Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 23 – Taunting Transcript

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DJ:                                          00:36                     Thank you so much for tuning in and listening to us and the Grand Designs Podcast. I’m DJ Grand and I’m here as always with my brother Jerry.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:44                     Uh, Today. Episode 23. We’re going to be doing a couple of college football things and then a Detroit Tiger baseball topic. First, it’s the Big 12 and uh, “horns down” that’s supposed to be a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty now.

Jerry:                                     00:59                     We’re going to call it taunting cause that’s really what it is. And a, basically it’s protecting the Oklahoma Sooners cause if they, and I’m sorry, not Oklahoma, Texas Longhorns, the Texas has the hook ’em horns where they take their fingers and point them upward as a, as a horn. If they do that now where it’s put facing down, I guess they started this last year. And specifically if they do a player or a fan, they will be penalized. But if the, I watched the conference, the rule set, if they mightily do it, it will be allowed. So there’s this gray area to where now it’s up to a ref to judge on the determination on whether it was mild or was in the person’s face or what was taunting. The problem is they’re only protecting Texas, they shouldn’t even be penalizing. They’re going to penalize taunting, they (have to) penalize all the taunting. And this includes from Michigan, Michigan State Western, even into the a division II and III to where they made a good tackle or a good play and they just stand over a player and the next play, they screw it up. But there’s no flags for taunting. So I don’t know why they want to say you can’t taunt a Texas player, but if you (are part of their)college, you could do it.

DJ:                                          02:07                     My problem is it should be universal. Any, even the upward Longhorn symbol should be wrong. Any hand gesture then should be wrong. They can make any rule they want and they can enforce it how they want. It’s their league. But I think there should be a little bit of universality with it. If it’s wrong in one instance, it should be wrong in every instance up and down. Um, I watched, uh, Greg Burkes, the Big 12 coordinator official. I watched his press conference. It was actually kind of boring, but when he got, he started talking about the horns down, my problem with it was he basically was lashing at the individual he wants to focus on if it takes anything away from the team and it’s an individual, then they can throw the penalty. And there’s my philosophical problem with it.

Jerry:                                     02:53                     I (saw) him speak live and he definitely mentioned that the individual is to out, there’s no place in this game for the individual. And that was his quote. So it’s a team game that that’s what he’s looking at it. But that has nothing to do with the hook ’em horns. Quite frankly, if I played for Texas and someone did that, that would just get me more motivated to go beat them because they, you know, did an opposite nasty gesture to the hook ’em horns. But if I’m doing the horns up in the air, it’s going to come back at me. So, like you said, it does go both ways. Why they’re protecting one and not the other, I can’t figure out.

DJ:                                          03:29                     Well here’s the quote from Greg Burkes quote “by rule anything prolonged and designed to bring attention to the individual rather than the team is a foul.” Well my problem with that word, if anything, I mean that means no dancing in the end zone by yourself. No, no. Although if you get a tackle and you dance afterwards, that’s bad because that would bring a prolonged designed to bring attention to the individual. That’s exactly what that is. So he’s not going to be consistent with that statement.

Jerry:                                     04:03                     When I watched that conference, they were literally focusing on the down longhorns down sign. They didn’t talk about taunting any other thing. It was just the horns going down. The player and they’re showing a Will Greer who was a quarterback for West Virginia scoring a touchdown and going (to) the fans and doing the horns down. That would have been a penalty. Cause he’s going to the fans bringing attention to himself by going to the fan or to a player. Uh, again it’s just they’re just the big horns down. If they want to get in front of them. And I’m assuming flash the middle finger, that’s going to be okay. But it’s the horns down specifically.

DJ:                                          04:41                     I really don’t think that middle finger will be okay. But that is an actual quote from that conference. He that he said about bringing attention to the individual rather the team is a foul. So, being consistent with that statement. What I said holds true. You can’t, you will not be able to celebrate any individual achievement because that brings attention to the individual and not towards the team.

Jerry:                                     05:04                     I’m pretty sure if they score a touchdown and they do the horns up, they’re not going to get penalty.

DJ:                                          05:07                     Well, the only thing I agreed with him was when he said he was trying to say it depends. And I think what he meant was the context. He said if he, if they were doing it in the sidelines with their team, it would be overlooked. But if they did it all by themselves, went to the opposing sports opposing team’s fans and then it would be considered a foul.

Jerry:                                     05:29                     Horns up?

DJ:                                          05:31                     Oh, he only mentioned the horns down.

Jerry:                                     05:33                     That’s what I mean, only horns down.

DJ:                                          05:35                     That’s what I meant by the university. It, it should go both. It should go all hand gestures then.

Jerry:                                     05:40                     I completely agree. But you can’t stop there and now it’s got to go to where if you make a nice plan in the field, you can’t stand over the guy, look at him like you’re whatever, making fun of him and taunting it was what you’re doing. That should be a penalty. All that stuff where they get up and they tap their chest and they think they’ve made the greatest play in the world again, like I said earlier, only the next screw it up and make you look like an idiot, they’re not dancing around anymore. If they’re to enforce this by the law, you know how long these games will take. Cause it’s a culture is a culture with these kids and a college or kids what they do.

DJ:                                          06:10                     To me it’s just like hockey. If they actually did hold it consistently, every single infraction called then eventually they would learn and it would stop.

Jerry:                                     06:20                     I (have to) tell you it’s made, it’s has got my interest where I want to watch the first a Texas game and more maybe not the first cause if they got the three uh, non-conference game but the first conference game, when they play Oklahoma, when they play Oklahoma State, all their rivals, I want to see those games just for the penalties because I know those kids are going to go horns down and then it’s an interpretation or they (going to) throw the flag. And what happens if in the first quarter the kid does a horns down they throw the flag but in the fourth quarter because they may change the whole game. That’s where it gets into this whole gray area where it’s going to be interpretation on the referee and it’s end of the game, last two minutes, they’re not going to call it. That changes the game.

DJ:                                          06:57                     Well, once again, Greg Burkes said his advice to those wanting to do horns down, do it in the back of their own bench area. Which ones that focuses on the team. If you do it amongst the team, with the group, the collective, it’s okay. But if you do it as an individual, then it becomes a sin.

Jerry:                                     07:13                     I’m going to again, interesting to see how they interpret that then actually officiated it.

DJ:                                          07:18                     The next topic is more Michigan related and Jim Harbaugh was on a podcast and sort of made a truth statement about Urban Meyer and somehow some way it became controversial.

Jerry:                                     07:33                     Uh, it only became controversial because the people who, I mean, everybody, even the Detroit, uh, TV announcers, uh, Harbaugh hasn’t beaten Urban Meyers, so what right to he have to say anything. That right there was doing the same exact thing that they’re accusing Jim Harbaugh of doing to Meyer.

DJ:                                          07:50                     Well, first let’s say what he said. Uh, he’s Harbaugh said Meyer had a really phenomenal record everywhere, his band, and then he followed that up by saying controversy follows him everywhere he’s been as well. Um, that’s a true statement. The, I don’t care who says that, I don’t care if you lose a hundred times to Ohio state or if you beat Ohio state a hundred times. It’s the truth. It shouldn’t matter whether you beat Ohio State or not. And in fact, the one thing I didn’t like about it was a, his daughter, uh, Urban Meyer’s daughter came to his rescue or tried to back him up and basically said what you just said that he has, he was trying to deflect from the fact that he hasn’t won, he’s 0-4 against Urban. In fact, Nikki Meyer, Urban Meyer’s daughter responded to Harbaugh’s initial comment, uh, on the podcast by questioning if Harbaugh was deflecting from his own 0-4 record versus Meyer.

Jerry:                                     08:43                     Well all those who bring up the 0-4 record are flat out just deflecting or they didn’t want to talk about that he told the truth. That there was controversy with Urban Meyer and his daughter didn’t like Harbaugh bringing that fact up. The fact that it was a truth, that controversy does follow. So because of that, they have to lash back and every single Detroit announcer had the same question. So even his daughter, Nicki, you just did the same thing that (you think) Harbaugh did to your dad. You said something negative. So why is it okay for you to point out that he’s lost all four, which we already know. I’m sure Harbaugh knows that too. Well, you’re doing it to get back at Harbaugh for what he said.

DJ:                                          09:23                     To me, Nikki was the one that was deflecting. She was deflecting from the fact that controversy does follow…

Jerry:                                     09:29                     It was the truth.

DJ:                                          09:29                     Her father and she’s deflected saying, you’re 0-4,, there is where the deflection was and so like projected.

Jerry:                                     09:37                     That’s my whole point. She, they didn’t like that was too personal even though it was the truth. How dare you. So now I’m going to go out and I’m going to bring up that you never beat him. Just, deflecting is a good word. But that’s exactly all (she) had to do. But I don’t think his record has anything to do with it. He told the truth and that’s the reason why Urban Meyer’s not coaching today because of the controversy, whether it be with Ohio state or in Florida was even worse. And he got away with it in Florida. Came out like an angel on that one.

DJ:                                          10:03                     Urban Meyer will be back. I’m hearing he’s, they’re interested in Southern California.

Jerry:                                     10:08                     I believe you. I’ve said from day one USC, but give it three years. Just like with the last controversy at Florida, it cools down. Everyone forgets about it and Bam, he’s back on the west coast coach and USC. So then we’ll just wait and see what controversy follow? Being in USC, odds are it’s going to.

DJ:                                          10:26                     The one thing I didn’t like about what Harbaugh said is the time he said it, I think it would have been better served had he said it while Urban Meyer was still the coach cause now he’s not coached against him anymore. But other than that I have no problem with what he said. It was the truth. I just think it would have looked a little better had he said it while he was still coaching, just last year.

Jerry:                                     10:45                     And I also liked in the context was he asked about him or did he just bring it up out of the blue that he wants the big 10 conference to find out that…

DJ:                                          10:52                     Well this is on the podcast.

Jerry:                                     10:53                     Oh yeah, the podcast and that podcast person must have asked him a question.

DJ:                                          10:58                     Sure.

Jerry:                                     10:59                     So that’s why he said it. So it’s not, I don’t blame Harbaugh, Harbaugh for waiting on doing it. It was asked of him, what’s he going to do?

DJ:                                          11:05                     What they brought up in the big 10 or the Michigan Media Day, they did ask him about a context and he’d just basically said there was no context. This is my opinion, period. There’s no, you guys know about it. You guys have reported on it.

Jerry:                                     11:17                     And that’s what I’ve seen the next day. You guys have all in this room reported about it and written about it and there was done. It was over with and which was true. Everybody in there knows it. But again, some people with a, I don’t know, a feelings or they don’t want to face the truth. They get real, real sensitive and all those buckeye fans because now they’re not even predicted to come in third place. That’s a real, real tough, touchy situation that Urban’s left. And now that whole mystique with Ohio State’s gone with him.

DJ:                                          11:45                     Well, I don’t trust those preseason predictions. I mean until they play the game then…

Jerry:                                     11:50                     The last couple of years I’ve had Alabama couple ever since they started this whole playoff, it’s always been Alabama and Clemson who started out number one, number two, every single year. They’ve gotten that part right.

DJ:                                          11:59                     Well, yeah, but not always, but I just say I don’t trust them. I’d rather wait until they actually play before we start looking.

Jerry:                                     12:05                     Look, I think that committee has a bias for the SEC period and the story, there’s always going to be two SEC teams and with that being said to be two SEC teams, one’s a non-champion, which means a conference champion is going to get screwed every single year.

DJ:                                          12:19                     So one last thing, they accused Harbaugh of was “poking the bear”, which, which means he was taunting. Basically. He was taunting Ohio state. The comment was poking the bear.

Jerry:                                     12:32                     How can you poke the bear that’s beating you like the last 10 times in a row? I don’t get it.

DJ:                                          12:35                     Oh, I guess. I guess the bear’s gone asleep now and they’re poking it.

Jerry:                                     12:39                     I guess.

DJ:                                          12:39                     That’s what they said. I’m not saying this, this is what…

Jerry:                                     12:42                     Had Michigan won all those games in a row, they’d be asleep and they’d be over confident. I can’t see them poking the bear. I can’t, the 62 nothing, them run the score up. Was that poking a bear? They did. They ran the score up. It’s cool. I have no problem with it and Michigan should have stopped them. But that’s exactly what they did. Was that poking the bear? No. So basically it’s an Ohio State getting a little bit too sensitive.

DJ:                                          13:05                     This is what he said “It was my opinion. I’m not into making animal analogies. So the poking the bear thing doesn’t resonate with me. There’s really nothing more to it.” They brought up the poking the bear to him accusing him of it.

Jerry:                                     13:19                     And they wanted to get him to draw something blackboard material. And that’s just not (going to) work. And even that, the Urban Meyer, uh, comments, aren’t really blackboard material, cause he’s not even, he’s not even around anymore. It’s a Brian Days team. So that, that can’t be blackboard. That you’re just Ohio state fans, media looking for something. So it can motivate the team. I don’t think it’s going to work.

DJ:                                          13:39                     Bottom line, it shouldn’t matter what his record is against Ohio state. It should matter if it’s the truth or not. And that’s what they should be focusing on instead of focusing on the fact that he lost four times to Ohio State. Is it the truth? And that should be what matters.

Jerry:                                     13:52                     I agree.

DJ:                                          13:53                     That’s too bad that no one else does or very few others do and next we’re (going to) move on to Detroit Tigers. Uh, we went to the game, uh, on Sunday and

Jerry:                                     14:06                     Yes, I’d like to thank, uh, the, the Lebowski law firm again, Lebowski law firm for inviting us out. Uh, it was a great day. It was a fun time. I enjoyed myself. Um, at the end of the game, uh, I think, uh, Nick Cassiana I’m probably saying his name wrong. Hey, had a pretty good game.

DJ:                                          14:23                     Nicholas Castellano’s that’s who it was. But he basically was lashing after hitting the winning home run, walk off home run. He lashed at Comerica Park saying that it was a joke and basically because it should’ve went farther than the first seats because, and other stadiums it would have.

Jerry:                                     14:41                     Does he know? They’ve already shortened Comerica once?

DJ:                                          14:45                     Apparently he wants it even shorter. Even more. Probably the center field is pretty far, pretty far. 420 feet, but he probably wants it more.

Jerry:                                     14:52                     Okay. Does he know what Tiger Stadium was? Dead Center field.

DJ:                                          14:57                     How do I know that?

Jerry:                                     14:59                     He doesn’t because it was four 40 so Tiger Stadium, that’s, that’s a bomb. Remember you were at Tiger Stadium.

DJ:                                          15:06                     Oh, absolutely

Jerry:                                     15:06                     It used to be a death valley, but the problem with Tiger Stadium, and then you got to hear this about Yankee stadium. It had two short left field and right field lines. I think the right field was 325. That’s a softball park. 325 for a pro. You get a pop up. On a good day, it would hit Tiger Stadium’s overhang and that’s a home run. That’s what Castellano wants. That’s Tiger stadium. But that went away long time ago. I don’t know what year, but Juan Gonzalez came to the Detroit Tigers before he came, he was a homerun heating machine, came to the Tigers and just didn’t do anything. Meaning it hit home runs that he was expected and paid for to hit. They then brought the right field and left field seats. The bullpen used to be in right field, but because they brought it in, they moved the bullpens, a left field for both teams. So again, it shorter now than it was when Comerica first opened. So I don’t know what Mr Nicholas was.

DJ:                                          16:01                     Well let’s give him the floor. His quote is “this park’s a joke. It’s to the point where how are we going to be compared to the rest of the people in the League for power numbers and OPS and slugging and all this stuff. When it got a yard out there that’s 420 feet straight across to center field, we’d get on second base, third base and opposing players looking like, how do you guys do this? We play 81 games here. I don’t want to hear it about your two. You hit that are questionable.” That was the quote.

Jerry:                                     16:32                     Well he was thinking about himself there are a lot because the whole OnBase percentage and doubles and triples and I guess maybe that’s his way of wanting out of Detroit and that could be his motive cause it, you know, they’re pretty bad this year.

DJ:                                          16:44                     And I hear he’s on the trading block too.

Jerry:                                     16:46                     Well, he’s been on the trading block for the last couple of years and they just never pulled the trigger or nobody wants him. And if he was, there’s a couple, I’m not sure. I didn’t look it up, but I know Tiger stadium (Comerica Park) isn’t the longest out there.

DJ:                                          16:59                     I did. We’ll get to that after this. However, he did actually tried to deflect from himself and he said he tried to put the issue in the perspective or Castalano tried to put the issue in the respective of Miguel Cabrera cause he would be considered by many to be one of the best hitters, if not the best of this generation. Okay. Quote, “let’s just say Miggy played his whole career in Yankee Stadium or Great American Ballpark or whatever. Him and Bonds are already the greatest hitters, period. There’s no discussion. But the fact that he’s played in Pro Player stadium, the Marlin’s ball park and then Comerica park, there’s a discussion.” So he did try and take it away from him, Castellano.

Jerry:                                     17:38                     And look what Cabrerra did he sees, okay, here’s my problem. Did anyone for the tiger’s complaint 2006 about it being too big? Did they complain in 2012? Those are two years they went through the world series. They weren’t complaining then when Maglio Dornes hit the walk off homer against the A’s to get to the world series, they weren’t complaining then.

DJ:                                          18:00                     Well, when the Kansas City Royals one recently, the world series, they weren’t home run hitters. They did it by contact hitting and so you don’t necessarily need to be home run hitters to win it all.

Jerry:                                     18:10                     I think you and I were both taught to play wasn’t power. It was about base hits.

DJ:                                          18:14                     Contact hitting, it’s what I said.

Jerry:                                     18:15                     Hit him, hit him where they’re not. All right. And I thought Castellano did that yesterday. He had a double , a ground rule double. I mean he was doing pretty good, so to complain about the, and really if you think about it, if it went to left field, I’m assuming as home went to left field, it went to the first row that cleared the entire bullpen

DJ:                                          18:31                     It was leftfield

Jerry:                                     18:32                     It’s a poke. And so

DJ:                                          18:34                     I didn’t really see it but it was a little further than the first row.

Jerry:                                     18:36                     Even the third row. It went over the bullpen. So they had seats there. Nick, your ball you just hit was now 15 rows out, is that what you want.?

DJ:                                          18:45                     Didn’t he say it was 434 feet? So yeah, it was 434 feet. Well now this was a, from what he said, there’s no reason, uh, that I hit a ball 434 feet off of Annabel Sanchez and it goes in the first row. That shouldn’t happen. Well 434 is longer than the 420 he was complaining about in center field.

Jerry:                                     19:09                     Correct. But again, that wouldn’t have been out in Tiger Stadium Dead Center. That probably would’ve been a home run in left field. Cause they had a short left field and right field. As I said earlier,

DJ:                                          19:18                     well 434 would of, it’s further…

Jerry:                                     19:20                     than that, but that was 434 I think would’ve been, cause I don’t remember the Tiger (Stadium). I know that right field was 325 he had 430

DJ:                                          19:27                     I’m talking about Comerica Park. I mean Comerica Park.

Jerry:                                     19:29                     Correct, correct. Right. But I’m saying if Nick would’ve hit that ball in Tiger stadium, it may have been in the upper deck. Is that what he wants? His upper deck home runs, so he looks like he’s powerful dude. If you hit the ball out of a long ballpark, you still powerful. I don’t get it. I don’t get what his point is.

DJ:                                          19:43                     Well, as far as the parks go, the did an article about where the most home runs go and where the least home runs go and the top five stadiums that got the most home runs hit out of Camden yards for the Orioles. Then Yankee stadium was number two. Rogers Centre of the Blue Jays was number three. Great American ballpark for the Reds was number four and Coors field was number five. Those are the top five home or home run ballparks.

Jerry:                                     20:13                     So that’s basically where nick wants to go play.

DJ:                                          20:15                     Well, the bottom five, the war, I’ll start at five and work all the way down. Five is a Kauffman Stadium with the Royals, then AT&T park with the San Francisco Giants, Wrigley Field, and the Cubs was a second from last. The penultimate one. PNC Park was the Pirates and the last one was Marlins park. They were the worst of the homeruns. I didn’t hear Comerica Park listed in any of those five. Yet, those were the worst. Those were the worst five.

Jerry:                                     20:48                     Those are the longest five.

DJ:                                          20:49                     Yeah. Those are the ones who had the least home runs. The Marlin’s had 591 uh, uh, PNC park had 654. Wrigley field has 679 and comparatively speaking, the top ones, Camden yards had 1,110 Yankee stadium in 1044 and Rogers Centre of the Blue Jays in 1010, they’re comparative. Speaking between the worst and the best in between. Then obviously was the, was a Comerica Park. He doesn’t have much gripe, too much (of an) argument.

Jerry:                                     21:18                     One of the longest parks was Kansas City, correct? Royals.

DJ:                                          21:22                     That was one of the hardest parks.

Jerry:                                     21:23                     Longest same thing, right?

DJ:                                          21:25                     They were a number five, they were of the worst.

Jerry:                                     21:28                     So Bo Jackson is famous and known all star game for hitting a monster shot in Kansas City.

DJ:                                          21:34                     But was that in Kauffman Stadium or was that a different stadium?

Jerry:                                     21:38                     It’s the same stadium they’re playing in right now.

DJ:                                          21:40                     Is it? OK

Jerry:                                     21:40                     You’ve got the same fountain, that same crown. Bo Jackson hit the crown. I mean we need his first day there. This wasn’t a game. Uh, the GM when he just came in after he left the, he played with Auburn, I believe it was, and he got disqualified from collegiate baseball and he came to the Kansas Royals. He got drafted cause they thought he was going to play football. They got drafted like in the really, really late rounds came, signed his contract, went out and took batting practice and no one’s ever hit a ball off the crown behind center field. He hit it on the all star game, he (hit the) first pitch, he just, Reagan was doing the play by play when he did it and he’s known for that. That’s a long park. He got a lot of reputation for Bo knows baseball for that hit, so Nick wants something like that. It just hit the ball. He hit one of those trucks that are the cars in center field there. You hit that, you’re going to get your recognition. That’s why I just don’t, I don’t get why he’s worried about it going in the first row. It cleared the fence, you won the game. Does it really matter?

DJ:                                          22:38                     I totally agree. In a way it’s what you were saying earlier. He was trying to bring attention to himself because maybe he wants out of Detroit. Maybe he wants to be traded.

Jerry:                                     22:48                     Well like again if he’s going to do that and pretty much how he stated it though, he can backtrack all he wants, but that first comment that I was listening to was basically all about him. He wants a longer heads, he wants to go out and he’s using the other players coming to visit. Excuse me as how do you guys do this? Why is that even brought up? That’s a conversation between him and another player. I just don’t understand why he would bring up what other players are saying about Comerica. When does he go out to other stadiums in the same way?

DJ:                                          23:15                     I think the point is that the other players were saying we don’t have to do this in our stadium why do you guys have to put up with this in your stadium?

Jerry:                                     23:22                     Toronto is not a short park either. That’s why I don’t, they just played Toronto so that I’m assuming I probably shouldn’t that he had the conversation with one of these Toronto players because it’s fresh in his mind while we bring up like a game that was weeks ago cause they had a road trip. They just came back from this their first home homestand in a while. So I don’t, I just don’t understand what the players who in a different park for if they’re in, well, again, Toronto’s, that’s a pretty big park to hit. It isn’t short. So those guys are going through the same thing. So why they would say, how do you do it? I don’t get it now on the dimensions in Toronto, but I just don’t understand.

DJ:                                          23:56                     I don’t think he was meeting specifically any one team. I think he was just bringing it up generically saying that these guys are all telling me this and you guys have have to suffer with this long ballpark.

Jerry:                                     24:07                     Miguel Cabrera is going to the hall of fame and he’s going in because he’s a great ball player, a great hitter. It doesn’t have to do with the distance of the home runs that he hit or even that amount. I mean Babe Ruth still Hank Aaron though those two there. Babe Ruth, much, much fewer games than Hank Aaron and Hank Aaron yet beat his record. Babe Ruth is still known for the home run record. Uh, the only one that really if you want to talk about someone who got screwed was Roger Maris that that guy got screwed. If you look at home runs recognition nickname, that’s why I don’t get, what Nick’s trying to get at. Does he wants 61 home runs? Does he want to beat Barry Bonds 70? Is he jealous? And San Francisco isn’t a short park either. Now the whole show is of different issue, but bonds hit those out in right field. He had a lot of into the ocean.

DJ:                                          24:52                     Well, San Francisco was listed as one of those five that were hard to hit out of, so.

Jerry:                                     24:55                     Well, there you go, so he brought up Bonds. What are you talking about? I mean, Barry and Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, those guys had to hit in those fields during that whole home run race. So I don’t get, they did it. So why can’t he? So I don’t understand what his point is. It just made him look bad. I mean, it doesn’t look good in my eyes. He’s complaining about the length of the, uh, home run distance yet it was, it’s been shortened already. Once. I would have thought it would have brought that up. I know it’s been shortened. It needs to come in a little bit further. Even bring that up because what he would have, what would he have done had he played when they first built the park?

DJ:                                          25:29                     I think that it was his point though, that he, they should bring the walls in again, a second time. It’s still too long and until someone starts complaining about it and then others start complaining about it and then two more start complaining about it, then it’ll finally come in after pressures.

Jerry:                                     25:43                     And then you’re going to hear what you heard from Tiger Stadium. It’s a softball park. You’ve got to move it back. Why do you think that they built it like they did? They got sick and tired of the Tigers being made fun of coming in here and it’s a 325 down right field line. It may have been shorter than that. May have been 325 in the left field and 315 in the right field. I remember it was a short and everyone made fun of it being a softball park, so I could see where the Tigers organization made it longer because they got a jilting from that. Just the fact that, I mean Reggie Jackson to this day is known for that all star homer and ’72.

DJ:                                          26:17                     That hit the lights on the roof.

Jerry:                                     26:18                     Yes. Because it was so short that never would have happened in Comerica. So I, again, I don’t understand the, I think it’s just for him because he wants it to be known as hitting the monsters home runs. Right now they’re all about exit velocity, the arc that it goes out all these metric saber stats now. And I think that’s what he’s trying to get into. He needs a stats because without the stats, that’s his payday. And with his payday, no team’s (going to) want him if he can’t the ball, I guess 15 rows into the stands.

DJ:                                          26:45                     Well he brought up the power numbers, the OPS and the slugging percentage and “all that stuff,” so, he is concerned about stats. That is the point he wants to stats. And then once again, that’s for himself so that he can better look better for a possible trade. I really think he wants out of Detroit.

Jerry:                                     27:03                     I think. No, I know he does. And I think he’s upset over the, uh, the, the trade rumors. But again, maybe, maybe he’s trying to insinuate a few of those trade rumors cause it is coming on the trade deadline. You’re getting the playoff push because over half the season’s gone by now maybe he just, he’s just doing it. Though my only problem is if he did say that and I’m a GM, I’m not sure I want this guy now because he’s worried about how far hits the ball and where the seats are at.

DJ:                                          27:29                     No only that he’s not loyal to the team. I mean Detroit is not good this year obviously and that that could be another factor that’s influencing his decision that because I don’t want to play on a bad team.

Jerry:                                     27:39                     And that’s a whole other thing. The opposite of it. Back in I think 2012 I think it was 12. They had a pretty formidable pitching staff with Vernlander, a Scherzer, Annabel Sanchez and Rick Porcello and the one who cheated Kenny, I forget that the lefty, but they had that, that was an, that was a knockout staff, but they didn’t win the world series. They’d lost. St Louis, smoked them, hit a lot of home runs in that very same long, long ballpark that he’s talking about. So once again, and they weren’t complaining when they went to the world series that it was too long. Nobody was nobody. Again, so, why now?

DJ:                                          28:19                     I really, bottom line, I think he was trying to get, he trying to make a name for himself so he can get traded.

Jerry:                                     28:25                     Okay. I agree. I don’t think it helped him. So he might want to try different tactic.

DJ:                                          28:29                     Well, that’s our episode for this week. I want to thank you so much for tuning in and listening to the Grand Designs Podcast. We appreciate every single listener that we get. Uh, you can get ahold of us at GrandDesigns, Our email address is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. You follow us on Twitter @GrandDesignsPod, and you can follow us on Instagram @ GrandDesignPodcast. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 21 – A Split Season and the Ethics of Physical Fitness Transcript

Announcer:                        00:00                     You’re listening to the Podcast Detroit Network, visit for more information.

Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand. We link to chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Thank you very much for tuning into the Grand Designs Podcast. I’m Dj Grand and I’m here, as usual, with my brother Jerry.

Jerry:                                     00:42                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:43                     Uh, today we’re going to be talking about a couple issues. The first topic we’re talking about is the Tampa Bay Rays and their possible splitting home with a a Canadian city.

Jerry:                                     00:57                     Well, this has got the making of the owner who doesn’t want, he can’t get fans to come down and come to the games. It’s empty down there every single game. So He’s, he tried to get a new stadium. The government and council city council turned him down. So now he really has no other, he can’t threaten to move. So I think this is his way of trying out different city and he’s got, still got to get a stadium built, but if he gets attendance in Montreal, this is just a prelude to a move.

DJ:                                          01:23                     That could be, it also is that he really can’t move right away. That lease doesn’t run up until 2027.

Jerry:                                     01:30                     I don’t know if there’s a buy out for the lease, those leases are made to be broken, especially with what the Florida Marlins did. Cause that owner pretty much, uh, he had an all star lineup, got the new stadium and then the very next year, once it was passed the law, they had the vote. He gutted that team. And Florida has not forgot about that. Even though it’s in Miami, they’re holding Tampa Bay hostage, the fans in Tampa Bay remember that. And again, they’re not going to the games now. They can’t sell out. They came and get 11,000 down there. So even building a new stadium, I think he realizes he has to move the franchise. They’re worth $200 million. So he’s losing money when he’s not having fans come to the game.

DJ:                                          02:07                     Well, just to give a little bit of an overview, this is from USA Today, “Major League baseball has given the Tampa Bay rays permission to explore the possibility of becoming a two city team, Commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday at the owner’s meeting in New York. Though the plan would face several significant hurdles, the Rays would split home games between Tampa and Montreal, which is approximately 1500 miles north of Tampa. Under consideration is for the Rays to play early in the season in Tampa and later in Montreal.” I also heard that they were going to do it based on seasons when it’s, when it’s warmer, they’ll pay in Tampa and when it’s colder they’ll play in Montreal,

Jerry:                                     02:48                     it’s cold in the beginning of the season and if they make the playoffs. It’s cold at the end. So they played games in October, November. If they go that far. So they’re not going to get it from the coldness.

DJ:                                          02:57                     Well they, if they play it in the south, if they play deep in the season.

Jerry:                                     03:04                     Correct. But again, the be on the, I don’t think they’re good at what I have to wait and see how they break it up. I’m thinking I’m probably thinking too concrete here, that they’re just going to a 41 games home games, Tampa Bay, 41 games in Montreal that they’re not saying when and where these games we played, they could split that up. I feel sorry for the players because they really want to have a home. But yeah, I guess they could do that to where in the beginning they’re down in Tampa and at the end there in Tampa, although I don’t know how they will, uh, hand that trophy out if they were to win it. That’d be a little difficult.

DJ:                                          03:33                     Well, feeling sorry for the players. I don’t so much, but I do feel sorry for their families. I mean they’re going to be losing their family for half (of) the seasons.

Jerry:                                     03:40                     Correct. But I don’t know how many, but they are being paid a major league salary. I’m not sure what the minimum salary is, but I think it’s a quarter of $1 million. That’s still a lot of money.

DJ:                                          03:48                     Well, part of the problem is the actual park itself.

Jerry:                                     03:53                     I heard it’s bad.

DJ:                                          03:54                     The park is in a bad location on the wrong side of a long causeway and catwalks, speakers and other obstacles that make it unwielding for watching or playing baseball.

Jerry:                                     04:05                     It was described as walking in, seeing the ocean, seeing the beach and then walking into a Costco was to watch a baseball game. That’s how it’s described it be being that bad, being that blah, I guess there’s no entertainment. I don’t want to say, uh, concessions or whatever they have booths that are not adequate for, I guess a Little Caesars has right now. But I hear just old and it’s not a very nice stadium.

DJ:                                          04:29                     Well, there is some draw because even though there are virtually empty now, uh, the Rays previously switched a three game series against the Texas Rangers to Champions Stadium at Walt Disney World where there was only 11,000 seats. So they could sell that one out easily. But they did sell it out. That means 11,000 people, at least came to see them.

Jerry:                                     04:49                     Yes. But when you put them, when you put them in a 35,000 seat, cause this guy’s got a sell out 30 35,000 to make us money.

DJ:                                          04:58                     Well seating capacity, they changed it now it dropped from 45,000 to 25,000. Right now in, in the, in “the Trop” they call it, you can only get 25,000 in there. So it’s all the most, the max you can get in there.

Jerry:                                     05:09                     Watch, the Games, that stadium is more than half empty every single game. So I am curious to see what they draw in Montreal. That would be very interesting.

DJ:                                          05:20                     Uh, do you think they’re going to actually do this? You think I’m right now there’s too many, there’s a few hurdles I have to overcome, as I read. But do you think it’s going to actually happen?

Jerry:                                     05:28                     This is the owner trying to, uh, I don’t know. He’s trying to not always being slick, I don’t know what he’s doing or asking major league baseball for help. But this is definitely a prelude to a move. Unlike the NFL where they just pick up and go, I think this guy is trying to test the market. Will Montreal have a draw? If they have a draw, will they build a new stadium for him? What kind of deals can he work out if he gets those things from Montreal, I think he’s up and gone.

DJ:                                          05:52                     It could be a race because both cities now need a stadium in order to accommodate him. And whoever gets the stadium bill first could be the winner.

Jerry:                                     05:59                     Yeah. But evee if Tampa Bay builds a new stadium, he’s having a hard time bringing the people there.

DJ:                                          06:04                     Not, if, like I said, he, he brought a few in at Walt Disney World,

Jerry:                                     06:07                     They brought 11,000 in

DJ:                                          06:07                     well that’s all they could fit in there.

Jerry:                                     06:10                     Okay.

DJ:                                          06:11                     So it’s possible if with the proper stadium, something that’s more than just baseball and bring them in.

Jerry:                                     06:18                     I’m just going to disagree because I think there’s a draw for the baseball down there. Uh, Miami’s getting killed and they had a, again, they had a good team and then the next year they got gutted after they approved a stadium. The government for Tampa Bay saying there is no stadium, but then I have to ask if you’ve got a stadium, why would you stay there? The people aren’t coming. Even with the new stadium, they will not get over 12,000. He’s got a hit but 20, 25 to make his money.

DJ:                                          06:42                     Well it’s working against them also is the fact that that gets so much spring training baseball in Florida, a lot of teams go down there and then they leave and so they get their, they get their uh, their thirst quenched of baseball and then then you’ve got people moving back up north so they’re not there anymore to, to watch the games.

Jerry:                                     07:01                     Arizona, well they have the cactus league and I don’t know how Arizona is doing in the Diamondbacks if they’re doing pretty good or not with attendance, but this all boils down to attendance and numbers and him making his money. The franchise is worth $200 million to keep that worth up he’s got to bring people to the park. So again, I just question, I don’t think he can bring in the 20,000 on a regular basis. Look, they’ve had a championship team and they still haven’t draw. Even in the playoffs, the stadium’s empty. I just don’t think they have the draw. And he knows. I think he realizes that. He got to no from the government. So now it’s what other city can I move to? Why he picked Montreal? That I don’t understand.

DJ:                                          07:36                     I think because they’re thirsty for a team or they’ve been out since 2004 without the Expos. So I think there are thirsty for a team and, and that thirst could make them fill up a stadium and give him the profits he’s looking for.

Jerry:                                     07:49                     Now, hat’s all he wants to basically fill a stadium up. And if he can take that team anywhere and fill it up, he’ll make money. And that’s the whole goal. He has that team too. He’s a businessman and the day he’s a businessman, he’s got to make money.

DJ:                                          08:00                     Well there’s also higher Canadian taxes too, but if you make enough that might offset it.

Jerry:                                     08:05                     No, I agree. But again, it’s going to boil down to the numbers. And again, I really think he’s just setting it up to where he’s testing the waters. And once he gets his results or his data, he’ll make his move. And if Montreal doesn’t work out, he will try a different city with, uh, the commissioner or Major League baseball. In other words, find me a place where I can move and be profitable. He’s not, I don’t think he’ll sell the team. That’s the last-ditch effort. But again, he’s a businessman.

DJ:                                          08:30                     He doesn’t need to sell a team. He can find another place.

Jerry:                                     08:32                     Yeah. But if you can’t find that place and it teams not drawing and they’re losing money, you’ve got to cut your losses at some point.

DJ:                                          08:39                     If Montreal was at least interested or at least a viable place, he, they wouldn’t even be thrown it out. He wouldn’t have even thinking about going. They have a chance to get another city by Montreal.

Jerry:                                     08:48                     They did their homework, which while they pick Montreal. So I think, um, I’m going to just to see what happens. But if they, if they fill up more 25,000, you will see Tampa Bay moving.

DJ:                                          08:58                     Okay. And then the other question is, did they stick with the Rays which wouldn’t be a suitable name in Montreal, or do they go back to the Expos?

Jerry:                                     09:02                     No, they’ll go back to the Expo’s. It’s like the Browns and Cleveland kept that name.

DJ:                                          09:06                     Washington Nationals which Expo’s used to be kept Nationals. That used to be the old-time teams.

Jerry:                                     09:10                     So I, but I’m guessing, but I would assume they keep the Expo’s, but maybe they’ll rename it. There’s a bunch of ways they could go, but I think they’ll keep the, bring the expos back cause they do miss it.

DJ:                                          09:19                     All right, well to segue into our second topic. Uh, we’re going to be talking about the fitness industry.

Jerry:                                     09:25                     More so about the ethics involved in the fitness of these clubs that we go to. And most people, obviously it’s to lose weight and around January 1st they make their a new year’s goals and they want to lose weight from the holidays and the eating. Uh, so they go to the gym to uh, basically there’s two reasons. Most of the time it’s a dating scene. They’re not there working out. If you go there between three o’clock, and I don’t care what club this is from Bally’s to Lifetime, so all the new ones that are out there now, even Powerhouse, it becomes to where they’re just, they’re just flirting and talking And either way it becomes a dating. If you’re there seriously, you’ve got to get there early in the morning or late at night to where you can get at these stations and do the workout. Now if you hire a personal trainer, and I’ve seen many people hire a personal trainer, it took me a while to figure out, but first, let me go back. I’ve been going to Bally’s, Vic Tanny to Lifetime. I’ve had memberships, I’ve been working out for a long time, never got the result that I was looking and many times got frustrated and gave up. But the personal trainer, I noticed when I was working out, if would they tell you everything to get you that beach body? Like they claim come in during January, February, March, and by the beach season you’ll have the beach body. Which is clearly not true.

DJ:                                          10:38                     Well, there aren’t going to tell you enough to make the sale and to get you to come back.

Jerry:                                     10:41                     See, that’s my point. If they told you everything for the beach body, you wouldn’t come back. They would not make money. I even questioned, it took me a while to figure it out, but after I worked out at Lifetime, I’d walk out and they have a nice little shop. They’d have protein shakes and these protein shakes were almost to where I learned you can never outwork your diet and that’s what was happening. You’d work out, get a good workout in. They go out as you exit, they’ll give you a protein shake and you put that all back in. It’s no different than working out and then going in fast food afterwards.

DJ:                                          11:12                     Well, protein isn’t the problem is it? Isn’t it carbohydrates?

Jerry:                                     11:15                     Those carbohydrates that are in the protein (drink), the sugar that uh, what they add to make that a protein drink flavor and they have all different kinds of stuff in there. Even when I left, and it was a while ago, even had a cake and I don’t know if this was a weight loss cake, but it still to work out and then go have any kind of that kind of complex carbohydrate. It’s a good thing, but not every single day or right after a workout. When after a workout is basically a, uh, a muscle, a protein drink which focused on proteins and low carbs, high proteins. But that gets us into the personal trainings are or who they there for? Are they helping their clients? Now, sure they want to come across as being helpful, but the really out to make money for their company and they’re only going to tell you what you need to get you to the next day. It’s kind of hard to keep you motivated because it’s hard to stay motivated and disciplined. And I’ll define discipline is doing the right thing when no one’s looking because you’ve got to keep doing it and that includes your diet. And I said before, you can’t outwork your diet. Some people think, and I’ve seen people do this, the office works, uh, office meetings. They’ll bring a dozen donuts and Bagels, what have you, and the grab the Bagel and say, oh I’ll just do, I’ll walk a couple miles tonight. Well first off, that couple of miles is not going to do anything for that, donut you just ate. And number two, you’re not walking a couple miles extra. You’re just saying that psychologically calm you down. It’s okay to have that donut then. When really, you shouldn’t have it, period. You should just walk away cause you cannot outwork your diet. Now there is a regimen to where a cheat day you’ve heard of cheat days, correct?

DJ:                                          12:45                     Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     12:45                     Okay. That’s when, and this doesn’t give you permission to gorge on fruit loops, but you basically shock your body. If you YouTube Dwayne Johnson the Rock, you will watch him on his cheat day. I may get the numbers off here, but I believe it’s 42 pancakes, 24 extra-large pizzas for lunch and his dinner is also ungodly. That’s a cheat day. And I’m not sure that’s once a month. I do my cheat day every two weeks.

DJ:                                          13:10                     My god, 24 pizzas?

Jerry:                                     13:12                     Yes. Extra-large. Watch him on YouTube and he eats every single bit of it. But the point is it’s, and even explains, it’s to shock your body, but you can tell your body basically to keep it on its toes. So it just gets rid of it right away. So with that, is diet important?

DJ:                                          13:28                     Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     13:28                     It’s 90 it’s, it’s 90% of the Gig. Because if you watch now and it took years of just different workouts and then watching TV, the Nutrisystem Diet, you’ve seen those commercials. Correct. And those, and I think even some medical weight loss clinics, they advertise, you don’t have to work out. It’s your meal. And what, what did they do differently from the meals? And these are cheeseburgers, fries and brownies and apple pies, all that stuff that you really can’t have. So how are they doing?

DJ:                                          13:56                     Well, medical weight loss, I know they give you a drugs, so it’s not just like…

Jerry:                                     14:00                     it’s almost like speed pills up your metabolism. Okay. But at the end of the day, the Diet that they recommend, I even think of the Medical Weight Loss is a lower carb diet. The trick I find you’ve got to get rid of the carbs, you (have) to get the carbs out. Now I’ve talked to doctors that I have access to, not my own physician, but I work in the healthcare industry and there’s a couple of doctors too and a Dietitian that I gave my diet too. And my diet basically is I will not, I’ll do my best not to go over 20 carbs. And there are days, yes, with 25 and sometimes 30 stressed out. Do you want to eat it? Don’t know what have you. But that’s only once every two weeks. Mainly I’ll do it on a every other Saturday and I’ll really carve out and again, it keeps my body, it keeps it basically on top. It shocked to buy to wear, doesn’t get lazy. It doesn’t get in a routine. With that being said, you have to, basically, the doctor told me you can do a low carb and 20 carbs is people freak out that you got. I’ve had people, nurses telling me, Oh, you’re going to kill yourself. You’ve got to have more carbs than that. The doctor said No. If you lower your carbs, you got to have the fats. So have hamburger, have the chicken, have Turkey, don’t inject it and don’t put any mayonnaise and don’t put any toppings on it. There’s where your carbs come in. Now, I was challenged to go basically was not in zero carbs and zero sugar for nine days. That’s impossible. I went shopping looking, you’re going to find carbs. Uh, but if you go into you, you give your own diet. You’ve got to know your body. You have to know your system to where I say 20 carbs a day. If I don’t go over 20 carbs, and the main killer of that is bread. You have to eliminate bread. Now, a lot of people when I speak to them that that’s a deal breaker. Now I should probably start off to, first of all, you go to the gym, you go because it’s, you want to do it. You have to be happy with yourself. Your self-esteem should not be around your waistline. You want to go to the gym because you want to improve yourself, not because somebody else tells you to. You have to want to do this. If you don’t want to do this, you will not do it. If you don’t want to give up bread, you will not. You will give a bread when you decide to.

DJ:                                          16:02                     That’s like quitting smoking cigarettes. You’ll quit when you decide to.

Jerry:                                     16:04                     It’s the same thing. Exactly. You can’t go cold Turkey when you do go cold Turkey is because you’ve just decided that you’re done. It’s like any, uh, raising your kid and you tell them, don’t go there. Don’t go to that ravine. People drown there and they still go when they, they’ll stop going when they finally realize and decide it’s not a good idea. I digress. So you have to find out what workout now is best for you know your body. And I’ve tried all different kinds from free weights to bands to resistance and the free-weight was heavy weights, heavier weights to build your muscles, which is three sets, 10 reps, maybe the last set being 12 or you could reverse that in the last set being eight lesser increasing the weights as you go to each rep and each rep, you take a little bit of a break, which turns into who knows how long and then if you know someone at the gym, you talk, you just even get longer and just never got the result until I went to what’s called a zone progression training. Now that basically, Owen McGibbon, he designed it and he basically, I loved what he start off the bat, the long recumbent bike, the treadmill is garbage. You don’t need it, and that’s true. Now if you’re not going to lift the weights, then yeah, you do need the treadmill. That’s only going to be the only activity. There’s where I go back to yet to find out the fitness program for you, but I started going to the Lifetime. It was about 10 years ago and I was looking for a home gym from Chuck Norris’s Nordic track to all of our bands. I did find one that finally again zone progression training. It’s called The Rack. I’m not going describe it to you cause it’s a little bit difficult to describe. It’s a very nice workout station that I used at home and I found out within the matter of six weeks, I noticed a definite difference in my physique when it came to uh, more or less of the fat just went away. The toughest part was the belly and the s going to be always tough for everybody, especially on a professional athlete. But that’s where it came into the carbs because to cutting the carbs out as really and being hydrated. I did find out, and I read this book that basically said when you eat, your body will do one of two things. It will either burn as energy or store it as fat. That’s the only choices. It will do one of those. If you are hydrated, it will burn as energy. If you are dehydrated, your brain will tell your body to store it as fat because you are dehydrated. So the most important thing is to be hydrated and drink water. Yes, it’s recommended 10 cups a day, but there you go again. You really got to get to know your body and with any diet you really should talk to your physician because what you may be planning, and even if your doctor says don’t do it, I would get a second opinion just because he’s your doctor. I know you respect them, but hear another opinion out there. Because there are other diets like, and what I’m talking about is pretty much like the Keto, but I’m just basically trying to eliminate all the carbs. And for example, I did not know and I love Ketchup, but ketchup has 11 carbs, mustard has zero carbs. So I’ve just cut out mustard altogether.

DJ:                                          18:59                     You mean you cut out ketchup.

Jerry:                                     19:01                     Yes, I’m sorry, ketchup altogether. I’m just putting mustard. Now, the hamburger. I also found out, and I this really got me in my thinking was, uh, there’s a website flab to abs and there the brothers, they guarantee that you can go from flab to abs and their claim has washboard abs in 30 days. Couldn’t figure out. And this was not really, I think they do an exercise program, but it was more or less the Diet. You can eat cheeseburgers, you can eat French fries, like the Nutrisystem, they’ve sucked the carbs out. But I still don’t know about the bread because the bread is the, that is the number one thing with the carbs. So you eat the bread, you’re just loading up on carbs and you cut the bread out. You’ve cut your carbs almost down. I would say two thirds of your carbs are in bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, sesame seed. Um, the only bread that I’ve heard that you can, uh, as good for you as whole grain. But at the end of the day, I go back to, you’ve got to be hydrated. And when you eat any kind of sponge bread, it absorbs the water. So if you drink your 10 cups a day and then you have bread along with that. You did not drink 10 cups cause that bread absorbs that water and your body is still dehydrated. So at the end of the day, the first thing you must do is be hydrated. Find a program. Now, listen first, if you like to go to the club and you’re a social person and that’s for you, great, go ahead find that club. I’m not necessarily recommending the personal trainer because you can do it on your own with motivation. Again, I don’t think those personal trainers are going to tell you unless you have one on your own. That’s a personal one that comes to your house. He made me a little bit different. He may actually ride you like a military drill sergeant because you need that push to actually keep exercising. And then the hard part is when you go home after you work out, do you adhere to that diet? Because again, you can’t outwork your diet. Do you eat those King Dons at night? You know how many people have come to me after I’ve shared my diet with them and they come back. Your Diet doesn’t work and right off the bat I’ll tell him this is after a couple of weeks. It’s not my diet first of all, but you had King Dons, you had Twinkies, she had cereal, you had something that that’s why it is and if not you need to go the doctor. You may have a thyroid problem. There could be a medical issue, which is why I say go to your doctor. You know, weight loss isn’t just lifting weights and running. If you work out, you don’t lift weights. I mean you don’t lose weight. You need to go the doctor be, there may be something wrong, that’d be the first sign, but if you want to do this and you’re serious and you can be disciplined doing the right thing when no one’s looking for your own self and not say self esteem but you aren’t achievement. When you look in the mirror, have that diet with the carbs and you need to look. Basically, it’s your body weight and your body fat. Their scales out there that’ll give you the body fat, your body mass index along with your, uh, your weight. Um, they’re electronic, but don’t, don’t weigh yourself every day, once a week. Weighing yourself every day you get kind of overall, what is it? Over compulsive or over obsessive to where you just don’t want to do that and it’ll get demotivated even once a month weighing yourself wouldn’t hurt. But the point being is you need to pick out your workout and I highly recommend the Rack and if you follow his workout, and the one that I like is called the fat shredder and it does shred fat, if you adhere to the Diet. But I’ve never had a workout where you go 32 minutes straight and I mean straight, you get a couple of breaks where you’re just doing these, he calls him a Muay Thai (knees) you’re just lifting your legs up and you just trying to catch your wind, but then you’re right off to another exercise and it’s zone progression training.

DJ:                                          22:18                     That’s probably to bring your heart rate down.

Jerry:                                     22:20                     Okay. But as you bring it down, you’re off to another. And he does shoulders bi(ceps) backs. There’s one exercise where he’ll tell you you’re, you’re almost using every muscle in your body. Then the next one is a three component and he’ll basically say, you are now using every muscle, literally every muscle in your body. So with doing that 32 minutes, I have never felt so exhausted and got the best result when I was done. Now after that, it’s a protein shake within 20 minutes. You’ve got to replenish that. But you can’t go to Burger King. You can’t. And I’ve done that. I found out the hard way that that’s how I learned, You can’t outwork your diet.

DJ:                                          22:58                     You brought ethics of fitness. Well. What about the gyms? Especially the one that says no judgment when that’s bull crap because they do judge.

Jerry:                                     23:07                     Well, yes, I, my personal friend of mine has been lunked and that’s the lunk alarm because you dropped the weights and he’s a bodybuilder and he actually, he was real real physiqued. Another one of my friends went in there just to show his close friend a workout regimen and they basically lunked him because they don’t want you to show anybody, they want their personal trainers. The problem is they are not a judgment free zone. They just, anyone that’s in shaped women, men and you wear anything tight, they’re judging you and you are making the other clients feel uncomfortable because for some reason they think if you go in there and you’re (in) good shape and you were tight yoga pants and you know the tight shirt, that you’re making, the other people judge themselves so you can’t be there.

DJ:                                          23:58                     See those gyms, they need an epistemological housecleaning. They even judged people who they want to be there. They’re judging everyone. In order to say you fit, you’re one of us, you’re judging that.

Jerry:                                     24:10                     That’s my whole point, it’s is not a judgment free zone. They are, they’re the one organization that I will not even, and they’re very affordable, $10, but because of that judgment free zone, when they will judge you, if again, anyone in good shape go in there with a tank top, uh, a sleeveless shirt for the males and the ladies, I mean, I remember the commercials, they have the commercial and when the ladies and the, uh, the uh, locker room getting changed and they were all beautiful, but they had yoga pants on and those, uh, 80 workout tops and they basically, and of course the other, the client for Planet Fitness who was a little overweight was in the shower and feeling bad about themselves because she didn’t look like that. I mean, that was a commercial that are basically telling the people who are in shape, this is not for you. This is for the people, and this is how I look at it, who are not in shape, never want to get in shape, but want to keep coming here just to feel good about themselves. So, they don’t have to, I don’t know, they don’t want to be judged when they walk outside, but that’s pretty what I boils down to that you can’t judge me because I’m still, I’m working out, I’m doing the best I can.

DJ:                                          25:16                     I also see a problem with their business model because eventually if you stick to a program and go there, you are going to become into that category where you are going to be judged and ruled no longer fit to work out there. So they’re losing customers. They’re hoping that they don’t continue their workout, that they do cheat, so there’ll always going to come back. They’re always going to be there.

Jerry:                                     25:37                     Yeah. That’s the whole point. Yeah. They’re not going to, they’re not going to to where my, my idea of a fitness club is the exact opposite of what they’re doing. They want, yes, they want you to do, they’re not going to yell at you because they want you to come back. They know if you eat that King Don, that’s one more week of a working out that you need because you didn’t lose that weight to where I will do a little bit different that. If I had a health club. You’re either a victim or you’re a victor. I need to define that real quick. A victim is, it’s not my fault. Woe is me. I don’t want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger because he makes me feel bad about myself because he looked so good. The victor is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The person that goes out there works hard, has discipline, eats a proper diet. Now again because they want to and if you want to live a life of eating a potato chips on the couch, that’s fine. I’m talking to the ones who are in Planet Fitness and don’t want to be judged. They’re a victim. If you worked out with me for 90 days and you did not have any results, you’re out. You don’t come back. We don’t want you here. It’s almost like in karate. When we took karate and we went up and we’ve seen those large, and you could walk in and say, that guy’s good. That guy’s good. Wow, he’s really good, Bruce Lee, that guy sucks just because of he was in shape. I mean he was out of shape; you know the belt that he was tied, little tiny things at the end because he couldn’t tie cause his belly was so big. That guy was a victim. That was a self-esteem award. So victors, there are victims at Planet Fitness. Now the other ones I can’t, I can’t claim to.

DJ:                                          27:04                     I think it’s an indictment of our, our current society because we live in a victim psychology society. To where, don’t offend me, don’t say anything that’s going to make me question myself. I mean that’s our society now.

Jerry:                                     27:17                     That’s the exact problem to where I don’t really think it’s a big deal, but I’ll, when it’s hot outside at work, moving furniture, I always wear an undershirt, sleeveless to keep cool. And I don’t know how many times. Yeah, I get compliments, but I’ve been told to put my shirt back on. Has my mama raised me any better than that to have respect for myself and I’m just showing my shoulders and biceps and it’s not even to show them. It’s because it’s hot outside. I, I’ve heard it from both ways. So I, I get that person who was offended because I don’t have the, I can do that. I don’t look like that because I don’t put your shirt back on.

DJ:                                          27:49                     I don’t understand what you mean by get them. You understand what, what they’re coming from because I don’t understand that.

Jerry:                                     27:54                     Yes, I just want to come. I don’t understand it, but I know why they’re doing it because they don’t have those that that physique.

DJ:                                          28:01                     They’re jealous.

Jerry:                                     28:02                     They don’t have the physique because they don’t, they don’t want anyone else judging them. Here we go again. That this person right here is a Planet Fitness customer, period.

DJ:                                          28:11                     Why do they care? Honestly, why do you care what other people think? Just move on.

Jerry:                                     28:15                     Now, that’s what I said, just started this all off. It’s the discipline part of don’t let your self-esteem be around your waistline. If you want to lose weight, do it. If you don’t and you’re happy, then don’t do it. Be Happy. That’s the whole point of just be happy. Now, I can also give you a six to seven eating habits that will uncover or take away the fat from your belly without even lifting a weight. But I will do that on an upcoming podcast. If you reach out and get a hold of us and tell us that you want to hear it or disagree or agree with what we just talked about as far as fitness or any other subject matter. And you can do that at…

New Speaker:                    28:46                     Well. You can get in touch with us. Our website is a Our email address is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Our Twitter handle is @GrandDesignsPod and you can get in touch with us on Instagram @GrandDesignsPodcast. Uh, thank you so much for listening. We really appreciate it. Uh, this is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 17 – Conspiracy Theories in Professional Sports Transcript

Announcer:                        00:00                     You’re listening to the Podcast Detroit Network. visit for more information.

Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand, where we link the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Welcome to episode 17 of the Grand Designs Podcast I’m Dj Grand. And I’m here with my brother as usual.

Jerry:                                     00:43                     Hello

DJ:                                          00:44                     Jerry. And also hopefully for the whole time, Ryan, this week.

Ryan:                                     00:47                     Yeah. Hey, how’s it going?

DJ:                                          00:49                     Uh, just to let you know how to get ahold of us or where to find us. You can, you can listen to us on iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, now on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and go to Patreon(.com). And then you want to become a patron. That’d be great. We’d appreciate anything you can give us. And of course on Today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about professional sports conspiracy theories. A

Jerry:                                     01:17                     And the first one we’re going to talk about is the NFL in the 1983 draft. Just to give a real brief update or to bring everyone up to date at the ’83 draft, it was the greatest NFL quarterback draft up until this current time. And this should go talk about Dan Marino and John Elway, mostly Elway who called his shot like Eli did that he was not, he was the number one pick overall consensus and the Indianapolis Colts or that the time Baltimore Colts had that pick and Elway made it clear he was not going to go to the Baltimore Colts. So the NFL did their deeds to keep, make sure Elway would have to go to the Colts. Elway actually brought in a bid that he was going to play for the Yankees because he made it clear he wasn’t playing for Baltimore and he thought that they’re going to hold their guns, they’re going to draft him anyways, which Baltimore did. And he was going to the Yankees. Now, Elway and Dan Marino had the same agent Marvin Demoff and he kept some very, very detailed notes. And these notes that I’m reading from are from that and an ESPN 30 for 30 is called Elway to Marino. Now, during the draft, early in the day, the Raiders were involved. What they thought they had was a trade with the, uh, the Bears, the Raiders, and the Baltimore Colts. And what it was, the Raiders thought that they had a deal in place acquiring the rights to Elway. The Raiders saw it. They were going to get the Chicago bears number six overall pick and flip it as a part of a package to then Baltimore colts for Elway. Again, who went first overall and was threatening not to play and play baseball for the Yankees. The Bears would have parted with three first round, with their first rounder in exchange for a player from one of two lists. Now this was the key. They gave one of two lists. There was A list and a B list. A list was Howie Long, Ted Watts or Mike Davis. They get one. The B list was Vann Mcelroy, Ken Hill or Jeff Barnes. They get to pick one from each of those lists plus the first round pick. It was a done deal. They’re actually reporting it. Now this is Marvin Demoff talking. The next thing I know, I’m being told that Don Weiss of the NFL office was high ranking executive, senior vice president called the Bears to confirm whether it was true. Then the deal vanished. All of a sudden it was off. And the Ex, uh, strange, excuse their calling the Bears rather than the teams with their business wherever they want to do it, the Raiders and the Bears said they had it confused, the Bears thought they would get all six players, not one from each list. Now that’s a little bit strange. After the deal was already made saying one from either A or B,

DJ:                                          03:55                     it’s also a lot

Jerry:                                     03:56                     But Denmark brought up, if that was the case, why would there be an a and a B list? It was off six players. Okay. The League obviously orchestrated this whole thing because they were not going to let the Raiders, who I should have said in the beginning, who’s owner, Al Davis was suing the NFL and Pete Rozelle at the time. So they’re going through a lawsuit about moving to from La to Oakland. They were in LA at the time. So Al Davis was away from the draft cause he’s suing and Rozelle upset with the Raiders. They’re not going to let Elway go to the Raiders at no time. So there’s where I’m going to basically say that that that was a conspiracy that the NFL was controlling where they were going to let, they were deciding where Elway went was going to go. Elway was not going to tell them. Now with Dan Marino, he was more or less, he had a great junior season with Pittsburgh. He had a drop off the senior season but still ranked as one of the best quarterbacks, a pocket passer in that draft. But the NFL put out some bogus rumors and Ron Wolf, who was the GM of the Raiders, basically said Marino wasn’t on their board because of those false drug rumors. They interviewed Marino’s roommate. He wasn’t doing drugs well then why would Marino drop to 26 overall for the Dolphins,? Basically he was, Dan Marino was picked number one for the LA Express for the USFL. As a kid, he was just going out to a judge at Bikini contest and went to the press conference where they announced him as number one pick and not to sign a contract. Just went there and appeared and almost like to promote the USFL. NFL didn’t like that, so his stock plummeted and then he drops down. Tony Eason was drafted above him. All because of false rumors.

DJ:                                          05:36                     Not just him Kenny O’Brien. There were a few.

Jerry:                                     05:38                     Jim Kelly, but you know, some of these guys were good, but Marino and Elway were the top of the class. Nothing like

DJ:                                          05:42                     Marino should not have been the last quarterback picked in that draft. There’s no way.

Jerry:                                     05:45                     And there was even one where he, Pittsburgh had a shot at him and the Pittsburgh actually said, no, we’re going to move on because Danny, you should or you shouldn’t be at home. Now, the Pittsburgh owner, Rooney, okay. His son was now talking about his dad who is in heaven and his son, basically, your Dad was at the end of his life during this draft and he said, Pick Marino and dad passed away before the draft and he even said, I keep hearing that, “pick Marino”, and they basically, why would the Steelers who, that’s a hometown boy now they use the excuse now we had Terry Bradshaw, he had plenty years. Marino was not going to sit and wait. He had to start right away. Bradshaw broke his leg, the next year and was done.

DJ:                                          06:25                     Didn’t he still wait a year with the Dolphins?

Jerry:                                     06:28                     No, Marino came in right away while he waited like six games. Woodley played six games and then Marino came in and took it and just took off, you know, and he literally had a mission. He made that clear he was going to prove the NFL wrong. Oh my whole point is this, this conspiracy here for the NFL draft and 83 was absolutely a conspiracy against Al Davis, Marino and Elway. They orchestrated all three to literally tell them now Elway ended up getting where he wants to with the Broncos. He wasn’t going to the colts and that’s a whole other soap opera in itself, but still the league had their hand in that draft. So I’m going to say yes. That year there was a conspiracy that I’m going to hold true in 83

DJ:                                          07:05                     although that’s not the only conspiracy from the NFL. Um, this is from and it’s the 14 biggest NFL conspiracy theories that may be true. Uh, number 14 as the league, it’s fixed period, go home, go big or go home. Teaches the old adage. So we’re ending with the top NFL conspiracy theory. We could find the websites. The fixes in is run by Brian Tohuy, he’s an author and over the years claims sports league such as the NFL can fix the outcomes and shore up too. He has adjusted parts of every week in the NFL season are controlled by individuals who aren’t playing the games and has offered explanations on his theories, on his website, in books and during media appearances. Is the NFL truly no different from any primetime drama you’re watching or given TV series? Are the outcomes of the NFL Games as scripted as a WWE matches.

Jerry:                                     08:03                     Yes. I’m going to say that’s true and I’m going to use a Tom Brady rule. There are still some Oakland Raider fans, including Jon Gruden, who’s upset about that to where Jerry Rice makes it clear. Who was on the Raiders that they stole his Superbowl ring at the time replay was three minutes after three minutes? It wasn’t conclusive. You go back to the original call; it took like nine minutes. And what? Uh, at the time, I don’t know who was a, the Commission before Roger Goodell in between Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliague. He basically got on the phone and said it’s the Tuck rule and the head Ref said there is no tuck rule, There will be tomorrow. So I agree with that guy. It was scripted. That was called out. Absolutely. He’s onto something there.

DJ:                                          08:45                     Number 13 the NFL hides or a hid concussions. The perception is that the NFL didn’t want to lose fans who no longer wanted to watch such a dangerous sport and also concern parents would, upon learning such information, prevent children playing in a game that could ultimately prove to be fatal years down the road.

Jerry:                                     09:03                     That’s happening right now.

Ryan:                                     09:04                     Is that like the concussion movie, is that?

Jerry:                                     09:07                     Yes, that is CTE. Correct. There are people that are on the air or sports personality saying, I will not let my kid play football unless the kid wants to, but they’re going to steer them away.

DJ:                                          09:18                     Well, the point of this particular theory is that the NFL blatantly

Jerry:                                     09:22                     that’s I’m going to, yes, because they did. They did. They didn’t want it. That movie that Ryan’s talking about. Explain just that.

DJ:                                          09:29                     Uh number 12 is the NFL hides performance enhancing drugs tests. The idea is that the league’s happily publicize suspensions and other punishments for certain athletes who fail tests while at the same time sweep it underneath a figurative rug if a major sports superstar gets popped for violating a drug policy, it is after all a little weird and all time popular athlete almost never gets caught cheating in such a matter during the prime of his career.

Jerry:                                     09:58                     Again, I’m going to agree, but that’s the fans’ fault because in baseball it’s a cardinal sin, but with football, no big deal, these linemen, they go through a beating defensive linemen. They need that to survive. So yes, I’m going to give that one to.

DJ:                                          10:10                     Number 11 Russell Wilson’s super bowl interception. It’s years after the fact and it makes zero sense that the Seattle Seahawks elected to pass the ball from the one yard line late in their Superbowl 49 contest versus the New England Patriots. The Patriots secured a victory after quarterback Russell Wilson threw an interception in the end zone and multiple conspiracy theories are born. One theory involves Seattle running back. Marshawn Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, sorry. Who could’ve been an MVP candidate had he scored the game winning touchdown from the goal line. Lynch had a history for giving non-answers during interviews, particularly during the teams media day leading up to the Superbowl 49 and the theory is that the NFL wanted Wilson to throw a TD, so he would be more of a media darling in the eyes of some and not Lynch would win the MVP.

Jerry:                                     11:01                     I’m going to disagree with that one because, uh, they, there’s no way the NFL got into the play calling and the made that mandate because how do they know it was going to be at the one yard line at the end of the game? Uh, yes, there was a weird call, but that’s hindsight. Um, I think from what I heard, Darryl Bebo was, offensive coordinator and he thought that they were thinking the defense run with Marshawn Lynch. So they threw the past instead think, obviously they were wrong because they were thinking pass, but that one I’m going to disagree with.

DJ:                                          11:29                     Number 10 Lights out at the Superbowl. The Baltimore Ravens jumped out to a 28, six lead over the San Francisco 49ers in the third quarter of Super Bowl 47.

Jerry:                                     11:39                     Yes, the Harbaugh bowl,

DJ:                                          11:40                     probably leading some viewers to seek out other programs before the lights at the Superdome went out. The power outage interrupted play for over a half an hour and it gave the niners and opportunity to regroup. San Francisco embarked on a rally that came up just short, but the with the Ravens winning 34 31 couldn’t quite, couldn’t quiet some conspiracy theories that claimed the plug had been pulled in the effort to keep the fans tuned in and to stall Baltimore’s momentum. Baltimore Linebacker, Ray Lewis even stated that he thought it was a bit strange that a zillion dollar company would experience such a technical failure on the organization’s biggest night of the year.

Jerry:                                     12:19                     Who would the Zillion got a company be?

DJ:                                          12:24                     Zillion, there’s no such thing. But yeah, I think he meant the NFL,

Jerry:                                     12:27                     he’s making a mistake there because they don’t control these stadiums electrical circuits. That’s on the stadium itself.

DJ:                                          12:32                     Well you can even say that the Superdome is who runs it.

Jerry:                                     12:35                     They may be, they may be. That’s a city. Whoever owns it because they’re leasing it to them.

DJ:                                          12:39                     Maybe they’re in on it.

Jerry:                                     12:40                     Well yes, but with any, again, why would they be in on it? Cause it was a Baltimore and San Francisco. New Orleans wasn’t even playing again that I’m going to just basically disagree, but look, momentum did change. But with any stoppage in baseball, you have a rain delay, the pitchers, a delay will change any games momentum. Now it does look a bit odd during the Superbowl it went out. I agree, but a coincidence, I don’t think that’s a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          13:05                     Number nine. I think it’s more of a myth, cultural myth. It’s Jimmy Hoffa remains being in the uh, Giants stadium,

Jerry:                                     13:14                     That’s just folklore and let’s, yeah, let’s just, so let’s just go over that.

Ryan:                                     13:17                     You never know, you never know

Jerry:                                     13:17                     That’s kind of funny.

DJ:                                          13:19                     Do you think so?

Ryan:                                     13:21                     Just playing devil’s advocate.

Jerry:                                     13:23                     We won’t know until they demolish the New York Giants stadium.

DJ:                                          13:26                     I might as well read it. It says, depending on how you view things, this may be more of an urban legend than a conspiracy theory. Jimmy Hoffa, the famous alleged mobster disappeared in the summer of ’75 and it was suggested for decades that Hoffa’s remains were buried underneath the west end of the Giants stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This was never officially confirmed or denied. But what helped explain why the New York jets and New York giants decided to build the new Metlife stadium right next to the old complex. There’s nothing special about that location. And getting to and from of the stadium could be a pain for fans if they’re driving or using public transportation. Is it possible that certain people have something to hide?

Jerry:                                     14:04                     Look that’s not a conspiracy. We already laughed about that. So the dude who actually killed them came clean before he died in prison. They went to the Detroit House, found Hoffa’s blood DNA matched it up. So that’s my true.

DJ:                                          14:14                     Number Eight Super Bowl 50 effected by the officials. Uh, the thought had by some conspiracy theorists, not to mention pockets of Unhappy Carolina fans, is that the outcome of the game was fixed. So that Manning, one of the League’s most beloved players could retire as a champion, had referee Clete Blakeman to the ere of panthers fans when his crew made several game altering calls against the Panthers, such as ruling Jericho’s Cochery’s first quarter catch for first down and interception and then holding up the rule and despite a challenge and view evidence that Cochery had caught the ball before going to the ground and also completely missing the Bronco’s quarterback to Talibs, a cornerback, sorry, Talibs going offsides on the Graham Gano field goal that the kicker end up missing.

Jerry:                                     15:03                     Yes, that’s absolutely I would agree cause that the NFL officials, as we talked with the NBA officials can dictate the game and that was one that was very, some really weird calls with Superbowl and correct. There was a a replay that was clearly the evidence wasn’t there, but yet they still went the other way.

DJ:                                          15:20                     Number seven, the Colts tanked. The perception at the time was with the colts adopted a suck for lock mantra. Sound familiar with lose for Hughes and tanking the 2011 season in order to require yet another franchise quarterback. What’s ironic is that this was, is that Manning proved he had plenty left in the tank as he set records and also won a Superbowl with the Denver Broncos.

Jerry:                                     15:43                     Okay. No, that’s not true because Manning went through a neck surgery right before that and he was out. This is the infamous Jim Caldwell year, where the year before Caldwell had the Colts. He went to the Superbowl with Manning, uh, lost the Superbowl and then the next year, Manning had the neck injury. They were out, uh, he was out for the whole year. Painter was a quarterback. They went 3 and 13, so it had nothing to do with lose for a (Luck). It was just, they were horrible with a Painter as the quarterback, and just painted itself that way. So that was not true.

DJ:                                          16:14                     Number six, it’s the first of a few New England Patriots Deflategate, one of the strangest football stories in recent memories involved none other than the New England Patriots. The conspiracy theory regarding the 2015 AFC championship game is that New England quarterback, Tom Brady, knowingly played with under inflated footballs. Breaking the league rules in the process to gain an unfair advantage over the Indianapolis Colts that Patriots routed the Colts 45-7 making it seem as if Brady could have used beach balls and easily won the contest. Nevertheless, the NFL pursued punishments for Brady and the Patriots for over a year and Brady serves a four game suspension at the start of the 2016 season.

Jerry:                                     16:54                     Uh, I don’t want to say conspiracy theory, uh, the New England Patriots flat out cheated. Yes, they did. That was, they did. That’s not a Conspiracy theory. Brady’s guilty. Guilty as charged, shattered his phone, took them years to prove it at him, going out and arguing and this is what we were talking about, New England fans and happens anywhere in the country. They’re all over prosecute that guy but sense it was Tom. No, no, no. He didn’t break that phone. He was getting a new one.

DJ:                                          17:18                     I’m not disagreeing with you. However, it still would be a conspiracy theory or cause a Brady denies it and so does Kraft and the New England Patriots.

Jerry:                                     17:26                     I understand that, but with that organization, they’re known cheaters so it just plays into the NFL conspiracies. They cheated and got caught with other videoing stuff. So no, that’s not going to be conspiracy. The New England Patriots are cheaters.

DJ:                                          17:40                     Number five is Superbowl III where the Jets earned a surprise victory 16-7 over the Baltimore Colts. Why would this game been fixed in favor of the Jets? Former NFL player Bubba Smith once suggested that the outcome of the game had been rigged because the league wanted a New York team to win the high profile game to raise interest in pro football and also the league wanted a former AFL team to finally win the biggest contest of the season after AFL sides had been dominated in the first two Superbowls showdowns.

Jerry:                                     18:12                     Only because the AFL was about to go bankrupt. I think of that. But you were saying earlier and because of that they’re going to go bankrupt. Uh, I can see it that the NFL would get involved in that. Look, we just got done talking about the Carolina Superbowl where they, the NFL referees for mandated for calls. I can see that happening there.

DJ:                                          18:32                     Number four, Spygate II uh, as sports reporters working for Toronto Mail and Globe suggested that the New York Giants somehow managed to intercept radio transmissions from opposing sides during the 2001 NFL playoffs. That, per the piece, help the Giants notch post season victories over the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings. It was a little odd, if not suspicious. The Giants managed to destroy Minnesota 41-0 en route to earn an a birth in the super bowl. And such allegations looked even worse when the Giants loss of Superbowl 34-7 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Jerry:                                     19:09                     Do you think it’s unethical to steal signs in baseball? Catcher signs, coach signs?

DJ:                                          19:16                     Yeah,

Jerry:                                     19:16                     you do?

DJ:                                          19:16                     You’re stealing now it’s not, it’s not the same as stealing a base because that’s in the games.

Jerry:                                     19:21                     I get that, I get that. But watching the coach and their signals are easy. You figure it out that this means it’s still

DJ:                                          19:30                     That’s different than intercepting the transmissions. That’s a whole different argument. That’s apples and oranges.

Jerry:                                     19:35                     If they’re listening into the play calling you 100% correct, but if there, I thought it was picking up their signals,

DJ:                                          19:41                     intercept radio transmissions

Jerry:                                     19:43                     Then, yeah, that’s, there’s something wrong with that. Cause that, that’s then both teams should have the availability to listen both ways. So yes, that would be no wrong.

DJ:                                          19:52                     Uh, number three is Spygate I. The 2007 videotape and controversy regarding, once again, the New England Patriots alleging recording defensive cultures on the New York Jets may in fact have been worst than we originally knew. According to an ESPN report released in 2015, the Patriots may have recorded more than one team and it’s also claimed that the Patriots sent undercover advanced scouts to obtain information on upcoming opponents.

Jerry:                                     20:18                     Again, it’s not a conspiracy. The Patriots are cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:22                     So?

Jerry:                                     20:23                     No, they’re cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:24                     So that could be true.

Jerry:                                     20:26                     It could be, but they’re cheaters.

DJ:                                          20:28                     Here’s, uh, the last, uh, New England one and it’s number two. Tom Brady’s concussions were hid during the CBS morning show interview that occurred on May 17th. Tom Brady’s wife claimed Brady had a history of concussions and also that Brady suffered a concussion during the 2016 season. The Patriots never posted any Brady concussion on official injury list during the campaign, which has raised eyes among observers and those who feel the Patriots have violated other NFL rules over the years. In fact, Brady has never been listed as having a concussion throughout his pro career.

Jerry:                                     21:01                     We’ve established a New England patriots are going to violate NFL rules whenever they feel like it. Let’s just talk about the concussion thing. Years ago, eight years ago, you were laughed at if you came off the field and said, coach, I’ve got a headache. One of the coaches tell you?

DJ:                                          21:17                     Rub it in the dirt get back out there.

Jerry:                                     21:18                     Get your Ass back out there, correct. You play, you play the, I don’t want to hear about it. It was a man thing. You’re not tough. You’re all, all, all the, all these names to make you a girly type figure. Hold on. Did Brady even say anything is it documented? Did he let the team know? Did they hide it? I think Brady himself knew full well. If he mentioned he’s going to get pulled and he didn’t say anything. So I mean I know I remember, Gisele, Brady’s wife saying these things, but why her why isn’t, why didn’t Brady tell the team? Did He tell the team? It’s not known. That’s what I did in this time of it’s changed with the concussion. They have a spotter now the NFL, if they see symptoms, they get pulled because of just this where the players admitted I played three seasons and a super bowl with a concussion because they weren’t going to tell, I don’t think Brady…I think Brady is just as guilty as anyone else there. Again, the Patriots are cheaters. I think Brady just didn’t want to let anyone know.

DJ:                                          22:08                     He just wanted to keep playing. I don’t blame him on that.

Jerry:                                     22:08                     Exactly. So that’s what, that’s what I conspiracy. Yeah, that happened but…

DJ:                                          22:11                     Okay. The number one conspiracy for the NFL. Or theory is the Browns tanked in 2006, The Cleveland Browns, built a lack luster roster before September, 2016 and that squad loss 15 straight games en route to finish in the year with a 1-15 record. Despite the franchise’s worst ever season those running the Brown’s decided to retain the coaching staff and the team’s front office. The idea behind this conspiracy theory is that the Browns went all in on losing and tanked an entire season in order to acquire the first overall pick of the 2007 NFL draft. A selection the Browns spent on defensive and and top tier prospect, Myles Garrett.

Jerry:                                     22:51                     The problem I had with that is Myles Garrett hasn’t turned into this stud that people thought he was going to be to where now if they did tank it, they tanked it for the, they didn’t get anything so they could have tanked it, but that’s Today in Detroit. We talked about this. The fans of Detroit wanted the blinds, a tank it let they were promoting tank it for the best. Pick number one pick a better pick.

DJ:                                          23:13                     Well that’s a gamble. I mean just saying, I mean Jack Hughes for the NHL could, I mean he’s going to be good, but it could end up getting hurt and it can be a bust.

Jerry:                                     23:21                     Huge gamble. That’s why I don’t, I’m not sure if it’s a league conspiracy or teams are doing that now. It is a strategy to tank it to get the number one pick. But is it going to work? Is that pick on a pan out? Look, they got Baker Mayfield too that year. They had two first round picks. So I mean there’s another reason why they tank it when they got to picks? They got theirs and somebody’s from a trade. So I don’t know. I think that Browns just were horrible. They’re terrible.

DJ:                                          23:47                     Okay, well we’ll move on from the NFL to the NBA and we’re going to stick with just the lottery because there’s a lot of conspiracy going with the past lotteries for the NBA, including this year’s. And then there’s eight top and this is from the NFL draft flattery conspiracy theories. And this is from

Jerry:                                     24:04                     Do you mean NBA draft lottery?

DJ:                                          24:06                     I’m sorry, didn’t I say the NBA? Okay. NBA draft lottery. Yes. Number eight. Uh, no Zion for the Big Apple. Uh, the NBA manufacturers, so much drama by having the Pelicans, Grizzlies and Lakers jump into the top four while still keeping the carrot on the string for Knick fans. If number one goes to the Knicks than everyone goes about their day. It was expected. Knick fans are happy and the NBA keeps spinning. Now there’s any number of possible scenarios and they all benefit the NBA. If the Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis to the Knicks, then New York gets its star and the big market dream for the NBA is achieved. If the Pelicans build a super team around Davis and Zion than the NBA gets one of the biggest local markets to have a can’t miss team. And according to ESPN and ABC’s top 10 highest rated local markets, New Orleans is number three.

Jerry:                                     24:59                     Well, I, well, what I understood what I was told New Orleans is not a place that players want to go to and play. Zion didn’t want to go there. He didn’t want to get drafted by it, but the Knicks in this case screwed up because before the draft even happen, they made an announcement. If they get the number one pick, they’re trading it to the Pelicans from Davis. So they made their card already known what they’re going to do now. Yes, the Pelicans the first time ever, they had a 6% chance to get the number one pick and for the first time that low of a percentage actually got the number one pick. Conspiracy? I don’t know. Does the NBA want Zion, a once in a lifetime talent to be in New Orleans? That’s a guy you want in New York. Now New York got the number one pick. I’d say conspiracy.

DJ:                                          25:42                     That was the argument. They have one of the strongest, the third strongest local markets. So the, and the NBA would want him there wouldn’t, wouldn’t hurt them and it would help them.

Jerry:                                     25:50                     Pelicans are about to move. They’re being sold.

DJ:                                          25:53                     Again, they first came from, um, uh, Charlotte and then went to New Orleans to New Orleans, and now they’re gonna move for a third time or the second move.

Jerry:                                     26:01                     Yes. Did they come from Seattle? No. No. That was the Thunder. But you’re correct. Yes. There they’re talking about moving again and the owner of the, I think the Saints owner owns the Pelicans. It’s not a draw. I mean, the market may be there. It’s almost like the Miami Marlins down in Florida. They’ve got a market, but nobody comes. So again, you want Zion, and there’s a reason why Anthony, David doesn’t want to play in New Orleans. It’s not because he’s not making money. The guy’s making 26 million a year.

DJ:                                          26:28                     It could because they weren’t good.

Jerry:                                     26:30                     They no See, that’s just it. They were competing for the playoffs until he came out. And this is where the NBA gets, they never should have said this, but he came on and said, I want to be traded. Now when you say that you make the demands, I’m done with you. I’m a free agent. I’m not reupping I’m leaving. Now, that team wants to trade you, right? So, they put them out, they made him sit. We’re not going to get you hurt and NBA made a call. You must play Anthony Davis. So, they got involved there. That’s what brings a whole conspiracy thing to me. Maybe true.

DJ:                                          26:57                     Number seven, the Chicago Bulls land their home town star in 2008. The Chicago Bulls weren’t down on their luck in any stretch by the time the 2008 NBA draft lottery rolled around. But this also presents a unique opportunity for the NBA to pull the Bulls had languished with two playoff accents and clearly missed one superstar piece to get over the hump. Derrick Rose gave the NBA the opportunity to intervene and solidify the future of the once proud franchise rose. A Chicago native had slotted himself as a top pick along with Michael Beasley and OJ Mayo. However, as a draft drew near many believed roles was going Number one. The Bulls were in need of an upgrade at point guard from Kirk Heinrich and this was the chance to kill two birds with one stone from the NBA’s perspective. Chicago had just a 1.7% chance of landing the top pick and it was enough with the leagues help of course, according to this conspiracy theory.

Jerry:                                     27:48                     That makes perfect sense because Chicago being a big market, the NBA is an awesome marketing juggernaut. So yes, they would do everything they can to get Rose to go to that for that reason. So yes, I, that would be, I would agree with. And the NBA’s known for conspiracies to.

DJ:                                          28:06                     Number 60 Orlando Magic. Uh, the year’s 1993 and Shaquille O’Neal, he 20-year-old phenom, a cruise to rookie of the year honors posting 23.4 points, 13.9 rebounds and 3.45 blocks a game. A season that regarded as one of the best rookie years in (NBA) history. Uh, the Knicks, the NBA knew that they had met. They had a mega superstar on their hands and sought to get him to Orlando.

Jerry:                                     28:41                     Now who’s that? Um, Shaquille O’Neal or Penny?

DJ:                                          28:45                     Shaquille O’Neil.

Jerry:                                     28:46                     He went to the Lakers though. But no, I understand it. I get that whole thing. But Shaquille O’neil came out and on the NBA again. Yes. This is Tim Donahie with the referees and market and calling the game to make sure the market team. Orlando Didn’t win that do they win the championship that year? Because the minute they, I thought they won. He went to the big time with LA and that was just the LA scene.

DJ:                                          29:09                     So we’ll let me finish. Hold on. End of the 1993 lottery draft and the Magic come on the table, which is a 1.52% chance of landing the top picks thanks to their 11th place, finish the magic when the lottery of course trade. Ah, Chris Weber, who was the biggest draw, uh, that year to the Warriors on draft night for Penny Hardaway and three future round, first round picks. O’Neill and the Hardaway went on to form one of the most exciting tandems in 1990s both making multiple NBA All Star Games and leading the Magic to the playoffs for three straight years, including the finals in ’94 ’95 I don’t think they won it.

Jerry:                                     29:46                     Yeah, I bet that wasn’t enough. That conspiracy, because Webber, he was a trade commodity that they, they could, they weren’t going to have Weber and Shaquille O’Neal and the same lineup. So they traded for a guard Penny Hardaway and yeah, that will, yeah, obviously that was successful. No, that’s not a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          30:00                     Number five Ball is a lifeline for the Lakers, uh, that we’re talking about Lonzo ball and with some grand prize worth rigging the lottery over. But this isn’t the story of the UCLA point guard going to Los Angeles the key players in this conspiracy where then coach Luke Walton and executive Magic Johnson, both of whom predicted their top three pick was stunning accuracy. In a classic case of saying the quite part loud, the quiet part, loud, sorry, we’ll Walton appears on the CBS sports “We Need to Talk” and outlined straight faced how the Lakers were going to get their top pick to build for their future.

Jerry:                                     30:38                     Yeah. But I think, uh, Ball’s father had a lot to do with that too, which is sad to say. But being in another large market, Los Angeles, I could say yes, that’s a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          30:47                     Well they’re saying because he came up before the draft and said we’re getting it for sure. There’s a conspiracy.

Jerry:                                     30:54                     Magic Johnson was a fined for tampering cause of that to know so that cause yeah, I can see that.

DJ:                                          30:59                     Number 4 the Cleveland Cavaliers. Incredible luck. No team in the NBA has benefited more than from the league guiding hand and the Cleveland Cavaliers and 2011, 2013 and 2014 the Cavaliers unpredictably landed the number one pick in the draft over this time. They never had the worst record in the league. In 2011 the Cavaliers get number one in the lottery, thanks to having the Clippers pick a 2.8% chance. In 2013 they get number one in a lottery with a 15.6% chance and in 2014 they got number one in the lottery with a 1.7% chance, which means two of those three years, it was below 3% chance to win. The raw odds of this happening is 1,493 to 1. So improbable it functionally shouldn’t happen. And yet the Cavaliers kept doing it again, again and again. After James Left, the Cavaliers were in dire need of a new superstar and the NBA was there to give them an opportunity. Time and time again. In April, 2019 the Cavaliers had a 50 50 coin flip against the Suns to determine which team would officially received a pink Paul combinations for the second worst record in the NBA. They won naturally.

Jerry:                                     32:16                     I want to agree. That was a flat out conspiracy. It was ridiculous. Now, for all the time that the Cavaliers, that was just ridiculous. I’m going to agree for them to win all of (those) picks, although the thing is they didn’t do anything with those picks. They just won one championship that was at the comeback. So, but yes, the league had their hand in on that.

DJ:                                          32:34                     Number three is Mutombo Knows Best. The Philadelphia 76’ers had the best chance of landing the number one pick on lottery night, but by this point we’ve seen time and time again that luck means nothing when it comes to landing the pick. The sixers had a 25% chance of getting the first pick, but this came after several years of the Cavaliers somehow jumping the worst teams in the league. So there was no guarantee that 76er’s would pick number one and yet one guy knew. At 4:36 PM Mutombo tweeted, “Congrats to the Sixers on grabbing the number one spot in the #NBAdraft.”

Jerry:                                     33:13                     What time was the draft?

DJ:                                          33:15                     It was after that time.

Jerry:                                     33:17                     Then there you go.

Ryan:                                     33:18                     Wow

DJ:                                          33:18                     Then they remark, it was timestamped thinking on the tweet.

Jerry:                                     33:22                     I think that that, that kind of proves it right there. I kind of think that all these conspiracies now, the drafts are true because that right there tells you he knew. How would he know? Come on now.

DJ:                                          33:32                     I totally agree. Number two Stern makes up for trading Chris Paul in 2002. Uh, this is kind of a long one. So, George Sinn is one of the most notorious owners in the NBA history. Once the king of the queen city Sinn, or maybe it’s (pronounced) Sinn, brought the NBA to Charlotte in 1987 after buying the rights to start a franchise leading through creation of the Charlotte Hornets. Just over a decade later, he was in the middle of a public trial for kidnapping and sexual assault, which led to the public finding out of Sinns, extra marital affairs, withdrawing from the public. Sinn decided to move the corner to Charlotte to New Orleans and this decision, some believers caused by public scrutiny in Charlotte. Despite the Hornets, it’s still pulling some of the best attendance figures in the NBA. Sinn found a new home for his team. Things were decent for New Orleans Hornets for the better part of a decade. The team and a few payoff burst hosted an NBA all-star game and thanks to superstar Chris Paul look to anchor their team for its future than Sinn expressed his desire to sell the team, a your dollar road and a collapsed deal later, Stern announced Lakewood purchased the Hornets for 300 million and sure up financial solvency and the health of the league as a whole. The League owned Hornets decided to trade Paul after the star demanded a trade out of New Orleans and part and put the team over a barrel. The initial deal for the Lakers with vetoed by Stern citing that it wasn’t in the team’s best interest. Four days later, New Orleans agreed to a deal this and Paul to the clippers bolstering the underperforming the Los Angeles team and increasing its worth. Meanwhile, the Hornets got back a to two second round picks the Timberwolves unprotected first round, Eric Gordon, Chris Comon. It was also a potential upside for the deal, but it was aged terribly. In retrospect.

Jerry:                                     35:20                     I’ll make this quick. That was the most crooked as thing ever. I remember Stern taking over the league, took the team over and that was the worst trade. No Owner, general manager would have made that deal. Stern did that for the reasons that you just cited there so you don’t able to say yes.

DJ:                                          35:36                     And the last one also includes uh, involves Stern, uh, number one David Stern rigs in 1985 lottery. The year in 1985, the first time the NBA decided to hold a draft lottery to determine the number one overall pick the Forum in New York City is buzzed and the league just secured a new broadcast agreement for the draft with the TBS superstation and the Knicks were sitting on the third worst record in the league. Everyone knows the Knicks were supposed to get a high pick, but the pressure is still on. The Warriors and Pacers still had worse records but represented much smaller markets compared to New York. Stern’s knows the Knicks have to land the number one pick. Now I’m going to prove the concept of the NBA draft lottery and the unpredictability that can anything can happen, but ensure that Georgetown standout. Patrick Ewing can anchor the Knicks and the NBA’s Premier Market for the next decade. In 1985 there was no weighted lottery. Each of the seven teams in the NBA was given an equal chance to land the number one overall pick, giving each team just a 14.29% chance of being able to pick Ewing. Rather than using the standard lottery ball system as it eventually would. The league put large cards into a tumbler, spun it around and stone would select one to be the top pick. It’s here where NBA’s two prong plan springs into action to separate attempts to raise the lottery. One desired result. Over the years, people have argued for each theory, but it could be that both were done simultaneously to hedge Sterns bet. First of all, the next envelope of refrigerated, making it cool to the touch. This attempted to make the card stand out amongst the rest, making it easier to select. However, the plan was risky under stage lights and with the possibility of time delay, there’s a chance the envelope would heat up rendering the process meaningless. So stern had the help of a secondary source. Jack Wagner, a partner of the accounting for Earnest and Whitney placed the envelopes in a drum and conspicuously having to bang one of them on the lip of the vessel denting the Knicks envelope.

Jerry:                                     37:35                     Yup. That’s 100% true. I Remember watching those drafts with the tumble, the Bingo Tumbler and the cards? Absolutely.

DJ:                                          37:41                     Not done yet though. Hold on. Wagner is a real key to all this because he was the league’s fail safe. If Stern couldn’t select the cold envelope, he instead looks for the creased corner knowing that it was the Knick’s logo. Need more proof. Ernest and Whinney where the accounting firm of Gulf and western industries guest who was a prominent owner of the Knicks in 1985? Gulf and Western industries.

Jerry:                                     38:04                     There you go.

Ryan:                                     38:05                     And I thought we didn’t land on the moon.

DJ:                                          38:09                     (Laughs) Yeah. Good point.

Jerry:                                     38:15                     Just do the top three NHL ones and then the major league baseball. Same thing do the top three.

DJ:                                          38:20                     All right. We can do that.

Jerry:                                     38:21                     Because these conspiracies, I mean look pretty much we’ll all discuss. There’s a few that are just coincidence, but most of them, yeah, they’re true cause these leagues they understand. I think they’re marketing geniuses.

DJ:                                          38:32                     Well, let me do my lead just on the titles of I’m willing to. 15 I think it’s so doubtful the NHL All star game is rigged to include black players. I totally disagree with that.

Jerry:                                     38:41                     The NBA,?

DJ:                                          38:45                     NHL, I’m sorry, all star game is rigged and PK Subban is, he’s good. There’s no, he deserves to be in the all star. I think that’s just so dumb.

Jerry:                                     38:51                     I agree.

DJ:                                          38:52                     But one here. This one I want to go into number 14 Janet Gretzky. Gambling allegations was a coverup for Wayne. Janet Jones is an American actress, was known for roles in dance from way. She appeared in many big screen films, work out films and a TV commercial. She also maybe the world’s greatest hockey player. Wayne Gretzky. During this time, a half dozen in 2006 during this time, a half dozen NHL players were among the people who are implicated in a sports space gambling ring allegingly financed by Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach and I think that was

Jerry:                                     39:23                     Tochett

DJ:                                          39:23                     Rick Tochett. Yes. At that time, the Coyotes general manager and Gretzky’s former agent admitted to placing a bet on a super bowl through Janet, Ms Gretzky released a statement claiming she did not place the wagers on her husband’s behalf and is fairly suspicious that Janet was placing bets in a gambling ring where a bunch of NHL players got implicated. Although she says she did not place on his behalf and majority of people think it was odd that someone like her would participate in such activities.

Jerry:                                     39:51                     You know, I was trying to figure it out. How did this make it, but yet Jordan didn’t make it in this draft lottery? I just figured it out. But Jordan was in the same thing. He was a suspended from the League for gambling, which is why he went played baseball.

DJ:                                          40:05                     Actually

Jerry:                                     40:05                     just covered the whole thing up, which is the same thing here.

DJ:                                          40:08                     If I have time to bring up that is one of the conspiracies in the baseball one.

Jerry:                                     40:13                     Yeah. So that makes sense. But yeah, that’s true. I mean I completely, but that was a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          40:18                     Number 13. The NHL is bailing on the 2018 Olympics or bailed, uh, to protect team Canada because team USA was looking so good.

Jerry:                                     40:26                     No, no.

DJ:                                          40:28                     The 1999 Stanley Cup winning goal. Do you remember this one with Brett Hall and he was supposedly inside the blue paint.

Jerry:                                     40:37                     If you go by the rule up though the law. The rule. Yeah. He, that he was in the crease.

DJ:                                          40:42                     Number 11 was Wayne Gretzky’s traded to Edmonton. That that was rigged from Edmonton to Los Angeles.

Jerry:                                     40:47                     Here we go again with the league knowing full well and after that trade happened, American hockey just skyrocketed and the league knew that that’s what I’m going to (agree). It could be very well true. Absolutely.

DJ:                                          40:56                     Number 10 is totally doubtful. That goalies are paid to fix games that they can let uh, uh, a goal in easily. I think it’s highly doubtful.

Jerry:                                     41:04                     Well that’s point shaving. So No.

DJ:                                          41:07                     Number nine, I think it’s true. And John Scott being in the all star game, he did not deserve to be in that year. He even got traded and it put down into the minors and he still ended up in the All Star game.

Jerry:                                     41:17                     I’m not going to put a as a conspiracy. That was the fans being stupid. The fans picked him.

DJ:                                          41:22                     Yeah, I agree.

Jerry:                                     41:24                     It’s not a conspiracy. Idiot fans. Okay, next.

DJ:                                          41:26                     Uh, the NHL playoffs are rigged to keep big market teams in longer

Jerry:                                     41:32                     Yes, I’m going to say absolutely, that’s how they make their TV money.

DJ:                                          41:35                     Uh, number six is the, the draft lottery is fixed by the NHL.

Jerry:                                     41:40                     We see all these lotteries. You got people now in Detroit that want the NFL to go to draft lottery because of the intense, the emotion involved. And if it doesn’t mean if you tank it, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get the number one pick.

DJ:                                          41:51                     Everyone gets a chance.

Jerry:                                     41:51                     They want the NFL with the Superbowl champ to have a 1% chance to win that lottery and get number one pick

DJ:                                          41:57                     Number five. I totally believe, Canadian teams get calls in their favor to boost playoff ratings. Totally believe that.

Jerry:                                     42:03                     Yeah. Okay.

DJ:                                          42:05                     Number four, NHL All Star selection is rigged by the league to make the game more fun.

Jerry:                                     42:11                     No, because as the big joke right now, as far as that game, you had Roeneke checking somebody in the all star game. That’s a really just a or offensive skill game. No.

DJ:                                          42:20                     Okay. Now there was a top three. Number three the Pens won the lottery for Sid Crosby so they could stay in Pittsburgh.

Jerry:                                     42:27                     Oh God. On the be very strange about the Penguins like the Cleveland Cavaliers got all of these top three picks, Fleury, Malkin.

DJ:                                          42:35                     Wait a minute. They were really bad those years and Malkin, they were actually that year they were the worst and didn’t get the top pick because the topic that year was Ovechkin and the Penguins got Mulkin as number two

Jerry:                                     42:47                     So the Cleveland Cavaliers, they were always bad too.

DJ:                                          42:50                     But if you’re going to last placed team,

Jerry:                                     42:52                     We discussed this with the Cavaliers.

DJ:                                          42:53                     If you’re the last…Without the lottery, if you’re the last place team in the league you would get number one and the penguins were the last place team in the league

Jerry:                                     43:02                     but if I’m not mistaken with Crosby, Doug Mclean, I could have it wrong here. I know it was McClain. He was a former Red Wing coach was the coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. They had the worst record that year and they were pretty much thinking they are going to get Sid the Kid save Columbus to bring them…they were an Expansion team. Why wouldn’t cross we go to an expansion team? The NHL is not letting that happen. That was the next one. So it was next to Pittsburgh. I bumped that from day one. Never liked that from the beginning and you conveniently cause the Pittsburgh Penguins got and it was all of a sudden legit. But that’s true.

DJ:                                          43:35                     Number two referees call penelties to make games more exciting or don’t call them.

Jerry:                                     43:39                     We’ve already discussed that in a previous podcast and I’ve, I, I brought up an NFL referee telling me they have directives, so there you go.

DJ:                                          43:47                     Wait a minute. Let’s talk about this year’s playoffs with San Jose,

Jerry:                                     43:51                     San Jose.

DJ:                                          43:52                     I think if San Jose pulls out again, they’re down now three games at two to Saint Louis. If they pull this out, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s rigged because…

Jerry:                                     44:02                     Ever since Karlsson got hurt, they’re not going to win. But you are a hundred percent correct. For those that don’t know, a hand pass in the offensive zone is a no goal. And for four refs not to see it, and for 45,000 people to see it, that’s a flat out absolutely 100%. They were done. Because the rule is if no ref sees it, you can’t review it. So 100% yes.

DJ:                                          44:23                     And number one, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory at all. I think it’s the truth teams tank it to get high draft picks “Lose for Hughes”.

Jerry:                                     44:29                     No, no, I’m not a conspiracy. You have that in Detroit to where we discussed the value of losing is higher than winning.

DJ:                                          44:36                     So that’s the, uh, the NHL ones. And now the conspiracy theories for the MLB baseball, uh, number 14, Cal Ripkin delays the game to hunt for Kevin Costner. Apparently, the theory is in August, 1997, well after breaking Luke gears, consented game streak in oils game was cancelled because Cal Ripken Jr wasn’t going to make it. The reason Ripkin was out on the hunt for actor Kevin Costner, who had slept with Ripkin’s wife while staying with Cal and his wife when the hall of fame, shortstop found him. Ripkin supposedly punched Costner and the face breaking his nose.

Jerry:                                     45:13                     Yeah, I heard that. But that’s what I conspiracy cause it happened. But I don’t know about being conspiracy. I mean that really happened.

DJ:                                          45:20                     I don’t, I’m just reading off that these are from the sports, the from 2017. Number 13, this was what the Tigers, Prince Fielder was traded to the Tigers because his wife slept around number.

Jerry:                                     45:35                     I’ve heard that.

DJ:                                          45:35                     Number 12, Kevin Mitchell, um, harmed his girlfriend’s cat, which, oh, well,

Jerry:                                     45:41                     wow. A cat.

DJ:                                          45:43                     Number 11, Tommy Lasorda traded Glenn Burke because he was gay.

Jerry:                                     45:47                     Now, look, Lasorda, that wasn’t, I’m going to say he did that, that’s not a conspiracy. That guy was old fashioned. He’s like Steinbrenner, no facial hair, haircut. And if you didn’t get it, the only one that Steinbrenner let go was Catfish Hunter. And, um, who was the other a Goose Gossage. Those guys got to have facial hair. Nobody else did. So, I’m going to say that that actually happens. It’s true.

DJ:                                          46:08                     Number 10, the Yankees conspired against A Rod’s contract and attempt to get out of it.

Jerry:                                     46:12                     Absolutely. 100%. Once he was, uh, came up, the steroids is in the contract they went against to actually nullify that. So that’s again, not a conspiracy because it happened.

DJ:                                          46:19                     Number eight on major league baseball blackballed Barry bonds in 2007 after, once again, the Balcho incident.

Jerry:                                     46:26                     Absolutely.

DJ:                                          46:28                     Number six, flu like symptoms are actually hangovers.

Ryan:                                     46:34                     I could see that.

DJ:                                          46:36                     I totally agree. Number 4 the juice ball theory at times where major league wide offense was wide on offense was down, including the 1960s in mid 2010’s The baseball allowed balls to be juiced. There’s also theories that the ball was used following in 1994 strikes shortned season to revive interest in the sport.

Jerry:                                     46:56                     They’re saying that this year too, because all the home runs are up. So that’s not a conspiracy.

DJ:                                          47:00                     Number three, David Robertson even make conspired and Derek Jeters final home game and directing you with final home game. September 26 2014 gain closer. David Robertson intentionally grooved pitches to turn a 5-2 lead into a 5-5 tie and the bottom half of the ninth Orioles reliever. Even Meek then intentionally allowed Jeter to hit a walk off single given the Yankees six five win.

Jerry:                                     47:27                     Wow, I’m going to kind of hard for Robertson to do that. And then to have the, all those to blow it like that and to grove those pitches. A, I don’t know, but.

DJ:                                          47:37                     Number two, the Marlin’s man is working with major league baseball, which okay, so he is.

Jerry:                                     47:41                     No, no, no. Actually, he got kicked out of the Marlin’s. Jeter said, we don’t want you go away. We’re not going to give you a season tickets. We behind our plate go where your Marlin’s Jacket in Chicago. So know that that guy, just an entitled jerk. I don’t know what he does, but he thinks he has a right to every stadium behind the plate in his Marlin visor and jacket. That guy’s a jerk.

DJ:                                          48:04                     He goes everywhere. Not just…

Jerry:                                     48:05                     That’s the whole yes. And he thinks he actually applied to every stadium in the league to be behind the plate because he is known as the doctor behind the plate. He is entitled to. That guy’s just a complete psycho. So, No.

DJ:                                          48:18                     Okay. Number one, Babe Ruth’s called shot and the theory is, and game three of the 1932 world series New York Yankees outfielder, Babe Ruth pointing to the right field seats at Wrigley field and promise to hit a home run there and response and Taunts from players and fans. On the next pitch, Ruth hit a home run to the exact spot.

Jerry:                                     48:36                     Now the film footage is, uh, all kind of splotchy and you know, black and white, they actually showed it. He never pointed that actual game, that actual bat. They brought it up, the actual, I mean literally, and they even stopped it to, again, there’s a film was very shotty. The year was what 1913?

DJ:                                          48:54                     1932

Jerry:                                     48:54                     “32. Okay. It was very shouty and you’ve, what you’ve seen was like a little bit of motion with his bat to point in the right center, but he never literally one, it says that he took his fingers up and point. He never did that.

DJ:                                          49:05                     Well, according to this, uh, we know that Ruth pointed, but we don’t know what he was pointing at. And this is from Babe Ruth’s own 1948 autobiography. “While he was making up his mind to pitch to me, I stepped back again and pointed my finger at those bleachers, which only caused the mob to howl all that much more at the time a Root, the Cubs pitcher, threw me a fastball. If I had let it go, it would have been called a strike. But this was it. I swung from the ground with everything I had and I hit the ball with every muscle in my system. Every sense I had told me that I had never hit a better one. That as long as I live, nothing, whatever, feel as good as this.”

Jerry:                                     49:47                     All right, Babe Ruth was the biggest baby. Everything had to be to his attention at his time. Uh, they’ve been played a joke with a Lou Gehrig was a rookie. They told him to go up and touch his bet, you know, and when he did that Ruth, Oh no no, don’t touch the Babes Hickory. I just want rub for some a luck. He went off on Lou Gehrig for touching his bat. The guy was all about me. Again, I saw that footage. He didn’t point his fingers, if anything, it was his bat. So I can see Ruth saying that’s, yeah, yeah, I did it because I am the Babe. Just like he was telling Gehrig, the right field seats are mine. It’s a teammate on your team and he just yelled at you for hitting a home run for your team and anyone in the park, but right field. What’s that sound like to you? That guy exactly. He can see he just agreed with that to make his image even better, period.

Ryan:                                     50:33                     I think he saw an alien

Jerry:                                     50:36                     pointing toward that saucer. Right?

DJ:                                          50:38                     That’s where it was. Um, I guess that’s the list of the conspiracies and some of them true some of them, not just going over them.

Jerry:                                     50:47                     If you have your conspiracy that you’d like to weigh in on, let us know. Get a hold of us.

DJ:                                          50:50                     Well, thanks for listening to the Grand Designs Podcast. Once again, I want to tell you, you can find us on and subscribe to us on iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Patreon, of course at the, and you can go to our website for the podcast, transcripts and the blog. This is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?

Is It Ever Too Much?

With the announcement that Mike Trout was signing a $426 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball, an unintended firestorm was set off. Local and national sports radio hosts, as well as ordinary spectators and fans, gave (sometimes) uneducated opinions on whether Trout, or anyone, deserved such a stratospheric contract. When is any salary, in any profession, too much?

 If freedom means anything, it means one cannot initiate the use of force in any relationship. Demanding that someone makes too much money in any profession, including sports, amounts to using force to stop such high salaries. Usually in comes in the form of government intervention necessary to control the “problem.” It’s only a short leap from the rich are making too much and we must redistribute that wealth to those who need it, modeled after the Marxist notion of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” to excessive sports salaries must be controlled.

 What sets such exorbitant salaries and makes them possible? Everyday, ordinary people participating in the market on a pure voluntary basis. A relationship based purely on a win-win scenario. The masses of fans are entertained (a win) and the owners and players receive money for services, in this case entertainment, rendered (also a win.) If the market couldn’t bear it, i.e., if the fans wouldn’t blindly pay for ticket prices and merchandise, players would not be able to garner such high wages. If it does turn out that the California Angels made a mistake in paying such a high salary, it is only that organization that would suffer when it is proven that the market couldn’t bear it. No fans will be harmed financially. Emotionally, is a different story and needs to be the subject of a different essay. The market is not arbitrary; it is validated by the profits that sports owners are able to capture. Asserting the demand that these sports figures must give back to the community to justify such large salaries is also wrongheaded. The notion of a moral obligation or duty is a contradiction in terms.  Morality is the chosen, obligations or duties are not a choice; if one must or has to do something, one has no choice about it.

  It is only capitalism that is moral. People can choose to participate or not. Force is never in the equation in pure capitalistic affairs (crony capitalism is not moral and does not apply here.) Force comes in the form of socialism which claims that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that the government can come along at any time and, using force, take the property, i.e., wealth, of its citizens. Socialism can only destroy. In history, one only needs to look to east Berlin in the Communist era or the long bread lines of the former Soviet Union. If you don’t believe history, just look to Venezuela today.

   Most of the opinions regarding salaries reek of the arbitrary and jealousy. An arbitrary assertion is one that lacks evidence of any sort; there is an absence of direct observation or any kind of theoretical argument. An arbitrary assertion presents no attempt at validation or any connection to reality. The jealous component comes through with assertions such as, “That is way too much to get paid to play a kids game.” The proper response to that can only be, according to whom? Most people don’t consider themselves intelligent enough to be the CEO of a multi-national corporation or smart enough to produce an innovative operating system for computers or pocket computers with cameras and phones, so they don’t complain too much about salaries the likes of Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs. However, they do remember a time when they could play any given sport and sometimes play it well. Since they couldn’t attain to an upper level or world class ability, regardless of such facts as lacking the desire or will to put in the necessary sweat equity or time and dedication necessary to obtain such a level of play, jealousy than rears its ugly head. When jealousy arises in any individual at just about any time, it’s the person who is jealous that is the problem, not the one they are jealous over.

  Mike Trout, like the profits of oil companies, Apple or Microsoft, is completely justified in making his high salary. He should make the absolute most he can make, even if the means he could double or triple what he is making now.  No one is morally justified in stopping him.