh, trap or traffic with street reporter. She’s on the scene. She tore a ligament, um, playing real women’s Roller Derby and it was elbow where she got taken out bad and her knee, she just came back from recovering from it. That’s a gruesome sport.

Ryan:                                     40:46                     It’s like NASCAR and skates and just going in that circle, fighting with people

Jerry:                                     40:50                     they’re actually, you know, that whole whip thing and the elbow. I mean,

Ryan:                                     40:54                     yeah,

DJ:                                          40:54                     I think it’s moving rugby

Ryan:                                     40:56                     pretty much that’s pretty much the best way to describe it.

Jerry:                                     40:56                     True to put it. Yep. Absolutely.

Ryan:                                     40:59                     But uh, yeah, that’s my list.

Jerry:                                     41:01                     Well, those are some pretty good movies there.

DJ:                                          41:02                     Well, one thing I want to bring up is, I can’t believe I didn’t when we were talking about Rocky is the good thing about Rocky was they actually had Tommy Morrison, an actual boxer. Um, and a good one too in the movie. See that I got to give props to Rocky for at least having a real boxer in there.

Jerry:                                     41:20                     I think that that was the reason for bringing him in because he wanted a real boxer at that time of the Rocky series.

DJ:                                          41:25                     He was just coming up, up and coming, Tom Morrison before. I mean, that was a few years before he got HIV.

Jerry:                                     41:33                     AS a matter of fact, Didn’t the guy training us, wasn’t he fighting with Morrison? Donny?

DJ:                                          41:38                     Oh yeah, he was absolutely. Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     41:40                     That’s what I thought yes,

Ryan:                                     41:42                     There’s “Raging Bull” too. That’s always a classic.

Jerry:                                     41:44                     Yeah, that’s a number one. A lot of, I just couldn’t see why

Ryan:                                     41:48                     It’s always a toss up with that and Rocky.

DJ:                                          41:49                     So I think it’s because of Martin Scorsese isn’t he the director?

Jerry:                                     41:54                     I think Rocky’s better. I think De niro played. Yeah.

DJ:                                          41:57                     That’s why I think they’re considered the classic because of those two together

Jerry:                                     42:00                     But that’s an old one too. That came out a long time ago. Correct.

DJ:                                          42:03                     You could have had “The Natural” I mean, There was a few movies that we left out. We couldn’t get them all.

Ryan:                                     42:07                     A bunch. Yeah. Yeah

Jerry:                                     42:10                     I couldn’t believe a “Talladega Nights” made one of the top 10. I just, you got to be kidding me.

Ryan:                                     42:14                     But see, that’s where you know all about projectors and like, you know, it’s, it’s like a funny movie. You know, it’s not even about the sport.

DJ:                                          42:21                     Speaking of Will Farrell, his, uh, the basketball one, uh,

Jerry:                                     42:25                     again, uh, tropical. I forget the tropical something.

DJ:                                          42:29                     I don’t remember, but that one. And then he also had the, the the ice skating figure skating one.

Ryan:                                     42:35                     “Blades of Glory”. I forgot the other one, but I remember that one.

Jerry:                                     42:39                     In each of those movies there’s only one scene that makes the whole movie.

DJ:                                          42:42                     That’s why it doesn’t belong in any top ten because of one scene.

Jerry:                                     42:45                     But they’re funny. I mean, they’ll make you laugh.

Ryan:                                     42:47                     They’re, they’re making fun of the sport, that’s like the point.

Jerry:                                     42:49                     Well, especially the figure skating one that one I got, I mean they’re, they’re actually bringing in

Ryan:                                     42:54                     “Semi-Pro”. That’s the

Jerry:                                     42:55                     “Semi-Pro” that’s it You’re right, that’s it. But they’re bringing it to male skaters into the couples and they’re basically asking fans what they think of it. And they went to the hotdog vendor who put two hot dogs in a bun. “What do you think about, what does it look like?” That right there that made the movie

DJ:                                          43:13                     Will Ferrell is funny. I’m not taking anything against him, but just the movies themselves to me weren’t that great.

Ryan:                                     43:19                     They were not

Jerry:                                     43:20                     They were terrible. But again, those two and even in a “Semi-Pro” cause Ferrell’s character got hurt. He got really hurt his neck and you probably appreciate this. The team just picked him up. The announcers are constantly getting drunk because the team sucks. And yet when they pick him up, his head just dangling and the announcers as they carry him off “the team isn’t doing a very good job of stabilizing his neck right now.” As they’re carrying him off.

DJ:                                          43:45                     Now that reminds me of a Bob Euchre from “Major League”. “Just a bit outside.” He made that movie to me. I mean if, if there’s anything good about “Major League”, it was Bob Euchre.

Ryan:                                     43:55                     Yeah.

Jerry:                                     43:55                     So that’s true. He made major league.

DJ:                                          44:01                     Is, is that it? Do we have anything else?

Ryan:                                     44:03                     I, I had “The Warrior” down. Did you guys see that? And that was like one I like came out when the fighter came out and uh, that was like an MMA movie that

Jerry:                                     44:12                     I read about it.

Ryan:                                     44:14                     Tom Hardy’s in it. I forgot the other guy. But um, it was, it’s like good because it’s like two brothers and ones, like the good brother and the other ones like the bad one. But he’s like trying to be good. I don’t know. But they, uh, they’re, they’re fighting in this MMA tournament and the only thing I just never sits well with me after I, cause it’s fun. It’s a really good movie. It’s like super entertaining, action packed, but they just have this whole one fight where they fight all these people in one night and it’s like, no, that does happen. Like there are sports that do that.

DJ:                                          44:50                     A Royal Rumble?

Ryan:                                     44:50                     No, it’s like you fight and then like you win and you move on. Like Mortal Kombat almost.

DJ:                                          44:54                     Oh, OK

Ryan:                                     44:54                     It’s like in the same night. I think it was like a two-day thing, but still, it’s like, that’s not how,

Jerry:                                     45:00                     That’s brutal.

Ryan:                                     45:00                     That’s not how, that’s making it worse. And it’s like, you know, these two brothers are in the same tournament, so yeah, obviously. Or like who they’re going to obviously they ended up fighting

Jerry:                                     45:11                     I was just going to ask you, do they fight?

Ryan:                                     45:11                     And it’s, uh, I mean it’s a really, it’s a really good movie, but like, it’s, it’s just so over the top and a lot of senses you’re like, ah, Geez. That’s just not how it works, you know? But it’s still good movie though.

DJ:                                          45:23                     I had a feeling you’re going to bring up something MMA.

Ryan:                                     45:24                     I know there’s, well there’s like, so I was like I should put down “Bloodsport” I say, but I’m like those are not really like that’s like, you know what is a sports movie.

DJ:                                          45:35                     True

Ryan:                                     45:35                     Yeah. With martial arts he gets kind of weird cause then it’s like Kung Fu and all that stuff

DJ:                                          45:39                     Is “Karate Kid” a sports movie?

Ryan:                                     45:41                     I almost had that down too. Cause I’m like is it, I mean it is like a high school karate tournament or, well it’s not high school but I mean I guess that’s…

Jerry:                                     45:51                     Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai

Ryan:                                     45:52                     Yeah. Yeah. I mean the new season’s out so

DJ:                                          45:55                     Well, we could actually have a podcast on what makes a sports movie and what doesn’t.

Ryan:                                     45:59                     Yeah, that would be a good podcast.

Jerry:                                     46:01                     We could have a podcast just on “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas will be, that is really huge out there.

Ryan:                                     46:04                     You don’t listen to that one.

DJ:                                          46:07                     Well. Uh, well I want to thank everyone for listening to this, we do appreciate what listeners we do have. And please let us know any comments you want, good or bad, and tell us your top 10 if you want. Leave it, leave a comment at our email, which is Once again, Twitter is @GrandDesignsPod. Uh, Instagram is GrandDesignsPodcast and you can pick us up on anywhere you listen to a podcast now. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to? ;font-family

Conspiracy Theories in Professional Sports

Was Babe Ruth Pointing to Aliens?

Did we land on the moon? Are there aliens in Area 51? Although there are definitive answers to each of those, that’s not always the case when it comes to conspiracy theories in professional sports. All four major sports leagues have been plagued with conspiracy theories with answers to some being obvious and others not quite so easy to decipher fact from fiction.

  In the NFL, there are questions of whether the entire league is in the fix, with the website ‘The Fix is In’ by Brian Tuohy leading the charge. Touhy suggests that every week there are games that are controlled by individuals outside of the game. If what Touhy espouses is true, the NFL has little difference from WWE matches. Also, there’s a couple of conspiracy theories that claim the NFL hides both concussions and performance enhancing drug test results.

  There are at least four Super Bowl related conspiracy theories starting with Super Bowl XXXXVIIII between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. This unlikely theory rides on Russell Wilson’s interception late in the game. It claims that instead of passing the ball on the 1-yard line, Marshawn Lynch should have run the ball but because Lynch is not a “media darling” and the powers that be elected to give Wilson the attempt at MVP glory and he failed.

  The next Super bowl theory is the night that the lights went out in Louisiana (or more precisely, the Superdome, during Super Bowl XLVII, otherwise known as the Harbaugh Bowl. With the Baltimore Ravens leading 28-6, the power went out at the Superdome and suspended play for about a half hour. Although the comeback failed, the break gave the San Francisco 49ers a momentum shift that brought them back within 3 to a score of 34-31 with the Ravens winning. The reasoning for this highly unlikely conspiracy is that fans were getting bored with the blow out and would soon change the channel en masse.

  The third Super Bowl conspiracy theory involves Super Bowl 50 and Peyton Manning. As the theory goes, the Carolina Panthers looked unbeatable that season and that the outcome of the game was fixed so that Manning, one of the league’s most beloved player, could retire as a champion.

  The last Super Bowl conspiracy revolves around Super Bowl III. The Jets pulled off the improbable upset against the Baltimore Colts and, afterwards, former NFL player Bubba Smith suggested the outcome of the game had been rigged because the league wanted a New York team to win the high-profile game and also the league wanted an AFL team to finally win the biggest game of a season after AFL had been dominated in the first two Super Bowls. This one at least seems plausible, especially considering that the AFL was on the verge of bankruptcy and the victory helped secure a NFL-AFL merger.

  The NBA has been dogged by conspiracy theories regarding its lottery, including this year’s draft involving Zion Williams. As this theory goes, the New York Knicks were in line for Williams but the New Orleans Pelicans won with improbable odds to claim Williams and giving the NBA and the third biggest television market the chance to build a super team. The lottery conspiracies have bitten the NBA from as far back as their first lottery in 1985, this time involving Commissioner Daniel Stern and the New York Knicks. As this theory goes, Stern knows the Knicks have to land the No. 1 pick, not only to demonstrate the worth of the NBA Draft lottery and that anything can happen, but make sure that Patrick Ewing, that years top pick, could go to the Knicks in the NBA’s premier market for the next decade. . From

   “ In 1985, there was no weighted lottery. Each of the seven worst teams in the NBA was given an equal chance to land the No. 1-overall pick, giving each team just a 14.29 percent chance of being able to pick Ewing. Rather than using a standard lottery ball system as it eventually would, the league put large cards into a tumbler, spun it around and Stern would select one to be the top pick. It’s here where the NBA’s two-prong plan springs into action. Two separate attempts to rig the lottery, one desired result. Over the years, people have argued for each theory, but it’s our belief that both were done simultaneously to hedge Stern’s bet. First of all, the Knicks’ envelope was refrigerated, making it cool to the touch. This attempted to make the card stand out amongst the rest, making it easier to select. However, this plan was risky. Under stage lights and with the possibility of time delay, there was a chance the envelope would heat up, rendering the process meaningless. So, Stern had the help of a secondary source: Jack Wagner, a partner at accounting firm Ernst & Whinney. He placed the envelopes in the drum, and curiously happened to bang one of them on the lip of the vessel — denting the Knicks’ envelope. Wagner is the real key to all this, because he was the league’s fail safe. If Stern couldn’t select the cold envelope, he’d instead look for a creased corner, knowing this was the Knicks logo. Need more proof? Ersnt & Whinney were the accounting firm for Gulf and Western Industries. Guess who was a predominant owner of the Knicks in 1985? Gulf and Western Industries, who held an 81 percent stake in The Madison Square Garden Company.

  The NHL Conspiracy theories include Wayne Gretzky’s wife, Janet, taking the fall for him concerning a betting ring lead by then assistant Coyotes coach Rick Tocchet. There’s also the 1999 Stanley Cup winning goal with Brett Hull’s feet planted firmly in the blue goalie paint where it was strictly outlawed throughout the season. Other theories include the officials calling games in favor of Canadian teams to Wayne Gretzky’s trade from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings, orchestrated by the league, to raise the popularity of the NHL in southern California.

  As long as there are humans filled with emotions who actively engage in the spectating of professional sports, there will be conspiracy theories on why things seem to turn out exactly how they shouldn’t. A few can be solved with logical inspection, but most will live on unexplained. Did astronauts really land on the moon, and if the did, did they bring back aliens and land on a flat earth?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 17 – Conspiracy Theories in Professional Sports Transcript

Announcer:                        00:00                     You’re listening to the Podcast Detroit Network. visit for more information.

Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand, where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to episode 17 of the Grand Designs Podcast I’m Dj Grand. And I’m here with my brother as usual.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello

DJ:                                          00:44                     Jerry. And also hopefully for the whole time, Ryan, this week.

Ryan:                                     00:47                     Yeah. Hey, how’s it going?

DJ:                                          00:49                     Uh, just to let you know how to get ahold of us or where to find us. You can, you can listen to us on iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, now on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and go to Patreon(.com). And then you want to become a patron. That’d be great. We’d appreciate anything you can give us. And of course on Today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about professional sports conspiracy theories. A

Jerry:                                     01:17                     And the first one we’re going to talk about is the NFL in the 1983 draft. Just to give a real brief update or to bring everyone up to date at the ’83 draft, it was the greatest NFL quarterback draft up until this current time. And this should go talk about Dan Marino and John Elway, mostly Elway who called his shot like Eli did that he was not, he was the number one pick overall consensus and the Indianapolis Colts or that the time Baltimore Colts had that pick and Elway made it clear he was not going to go to the Baltimore Colts. So the NFL did their deeds to keep, make sure Elway would have to go to the Colts. Elway actually brought in a bid that he was going to play for the Yankees because he made it clear he wasn’t playing for Baltimore and he thought that they’re going to hold their guns, they’re going to draft him anyways, which Baltimore did. And he was going to the Yankees. Now, Elway and Dan Marino had the same agent Marvin Demoff and he kept some very, very detailed notes. And these notes that I’m reading from are from that and an ESPN 30 for 30 is called Elway to Marino. Now, during the draft, early in the day, the Raiders were involved. What they thought they had was a trade with the, uh, the Bears, the Raiders, and the Baltimore Colts. And what it was, the Raiders thought that they had a deal in place acquiring the rights to Elway. The Raiders saw it. They were going to get the Chicago bears number six overall pick and flip it as a part of a package to then Baltimore colts for Elway. Again, who went first overall and was threatening not to play and play baseball for the Yankees. The Bears would have parted with three first round, with their first rounder in exchange for a player from one of two lists. Now this was the key. They gave one of two lists. There was A list and a B list. A list was Howie Long, Ted Watts or Mike Davis. They get one. The B list was Vann Mcelroy, Ken Hill or Jeff Barnes. They get to pick one from each of those lists plus the first round pick. It was a done deal. They’re actually reporting it. Now this is Marvin Demoff talking. The next thing I know, I’m being told that Don Weiss of the NFL office was high ranking executive, senior vice president called the Bears to confirm whether it was true. Then the deal vanished. All of a sudden it was off. And the Ex, uh, strange, excuse their calling the Bears rather than the teams with their business wherever they want to do it, the Raiders and the Bears said they had it confused, the Bears thought they would get all six players, not one from each list. Now that’s a little bit strange. After the deal was already made saying one from either A or B,

DJ:                                          03:55                     it’s also a lot

Jerry:                                     03:56                     But Denmark brought up, if that was the case, why would there be an a and a B list? It was off six players. Okay. The League obviously orchestrated this whole thing because they were not going to let the Raiders, who I should have said in the beginning, who’s owner, Al Davis was suing the NFL and Pete Rozelle at the time. So they’re going through a lawsuit about moving to from La to Oakland. They were in LA at the time. So Al Davis was away from the draft cause he’s suing and Rozelle upset with the Raiders. They’re not going to let Elway go to the Raiders at no time. So there’s where I’m going to basically say that that that was a conspiracy that the NFL was controlling where they were going to let, they were deciding where Elway went was going to go. Elway was not going to tell them. Now with Dan Marino, he was more or less, he had a great junior season with Pittsburgh. He had a drop off the senior season but still ranked as one of the best quarterbacks, a pocket passer in that draft. But the NFL put out some bogus rumors and Ron Wolf, who was the GM of the Raiders, basically said Marino wasn’t on their board because of those false drug rumors. They interviewed Marino’s roommate. He wasn’t doing drugs well then why would Marino drop to 26 overall for the Dolphins,? Basically he was, Dan Marino was picked number one for the LA Express for the USFL. As a kid, he was just going out to a judge at Bikini contest and went to the press conference where they announced him as number one pick and not to sign a contract. Just went there and appeared and almost like to promote the USFL. NFL didn’t like that, so his stock plummeted and then he drops down. Tony Eason was drafted above him. All because of false rumors.

DJ:                                          05:36                     Not just him Kenny O’Brien. There were a few.

Jerry:                                     05:38                     Jim Kelly, but you know, some of these guys were good, but Marino and Elway were the top of the class. Nothing like

DJ:                                          05:42                     Marino should not have been the last quarterback picked in that draft. There’s no way.

Jerry:                                     05:45                     And there was even one where he, Pittsburgh had a shot at him and the Pittsburgh actually said, no, we’re going to move on because Danny, you should or you shouldn’t be at home. Now, the Pittsburgh owner, Rooney, okay. His son was now talking about his dad who is in heaven and his son, basically, your Dad was at the end of his life during this draft and he said, Pick Marino and dad passed away before the draft and he even said, I keep hearing that, “pick Marino”, and they basically, why would the Steelers who, that’s a hometown boy now they use the excuse now we had Terry Bradshaw, he had plenty years. Marino was not going to sit and wait. He had to start right away. Bradshaw broke his leg, the next year and was done.

DJ:                                          06:25                     Didn’t he still wait a year with the Dolphins?

Jerry:                                     06:28                     No, Marino came in right away while he waited like six games. Woodley played six games and then Marino came in and took it and just took off, you know, and he literally had a mission. He made that clear he was going to prove the NFL wrong. Oh my whole point is this, this conspiracy here for the NFL draft and 83 was absolutely a conspiracy against Al Davis, Marino and Elway. They orchestrated all three to literally tell them now Elway ended up getting where he wants to with the Broncos. He wasn’t going to the colts and that’s a whole other soap opera in itself, but still the league had their hand in that draft. So I’m going to say yes. That year there was a conspiracy that I’m going to hold true in 83

DJ:                                          07:05                     although that’s not the only conspiracy from the NFL. Um, this is from and it’s the 14 biggest NFL conspiracy theories that may be true. Uh, number 14 as the league, it’s fixed period, go home, go big or go home. Teaches the old adage. So we’re ending with the top NFL conspiracy theory. We could find the websites. The fixes in is run by Brian Tohuy, he’s an author and over the years claims sports league such as the NFL can fix the outcomes and shore up too. He has adjusted parts of every week in the NFL season are controlled by individuals who aren’t playing the games and has offered explanations on his theories, on his website, in books and during media appearances. Is the NFL truly no different from any primetime drama you’re watching or given TV series? Are the outcomes of the NFL Games as scripted as a WWE matches.

Jerry:                                     08:03                     Yes. I’m going to say that’s true and I’m going to use a Tom Brady rule. There are still some Oakland Raider fans, including Jon Gruden, who’s upset about that to where Jerry Rice makes it clear. Who was on the Raiders that they stole his Superbowl ring at the time replay was three minutes after three minutes? It wasn’t conclusive. You go back to the original call; it took like nine minutes. And what? Uh, at the time, I don’t know who was a, the Commission before Roger Goodell in between Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliague. He basically got on the phone and said it’s the Tuck rule and the head Ref said there is no tuck rule, There will be tomorrow. So I agree with that guy. It was scripted. That was called out. Absolutely. He’s onto something there.

DJ:                                          08:45                     Number 13 the NFL hides or a hid concussions. The perception is that the NFL didn’t want to lose fans who no longer wanted to watch such a dangerous sport and also concern parents would, upon learning such information, prevent children playing in a game that could ultimately prove to be fatal years down the road.

Jerry:                                     09:03                     That’s happening right now.

Ryan:                                     09:04                     Is that like the concussion movie, is that?

Jerry:                                     09:07                     Yes, that is CTE. Correct. There are people that are on the air or sports personality saying, I will not let my kid play football unless the kid wants to, but they’re going to steer them away.

DJ:                                          09:18                     Well, the point of this particular theory is that the NFL blatantly

Jerry:                                     09:22                     that’s I’m going to, yes, because they did. They did. They didn’t want it. That movie that Ryan’s talking about. Explain just that.

DJ:                                          09:29                     Uh number 12 is the NFL hides performance enhancing drugs tests. The idea is that the league’s happily publicize suspensions and other punishments for certain athletes who fail tests while at the same time sweep it underneath a figurative rug if a major sports superstar gets popped for violating a drug policy, it is after all a little weird and all time popular athlete almost never gets caught cheating in such a matter during the prime of his career.

Jerry:                                     09:58                     Again, I’m going to agree, but that’s the fans’ fault because in baseball it’s a cardinal sin, but with football, no big deal, these linemen, they go through a beating defensive linemen. They need that to survive. So yes, I’m going to give that one to.

DJ:                                          10:10                     Number 11 Russell Wilson’s super bowl interception. It’s years after the fact and it makes zero sense that the Seattle Seahawks elected to pass the ball from the one yard line late in their Superbowl 49 contest versus the New England Patriots. The Patriots secured a victory after quarterback Russell Wilson threw an interception in the end zone and multiple conspiracy theories are born. One theory involves Seattle running back. Marshawn Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, sorry. Who could’ve been an MVP candidate had he scored the game winning touchdown from the goal line. Lynch had a history for giving non-answers during interviews, particularly during the teams media day leading up to the Superbowl 49 and the theory is that the NFL wanted Wilson to throw a TD, so he would be more of a media darling in the eyes of some and not Lynch would win the MVP.

Jerry:                                     11:01                     I’m going to disagree with that one because, uh, they, there’s no way the NFL got into the play calling and the made that mandate because how do they know it was going to be at the one yard line at the end of the game? Uh, yes, there was a weird call, but that’s hindsight. Um, I think from what I heard, Darryl Bebo was, offensive coordinator and he thought that they were thinking the defense run with Marshawn Lynch. So they threw the past instead think, obviously they were wrong because they were thinking pass, but that one I’m going to disagree with.

DJ:                                          11:29                     Number 10 Lights out at the Superbowl. The Baltimore Ravens jumped out to a 28, six lead over the San Francisco 49ers in the third quarter of Super Bowl 47.

Jerry:                                     11:39                     Yes, the Harbaugh bowl,

DJ:                                          11:40                     probably leading some viewers to seek out other programs before the lights at the Superdome went out. The power outage interrupted play for over a half an hour and it gave the niners and opportunity to regroup. San Francisco embarked on a rally that came up just short, but the with the Ravens winning 34 31 couldn’t quite, couldn’t quiet some conspiracy theories that claimed the plug had been pulled in the effort to keep the fans tuned in and to stall Baltimore’s momentum. Baltimore Linebacker, Ray Lewis even stated that he thought it was a bit strange that a zillion dollar company would experience such a technical failure on the organization’s biggest night of the year.

Jerry:                                     12:19                     Who would the Zillion got a company be?

DJ:                                          12:24                     Zillion, there’s no such thing. But yeah, I think he meant the NFL,

Jerry:                                     12:27                     he’s making a mistake there because they don’t control these stadiums electrical circuits. That’s on the stadium itself.

DJ:                                          12:32                     Well you can even say that the Superdome is who runs it.

Jerry:                                     12:35                     They may be, they may be. That’s a city. Whoever owns it because they’re leasing it to them.

DJ:                                          12:39                     Maybe they’re in on it.

Jerry:                                     12:40                     Well yes, but with any, again, why would they be in on it? Cause it was a Baltimore and San Francisco. New Orleans wasn’t even playing again that I’m going to just basically disagree, but look, momentum did change. But with any stoppage in baseball, you have a rain delay, the pitchers, a delay will change any games momentum. Now it does look a bit odd during the Superbowl it went out. I agree, but a coincidence, I don’t think that’s a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          13:05                     Number nine. I think it’s more of a myth, cultural myth. It’s Jimmy Hoffa remains being in the uh, Giants stadium,

Jerry:                                     13:14                     That’s just folklore and let’s, yeah, let’s just, so let’s just go over that.

Ryan:                                     13:17                     You never know, you never know

Jerry:                                     13:17                     That’s kind of funny.

DJ:                                          13:19                     Do you think so?

Ryan:                                     13:21                     Just playing devil’s advocate.

Jerry:                                     13:23                     We won’t know until they demolish the New York Giants stadium.

DJ:                                          13:26                     I might as well read it. It says, depending on how you view things, this may be more of an urban legend than a conspiracy theory. Jimmy Hoffa, the famous alleged mobster disappeared in the summer of ’75 and it was suggested for decades that Hoffa’s remains were buried underneath the west end of the Giants stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This was never officially confirmed or denied. But what helped explain why the New York jets and New York giants decided to build the new Metlife stadium right next to the old complex. There’s nothing special about that location. And getting to and from of the stadium could be a pain for fans if they’re driving or using public transportation. Is it possible that certain people have something to hide?

Jerry:                                     14:04                     Look that’s not a conspiracy. We already laughed about that. So the dude who actually killed them came clean before he died in prison. They went to the Detroit House, found Hoffa’s blood DNA matched it up. So that’s my true.

DJ:                                          14:14                     Number Eight Super Bowl 50 effected by the officials. Uh, the thought had by some conspiracy theorists, not to mention pockets of Unhappy Carolina fans, is that the outcome of the game was fixed. So that Manning, one of the League’s most beloved players could retire as a champion, had referee Clete Blakeman to the ere of panthers fans when his crew made several game altering calls against the Panthers, such as ruling Jericho’s Cochery’s first quarter catch for first down and interception and then holding up the rule and despite a challenge and view evidence that Cochery had caught the ball before going to the ground and also completely missing the Bronco’s quarterback to Talibs, a cornerback, sorry, Talibs going offsides on the Graham Gano field goal that the kicker end up missing.

Jerry:                                     15:03                     Yes, that’s absolutely I would agree cause that the NFL officials, as we talked with the NBA officials can dictate the game and that was one that was very, some really weird calls with Superbowl and correct. There was a a replay that was clearly the evidence wasn’t there, but yet they still went the other way.

DJ:                                          15:20                     Number seven, the Colts tanked. The perception at the time was with the colts adopted a suck for lock mantra. Sound familiar with lose for Hughes and tanking the 2011 season in order to require yet another franchise quarterback. What’s ironic is that this was, is that Manning proved he had plenty left in the tank as he set records and also won a Superbowl with the Denver Broncos.

Jerry:                                     15:43                     Okay. No, that’s not true because Manning went through a neck surgery right before that and he was out. This is the infamous Jim Caldwell year, where the year before Caldwell had the Colts. He went to the Superbowl with Manning, uh, lost the Superbowl and then the next year, Manning had the neck injury. They were out, uh, he was out for the whole year. Painter was a quarterback. They went 3 and 13, so it had nothing to do with lose for a (Luck). It was just, they were horrible with a Painter as the quarterback, and just painted itself that way. So that was not true.

DJ:                                          16:14                     Number six, it’s the first of a few New England Patriots Deflategate, one of the strangest football stories in recent memories involved none other than the New England Patriots. The conspiracy theory regarding the 2015 AFC championship game is that New England quarterback, Tom Brady, knowingly played with under inflated footballs. Breaking the league rules in the process to gain an unfair advantage over the Indianapolis Colts that Patriots routed the Colts 45-7 making it seem as if Brady could have used beach balls and easily won the contest. Nevertheless, the NFL pursued punishments for Brady and the Patriots for over a year and Brady serves a four game suspension at the start of the 2016 season.

Jerry:                                     16:54                     Uh, I don’t want to say conspiracy theory, uh, the New England Patriots flat out cheated. Yes, they did. That was, they did. That’s not a Conspiracy theory. Brady’s guilty. Guilty as charged, shattered his phone, took them years to prove it at him, going out and arguing and this is what we were talking about, New England fans and happens anywhere in the country. They’re all over prosecute that guy but sense it was Tom. No, no, no. He didn’t break that phone. He was getting a new one.

DJ:                                          17:18                     I’m not disagreeing with you. However, it still would be a conspiracy theory or cause a Brady denies it and so does Kraft and the New England Patriots.

Jerry:                                     17:26                     I understand that, but with that organization, they’re known cheaters so it just plays into the NFL conspiracies. They cheated and got caught with other videoing stuff. So no, that’s not going to be conspiracy. The New England Patriots are cheaters.

DJ:                                          17:40                     Number five is Superbowl III where the Jets earned a surprise victory 16-7 over the Baltimore Colts. Why would this game been fixed in favor of the Jets? Former NFL player Bubba Smith once suggested that the outcome of the game had been rigged because the league wanted a New York team to win the high profile game to raise interest in pro football and also the league wanted a former AFL team to finally win the biggest contest of the season after AFL sides had been dominated in the first two Superbowls showdowns.

Jerry:                                     18:12                     Only because the AFL was about to go bankrupt. I think of that. But you were saying earlier and because of that they’re going to go bankrupt. Uh, I can see it that the NFL would get involved in that. Look, we just got done talking about the Carolina Superbowl where they, the NFL referees for mandated for calls. I can see that happening there.

DJ:                                          18:32                     Number four, Spygate II uh, as sports reporters working for Toronto Mail and Globe suggested that the New York Giants somehow managed to intercept radio transmissions from opposing sides during the 2001 NFL playoffs. That, per the piece, help the Giants notch post season victories over the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings. It was a little odd, if not suspicious. The Giants managed to destroy Minnesota 41-0 en route to earn an a birth in the super bowl. And such allegations looked even worse when the Giants loss of Superbowl 34-7 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Jerry:                                     19:09                     Do you think it’s unethical to steal signs in baseball? Catcher signs, coach signs?

DJ:                                          19:16                     Yeah,

Jerry:                                     19:16                     you do?

DJ:                                          19:16                     You’re stealing now it’s not, it’s not the same as stealing a base because that’s in the games.

Jerry:                                     19:21                     I get that, I get that. But watching the coach and their signals are easy. You figure it out that this means it’s still

DJ:                                          19:30                     That’s different than intercepting the transmissions. That’s a whole different argument. That’s apples and oranges.

Jerry:                                     19:35                     If they’re listening into the play calling you 100% correct, but if there, I thought it was picking up their signals,

DJ:                                          19:41                     intercept radio transmissions

Jerry:                                     19:43                     Then, yeah, that’s, there’s something wrong with that. Cause that, that’s then both teams should have the availability to listen both ways. So yes, that would be no wrong.

DJ:                                          19:52                     Uh, number three is Spygate I. The 2007 videotape and controversy regarding, once again, the New England Patriots alleging recording defensive cultures on the New York Jets may in fact have been worst than we originally knew. According to an ESPN report released in 2015, the Patriots may have recorded more than one team and it’s also claimed that the Patriots sent undercover advanced scouts to obtain information on upcoming opponents.

Jerry:                                     20:18                     Again, it’s not a conspiracy. The Patriots are cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:22                     So?

Jerry:                                     20:23                     No, they’re cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:24                     So that could be true.

Jerry:                                     20:26                     It could be, but they’re cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:28                     Here’s, uh, the last, uh, New England one and it’s number two. Tom Brady’s concussions were hid during the CBS morning show interview that occurred on May 17th. Tom Brady’s wife claimed Brady had a history of concussions and also that Brady suffered a concussion during the 2016 season. The Patriots never posted any Brady concussion on official injury list during the campaign, which has raised eyes among observers and those who feel the Patriots have violated other NFL rules over the years. In fact, Brady has never been listed as having a concussion throughout his pro career.

Jerry:                                     21:01                     We’ve established a New England patriots are going to violate NFL rules whenever they feel like it. Let’s just talk about the concussion thing. Years ago, eight years ago, you were laughed at if you came off the field and said, coach, I’ve got a headache. One of the coaches tell you?

DJ:                                          21:17                     Rub it in the dirt get back out there.

Jerry:                                     21:18                     Get your Ass back out there, correct. You play, you play the, I don’t want to hear about it. It was a man thing. You’re not tough. You’re all, all, all the, all these names to make you a girly type figure. Hold on. Did Brady even say anything is it documented? Did he let the team know? Did they hide it? I think Brady himself knew full well. If he mentioned he’s going to get pulled and he didn’t say anything. So I mean I know I remember, Gisele, Brady’s wife saying these things, but why her why isn’t, why didn’t Brady tell the team? Did He tell the team? It’s not known. That’s what I did in this time of it’s changed with the concussion. They have a spotter now the NFL, if they see symptoms, they get pulled because of just this where the players admitted I played three seasons and a super bowl with a concussion because they weren’t going to tell, I don’t think Brady…I think Brady is just as guilty as anyone else there. Again, the Patriots are cheaters. I think Brady just didn’t want to let anyone know.

DJ:                                          22:08                     He just wanted to keep playing. I don’t blame him on that.

Jerry:                                     22:08                     Exactly. So that’s what, that’s what I conspiracy. Yeah, that happened but…

DJ:                                          22:11                     Okay. The number one conspiracy for the NFL. Or theory is the Browns tanked in 2006, The Cleveland Browns, built a lack luster roster before September, 2016 and that squad loss 15 straight games en route to finish in the year with a 1-15 record. Despite the franchise’s worst ever season those running the Brown’s decided to retain the coaching staff and the team’s front office. The idea behind this conspiracy theory is that the Browns went all in on losing and tanked an entire season in order to acquire the first overall pick of the 2007 NFL draft. A selection the Browns spent on defensive and and top tier prospect, Myles Garrett.

Jerry:                                     22:51                     The problem I had with that is Myles Garrett hasn’t turned into this stud that people thought he was going to be to where now if they did tank it, they tanked it for the, they didn’t get anything so they could have tanked it, but that’s Today in Detroit. We talked about this. The fans of Detroit wanted the blinds, a tank it let they were promoting tank it for the best. Pick number one pick a better pick.

DJ:                                          23:13                     Well that’s a gamble. I mean just saying, I mean Jack Hughes for the NHL could, I mean he’s going to be good, but it could end up getting hurt and it can be a bust.

Jerry:                                     23:21                     Huge gamble. That’s why I don’t, I’m not sure if it’s a league conspiracy or teams are doing that now. It is a strategy to tank it to get the number one pick. But is it going to work? Is that pick on a pan out? Look, they got Baker Mayfield too that year. They had two first round picks. So I mean there’s another reason why they tank it when they got to picks? They got theirs and somebody’s from a trade. So I don’t know. I think that Browns just were horrible. They’re terrible.

DJ:                                          23:47                     Okay, well we’ll move on from the NFL to the NBA and we’re going to stick with just the lottery because there’s a lot of conspiracy going with the past lotteries for the NBA, including this year’s. And then there’s eight top and this is from the NFL draft flattery conspiracy theories. And this is from

Jerry:                                     24:04                     Do you mean NBA draft lottery?

DJ:                                          24:06                     I’m sorry, didn’t I say the NBA? Okay. NBA draft lottery. Yes. Number eight. Uh, no Zion for the Big Apple. Uh, the NBA manufacturers, so much drama by having the Pelicans, Grizzlies and Lakers jump into the top four while still keeping the carrot on the string for Knick fans. If number one goes to the Knicks than everyone goes about their day. It was expected. Knick fans are happy and the NBA keeps spinning. Now there’s any number of possible scenarios and they all benefit the NBA. If the Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis to the Knicks, then New York gets its star and the big market dream for the NBA is achieved. If the Pelicans build a super team around Davis and Zion than the NBA gets one of the biggest local markets to have a can’t miss team. And according to ESPN and ABC’s top 10 highest rated local markets, New Orleans is number three.

Jerry:                                     24:59                     Well, I, well, what I understood what I was told New Orleans is not a place that players want to go to and play. Zion didn’t want to go there. He didn’t want to get drafted by it, but the Knicks in this case screwed up because before the draft even happen, they made an announcement. If they get the number one pick, they’re trading it to the Pelicans from Davis. So they made their card already known what they’re going to do now. Yes, the Pelicans the first time ever, they had a 6% chance to get the number one pick and for the first time that low of a percentage actually got the number one pick. Conspiracy? I don’t know. Does the NBA want Zion, a once in a lifetime talent to be in New Orleans? That’s a guy you want in New York. Now New York got the number one pick. I’d say conspiracy.

DJ:                                          25:42                     That was the argument. They have one of the strongest, the third strongest local markets. So the, and the NBA would want him there wouldn’t, wouldn’t hurt them and it would help them.

Jerry:                                     25:50                     Pelicans are about to move. They’re being sold.

DJ:                                          25:53                     Again, they first came from, um, uh, Charlotte and then went to New Orleans to New Orleans, and now they’re gonna move for a third time or the second move.

Jerry:                                     26:01                     Yes. Did they come from Seattle? No. No. That was the Thunder. But you’re correct. Yes. There they’re talking about moving again and the owner of the, I think the Saints owner owns the Pelicans. It’s not a draw. I mean, the market may be there. It’s almost like the Miami Marlins down in Florida. They’ve got a market, but nobody comes. So again, you want Zion, and there’s a reason why Anthony, David doesn’t want to play in New Orleans. It’s not because he’s not making money. The guy’s making 26 million a year.

DJ:                                          26:28                     It could because they weren’t good.

Jerry:                                     26:30                     They no See, that’s just it. They were competing for the playoffs until he came out. And this is where the NBA gets, they never should have said this, but he came on and said, I want to be traded. Now when you say that you make the demands, I’m done with you. I’m a free agent. I’m not reupping I’m leaving. Now, that team wants to trade you, right? So, they put them out, they made him sit. We’re not going to get you hurt and NBA made a call. You must play Anthony Davis. So, they got involved there. That’s what brings a whole conspiracy thing to me. Maybe true.

DJ:                                          26:57                     Number seven, the Chicago Bulls land their home town star in 2008. The Chicago Bulls weren’t down on their luck in any stretch by the time the 2008 NBA draft lottery rolled around. But this also presents a unique opportunity for the NBA to pull the Bulls had languished with two playoff accents and clearly missed one superstar piece to get over the hump. Derrick Rose gave the NBA the opportunity to intervene and solidify the future of the once proud franchise rose. A Chicago native had slotted himself as a top pick along with Michael Beasley and OJ Mayo. However, as a draft drew near many believed roles was going Number one. The Bulls were in need of an upgrade at point guard from Kirk Heinrich and this was the chance to kill two birds with one stone from the NBA’s perspective. Chicago had just a 1.7% chance of landing the top pick and it was enough with the leagues help of course, according to this conspiracy theory.

Jerry:                                     27:48                     That makes perfect sense because Chicago being a big market, the NBA is an awesome marketing juggernaut. So yes, they would do everything they can to get Rose to go to that for that reason. So yes, I, that would be, I would agree with. And the NBA’s known for conspiracies to.

DJ:                                          28:06                     Number 60 Orlando Magic. Uh, the year’s 1993 and Shaquille O’Neal, he 20-year-old phenom, a cruise to rookie of the year honors posting 23.4 points, 13.9 rebounds and 3.45 blocks a game. A season that regarded as one of the best rookie years in (NBA) history. Uh, the Knicks, the NBA knew that they had met. They had a mega superstar on their hands and sought to get him to Orlando.

Jerry:                                     28:41                     Now who’s that? Um, Shaquille O’Neal or Penny?

DJ:                                          28:45                     Shaquille O’Neil.

Jerry:                                     28:46                     He went to the Lakers though. But no, I understand it. I get that whole thing. But Shaquille O’neil came out and on the NBA again. Yes. This is Tim Donahie with the referees and market and calling the game to make sure the market team. Orlando Didn’t win that do they win the championship that year? Because the minute they, I thought they won. He went to the big time with LA and that was just the LA scene.

DJ:                                          29:09                     So we’ll let me finish. Hold on. End of the 1993 lottery draft and the Magic come on the table, which is a 1.52% chance of landing the top picks thanks to their 11th place, finish the magic when the lottery of course trade. Ah, Chris Weber, who was the biggest draw, uh, that year to the Warriors on draft night for Penny Hardaway and three future round, first round picks. O’Neill and the Hardaway went on to form one of the most exciting tandems in 1990s both making multiple NBA All Star Games and leading the Magic to the playoffs for three straight years, including the finals in ’94 ’95 I don’t think they won it.

Jerry:                                     29:46                     Yeah, I bet that wasn’t enough. That conspiracy, because Webber, he was a trade commodity that they, they could, they weren’t going to have Weber and Shaquille O’Neal and the same lineup. So they traded for a guard Penny Hardaway and yeah, that will, yeah, obviously that was successful. No, that’s not a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          30:00                     Number five Ball is a lifeline for the Lakers, uh, that we’re talking about Lonzo ball and with some grand prize worth rigging the lottery over. But this isn’t the story of the UCLA point guard going to Los Angeles the key players in this conspiracy where then coach Luke Walton and executive Magic Johnson, both of whom predicted their top three pick was stunning accuracy. In a classic case of saying the quite part loud, the quiet part, loud, sorry, we’ll Walton appears on the CBS sports “We Need to Talk” and outlined straight faced how the Lakers were going to get their top pick to build for their future.

Jerry:                                     30:38                     Yeah. But I think, uh, Ball’s father had a lot to do with that too, which is sad to say. But being in another large market, Los Angeles, I could say yes, that’s a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          30:47                     Well they’re saying because he came up before the draft and said we’re getting it for sure. There’s a conspiracy.

Jerry:                                     30:54                     Magic Johnson was a fined for tampering cause of that to know so that cause yeah, I can see that.

DJ:                                          30:59                     Number 4 the Cleveland Cavaliers. Incredible luck. No team in the NBA has benefited more than from the league guiding hand and the Cleveland Cavaliers and 2011, 2013 and 2014 the Cavaliers unpredictably landed the number one pick in the draft over this time. They never had the worst record in the league. In 2011 the Cavaliers get number one in the lottery, thanks to having the Clippers pick a 2.8% chance. In 2013 they get number one in a lottery with a 15.6% chance and in 2014 they got number one in the lottery with a 1.7% chance, which means two of those three years, it was below 3% chance to win. The raw odds of this happening is 1,493 to 1. So improbable it functionally shouldn’t happen. And yet the Cavaliers kept doing it again, again and again. After James Left, the Cavaliers were in dire need of a new superstar and the NBA was there to give them an opportunity. Time and time again. In April, 2019 the Cavaliers had a 50 50 coin flip against the Suns to determine which team would officially received a pink Paul combinations for the second worst record in the NBA. They won naturally.

Jerry:                                     32:16                     I want to agree. That was a flat out conspiracy. It was ridiculous. Now, for all the time that the Cavaliers, that was just ridiculous. I’m going to agree for them to win all of (those) picks, although the thing is they didn’t do anything with those picks. They just won one championship that was at the comeback. So, but yes, the league had their hand in on that.

DJ:                                          32:34                     Number three is Mutombo Knows Best. The Philadelphia 76’ers had the best chance of landing the number one pick on lottery night, but by this point we’ve seen time and time again that luck means nothing when it comes to landing the pick. The sixers had a 25% chance of getting the first pick, but this came after several years of the Cavaliers somehow jumping the worst teams in the league. So there was no guarantee that 76er’s would pick number one and yet one guy knew. At 4:36 PM Mutombo tweeted, “Congrats to the Sixers on grabbing the number one spot in the #NBAdraft.”

Jerry:                                     33:13                     What time was the draft?

DJ:                                          33:15                     It was after that time.

Jerry:                                     33:17                     Then there you go.

Ryan:                                     33:18                     Wow

DJ:                                          33:18                     Then they remark, it was timestamped thinking on the tweet.

Jerry:                                     33:22                     I think that that, that kind of proves it right there. I kind of think that all these conspiracies now, the drafts are true because that right there tells you he knew. How would he know? Come on now.

DJ:                                          33:32                     I totally agree. Number two Stern makes up for trading Chris Paul in 2002. Uh, this is kind of a long one. So, George Sinn is one of the most notorious owners in the NBA history. Once the king of the queen city Sinn, or maybe it’s (pronounced) Sinn, brought the NBA to Charlotte in 1987 after buying the rights to start a franchise leading through creation of the Charlotte Hornets. Just over a decade later, he was in the middle of a public trial for kidnapping and sexual assault, which led to the public finding out of Sinns, extra marital affairs, withdrawing from the public. Sinn decided to move the corner to Charlotte to New Orleans and this decision, some believers caused by public scrutiny in Charlotte. Despite the Hornets, it’s still pulling some of the best attendance figures in the NBA. Sinn found a new home for his team. Things were decent for New Orleans Hornets for the better part of a decade. The team and a few payoff burst hosted an NBA all-star game and thanks to superstar Chris Paul look to anchor their team for its future than Sinn expressed his desire to sell the team, a your dollar road and a collapsed deal later, Stern announced Lakewood purchased the Hornets for 300 million and sure up financial solvency and the health of the league as a whole. The League owned Hornets decided to trade Paul after the star demanded a trade out of New Orleans and part and put the team over a barrel. The initial deal for the Lakers with vetoed by Stern citing that it wasn’t in the team’s best interest. Four days later, New Orleans agreed to a deal this and Paul to the clippers bolstering the underperforming the Los Angeles team and increasing its worth. Meanwhile, the Hornets got back a to two second round picks the Timberwolves unprotected first round, Eric Gordon, Chris Comon. It was also a potential upside for the deal, but it was aged terribly. In retrospect.

Jerry:                                     35:20                     I’ll make this quick. That was the most crooked as thing ever. I remember Stern taking over the league, took the team over and that was the worst trade. No Owner, general manager would have made that deal. Stern did that for the reasons that you just cited there so you don’t able to say yes.

DJ:                                          35:36                     And the last one also includes uh, involves Stern, uh, number one David Stern rigs in 1985 lottery. The year in 1985, the first time the NBA decided to hold a draft lottery to determine the number one overall pick the Forum in New York City is buzzed and the league just secured a new broadcast agreement for the draft with the TBS superstation and the Knicks were sitting on the third worst record in the league. Everyone knows the Knicks were supposed to get a high pick, but the pressure is still on. The Warriors and Pacers still had worse records but represented much smaller markets compared to New York. Stern’s knows the Knicks have to land the number one pick. Now I’m going to prove the concept of the NBA draft lottery and the unpredictability that can anything can happen, but ensure that Georgetown standout. Patrick Ewing can anchor the Knicks and the NBA’s Premier Market for the next decade. In 1985 there was no weighted lottery. Each of the seven teams in the NBA was given an equal chance to land the number one overall pick, giving each team just a 14.29% chance of being able to pick Ewing. Rather than using the standard lottery ball system as it eventually would. The league put large cards into a tumbler, spun it around and stone would select one to be the top pick. It’s here where NBA’s two prong plan springs into action to separate attempts to raise the lottery. One desired result. Over the years, people have argued for each theory, but it could be that both were done simultaneously to hedge Sterns bet. First of all, the next envelope of refrigerated, making it cool to the touch. This attempted to make the card stand out amongst the rest, making it easier to select. However, the plan was risky under stage lights and with the possibility of time delay, there’s a chance the envelope would heat up rendering the process meaningless. So stern had the help of a secondary source. Jack Wagner, a partner of the accounting for Earnest and Whitney placed the envelopes in a drum and conspicuously having to bang one of them on the lip of the vessel denting the Knicks envelope.

Jerry:                                     37:35                     Yup. That’s 100% true. I Remember watching those drafts with the tumble, the Bingo Tumbler and the cards? Absolutely.

DJ:                                          37:41                     Not done yet though. Hold on. Wagner is a real key to all this because he was the league’s fail safe. If Stern couldn’t select the cold envelope, he instead looks for the creased corner knowing that it was the Knick’s logo. Need more proof. Ernest and Whinney where the accounting firm of Gulf and western industries guest who was a prominent owner of the Knicks in 1985? Gulf and Western industries.

Jerry:                                     38:04                     There you go.

Ryan:                                     38:05                     And I thought we didn’t land on the moon.

DJ:                                          38:09                     (Laughs) Yeah. Good point.

Jerry:                                     38:15                     Just do the top three NHL ones and then the major league baseball. Same thing do the top three.

DJ:                                          38:20                     All right. We can do that.

Jerry:                                     38:21                     Because these conspiracies, I mean look pretty much we’ll all discuss. There’s a few that are just coincidence, but most of them, yeah, they’re true cause these leagues they understand. I think they’re marketing geniuses.

DJ:                                          38:32                     Well, let me do my lead just on the titles of I’m willing to. 15 I think it’s so doubtful the NHL All star game is rigged to include black players. I totally disagree with that.

Jerry:                                     38:41                     The NBA,?

DJ:                                          38:45                     NHL, I’m sorry, all star game is rigged and PK Subban is, he’s good. There’s no, he deserves to be in the all star. I think that’s just so dumb.

Jerry:                                     38:51                     I agree.

DJ:                                          38:52                     But one here. This one I want to go into number 14 Janet Gretzky. Gambling allegations was a coverup for Wayne. Janet Jones is an American actress, was known for roles in dance from way. She appeared in many big screen films, work out films and a TV commercial. She also maybe the world’s greatest hockey player. Wayne Gretzky. During this time, a half dozen in 2006 during this time, a half dozen NHL players were among the people who are implicated in a sports space gambling ring allegingly financed by Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach and I think that was

Jerry:                                     39:23                     Tochett

DJ:                                          39:23                     Rick Tochett. Yes. At that time, the Coyotes general manager and Gretzky’s former agent admitted to placing a bet on a super bowl through Janet, Ms Gretzky released a statement claiming she did not place the wagers on her husband’s behalf and is fairly suspicious that Janet was placing bets in a gambling ring where a bunch of NHL players got implicated. Although she says she did not place on his behalf and majority of people think it was odd that someone like her would participate in such activities.

Jerry:                                     39:51                     You know, I was trying to figure it out. How did this make it, but yet Jordan didn’t make it in this draft lottery? I just figured it out. But Jordan was in the same thing. He was a suspended from the League for gambling, which is why he went played baseball.

DJ:                                          40:05                     Actually

Jerry:                                     40:05                     just covered the whole thing up, which is the same thing here.

DJ:                                          40:08                     If I have time to bring up that is one of the conspiracies in the baseball one.

Jerry:                                     40:13                     Yeah. So that makes sense. But yeah, that’s true. I mean I completely, but that was a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          40:18                     Number 13. The NHL is bailing on the 2018 Olympics or bailed, uh, to protect team Canada because team USA was looking so good.

Jerry:                                     40:26                     No, no.

DJ:                                          40:28                     The 1999 Stanley Cup winning goal. Do you remember this one with Brett Hall and he was supposedly inside the blue paint.

Jerry:                                     40:37                     If you go by the rule up though the law. The rule. Yeah. He, that he was in the crease.

DJ:                                          40:42                     Number 11 was Wayne Gretzky’s traded to Edmonton. That that was rigged from Edmonton to Los Angeles.

Jerry:                                     40:47                     Here we go again with the league knowing full well and after that trade happened, American hockey just skyrocketed and the league knew that that’s what I’m going to (agree). It could be very well true. Absolutely.

DJ:                                          40:56                     Number 10 is totally doubtful. That goalies are paid to fix games that they can let uh, uh, a goal in easily. I think it’s highly doubtful.

Jerry:                                     41:04                     Well that’s point shaving. So No.

DJ:                                          41:07                     Number nine, I think it’s true. And John Scott being in the all star game, he did not deserve to be in that year. He even got traded and it put down into the minors and he still ended up in the All Star game.

Jerry:                                     41:17                     I’m not going to put a as a conspiracy. That was the fans being stupid. The fans picked him.

DJ:                                          41:22                     Yeah, I agree.

Jerry:                                     41:24                     It’s not a conspiracy. Idiot fans. Okay, next.

DJ:                                          41:26                     Uh, the NHL playoffs are rigged to keep big market teams in longer

Jerry:                                     41:32                     Yes, I’m going to say absolutely, that’s how they make their TV money.

DJ:                                          41:35                     Uh, number six is the, the draft lottery is fixed by the NHL.

Jerry:                                     41:40                     We see all these lotteries. You got people now in Detroit that want the NFL to go to draft lottery because of the intense, the emotion involved. And if it doesn’t mean if you tank it, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get the number one pick.

DJ:                                          41:51                     Everyone gets a chance.

Jerry:                                     41:51                     They want the NFL with the Superbowl champ to have a 1% chance to win that lottery and get number one pick

DJ:                                          41:57                     Number five. I totally believe, Canadian teams get calls in their favor to boost playoff ratings. Totally believe that.

Jerry:                                     42:03                     Yeah. Okay.

DJ:                                          42:05                     Number four, NHL All Star selection is rigged by the league to make the game more fun.

Jerry:                                     42:11                     No, because as the big joke right now, as far as that game, you had Roeneke checking somebody in the all star game. That’s a really just a or offensive skill game. No.

DJ:                                          42:20                     Okay. Now there was a top three. Number three the Pens won the lottery for Sid Crosby so they could stay in Pittsburgh.

Jerry:                                     42:27                     Oh God. On the be very strange about the Penguins like the Cleveland Cavaliers got all of these top three picks, Fleury, Malkin.

DJ:                                          42:35                     Wait a minute. They were really bad those years and Malkin, they were actually that year they were the worst and didn’t get the top pick because the topic that year was Ovechkin and the Penguins got Mulkin as number two

Jerry:                                     42:47                     So the Cleveland Cavaliers, they were always bad too.

DJ:                                          42:50                     But if you’re going to last placed team,

Jerry:                                     42:52                     We discussed this with the Cavaliers.

DJ:                                          42:53                     If you’re the last…Without the lottery, if you’re the last place team in the league you would get number one and the penguins were the last place team in the league

Jerry:                                     43:02                     but if I’m not mistaken with Crosby, Doug Mclean, I could have it wrong here. I know it was McClain. He was a former Red Wing coach was the coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. They had the worst record that year and they were pretty much thinking they are going to get Sid the Kid save Columbus to bring them…they were an Expansion team. Why wouldn’t cross we go to an expansion team? The NHL is not letting that happen. That was the next one. So it was next to Pittsburgh. I bumped that from day one. Never liked that from the beginning and you conveniently cause the Pittsburgh Penguins got and it was all of a sudden legit. But that’s true.

DJ:                                          43:35                     Number two referees call penelties to make games more exciting or don’t call them.

Jerry:                                     43:39                     We’ve already discussed that in a previous podcast and I’ve, I, I brought up an NFL referee telling me they have directives, so there you go.

DJ:                                          43:47                     Wait a minute. Let’s talk about this year’s playoffs with San Jose,

Jerry:                                     43:51                     San Jose.

DJ:                                          43:52                     I think if San Jose pulls out again, they’re down now three games at two to Saint Louis. If they pull this out, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s rigged because…

Jerry:                                     44:02                     Ever since Karlsson got hurt, they’re not going to win. But you are a hundred percent correct. For those that don’t know, a hand pass in the offensive zone is a no goal. And for four refs not to see it, and for 45,000 people to see it, that’s a flat out absolutely 100%. They were done. Because the rule is if no ref sees it, you can’t review it. So 100% yes.

DJ:                                          44:23                     And number one, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory at all. I think it’s the truth teams tank it to get high draft picks “Lose for Hughes”.

Jerry:                                     44:29                     No, no, I’m not a conspiracy. You have that in Detroit to where we discussed the value of losing is higher than winning.

DJ:                                          44:36                     So that’s the, uh, the NHL ones. And now the conspiracy theories for the MLB baseball, uh, number 14, Cal Ripkin delays the game to hunt for Kevin Costner. Apparently, the theory is in August, 1997, well after breaking Luke gears, consented game streak in oils game was cancelled because Cal Ripken Jr wasn’t going to make it. The reason Ripkin was out on the hunt for actor Kevin Costner, who had slept with Ripkin’s wife while staying with Cal and his wife when the hall of fame, shortstop found him. Ripkin supposedly punched Costner and the face breaking his nose.

Jerry:                                     45:13                     Yeah, I heard that. But that’s what I conspiracy cause it happened. But I don’t know about being conspiracy. I mean that really happened.

DJ:                                          45:20                     I don’t, I’m just reading off that these are from the sports, the from 2017. Number 13, this was what the Tigers, Prince Fielder was traded to the Tigers because his wife slept around number.

Jerry:                                     45:35                     I’ve heard that.

DJ:                                          45:35                     Number 12, Kevin Mitchell, um, harmed his girlfriend’s cat, which, oh, well,

Jerry:                                     45:41                     wow. A cat.

DJ:                                          45:43                     Number 11, Tommy Lasorda traded Glenn Burke because he was gay.

Jerry:                                     45:47                     Now, look, Lasorda, that wasn’t, I’m going to say he did that, that’s not a conspiracy. That guy was old fashioned. He’s like Steinbrenner, no facial hair, haircut. And if you didn’t get it, the only one that Steinbrenner let go was Catfish Hunter. And, um, who was the other a Goose Gossage. Those guys got to have facial hair. Nobody else did. So, I’m going to say that that actually happens. It’s true.

DJ:                                          46:08                     Number 10, the Yankees conspired against A Rod’s contract and attempt to get out of it.

Jerry:                                     46:12                     Absolutely. 100%. Once he was, uh, came up, the steroids is in the contract they went against to actually nullify that. So that’s again, not a conspiracy because it happened.

DJ:                                          46:19                     Number eight on major league baseball blackballed Barry bonds in 2007 after, once again, the Balcho incident.

Jerry:                                     46:26                     Absolutely.

DJ:                                          46:28                     Number six, flu like symptoms are actually hangovers.

Ryan:                                     46:34                     I could see that.

DJ:                                          46:36                     I totally agree. Number 4 the juice ball theory at times where major league wide offense was wide on offense was down, including the 1960s in mid 2010’s The baseball allowed balls to be juiced. There’s also theories that the ball was used following in 1994 strikes shortned season to revive interest in the sport.

Jerry:                                     46:56                     They’re saying that this year too, because all the home runs are up. So that’s not a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          47:00                     Number three, David Robertson even make conspired and Derek Jeters final home game and directing you with final home game. September 26 2014 gain closer. David Robertson intentionally grooved pitches to turn a 5-2 lead into a 5-5 tie and the bottom half of the ninth Orioles reliever. Even Meek then intentionally allowed Jeter to hit a walk off single given the Yankees six five win.

Jerry:                                     47:27                     Wow, I’m going to kind of hard for Robertson to do that. And then to have the, all those to blow it like that and to grove those pitches. A, I don’t know, but.

DJ:                                          47:37                     Number two, the Marlin’s man is working with major league baseball, which okay, so he is.

Jerry:                                     47:41                     No, no, no. Actually, he got kicked out of the Marlin’s. Jeter said, we don’t want you go away. We’re not going to give you a season tickets. We behind our plate go where your Marlin’s Jacket in Chicago. So know that that guy, just an entitled jerk. I don’t know what he does, but he thinks he has a right to every stadium behind the plate in his Marlin visor and jacket. That guy’s a jerk.

DJ:                                          48:04                     He goes everywhere. Not just…

Jerry:                                     48:05                     That’s the whole yes. And he thinks he actually applied to every stadium in the league to be behind the plate because he is known as the doctor behind the plate. He is entitled to. That guy’s just a complete psycho. So, No.

DJ:                                          48:18                     Okay. Number one, Babe Ruth’s called shot and the theory is, and game three of the 1932 world series New York Yankees outfielder, Babe Ruth pointing to the right field seats at Wrigley field and promise to hit a home run there and response and Taunts from players and fans. On the next pitch, Ruth hit a home run to the exact spot.

Jerry:                                     48:36                     Now the film footage is, uh, all kind of splotchy and you know, black and white, they actually showed it. He never pointed that actual game, that actual bat. They brought it up, the actual, I mean literally, and they even stopped it to, again, there’s a film was very shotty. The year was what 1913?

DJ:                                          48:54                     1932

Jerry:                                     48:54                     “32. Okay. It was very shouty and you’ve, what you’ve seen was like a little bit of motion with his bat to point in the right center, but he never literally one, it says that he took his fingers up and point. He never did that.

DJ:                                          49:05                     Well, according to this, uh, we know that Ruth pointed, but we don’t know what he was pointing at. And this is from Babe Ruth’s own 1948 autobiography. “While he was making up his mind to pitch to me, I stepped back again and pointed my finger at those bleachers, which only caused the mob to howl all that much more at the time a Root, the Cubs pitcher, threw me a fastball. If I had let it go, it would have been called a strike. But this was it. I swung from the ground with everything I had and I hit the ball with every muscle in my system. Every sense I had told me that I had never hit a better one. That as long as I live, nothing, whatever, feel as good as this.”

Jerry:                                     49:47                     All right, Babe Ruth was the biggest baby. Everything had to be to his attention at his time. Uh, they’ve been played a joke with a Lou Gehrig was a rookie. They told him to go up and touch his bet, you know, and when he did that Ruth, Oh no no, don’t touch the Babes Hickory. I just want rub for some a luck. He went off on Lou Gehrig for touching his bat. The guy was all about me. Again, I saw that footage. He didn’t point his fingers, if anything, it was his bat. So I can see Ruth saying that’s, yeah, yeah, I did it because I am the Babe. Just like he was telling Gehrig, the right field seats are mine. It’s a teammate on your team and he just yelled at you for hitting a home run for your team and anyone in the park, but right field. What’s that sound like to you? That guy exactly. He can see he just agreed with that to make his image even better, period.

Ryan:                                     50:33                     I think he saw an alien

Jerry:                                     50:36                     pointing toward that saucer. Right?

DJ:                                          50:38                     That’s where it was. Um, I guess that’s the list of the conspiracies and some of them true some of them, not just going over them.

Jerry:                                     50:47                     If you have your conspiracy that you’d like to weigh in on, let us know. Get a hold of us.

DJ:                                          50:50                     Well, thanks for listening to the Grand Designs Podcast. Once again, I want to tell you, you can find us on and subscribe to us on iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Patreon, of course at the, and you can go to our website for the podcast, transcripts and the blog. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 16 – What’s the Point of Detroit Sports Talk Radio? Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     You are listening to the Podcast Detroit network, visit for more information

Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Design Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to the Grand Designs Podcast, episode 16. I’d like to tell you how to get in touch with us. Our website is Our email is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. You can follow us on Instagram which is @granddesignspodcast and to follow us on Twitter is @granddesignspod. We’re also now on Stitcher and you can subscribe to us on both Facebook and YouTube. Today is going to be a very ironic type podcast because we are a sports, uh, primarily sports talk podcast and we’re going to be talking about sports talk radio and not always that great.

Jerry:                                     01:16                     Yes, correct. And we’re going back now to when it first started and I can remember back in the late eighties I was excited. I was excited to hear the Mitch Albom that was going to bring on a sports talk radio on the FM channel. No less. Cause that was the first time it was ever on FM. And uh, secondly, it wasn’t AM most of the sports talks if you found any, was on an am radio. And we didn’t get the reception. We weren’t that good or unless. It was two o’clock in the morning. So I was excited. I was looking forward to it. And at first it was great. Uh, the Wings were just starting to come out of their dead wing era. They’re starting to get good. They were relevant. Uh, Pistons were actually winning their championships. 88, 89, 90 a they want 89 90. So it was at the time, one to two hours every Sunday. And I thought it was pretty cool. Now a couple times you’d get the people who would call in and they would pretty much just complain about someone’s salary, how they ought to be benched or the lineup was wrong, or they should go and do this with the team. And they would cut that caller out because that was the most moronic caller who thinks they and they, these fans think they know more than the coach. And the GM president, owner, everything. Uh, so I enjoyed it, but as it evolved, it basically became like it is right now, which is what we’re talking about. What’s the point of sports talk radio today? And I’ll start it off with uh, yes, they talk about mostly scores and I’ve been at first before we started doing this podcast, before we start discussion even doing one, I didn’t listen to it as much as I used to cause it just got, I didn’t like listening to the fans complain about I pay their salary, just saying some pretty ignorant things. But then as we do on the podcast, I have to start listening and I, I want to say about six months ago pretty much stop listening to a couple shows on the Ticket 97.1 DFN. Uh, now I’m listening to it for this podcast and mainly this week because of our topic. And it was really funny that, uh, on Sunday they were talking about literally as if the host was better than the scouts out there explaining how saber metrics have improved baseball. It’s easier to watch in again coming across as if he was better for, I don’t think anyone needs to be told how a 2-0 count is different from an 0-2,

DJ:                                          03:28                     Only the most ignorant.

Jerry:                                     03:31                     Well that’s what he was going on. People don’t understand Casey Mize. This was the point. He’s an awesome rookie within the Tiger organization. He was drafted, I think number one, last year. He threw a no hitter in AA. This guy had the actual nerve to say he would’ve got crushed in the big leagues. That same outing, he would have lasted two innings here. How, where do you come off saying that? And that basically just just destroyed this kid’s accomplishment, which still even in AA throwing a no hitter is just that. It’s a no hitter. That’s awesome for him. Uh, he’s building his way up to the major leagues. The kid never said he would have pitched a no hitter in the major leagues, for this guy to come out and say that he wasn’t managing his count right. He doesn’t understand how to pitch as if this guy was the guru of baseball.

DJ:                                          04:15                     Let me get this straight. He threw a no hitter yet. He wasn’t managing his pitch count. Right. That makes sense.

Jerry:                                     04:21                     Only in the sense of if he was in the major leagues, he was doing it all wrong. He would’ve been, he wouldn’t have, he would’ve been pulled using the same tactic that he used to get the no-hitter. If he did that in the major leagues who had been pulled in the second inning because he was behind on counts. He was giving hitters, hitter counts 2-1, 2-0. I know that most people know 2-0 or 3-0 becomes a hitter’s count and a 1-2 is a pitcher’s count. I don’t think we need to hear that from a sports

DJ:                                          04:49                     Isn’t that the point of the minor leagues? You do that and you learn from your mistakes and you

Jerry:                                     04:53                     Correct and I agree, but for this guy to come out and say and basically diminish Casey Mize’ accomplishment, what’s the point? This is what talk radio is turned into.

DJ:                                          05:03                     To me that is exactly the same as preseason polls. They mean absolutely nothing they’re absolutely meaningless.

Jerry:                                     05:08                     What really got me thinking about this as the NFL draft, the NFL draft, the sports talk radio just talks and focus on mock drafts and this year is an awesome point. I don’t know how many times they wouldn’t get a mock draft and how the lines they wanted this person in that person, it went from Devin Bush to just a number of players. Now the Lions did not pick who these radio talk show host wanted and because they didn’t pick who they presume to be the talent, they are just trashing the Lions for picking it. But my point is it was a wasted talk because you don’t know until these kids go out and play and you’ve got to give these kids time to progress and grow. Not with these fans and sports radio. They already Pritchard, I’m sorry, Richard, the Lions coach,

DJ:                                          05:56                     Patricia

Jerry:                                     05:57                     Patricia, they’re telling him if he has a bad year, he’s gone this year, just two years. How can anyone come in and I would call the Lions organization toxic because they don’t know how to win and turn it around in two years? You will never find a coach that’s going to last with that thinking.

DJ:                                          06:10                     The they you’re talking about I’m assuming is sports radio

Jerry:                                     06:14                     Sports radio. Yes. They’ve said

DJ:                                          06:15                     They have no authority.

Jerry:                                     06:16                     They, no, I agree. But necessarily they will say they do, they pay them, they pay their salaries. They are the customer. So they do, I don’t agree with it, but there’s where they’re coming from when they say this, which is again, ridiculous. It’s not about sports. Interviewing, uh, the general manager, that’s what it used to be with Mitch Albom. He did a lot of interview with the guy, was a good interviewer. Uh, it also gets into it, we’re gonna talk about later of how they get sidetracked because I think Mitch Albom couldn’t do that for 24, seven period. He could do that once a week for two hours. It was a good show. Once it went 24-7, the whole format just changed. Uh, when it first came out, you were the first one to say it was for the weak minded. You just didn’t like it to begin with. And I argued with you on how it was great and blah blah blah. It has turned out to where you are completely right. I want to say a majority of the listeners are flat out, weak minded and we’ll get into how I, why I say that as we go first, first and most is their content. It’s boring and I really get disturbed frustrated when they’re doing these brackets of the best sitcom of all time and a 64 NCAA bracket. Now that either tells me they have nothing to talk about on sports and I can’t really believe they have. There’s something to talk about that they don’t have to do these ridiculous tournaments. So their content is boring scores and like the gentleman on Sunday, uh, who thinks he knows and he is a a memory recollection of who stole the most bases, who’s got the best batting average, how this player batted this. He claims to know all that stuff and that’s what they want to talk about.

DJ:                                          07:49                     Everything that is boring about sports talk radio. This goes along with my theory that you really can’t have a 24 hour sports. I don’t care if it’s a TV network or radio because eventually you come to a point where you have to talk about other things and that’s what those polls are, you’re not talking about sports

Jerry:                                     08:08                     right now and they’re not doing the polls. I think they’ve ran out of things to actually have 64 things that go against and call in. Now. It gets into politics and that’s what really personally the, you know, these guys had some critical thinking and they’re talking about maybe the proper way to look at things. Like for example, you don’t trust the government. And I don’t like anyone telling me that I have to trust the government. And they had a show where you have to trust the CDC, the telling you to get your kids innoculated cause you gotta trust them. You’ve got to do it. That’s not the format for this show. Another person..

DJ:                                          08:42                     well, a talk radio show

Jerry:                                     08:43                     sports talk radio. Another uh, another one of their calls, their hosts of the show said, we have to back a Whitmers 45 cents gas plan. Got to get the roads fixed. Got It back. It just nothing you can do, buddy. You got to suck it up and find the money. Uh, no, he’s not even thinking about when Granholm did it. There’s no critical thinking about it. It was already done. It’s just you have to, you have to do it. They’re telling me how I have to think about more money come out of my check when the goal was to keep as much as possible.

DJ:                                          09:10                     Well, my problem with that is they’re ripping out morality. I’ve said it before in this podcast that morality is a guide for our choices and actions. And the operative word there is choice. And you tell me I have to do something. You’re taking away my choice. You’re taken away morality and worse than that, you’re arrogantly replacing my morality with yours saying you have to do this.

Jerry:                                     09:32                     Correct. I completely agree with that. But there’s a problem. They can do a lot of politics and uh, one show more than others. There is one in the afternoon show kind of sticks to the sports. They rarely, rarely, they will get into a like a plane crashing or uh, the government, uh, taking a grounding all the 720’s or 747’s is that recently, mainly, just briefly, but there are others that will just focus on the topic of a politic and I just can’t figure out, cause it’s a sports talk radio. In the beginning you never would’ve heard Mitch Albom talk about this. He would have been interviewing somebody. It wouldn’t have been about politics. Matter of fact, it was to get away from the politics is why I think they brought in this one hour or two hours of sports. Or sports related cause again it was only the Wings and Pistons who were doing good. Uh, but the uh, ESPN, that’s a part of it too. When we were growing up, we got 10 minutes on 11 o’clock, six o’clock news. We didn’t get any highlights. A for West Coast, uh, baseball except for this week in baseball with Mel Allen. That’s how we caught up on all the baseball news. We never had ESPN the 24-7. But as you point out, what’s the for?

DJ:                                          10:40                     It’s for entertainment and notice that it comes first two, which means entertainment is primary, sports are second. And they reinforced that by playing things that really are not talking sports like poker. I really would not call that a sport and, and I wouldn’t necessarily call a cattle rustling, which they show a sport not in the sense of baseball, football and hockey. There’s traditional sports.

Jerry:                                     11:03                     Do you know what corn hole is?

DJ:                                          11:04                     No, I don’t.

Jerry:                                     11:04                     The game corn hole on ESPNU or ESPN3, one of the two. They have the corn hole championships. Cornhole is that where they had at two ends the box with a hole in the middle that thought beanbag.

DJ:                                          11:16                     Oh my gosh.

Jerry:                                     11:20                     The corn hole championships. That’s one of the,

DJ:                                          11:20                     That should prove to you. That’s exactly, that reinforces exactly what I’m saying.

Jerry:                                     11:24                     It kind of brings back dodge ball when they said how they uh, it’s on Ochoa ESPN8 the Ochoco for obscured sports, which is the truth that that’s what it’s turned into.

DJ:                                          11:32                     Well, remember when they didn’t, a couple a few years ago they even showed wiffleball.

Jerry:                                     11:37                     Yes. It’s gotten to where it’s like all sports are now, but it goes back to the entertainment. It’s not sports, it’s entertainment, sports network period. End of story there just to entertain you f

DJ:                                          11:47                     sports programing.

Jerry:                                     11:48                     As a matter of fact, it’s a, it’s gone down to where the people are leaving the cable and the ESPN had to just cut back on a budget because a, they’ve seen a lot of lost revenue because of the streamers is basically what’s taking their money away.

DJ:                                          12:00                     Well, I also think it’s because they lack interesting sports. Those ones we’re talking about right now, that’s what’s driving their customers away. Had they put on sports that the customers were interested in, they’d still have those. Even with the streaming, they’d still have those people watching because they did not do proper programming. It’s, that’s what drove them away.

Jerry:                                     12:20                     Correct. Now you to go back to the Mitch Albom Show. Yes. They were started in 1998 and it came to a, I think in 2003 or 2013 maybe not sure.

DJ:                                          12:31                     Wait a minute, didn’t Mitch Albom start in like 1987 on WLLZ?

Jerry:                                     12:37                     ’88 LLZ you are correct. Um, night. I was thinking 98 or 97 was the Wings first came around when the championship, that’s when it really exploded and the sports talk kind of went to where for the first time they had 105.1 and WDFN going head to head. There’s an article written by a Jeff Moss back in 2013 basically comparing 105 to 97.1 the only reason I bring this article up and I’ll just read one quote from it is back in the beginning, stony was a Mike Stone was Mitch’s producer. He took calls. I’m not sure exactly what, he was not really in the show. You hear them once in awhile. I think to the end of that show he came out and we discuss it. You just said earlier, he basically said if you live in Detroit you have to root for Detroit sports. And he’s backing was in Philadelphia, he was a huge Philadelphia. I mean he still likes to Flyers cause it was his hometown. Uh, the Broadway bullies, he loved them so he still likes them. But because he moved to Detroit, he roots for Detroit now. It just irked me so much that I could not listen to the lost all respect for him because he’s telling me, this is back in ’88 when it first started, maybe in the 90s at the end of the Mitch Albom era that I had to like the Lions, which means for the next 30 some years I would have to be in misery because it was his rule and I had to only because I lived in these geographical boundaries, I lost respect, did not listen to him from that point on when he got his own show, whenever I hear him, the radios turned. And matter of fact, I don’t listen to the morning show. I cannot comment on what they talk about cause I programming. It just doesn’t come out of my radio. I will not listen. So I don’t know what he talks.

DJ:                                          14:19                     Well, my question to him then based on that saying, I have the root for the Detroit area sports because I live here

Jerry:                                     14:25                     Because you live here

DJ:                                          14:26                     Based on what standard of value? Because it’s not a moral standard of value because, once again, if I have, if I’m a moral standard would be I have choice.

Jerry:                                     14:34                     I don’t think he brought his moral standards,

DJ:                                          14:36                     But he doesn’t understand that. That’s so far above their head.

Jerry:                                     14:38                     He got pretty heated with his passion about how you had to, and I don’t know if it was just his job was being in Detroit because his job has been sports ever since he’s been here and he does live here. I get it, but that just, it turned me off.

DJ:                                          14:51                     But the passion, here’s the problem with sports talk radio. It’s so nonintellectual you’re talking about passion. That’s emotion. That’s, that’s not what they should be talking, not what should be brought out is it should be an intellectual endeavor and that is why I don’t like sports talk radio in Detroit or just in general because it lacks an intellectualism.

Jerry:                                     15:13                     Now at the time when he said this, I wanted to basically call and just say, well, what right do you have to tell me who I have to root for.? And I couldn’t say this then, but I can say it now. Do you understand that you wanted me to root for a team for 30 years of misery for at the potential of one year of glory if they ever do in the Superbowl? Talking the Lions. So I have to be miserable like you for 30 years because you liked the Lions because it’s your job. Again, I just lost respect. I just decided, you know something not going to complain. I’m just not going to listen to the guy. And when I heard he had his own show shows done, now there’s cohort Jamie Samuelson, listen, I liked that guy he was on with Jamie and Wojo, i listened to the Wojo and Jamie show for a long time ago. And I’m like, whoa. Joe Was Stoney never listened to Wojo ans Stony cause of Mike Stone. So again, I can’t comment on the morning show. The midday show hall ever her a Carson Anderson. I do. That’s my favorite of all the shows, the ones I listened to. And that’s probably the one at lunch I’ll listen to uh, Gator’s entertaining. It’s more of he’s kind of funny uh, Doug Karsch, he’s the one that goes into the political part that I just, dude, leave…Your sports, your Michigan sideline broadcaster. You’re talking about sports. Keep it there. Do not tell me I have to back a 45 cents tax. That I already paid years ago with Granholm and I don’t want to call in to bring that point up to you cause you will hang up on me. And that’s why I don’t call it in the sports talk. They just, when you prove them wrong, they hang up, they want to talk to you off the air you go. You’re on a time delay there. It’s wasting your breath. Now to go in there and be a guest and talk about this. I would enjoy that because I would have pointed out to Mr Karsch, you’re forgetting what Ms Granholm she did just that. And where’s the money? The roads get fixed. So why are you advocating, and again that I have to, in your words, trust the government.

DJ:                                          16:55                     I can’t believe I don’t remember his name. Van Allen or something. Who is that guy who used to blow people up on their radio show? He was the, he was on Detroit local TV and then he had a radio show.

Jerry:                                     17:07                     I can’t think of his name. Yeah, he didn’t last very long.

DJ:                                          17:09                     He didn’t do politics. He did just sports and he would cut people off even though he doesn’t agree with on sports.

Jerry:                                     17:14                     Yes, no, no. That’s exactly where,

DJ:                                          17:16                     what was his name?

Jerry:                                     17:17                     Yeah, it may come to me before we end our hope podcast and if I remember it for the next podcast, I will bring it up. But I know you’re talking

DJ:                                          17:23                     Earl Van Right

Jerry:                                     17:23                     Yes, that’s him. Yes. Van Allen. That’s what I was thinking. It was the van. You were right, but yes, you are correct. He would just blow you up because you didn’t agree with him, so I didn’t listen to his show. Once I seen that happening, I was done.

DJ:                                          17:36                     He did it to me once.

Jerry:                                     17:37                     Really?

DJ:                                          17:38                     Remember. I called that out.

Jerry:                                     17:39                     That’s right.

DJ:                                          17:39                     Dan Marino,

Jerry:                                     17:40                     right

DJ:                                          17:40                     and his pragmatic little fake spike.

Jerry:                                     17:42                     Oh, we disagreed on that and at that time, and yet he disagreed with, he disagree with you, but he didn’t have to blow you up. He could have listened. So from that point on, I realized if I were to call in and said, are you nuts? Trusted government? What’s that? What’s wrong with you? Are you out of it? Just the button would have been pushed. And I wanted literally ask him, what is wrong with you that I have to trust the government? And he says that, right? We’ve got to trust him. Right? Uh, you won’t even trust the sports team, your coach, your GM, yet you’ll trust the government because if they have basically said they have no faith and they’ve come a long way, these guys are, the Lions have, they’re really not running the organization properly. They’re not winning other organizations. So again, that’s where Gator can be funny. He is entertaining and of all of them, he applies the most critical thinking. I haven’t really heard of him say anything ridiculous of anyone yet that I just want to turn it off. So I, I do enjoy listening to their show. The afternoon show and it brings it right into today’s, uh, topic about sports radio and why these guys are even allowed to even talk. Um, if anyone hasn’t heard by the time you hear this podcast, Michigan’s coach John Beilein has left for the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I say to John, congratulations. Good for you. That’s awesome. As a Michigan fan of basketball, that hurts now it only hurts cause he did a good job. That doesn’t mean the next guy coming in will not do a good job. We have to wait and see. So the just condemn. The program would say it’s, it’s not gonna work as wrong to be pissed, is the word, at John Beilein for leaving. Now they also said to back them up, maybe it’s not John Beilein fault, it’s Michigan’s fault because they wouldn’t let them be bigger than Jim Harbaugh. And that’s where if I would have been driving, I would have gotten into an accident.

DJ:                                          19:24                     Who wouldn’t have let them been bigger than Jim Harbaugh? The fans, the athletic director?

Jerry:                                     19:30                     The fans, he brought the director’s name. I don’t know his name again, I’ll think of it, um, by the end of the show. But yes, the athletic director for not matching or he, he, they wouldn’t, the athletic director wouldn’t allow Beilein to be better than that. That was Jeff Rieger who started saying, and I just laughed. I laughed. That was part of, he was filling in for Karsch today

DJ:                                          19:51                     So, he wants to force popularity because that’s basically cause Harbaugh is more popular. Therefore, he’s pushing down Beilein

Jerry:                                     19:55                     Basically, he’s pissed. Beilein left because now he thinks the program’s done. Beelines gone. The program done, which is ridiculous. First of all, Beilein is 66. NBA life is much better. I am waiting to hear the contract or what he got, but he was making four and a half million in Michigan. I’m sure he’s going to get seven Gilbert, the Cleveland owner opened up that pocket book to get him there. He’s good. It’s a comfortable, normal recruiting. He could literally do a five year deal, be 71 years old and retire with his wife.

DJ:                                          20:23                     See, that’s the reason why I think he left, and I read this on my Twitter feed today, that he left because he was sick of the recruiting. He was sick of the having a good guy. And then having a bolt in one year.

Jerry:                                     20:32                     He has made it clear that the NBA was a goal. So what I looked at rigor and anyone in Michigan, even if you would’ve said it will make you bigger than Harbaugh, he wasn’t staying. He was going to the NBA. Now it gets into the afternoon where Mr Valenti wants to say, do you think anyone is going to come here and bigger than Harbaugh? And his proof was Keller Peria, Kentucky, Roy Williams at North Carolina. Uh, Mike, I have a hard time saying this guy’s name, Krzyzewski at Duke. Uh, hello. None of those schools you even mentioned has a football program to compete. Now if Kentucky or any of those North Carolina or Duke had a good football program, Calipari wouldn’t have got his money either. Which I Krzyzewski, I got it right, or Roy Williams. Those are basketball powerhouses, so he was implying that because (with) Beilein, Harbaugh wouldn’t let him be the big dog. It was Harbaugh was being…and Harbaugh has nothing to do with it and I will say this right now, Beilein has taken Michigan to the championship. I want to say two of the last three years. Had he won those two, he would’ve been bigger than Harbaugh.

DJ:                                          21:41                     I don’t know. I think just like, I don’t think you can happen in Texas Tech. I don’t think it happened in Notre Dame. Maybe not even Florida State. No,

Jerry:                                     21:52                     not Texas tech, Texas.

DJ:                                          21:54                     Okay, Texas

Jerry:                                     21:55                     This is where I’m going to agree that maybe, I don’t know if I want to put Michigan in that category because yes, you are correct. If their basketball coach, I think that Shaka Smart, if he wins three titles in the row, Texas, they are not being bigger than the Texas football program. I’m sorry. It’s just not going to

DJ:                                          22:09                     Alabama

Jerry:                                     22:10                     now. That one right there though. Saban has done seven championships. I think he has who’s going to come in and beat that? He’s done it.

DJ:                                          22:17                     This is my point that there are certain programs that no matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to top football

Jerry:                                     22:22                     If Saban was to retire and they tank it like they did with after bear Bryant left in the basketball program somehow starts winning. That guy’s going to be popular. It’s not the football coach dictating I’m the Alpha Dog.

DJ:                                          22:34                     No, it’s the program. I mean it’s the football program. It’s so dominant no matter who comes in. I have a hard time topping it.

Jerry:                                     22:40                     It’s the alumni loving the sport so much and the fans

DJ:                                          22:43                     That too.

Jerry:                                     22:43                     Okay. I, I’m not quite there with Texas. Yes. I’m not quite there with Michigan. Yeah, it’s a good program. It’s football school. Yes. I completely agree. But I really think if Beilein would’ve won those two or three national championships, I’ve heard, I based this on, I’ve heard Michigan fans starting to turn on Harbaugh, which I don’t, I don’t get, yes, he hasn’t won a Big 10, hasn’t beat Ohio state. That hurts no one more than me. But I see improvement compared to where he came from. That will come down the road. So seeing and hearing these people turn on Harbaugh. I would believe that a Beilein won, they would’ve gave him the attention

DJ:                                          23:20                     They would attention. But now just to give Harbaugh his chance, if he turns around and starts winning the Big 10, wins, and the national championship that we would go right back up in his favor.

Jerry:                                     23:27                     That’s where I’ll, there’s where Texas comes in, if Harbaugh was to win a couple of championships, there’s no basketball coming in that’s going to take it over and be bigger than Michigan football. I would agree. However, one of his options that he brought up was Juwan Howard is coming in as a new coach and this guy, he’s beloved, if he came here and won national championships and Harbaugh doesn’t, uh, he’s going to compete for the big dog. He’s one of those loud Fab five guys. So he’s going to, he’s come, he’s eccentric. He is not this shy person. He will bring his ego to the program if he was to get the job. So, I would disagree with it there. But what I found to be funny is of all these coaches that he used as an example, he didn’t use Izzo, he didn’t say Izzo also top dog

DJ:                                          24:06                     Because he doesn’t want to put down D’Antonio.

Jerry:                                     24:08                     He realizes that he was to say Izzo is the top dog, he just lashed at his football program. Now he’s been given D’Antonio a little bit of hell, but I will say only because D’Antonio, he didn’t fire his staff. He rearranged them, give them new positions and yeah, Valenti went off on him. Had Harbaugh done that. And he did say Harbaugh, he even fired his Uh, he put a bullet between the eyes of his best man at his wedding but he fired him. It’s about winning. So he brought that up with Harbaugh, but had Harbaugh, just readjusted, he would of went full out, full metal jacket. Not this he little bit passive anger. That’s what it was. Passive anger at D’Antonio but he’s a Spartan. I realize that, no matter what, he’s going to paint it that way. And today confirmed it because he didn’t have all the basketball programs that are powerhouses. And I’ve heard him bring up Izzo, I don’t know how many times about I could be wrong, 11 final fours and that could be 10. It could be nine. He’s been to a lot. I’ll give him credit there, but it’s only won one. That means he’s 1-10. If there were 11 appearances, but yet he’s a great coach. Great basketball coach. Why did he bring up Izzo with Calipari? Krzyzewski, Roy Williams? Why wasn’t that brought up?

DJ:                                          25:14                     This goes into what? It’s not intellectual. It was emotional. He was, he was riding on his emotions.

Jerry:                                     25:19                     Correct. I basically heard him say that Harbaugh, basically the fans, the atmosphere would never let Beilein become bigger. And that’s not what he implied. He implied that Jim Harbaugh would not let Beilein ever because Harbaugh was the Alpha Dog. That’s what he, that’s what he implied. He didn’t come on and say that I listen, I listen very carefully on the way to the podcast. I also heard him come out. I don’t know the headline. I haven’t, uh, I didn’t read it. Uh, DFN came out and put a headline out. But what he said and he was not happy. He wanted to take it down, reword it. They took them out of context. He did not like what was coming back at him. Which brings me to the point, why are you doing this? Why are you, hey, good luck. Congratulations. Good luck to Michigan and other under coaching Um, search. There’s no need to get angry, especially the, as the callers who call in. And one was pretty dumb. Um, sometimes entertainment purposes, the Valenti can be funny cause the guy called up and said the Michigan should hire Patino. You know Pitino is.

DJ:                                          26:26                     Yeah, of course.

Jerry:                                     26:27                     He’s on hireable. He was correct when he said that for

DJ:                                          26:30                     He’s with like Kentucky now

Jerry:                                     26:33                     No, he was with Louisville,

DJ:                                          26:34                     Louisville. That’s right

Jerry:                                     26:36                     got caught in an event that he don’t want to talk about, you know, not really being faithful to your wife, but that’s not, he now just got recently fired for that, uh, agents scam with the Nike or Adidas paying players. He was let go. He’s suing the school for it, but because of that, he’s considered crooked. He’s not going to get it. You could have came here years ago to de Michigan, but not now, so that color, that was pretty ridiculous. Another caller called them and just as ridiculous Harbaugh’s going to influence the head basketball coach, they bring in, you know, you know he’s going to bring is? Tom Cream. Do you know Tom Cream is?

DJ:                                          27:09                     Who?

Jerry:                                     27:09                     Used to be the Indiana coach? Harbaugh’s brother-in-law?

DJ:                                          27:12                     Yes.

Jerry:                                     27:13                     So Harbaugh keep him down. He’ll know his place.

DJ:                                          27:17                     Well, if he put a bullet through the eyes like you said of his best man. Why? That doesn’t make sense.

Jerry:                                     27:22                     That’s my whole point is look, a Michigan State fan does not like Harbaugh. The threat is there. Oh, they loved the fact he hasn’t been a big 10 championship, but they also are very nervous that could end soon. Well, he has changed the program and they know it.

DJ:                                          27:37                     Some predominant popular Michigan State guy came back to Michigan State. Would he treat him like he treats Harbaugh? The only guy I can think of right now, even though he’s in baseball Kirk Gibson, what if he came back and coached football? He did play football at State. Would he treat him like he’s treating Harbaugh?

Jerry:                                     27:55                     At times, I like to give Mr. Valenti can be, I don’t want to say objective, but he can very be direct and honest and that’s what sometimes I like about him where he loses that directness when it comes to Michigan State and Michigan, like this whole Harbaugh and Beilein thing. Ridiculous.

DJ:                                          28:10                     Well, that’s why I brought up Kirk Gibson and Michigan State

Jerry:                                     28:12                     if Izzo was to leave, now this is going back, if Izzo was going to go to the NBA. They would not be tearing him up. They would be wishing him good luck and they surely would not be saying that this was a much higher than D’Antonio. It just wouldn’t, it just, it’s not the case. Why didn’t he bring it up today? Because he didn’t want to point out the fact that his football program is not to the level. You don’t want to admit that your basketball program may basically means if you’re basketball program is number one, your football program is crap because football is big dog come College football season, everyone flocks to it. The NCAA basketball is huge, but football is much bigger. So he made a mistake, but not bringing up Izzo just a crucial mistake because Izzo is a top ranked coach now.

DJ:                                          28:54                     I think he knew what he was doing

Jerry:                                     28:55                     Years ago when, uh, the Lebron James was at Cleveland. I don’t think it was a first it was in the first run. He went there, Izzo was up for the Cleveland job now. It wasn’t Mr Valenti, it was a Mr Caputo who just gave this lecture. How Izzo can’t leave. He owes Michigan state. He had to stay a, how dare Cleveland take him away. Here we go again. Why can’t he do a better life? He doesn’t have to stay at Michigan because you like the school so much and you fear the program stinking after he leaves. That’s what it was about. Anybody else, It was good luck. You know, he’s earned it. Not Izzo. Izzo Head to stay. Now Izzo ended up, did turn it down and he did stay. Um, I’m not going to say it’s a mistake because it’s his life. He gets to choose what he wants to do and Izzo likes it, but they don’t realize by talking about Harbaugh and Beilein and leaving out Izzo, they’ve made a big omission about their football program yet they want to brag about it. How great, how great it is, how good it is.

DJ:                                          29:51                     Every, every single program has ups and downs. You mentioned Alabama. Look at Michigan. Should we have then

Jerry:                                     29:58                     it’s all cycles.

DJ:                                          30:00                     been mad when Lloyd Carr retired. Say, no, he has to stay from Michigan because look, it’s 20/20 hindsight. But look what happened after he left and how the program went down. So based on that argument, we should have mad at Lloyd Carr say, no, you had to stay.

Jerry:                                     30:12                     And that’s where they’re coming from because of what happened to the program. And you’ve got Rich Rod and then, um, God, I can’t believe I forgot the guy has a Rich Rod.

DJ:                                          30:20                     Brady Hoke

Jerry:                                     30:20                     Yeah. He was just as horrible. Both those guys took Michigan to their lowest points. And that’s why people think like right now oi Harbaugh was to jump back into the NFL. Oh my God. The people on suicide watch at Michigan because automatic is going to go, it’s going to go down, it’s going to go bed. Not even giving the next coach (that) would come in to chance.

DJ:                                          30:36                     That might be true, but it could also go up and it’s, it’s a pendulum. It’s a cycle. I’ll come back around.

Jerry:                                     30:42                     Correct. And I think that it’s like it’s a cycle with Ohio state. Yeah. They won the last 10 before that, Michigan had their streaks and when oh god I don’t know what year it was when, uh, uh, Ohio State was favored. I mean, every year Michigan seemed to beat them. Now, I just couldn’t believe they always beating them when Ohio state should have one. That’s kind of swung now. Ohio States always beating Michigan. Now, I will say it’s going to be different now that are Urban Liar has left. So I think that’s a whole different thing now with the new coach

DJ:                                          31:08                     Do you mean UM?

Jerry:                                     31:09                     Correct you. Yeah, you went with a whole different story there. Uh, so the afternoon show, it can get a little bit intense. And again, I’d love to call in, but if they don’t agree with you, they won’t even let you on and you’ll just, you won’t be exploded, but you’ll be hung up on or he just won’t be able to do it. Take the tolerance of you cause you’re not thinking along his lines. You’re not agreeing with him. Evening Show was Bogey and Wojo rarely listened to them. It’s only because I’m not in the car or I don’t listen to sports talk when I met in the house. Uh, Wojo I’ve heard from other shows he’s been on in each just more funny. He could be a comedian, on his own, just how he talks about things and, and he’s a Harbaugh junkie. Uh, and Valenti just, uh, rides him for never ever bashing Harbaugh in an article. Just calls him the Messiah. You, you worship the Messiah, Valenti geodes him on the air, tell the truth. Write a bad article, write a bad article about Harbaugh come on. Again, all those reponse(s) are always comical and funny. That’s why I like, I enjoy listening to Wojo when I can, uh, Mr Bogey. He’s, he’s brand new. I really can’t comment because I don’t really listen much. I even know much about him. Now. The fill ins are all really different. They, again, they just fill in. So I’d like today it was Riger. Um, The only thing I don’t like about Mr Riger, It’s his job. He’s a writer. I get it. But they have to ask questions. And recently, Brad Asumus Is, you know who Brad Asumus is?

DJ:                                          32:33                     The former Tiger coach.

Jerry:                                     32:35                     Correct. Just came back to the, uh, he’s managing the Anaheim angels now. Or is it Los Angeles Angels?

DJ:                                          32:40                     Los Angeles.

Jerry:                                     32:41                     Uh, well the Angels came to town and he had to ask about, was the downfall of the Tigers, Do you think it was your fault? Why would you do that? It’s in the past. Are you just opening wounds of poor guy

DJ:                                          32:51                     Because he believes in Gotcha journalism. That’s what that, that’s a form of that is

Jerry:                                     32:55                     and, but Brad Ausmus was, yeah, go ahead and blame me. It was awesome response. Yeah. Let them keep blaming me. Dude, What’s your problem? He enjoys it. Enjoys it so much. And there’s another example. I, if I blame anybody for this current, this past basketball season, uh, Michigan was doing great. Like I think 20-0, 19-0 and Michigan State lost two huge players. They’re one and two on their team. When those teams, when those guys went down, this guy on the radio trolled the state fans, how it was in the bag, Michigan was gonna win. They’re going to trounce them, wasn’t going to be closed. Beilein up on is smoking a cigar because these two guys are gone. What happened?

DJ:                                          33:33                     They came back from injury eventually.

Jerry:                                     33:35                     No, they didn’t come back from injury. They at the tournament, these guys came back. He never came back. No. No. Even with these players gone state beat the crap out of Michigan and he became quiet. So the whole point of this outline and our topic today is why would you do that? Why would you even bring up the fact and troll these fans when the game has been played yet? Like it’s automatic in the bag. What is the point? And then when it goes the other way, we don’t even talk about it. There’s no accountability. Don’t want to bring up how you were complete. I can’t say the radio want to keep our podcast clean, but I’ll say jerk for even saying those things when the game was even played yet, it goes back to the NFL draft why they even have in mock drafts, why they even criticizing. You can’t criticize the pics until at least three, four years down the road. Then you can say it was a good picker that you can’t say it right now and not to mention what it does for these kids when the giants are guilty of this too, but more so in Detroit because they’re just lashing at Quinn and Patricia for the picks. Why?

DJ:                                          34:37                     Because they don’t understand the reasoning behind it. If they did, maybe they wouldn’t lash.

Jerry:                                     34:41                     And here’s the other point, Quinn and they champ. It’s like Stafford that they’ve turned on Stafford. And there is another reason why I don’t like sports radio. They’ve turned on Matt Stafford when he came in. Oh my God, they’re talking about Stafford like you’re talking about, uh, who’s the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns right now. Just got drafted I can’t remember his name. Good quarterback. Cocky. Great attitude

DJ:                                          35:07                     Baker

Jerry:                                     35:08                     Baker Mayfield. Thank you. Baker Mayfield but cocky. They’re talking about Stafford, how great he was. He separated shoulder in a Cleveland game. He stayed in the game and they just love Matt Stafford. Well, they haven’t won a Superbowl and they’ve now Stafford’s done, even these, uh, radio hosts are saying they would keep the faith in Stafford. They would deal with these callers saying, you know, literally you’re an idiot and you don’t know what talking about your calling in. You know what Stanford goes through. He works hard, he practices, but this year they said, no, we’re off the bandwagon. He’s done. He bring us to the promised land. Now I would, I don’t think Matthew Stafford a cares or listens, but what’s the point of saying something like that? This guy, if I have to root for the home team because I live here,

DJ:                                          35:51                     well then you should have room for Stafford.

Jerry:                                     35:52                     Doesn’t that applied to, yeah, you have to root for Stafford and now it’s a completely 360 now and they are trashing (Stafford), I mean it’s the point. I didn’t want to hear the Lions talk because these fans and these, I want to call them Djs with these hosts have no clue about the comments of what they’re doing. The negativity and negativity as much stronger than positivity. It just grows like cancer at a much quicker rate and their negative plant, that’s all they are flat out negative because, we discussed other episodes, they are jealous that these guys are making money that they, because they pay a ticket, they get to say the lineup, pull them, not pay their salary. When I want to ask them, like we talked a little bit about these a gentleman and what they do, well, they’re not going to like this, but yet they do the same things and to these players and don’t I pay their salaries by buying the products of their advertisers. So if I pay their salaries, like they say, I feel the call theater shown say you should be candy, you’re horrible. I’ll never get on. They’ll cut me off. They will know that that on the radio, but my point being is they would never allow me to do that. No Fan would let me come into their shop assembly line and say, you know I bought a GM car. You suck. You’re out. And what are they paying you? 30 bucks an hour. Why isn’t it 10? that wouldn’t be allowed.

DJ:                                          37:15                     If they were logically consistent. They would, but they’re not

Jerry:                                     37:17                     They wouldn’t be. No. It would become in if I came in and did that because I bought using their logic. I bought the product, so I’m paying their salary so I can fire you. I can say, you don’t get that money. No. Then we got the union to protect him and there’s, you know, you know, you can’t do that. You can’t come in here, so why doesn’t apply? There’s was a little bit of hypocrisy with the fans and these hosts that they’re not holding themselves accountable to what they say and even talk about. And I was a little bit, some of the topics, I don’t know if I want to talk about it. They just go into like the politics. I don’t understand sports talk, it’s sports related. If you cannot find a sports related topic in a major city of Detroit, um, sports radio should not be 24/7. There’s your answer. You’ve got to go back to the Mitch Albom days, whatever limit it. But if you’re going to talk about politics, I’m because of this podcast, I now have to listen. I was done listening to any of that before we got into doing this, but um, podcasts and made me what made the thing about it was the complete lunatic on these… In the radio of sports. And what they’re saying that made us want to come and talk about sports ethics. Doing the right thing. Discipline when no one’s looking. Uh, most of these fans and these, uh, DJ’s, that host will tell you that if you don’t get caught, you cheat. You’re okay. Well, principals,

DJ:                                          38:42                     a lot of my problem with…see you, you are a glutton for punishment. The reason I can’t, I just cannot stand sports talk radio is because it’s so mind numbingly boring.

Jerry:                                     38:54                     I’m going to agree with you now. I didn’t in the beginning, but now, but I do now because it’s our content. Some of these things these guys say and do, it’s not ethical and we’ve talked about sports ethics, not the home runs, not who hit .472 since Ted Williams or Babe Ruth’s home runs or Barry Bonds being juiced would even talk about that. It’s the ethics of the sports and how it goes into our culture. Saying that if I pay your ticket, I get to, I want to go buy a hamburger today. The hamburgers burnt, so, I’m going to fire that person. But what I wanted to bring up is if you went to McDonald’s and you got to crap Burger, would you go back?

DJ:                                          39:30                     I wouldn’t. They probably would. If you have to be a Lions fan, based on that logical consistency than I have to go back.

Jerry:                                     39:36                     Correct and based on no. If the product is bad guys, stop watching, stop going. They don’t have to. Martha Ford does not have to do anything for you as a fan or as a citizen of Detroit. It’s her team. She could literally, if she wanted to like the Kansas City Royals, just sit back and I don’t care if they don’t win a game. As long as I’m making my profit margin, I don’t. It’s her business to run

DJ:                                          40:04                     Based on that, the fans do have some power. They have the power to not show up, not pay, and then she would be forced.

Jerry:                                     40:10                     That’s the problem. I completely agree. A, we were talking about this at work. I love to bring in this one person who, and I couldn’t argue with her, I was bringing up, the only way you’re going to basically send a message to the lines is an empty stadium. Now back in the day, that would have been the case. You can’t say that now because I think the Fords and even worse teams could say, I don’t care about a full of stadium because I still get the TV from the NFL every year. Guaranteed,

DJ:                                          40:37                     But you would eventually lose that or at least some of that. If you had such low viewership,

Jerry:                                     40:42                     Here is what? Viewership but not, not actually fans in the stadium. Okay.

DJ:                                          40:46                     Both.

Jerry:                                     40:46                     But here’s why that’ll never happen. They will always fill the stadium because of this person who I work with. She just wanted, she never been to Lion game. She just, just to go to experience. It didn’t matter. They’ve been losing for their whole entire, her whole entire life. No, that could bring up no show signs of improving what so ever of a wanting to, even win. It didn’t matter to her, it was just to go to the game wear her jacket and be a fan says hey that she went so it didn’t matter about winning and losing those people will fill up that stadium. Now. I used to know a person, this was kind of funny that he was, you know, pretty well off and I wouldn’t say 1% or, but he had season tickets to the Lions back in the Silverdome. He took me to do a game and this is when I actually started catching on. He, uh, he’s giving me the binoculars. He goes, look across. He had some nice seats. We right across from William Clay Ford’s suite, like, yeah, William Clay Ford, what’s the problem with that? Well, what do you see as the problem? And I didn’t get it. And I go, what? I don’t say anything. The Guy Looks happy as hell. Yeah. That’s the problem. This is the Thanksgiving Day game. At the time there were like 3-10 because we’re 3-10. He’s smiling. He’s laughing

DJ:                                          41:51                     because the seats were filled

Jerry:                                     41:51                     Do you know why? Yeah, because he’s putting out a bad, can you imagine if Ford and he even said this and they put out a bad car, a bad product, and they didn’t sell anymore. He wouldn’t be laughing. But if the people came back and buying more car that kept breaking, he, these smiling the very next year he canceled his season tickets. He just couldn’t take it because he basically was realizing that William Clay Ford was an awesome businessman. It didn’t matter. I mean the guy was loyal to a fault. He stayed with his coaches, you know, as long as they could take us. He didn’t care. He was making his money and it was uh, enjoyment or just to have the team. So therefore it was his do wat he wants, he could do that, just to wrap it up, Mrs. Ford Right now, she can run her team and these fans have no say if you think you have a say, go into McDonald’s have a bad hamburger and then go back and say, I want that person fired. I bought this hamburger, I pay her salary. If you will not do that, then you can’t do it for the Lions or any team for that matter. Stop being jealous of the salary. Just enjoyed as what It’s worth. Winning or losing. Yay. Don’t let it ruin your life. But that being said though, if you have any of the opposite points that you want to bring to our attention, if you think we are out of line here about sports talk radio and that you enjoy the, uh, 97.1’s lineup, please email us. Instagram us, get ahold of us. Uh, we would also love to invite you in to be all guests on our show totalk about it. So please get ahold of us.

DJ:                                          43:16                     Well, just to put a little fine point on this, it’s sports talk radio that really we’re talking about today and it’s how they’re a nonintellectual endeavor. And there’s my biggest problem with it and is that’s why I can’t listen to it anymore.

Jerry:                                     43:29                     I know you’re tying it up and I agree, but back when Mitch Albom did it, it had a little bit more of that. It wasn’t like it is today. So I’ll agree with you. It is not intellectual and that’s my problem with it where I only listen to it because of this podcast. Otherwise, you’re right, it is numbing and I didn’t listen to it. But for this, I have to,

DJ:                                          43:45                     and I can’t even do that. So good for you. I can’t even listen to it cause I can’t take it. Anyways, you’ve been listening. Well, let’s tell you how to get ahold of us. Our website again is GrandDesigns, Email us at GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Um, and then Twitter is @granddesignspod, Instagram is @garnddesignspodcast. Um, I’m DJ Grand. You’ve been listening to my brother Jerry Grand. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?