Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 21 – A Split Season and the Ethics of Physical Fitness Transcript

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Jerry:                                     00:20                     This is Grand Designs Podcast with DJ and Jerry Grand. We link to chains of reason of sports, politics and culture.

DJ:                                          00:36                     Thank you very much for tuning into the Grand Designs Podcast. I’m Dj Grand and I’m here, as usual, with my brother Jerry.

Jerry:                                     00:42                     Hello.

DJ:                                          00:43                     Uh, today we’re going to be talking about a couple issues. The first topic we’re talking about is the Tampa Bay Rays and their possible splitting home with a a Canadian city.

Jerry:                                     00:57                     Well, this has got the making of the owner who doesn’t want, he can’t get fans to come down and come to the games. It’s empty down there every single game. So He’s, he tried to get a new stadium. The government and council city council turned him down. So now he really has no other, he can’t threaten to move. So I think this is his way of trying out different city and he’s got, still got to get a stadium built, but if he gets attendance in Montreal, this is just a prelude to a move.

DJ:                                          01:23                     That could be, it also is that he really can’t move right away. That lease doesn’t run up until 2027.

Jerry:                                     01:30                     I don’t know if there’s a buy out for the lease, those leases are made to be broken, especially with what the Florida Marlins did. Cause that owner pretty much, uh, he had an all star lineup, got the new stadium and then the very next year, once it was passed the law, they had the vote. He gutted that team. And Florida has not forgot about that. Even though it’s in Miami, they’re holding Tampa Bay hostage, the fans in Tampa Bay remember that. And again, they’re not going to the games now. They can’t sell out. They came and get 11,000 down there. So even building a new stadium, I think he realizes he has to move the franchise. They’re worth $200 million. So he’s losing money when he’s not having fans come to the game.

DJ:                                          02:07                     Well, just to give a little bit of an overview, this is from USA Today, “Major League baseball has given the Tampa Bay rays permission to explore the possibility of becoming a two city team, Commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday at the owner’s meeting in New York. Though the plan would face several significant hurdles, the Rays would split home games between Tampa and Montreal, which is approximately 1500 miles north of Tampa. Under consideration is for the Rays to play early in the season in Tampa and later in Montreal.” I also heard that they were going to do it based on seasons when it’s, when it’s warmer, they’ll pay in Tampa and when it’s colder they’ll play in Montreal,

Jerry:                                     02:48                     it’s cold in the beginning of the season and if they make the playoffs. It’s cold at the end. So they played games in October, November. If they go that far. So they’re not going to get it from the coldness.

DJ:                                          02:57                     Well they, if they play it in the south, if they play deep in the season.

Jerry:                                     03:04                     Correct. But again, the be on the, I don’t think they’re good at what I have to wait and see how they break it up. I’m thinking I’m probably thinking too concrete here, that they’re just going to a 41 games home games, Tampa Bay, 41 games in Montreal that they’re not saying when and where these games we played, they could split that up. I feel sorry for the players because they really want to have a home. But yeah, I guess they could do that to where in the beginning they’re down in Tampa and at the end there in Tampa, although I don’t know how they will, uh, hand that trophy out if they were to win it. That’d be a little difficult.

DJ:                                          03:33                     Well, feeling sorry for the players. I don’t so much, but I do feel sorry for their families. I mean they’re going to be losing their family for half (of) the seasons.

Jerry:                                     03:40                     Correct. But I don’t know how many, but they are being paid a major league salary. I’m not sure what the minimum salary is, but I think it’s a quarter of $1 million. That’s still a lot of money.

DJ:                                          03:48                     Well, part of the problem is the actual park itself.

Jerry:                                     03:53                     I heard it’s bad.

DJ:                                          03:54                     The park is in a bad location on the wrong side of a long causeway and catwalks, speakers and other obstacles that make it unwielding for watching or playing baseball.

Jerry:                                     04:05                     It was described as walking in, seeing the ocean, seeing the beach and then walking into a Costco was to watch a baseball game. That’s how it’s described it be being that bad, being that blah, I guess there’s no entertainment. I don’t want to say, uh, concessions or whatever they have booths that are not adequate for, I guess a Little Caesars has right now. But I hear just old and it’s not a very nice stadium.

DJ:                                          04:29                     Well, there is some draw because even though there are virtually empty now, uh, the Rays previously switched a three game series against the Texas Rangers to Champions Stadium at Walt Disney World where there was only 11,000 seats. So they could sell that one out easily. But they did sell it out. That means 11,000 people, at least came to see them.

Jerry:                                     04:49                     Yes. But when you put them, when you put them in a 35,000 seat, cause this guy’s got a sell out 30 35,000 to make us money.

DJ:                                          04:58                     Well seating capacity, they changed it now it dropped from 45,000 to 25,000. Right now in, in the, in “the Trop” they call it, you can only get 25,000 in there. So it’s all the most, the max you can get in there.

Jerry:                                     05:09                     Watch, the Games, that stadium is more than half empty every single game. So I am curious to see what they draw in Montreal. That would be very interesting.

DJ:                                          05:20                     Uh, do you think they’re going to actually do this? You think I’m right now there’s too many, there’s a few hurdles I have to overcome, as I read. But do you think it’s going to actually happen?

Jerry:                                     05:28                     This is the owner trying to, uh, I don’t know. He’s trying to not always being slick, I don’t know what he’s doing or asking major league baseball for help. But this is definitely a prelude to a move. Unlike the NFL where they just pick up and go, I think this guy is trying to test the market. Will Montreal have a draw? If they have a draw, will they build a new stadium for him? What kind of deals can he work out if he gets those things from Montreal, I think he’s up and gone.

DJ:                                          05:52                     It could be a race because both cities now need a stadium in order to accommodate him. And whoever gets the stadium bill first could be the winner.

Jerry:                                     05:59                     Yeah. But evee if Tampa Bay builds a new stadium, he’s having a hard time bringing the people there.

DJ:                                          06:04                     Not, if, like I said, he, he brought a few in at Walt Disney World,

Jerry:                                     06:07                     They brought 11,000 in

DJ:                                          06:07                     well that’s all they could fit in there.

Jerry:                                     06:10                     Okay.

DJ:                                          06:11                     So it’s possible if with the proper stadium, something that’s more than just baseball and bring them in.

Jerry:                                     06:18                     I’m just going to disagree because I think there’s a draw for the baseball down there. Uh, Miami’s getting killed and they had a, again, they had a good team and then the next year they got gutted after they approved a stadium. The government for Tampa Bay saying there is no stadium, but then I have to ask if you’ve got a stadium, why would you stay there? The people aren’t coming. Even with the new stadium, they will not get over 12,000. He’s got a hit but 20, 25 to make his money.

DJ:                                          06:42                     Well it’s working against them also is the fact that that gets so much spring training baseball in Florida, a lot of teams go down there and then they leave and so they get their, they get their uh, their thirst quenched of baseball and then then you’ve got people moving back up north so they’re not there anymore to, to watch the games.

Jerry:                                     07:01                     Arizona, well they have the cactus league and I don’t know how Arizona is doing in the Diamondbacks if they’re doing pretty good or not with attendance, but this all boils down to attendance and numbers and him making his money. The franchise is worth $200 million to keep that worth up he’s got to bring people to the park. So again, I just question, I don’t think he can bring in the 20,000 on a regular basis. Look, they’ve had a championship team and they still haven’t draw. Even in the playoffs, the stadium’s empty. I just don’t think they have the draw. And he knows. I think he realizes that. He got to no from the government. So now it’s what other city can I move to? Why he picked Montreal? That I don’t understand.

DJ:                                          07:36                     I think because they’re thirsty for a team or they’ve been out since 2004 without the Expos. So I think there are thirsty for a team and, and that thirst could make them fill up a stadium and give him the profits he’s looking for.

Jerry:                                     07:49                     Now, hat’s all he wants to basically fill a stadium up. And if he can take that team anywhere and fill it up, he’ll make money. And that’s the whole goal. He has that team too. He’s a businessman and the day he’s a businessman, he’s got to make money.

DJ:                                          08:00                     Well there’s also higher Canadian taxes too, but if you make enough that might offset it.

Jerry:                                     08:05                     No, I agree. But again, it’s going to boil down to the numbers. And again, I really think he’s just setting it up to where he’s testing the waters. And once he gets his results or his data, he’ll make his move. And if Montreal doesn’t work out, he will try a different city with, uh, the commissioner or Major League baseball. In other words, find me a place where I can move and be profitable. He’s not, I don’t think he’ll sell the team. That’s the last-ditch effort. But again, he’s a businessman.

DJ:                                          08:30                     He doesn’t need to sell a team. He can find another place.

Jerry:                                     08:32                     Yeah. But if you can’t find that place and it teams not drawing and they’re losing money, you’ve got to cut your losses at some point.

DJ:                                          08:39                     If Montreal was at least interested or at least a viable place, he, they wouldn’t even be thrown it out. He wouldn’t have even thinking about going. They have a chance to get another city by Montreal.

Jerry:                                     08:48                     They did their homework, which while they pick Montreal. So I think, um, I’m going to just to see what happens. But if they, if they fill up more 25,000, you will see Tampa Bay moving.

DJ:                                          08:58                     Okay. And then the other question is, did they stick with the Rays which wouldn’t be a suitable name in Montreal, or do they go back to the Expos?

Jerry:                                     09:02                     No, they’ll go back to the Expo’s. It’s like the Browns and Cleveland kept that name.

DJ:                                          09:06                     Washington Nationals which Expo’s used to be kept Nationals. That used to be the old-time teams.

Jerry:                                     09:10                     So I, but I’m guessing, but I would assume they keep the Expo’s, but maybe they’ll rename it. There’s a bunch of ways they could go, but I think they’ll keep the, bring the expos back cause they do miss it.

DJ:                                          09:19                     All right, well to segue into our second topic. Uh, we’re going to be talking about the fitness industry.

Jerry:                                     09:25                     More so about the ethics involved in the fitness of these clubs that we go to. And most people, obviously it’s to lose weight and around January 1st they make their a new year’s goals and they want to lose weight from the holidays and the eating. Uh, so they go to the gym to uh, basically there’s two reasons. Most of the time it’s a dating scene. They’re not there working out. If you go there between three o’clock, and I don’t care what club this is from Bally’s to Lifetime, so all the new ones that are out there now, even Powerhouse, it becomes to where they’re just, they’re just flirting and talking And either way it becomes a dating. If you’re there seriously, you’ve got to get there early in the morning or late at night to where you can get at these stations and do the workout. Now if you hire a personal trainer, and I’ve seen many people hire a personal trainer, it took me a while to figure out, but first, let me go back. I’ve been going to Bally’s, Vic Tanny to Lifetime. I’ve had memberships, I’ve been working out for a long time, never got the result that I was looking and many times got frustrated and gave up. But the personal trainer, I noticed when I was working out, if would they tell you everything to get you that beach body? Like they claim come in during January, February, March, and by the beach season you’ll have the beach body. Which is clearly not true.

DJ:                                          10:38                     Well, there aren’t going to tell you enough to make the sale and to get you to come back.

Jerry:                                     10:41                     See, that’s my point. If they told you everything for the beach body, you wouldn’t come back. They would not make money. I even questioned, it took me a while to figure it out, but after I worked out at Lifetime, I’d walk out and they have a nice little shop. They’d have protein shakes and these protein shakes were almost to where I learned you can never outwork your diet and that’s what was happening. You’d work out, get a good workout in. They go out as you exit, they’ll give you a protein shake and you put that all back in. It’s no different than working out and then going in fast food afterwards.

DJ:                                          11:12                     Well, protein isn’t the problem is it? Isn’t it carbohydrates?

Jerry:                                     11:15                     Those carbohydrates that are in the protein (drink), the sugar that uh, what they add to make that a protein drink flavor and they have all different kinds of stuff in there. Even when I left, and it was a while ago, even had a cake and I don’t know if this was a weight loss cake, but it still to work out and then go have any kind of that kind of complex carbohydrate. It’s a good thing, but not every single day or right after a workout. When after a workout is basically a, uh, a muscle, a protein drink which focused on proteins and low carbs, high proteins. But that gets us into the personal trainings are or who they there for? Are they helping their clients? Now, sure they want to come across as being helpful, but the really out to make money for their company and they’re only going to tell you what you need to get you to the next day. It’s kind of hard to keep you motivated because it’s hard to stay motivated and disciplined. And I’ll define discipline is doing the right thing when no one’s looking because you’ve got to keep doing it and that includes your diet. And I said before, you can’t outwork your diet. Some people think, and I’ve seen people do this, the office works, uh, office meetings. They’ll bring a dozen donuts and Bagels, what have you, and the grab the Bagel and say, oh I’ll just do, I’ll walk a couple miles tonight. Well first off, that couple of miles is not going to do anything for that, donut you just ate. And number two, you’re not walking a couple miles extra. You’re just saying that psychologically calm you down. It’s okay to have that donut then. When really, you shouldn’t have it, period. You should just walk away cause you cannot outwork your diet. Now there is a regimen to where a cheat day you’ve heard of cheat days, correct?

DJ:                                          12:45                     Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     12:45                     Okay. That’s when, and this doesn’t give you permission to gorge on fruit loops, but you basically shock your body. If you YouTube Dwayne Johnson the Rock, you will watch him on his cheat day. I may get the numbers off here, but I believe it’s 42 pancakes, 24 extra-large pizzas for lunch and his dinner is also ungodly. That’s a cheat day. And I’m not sure that’s once a month. I do my cheat day every two weeks.

DJ:                                          13:10                     My god, 24 pizzas?

Jerry:                                     13:12                     Yes. Extra-large. Watch him on YouTube and he eats every single bit of it. But the point is it’s, and even explains, it’s to shock your body, but you can tell your body basically to keep it on its toes. So it just gets rid of it right away. So with that, is diet important?

DJ:                                          13:28                     Absolutely.

Jerry:                                     13:28                     It’s 90 it’s, it’s 90% of the Gig. Because if you watch now and it took years of just different workouts and then watching TV, the Nutrisystem Diet, you’ve seen those commercials. Correct. And those, and I think even some medical weight loss clinics, they advertise, you don’t have to work out. It’s your meal. And what, what did they do differently from the meals? And these are cheeseburgers, fries and brownies and apple pies, all that stuff that you really can’t have. So how are they doing?

DJ:                                          13:56                     Well, medical weight loss, I know they give you a drugs, so it’s not just like…

Jerry:                                     14:00                     it’s almost like speed pills up your metabolism. Okay. But at the end of the day, the Diet that they recommend, I even think of the Medical Weight Loss is a lower carb diet. The trick I find you’ve got to get rid of the carbs, you (have) to get the carbs out. Now I’ve talked to doctors that I have access to, not my own physician, but I work in the healthcare industry and there’s a couple of doctors too and a Dietitian that I gave my diet too. And my diet basically is I will not, I’ll do my best not to go over 20 carbs. And there are days, yes, with 25 and sometimes 30 stressed out. Do you want to eat it? Don’t know what have you. But that’s only once every two weeks. Mainly I’ll do it on a every other Saturday and I’ll really carve out and again, it keeps my body, it keeps it basically on top. It shocked to buy to wear, doesn’t get lazy. It doesn’t get in a routine. With that being said, you have to, basically, the doctor told me you can do a low carb and 20 carbs is people freak out that you got. I’ve had people, nurses telling me, Oh, you’re going to kill yourself. You’ve got to have more carbs than that. The doctor said No. If you lower your carbs, you got to have the fats. So have hamburger, have the chicken, have Turkey, don’t inject it and don’t put any mayonnaise and don’t put any toppings on it. There’s where your carbs come in. Now, I was challenged to go basically was not in zero carbs and zero sugar for nine days. That’s impossible. I went shopping looking, you’re going to find carbs. Uh, but if you go into you, you give your own diet. You’ve got to know your body. You have to know your system to where I say 20 carbs a day. If I don’t go over 20 carbs, and the main killer of that is bread. You have to eliminate bread. Now, a lot of people when I speak to them that that’s a deal breaker. Now I should probably start off to, first of all, you go to the gym, you go because it’s, you want to do it. You have to be happy with yourself. Your self-esteem should not be around your waistline. You want to go to the gym because you want to improve yourself, not because somebody else tells you to. You have to want to do this. If you don’t want to do this, you will not do it. If you don’t want to give up bread, you will not. You will give a bread when you decide to.

DJ:                                          16:02                     That’s like quitting smoking cigarettes. You’ll quit when you decide to.

Jerry:                                     16:04                     It’s the same thing. Exactly. You can’t go cold Turkey when you do go cold Turkey is because you’ve just decided that you’re done. It’s like any, uh, raising your kid and you tell them, don’t go there. Don’t go to that ravine. People drown there and they still go when they, they’ll stop going when they finally realize and decide it’s not a good idea. I digress. So you have to find out what workout now is best for you know your body. And I’ve tried all different kinds from free weights to bands to resistance and the free-weight was heavy weights, heavier weights to build your muscles, which is three sets, 10 reps, maybe the last set being 12 or you could reverse that in the last set being eight lesser increasing the weights as you go to each rep and each rep, you take a little bit of a break, which turns into who knows how long and then if you know someone at the gym, you talk, you just even get longer and just never got the result until I went to what’s called a zone progression training. Now that basically, Owen McGibbon, he designed it and he basically, I loved what he start off the bat, the long recumbent bike, the treadmill is garbage. You don’t need it, and that’s true. Now if you’re not going to lift the weights, then yeah, you do need the treadmill. That’s only going to be the only activity. There’s where I go back to yet to find out the fitness program for you, but I started going to the Lifetime. It was about 10 years ago and I was looking for a home gym from Chuck Norris’s Nordic track to all of our bands. I did find one that finally again zone progression training. It’s called The Rack. I’m not going describe it to you cause it’s a little bit difficult to describe. It’s a very nice workout station that I used at home and I found out within the matter of six weeks, I noticed a definite difference in my physique when it came to uh, more or less of the fat just went away. The toughest part was the belly and the s going to be always tough for everybody, especially on a professional athlete. But that’s where it came into the carbs because to cutting the carbs out as really and being hydrated. I did find out, and I read this book that basically said when you eat, your body will do one of two things. It will either burn as energy or store it as fat. That’s the only choices. It will do one of those. If you are hydrated, it will burn as energy. If you are dehydrated, your brain will tell your body to store it as fat because you are dehydrated. So the most important thing is to be hydrated and drink water. Yes, it’s recommended 10 cups a day, but there you go again. You really got to get to know your body and with any diet you really should talk to your physician because what you may be planning, and even if your doctor says don’t do it, I would get a second opinion just because he’s your doctor. I know you respect them, but hear another opinion out there. Because there are other diets like, and what I’m talking about is pretty much like the Keto, but I’m just basically trying to eliminate all the carbs. And for example, I did not know and I love Ketchup, but ketchup has 11 carbs, mustard has zero carbs. So I’ve just cut out mustard altogether.

DJ:                                          18:59                     You mean you cut out ketchup.

Jerry:                                     19:01                     Yes, I’m sorry, ketchup altogether. I’m just putting mustard. Now, the hamburger. I also found out, and I this really got me in my thinking was, uh, there’s a website flab to abs and there the brothers, they guarantee that you can go from flab to abs and their claim has washboard abs in 30 days. Couldn’t figure out. And this was not really, I think they do an exercise program, but it was more or less the Diet. You can eat cheeseburgers, you can eat French fries, like the Nutrisystem, they’ve sucked the carbs out. But I still don’t know about the bread because the bread is the, that is the number one thing with the carbs. So you eat the bread, you’re just loading up on carbs and you cut the bread out. You’ve cut your carbs almost down. I would say two thirds of your carbs are in bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, sesame seed. Um, the only bread that I’ve heard that you can, uh, as good for you as whole grain. But at the end of the day, I go back to, you’ve got to be hydrated. And when you eat any kind of sponge bread, it absorbs the water. So if you drink your 10 cups a day and then you have bread along with that. You did not drink 10 cups cause that bread absorbs that water and your body is still dehydrated. So at the end of the day, the first thing you must do is be hydrated. Find a program. Now, listen first, if you like to go to the club and you’re a social person and that’s for you, great, go ahead find that club. I’m not necessarily recommending the personal trainer because you can do it on your own with motivation. Again, I don’t think those personal trainers are going to tell you unless you have one on your own. That’s a personal one that comes to your house. He made me a little bit different. He may actually ride you like a military drill sergeant because you need that push to actually keep exercising. And then the hard part is when you go home after you work out, do you adhere to that diet? Because again, you can’t outwork your diet. Do you eat those King Dons at night? You know how many people have come to me after I’ve shared my diet with them and they come back. Your Diet doesn’t work and right off the bat I’ll tell him this is after a couple of weeks. It’s not my diet first of all, but you had King Dons, you had Twinkies, she had cereal, you had something that that’s why it is and if not you need to go the doctor. You may have a thyroid problem. There could be a medical issue, which is why I say go to your doctor. You know, weight loss isn’t just lifting weights and running. If you work out, you don’t lift weights. I mean you don’t lose weight. You need to go the doctor be, there may be something wrong, that’d be the first sign, but if you want to do this and you’re serious and you can be disciplined doing the right thing when no one’s looking for your own self and not say self esteem but you aren’t achievement. When you look in the mirror, have that diet with the carbs and you need to look. Basically, it’s your body weight and your body fat. Their scales out there that’ll give you the body fat, your body mass index along with your, uh, your weight. Um, they’re electronic, but don’t, don’t weigh yourself every day, once a week. Weighing yourself every day you get kind of overall, what is it? Over compulsive or over obsessive to where you just don’t want to do that and it’ll get demotivated even once a month weighing yourself wouldn’t hurt. But the point being is you need to pick out your workout and I highly recommend the Rack and if you follow his workout, and the one that I like is called the fat shredder and it does shred fat, if you adhere to the Diet. But I’ve never had a workout where you go 32 minutes straight and I mean straight, you get a couple of breaks where you’re just doing these, he calls him a Muay Thai (knees) you’re just lifting your legs up and you just trying to catch your wind, but then you’re right off to another exercise and it’s zone progression training.

DJ:                                          22:18                     That’s probably to bring your heart rate down.

Jerry:                                     22:20                     Okay. But as you bring it down, you’re off to another. And he does shoulders bi(ceps) backs. There’s one exercise where he’ll tell you you’re, you’re almost using every muscle in your body. Then the next one is a three component and he’ll basically say, you are now using every muscle, literally every muscle in your body. So with doing that 32 minutes, I have never felt so exhausted and got the best result when I was done. Now after that, it’s a protein shake within 20 minutes. You’ve got to replenish that. But you can’t go to Burger King. You can’t. And I’ve done that. I found out the hard way that that’s how I learned, You can’t outwork your diet.

DJ:                                          22:58                     You brought ethics of fitness. Well. What about the gyms? Especially the one that says no judgment when that’s bull crap because they do judge.

Jerry:                                     23:07                     Well, yes, I, my personal friend of mine has been lunked and that’s the lunk alarm because you dropped the weights and he’s a bodybuilder and he actually, he was real real physiqued. Another one of my friends went in there just to show his close friend a workout regimen and they basically lunked him because they don’t want you to show anybody, they want their personal trainers. The problem is they are not a judgment free zone. They just, anyone that’s in shaped women, men and you wear anything tight, they’re judging you and you are making the other clients feel uncomfortable because for some reason they think if you go in there and you’re (in) good shape and you were tight yoga pants and you know the tight shirt, that you’re making, the other people judge themselves so you can’t be there.

DJ:                                          23:58                     See those gyms, they need an epistemological housecleaning. They even judged people who they want to be there. They’re judging everyone. In order to say you fit, you’re one of us, you’re judging that.

Jerry:                                     24:10                     That’s my whole point, it’s is not a judgment free zone. They are, they’re the one organization that I will not even, and they’re very affordable, $10, but because of that judgment free zone, when they will judge you, if again, anyone in good shape go in there with a tank top, uh, a sleeveless shirt for the males and the ladies, I mean, I remember the commercials, they have the commercial and when the ladies and the, uh, the uh, locker room getting changed and they were all beautiful, but they had yoga pants on and those, uh, 80 workout tops and they basically, and of course the other, the client for Planet Fitness who was a little overweight was in the shower and feeling bad about themselves because she didn’t look like that. I mean, that was a commercial that are basically telling the people who are in shape, this is not for you. This is for the people, and this is how I look at it, who are not in shape, never want to get in shape, but want to keep coming here just to feel good about themselves. So, they don’t have to, I don’t know, they don’t want to be judged when they walk outside, but that’s pretty what I boils down to that you can’t judge me because I’m still, I’m working out, I’m doing the best I can.

DJ:                                          25:16                     I also see a problem with their business model because eventually if you stick to a program and go there, you are going to become into that category where you are going to be judged and ruled no longer fit to work out there. So they’re losing customers. They’re hoping that they don’t continue their workout, that they do cheat, so there’ll always going to come back. They’re always going to be there.

Jerry:                                     25:37                     Yeah. That’s the whole point. Yeah. They’re not going to, they’re not going to to where my, my idea of a fitness club is the exact opposite of what they’re doing. They want, yes, they want you to do, they’re not going to yell at you because they want you to come back. They know if you eat that King Don, that’s one more week of a working out that you need because you didn’t lose that weight to where I will do a little bit different that. If I had a health club. You’re either a victim or you’re a victor. I need to define that real quick. A victim is, it’s not my fault. Woe is me. I don’t want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger because he makes me feel bad about myself because he looked so good. The victor is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The person that goes out there works hard, has discipline, eats a proper diet. Now again because they want to and if you want to live a life of eating a potato chips on the couch, that’s fine. I’m talking to the ones who are in Planet Fitness and don’t want to be judged. They’re a victim. If you worked out with me for 90 days and you did not have any results, you’re out. You don’t come back. We don’t want you here. It’s almost like in karate. When we took karate and we went up and we’ve seen those large, and you could walk in and say, that guy’s good. That guy’s good. Wow, he’s really good, Bruce Lee, that guy sucks just because of he was in shape. I mean he was out of shape; you know the belt that he was tied, little tiny things at the end because he couldn’t tie cause his belly was so big. That guy was a victim. That was a self-esteem award. So victors, there are victims at Planet Fitness. Now the other ones I can’t, I can’t claim to.

DJ:                                          27:04                     I think it’s an indictment of our, our current society because we live in a victim psychology society. To where, don’t offend me, don’t say anything that’s going to make me question myself. I mean that’s our society now.

Jerry:                                     27:17                     That’s the exact problem to where I don’t really think it’s a big deal, but I’ll, when it’s hot outside at work, moving furniture, I always wear an undershirt, sleeveless to keep cool. And I don’t know how many times. Yeah, I get compliments, but I’ve been told to put my shirt back on. Has my mama raised me any better than that to have respect for myself and I’m just showing my shoulders and biceps and it’s not even to show them. It’s because it’s hot outside. I, I’ve heard it from both ways. So I, I get that person who was offended because I don’t have the, I can do that. I don’t look like that because I don’t put your shirt back on.

DJ:                                          27:49                     I don’t understand what you mean by get them. You understand what, what they’re coming from because I don’t understand that.

Jerry:                                     27:54                     Yes, I just want to come. I don’t understand it, but I know why they’re doing it because they don’t have those that that physique.

DJ:                                          28:01                     They’re jealous.

Jerry:                                     28:02                     They don’t have the physique because they don’t, they don’t want anyone else judging them. Here we go again. That this person right here is a Planet Fitness customer, period.

DJ:                                          28:11                     Why do they care? Honestly, why do you care what other people think? Just move on.

Jerry:                                     28:15                     Now, that’s what I said, just started this all off. It’s the discipline part of don’t let your self-esteem be around your waistline. If you want to lose weight, do it. If you don’t and you’re happy, then don’t do it. Be Happy. That’s the whole point of just be happy. Now, I can also give you a six to seven eating habits that will uncover or take away the fat from your belly without even lifting a weight. But I will do that on an upcoming podcast. If you reach out and get a hold of us and tell us that you want to hear it or disagree or agree with what we just talked about as far as fitness or any other subject matter. And you can do that at…

New Speaker:                    28:46                     Well. You can get in touch with us. Our website is a Our email address is GrandDesignsPodcast@Yahoo. Our Twitter handle is @GrandDesignsPod and you can get in touch with us on Instagram @GrandDesignsPodcast. Uh, thank you so much for listening. We really appreciate it. Uh, this is the Grand Designs Podcast. Who are you listening to?